A Tour Of Karen And Davids House In Panglao

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  1. I know they love to have there family with them but not me.. Me and my love both like our privacy but i dont mind her mama to stay with us if she wants… I dont want a large home just maybe 2 bedroom with a extra small room maybe for our child if we have one…maybe a $5k or $6k dollar home there. I’m sure that would be a nice sized home there…

  2. Www, pretty good value, was watching, thought nearly 35 million.!!
    Still, it is in a smallish lot. The wife had a 4 bedriom Bungalow, on an urbanisation near manila. , clubhouse, swimming pool, private security patrols ect.
    Service charge was 800 a month, was 18 years ago tho lol
    Had her and her mother, sister and her 7 kids and 3 maids, living with her so not exactly quiet living lol.
    Here in her house in the provinces, the neigjboutrs tV keeps me awake at night, is so close!
    Given a choice, would have at least a thousand sq. ms lot, with say a 10 metre seperation.
    That would cost at least 8 million where i live! Even in the provinces.
    Absolutely agree, a subdivision not my choice either Brian!😁

  3. Beautiful house, but like yourself it’s not for me. Call me anti-social but I need a little space between me and the neighbors. The further the better.

  4. When i was there in Tagbilaran , Bohol , and was checking subdivision prices in 2017( via internet) the Panglao real estate was thru the roof ,between Pesos 2000- 3000/sqm , i believe it is because of the new International Airport and close proximity to Tagbilaran,with Covid19 pandemic i think Tourism from SKorea is down locals must be hurting, you should take a vlogg to see the beaches, they’re probably empty, i wonder how Boracay is doing.

  5. Prices of subdivision lots in Mainland Luzon go for around 2 million cash and up for 300 sqm, lot only and you must build at least a house costing 3 million in materials and labour,(i think), most have amenities, like pool,clubhouse for parties and security guard. This type of housing are bought by OFWs and Filipinos with Foreigner hubbys and middle class Pinoys.

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