Add This to Your Thailand Bucket List – Phetchabun Motorbike Tour Episode 3

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  1. One thing I know about CB Media , what you think will happen in this video won’t. Always a surprise somewhere – either intentionally or otherwise.

    3:05 That poor man.

  2. CHADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If you are ever in Krabi, I would love to see you do a video on the Tiger temple and caves. The climb is outrageous but the views are worth it! 😁

  4. Great video Chad. No idea how you can wear a sweater/jacket in thailand. I’m sweating to death in underarmor when i’m there. Hopefully can visit next year and grab a beer! cheers!

  5. I love it. I love it. I love it. I have never been or heard of the peu peu museum while I lived in Thailand. Thanks so much for featuring this in your video. Hey, check out Chris retired working for you.

  6. At 02:35…there was a MEOW-MEOW 😺sleeping inside a PEUW-PEUW 🔫at the BANG-BANG💣 museum. After this vlog is over, I’m going to CHEW-CHEW 🍔🍟🥤and then after POO-POO. 💩💩

  7. I’m sure the monks saw that epic view and said “yup, temple go here” or something to that effect. 😁
    Most everything in the pew pew museum was american origin. I guess, not surprising.
    Awesome videos!!!

  8. Chad, you are living the dream life and you make all of us jealous. Thanks for the videos. There will be a lot more people go to Thailand after the “situation” is over due to what you post. keep it up man 🙂

  9. My girls from esan, buri ram. She wants to move there when we build a house. Ive been reluctant cuz yea, i thought it was too midwest. But she’ll be happy to know that Chad is changing my mind.

  10. That really was a huge load that guy was about to drop on you. Almost like what happened to you in Pattaya in 2017, no doubt lol. An amazing temple and the view at the end made it even more worth sticking around to the end of the video! Keep up the great work for us mere mortals to get through 2020!

  11. Ever thought about a good drone bro? Love to see what kind of cinematic shots you could get and what you could do with those.
    Especially with all the writing you do having one of those drones that follows you at least for a few shots.

    Edit….. I’m sure you already thought of that Long ago 🤣🤣🤣 who am I talking to…

    Have a great nite bro

  12. Thanks chad, love the video. I spent 50 years making a living as a helicopter pilot, and my first commercial job was flying a civilian version of that helicopter at 2:05. That first job was in Balikpapan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. You’re part of the world is just so damned interesting! Thanks again for a great video, gorgeous Temple.

  13. It’s mind blowing the effort the Thai put into temples…and so many on mountain tops! What the…like how the hell do you do a mountaintop construction site?! Awesome video, Chad. 👍🙏✌

  14. That was an artillery piece not a rocket launcher, not a tank but a APC, the HiLux and the Tacoma are different vehicles. Love you channel, became a Patron yesterday.

  15. I have been there couple years ago when they were working on the 5 buddha’s… My wife live’s in a town near Petchabun. I will visit that place again when i am back there. Nice you made it overthere it is at a must see location . Cant wait for your next vid Chad ! 🙂

  16. This whole area is where I live in Thailand… I’m a mixture of super happy your experiencing it and super jealous that I’m still stuck out of the country… have an awesome time dude

  17. It’s so cool that you edit one video everyday to upload it for us. It really feels like traveling with you, now that we’re stuck at our home countries due to the damn ‘situation’. Thank you Chad! I look forward to your new video every evening 🙂

  18. เป็นตามีความสุขดีเนาะเจ้าพ่ออาว

  19. Ah! Forgot to say theres a huge shop on the left of the 21 close to the 12 junction. The dudes got 100+ classic cars in there, some ive not seen before.

  20. Looks Video……… mumbles .engine is a..209 hp (156 kW) Chrysler 75M V8 gasoline engine..and its not a tank, thats an armored personnel carrier M113 ….
    That`s not a rocket launcher , thats artillery

  21. I used to live in Thailand and these “off the beaten track” places are so incredible. I think you’d really like Nakhon Phanom. Its quite impoverished but the people are so amazing. Sakhon Nakhon is really cool too.

  22. Petchaboon is not actually Isan. It’s a weird border province. Culturally, only Lomsak and Lomkao are Isan area. Other than that, it’s pretty mixed between lower-northern and upper-central.

  23. Let me tell you Chad. Petchabun was counted to be northern, not north-east (isaan)
    Loei province is in isaan, petchabun is in northern.
    But not serious about it, just sayin’.

  24. obvi it is def more epic in real life but that last shot is FN amazing. can’t wait to see your next vid. Keep inspiring dude. Ill get you a patreon beer when I get the money. Pew pew

  25. I am pretty sure those other tourists at the pew pew museum were onto their families saying that the pew pew museum was OK but the highlight of their day was seeing a giant white man child playing imaginary soldiers.

    Another bitchin video some amazing asphalt and an amazing temple where I am pretty sure the other tourists knew about your photo bombing and decoded to video bomb you.

    Can’t wait for episode 4 – is it the prequel or the sequel who really knows

  26. Chad , I have seen it too , magnificent but I would not call it Issan but Phetchabun province. Same as Khoa Khor where I think you are going tomorrow.Have done Khoa Khor roads on motorbike. Honda CRF 250 motard. Enjoy

  27. It has been devastating that international traveling is prohibited during this “global situation”. Thanks to your videos Chad, I’ve been connected virtually with Thailand again. I miss Thailand, damn!

  28. Since visiting Thailand, I’ve always said, Buddha gets all the best views. I’m thinking, probably not as good on camera as what you enjoy in person. Thailand is so beautiful, I hope I can make it back soon. I hope they let US citizens visit again!

  29. You’re crushing it dude. No other Thailand vlogger comes close. You must understand how special a time it is to be in Thailand right now. Farang BaaaaaaaaaahH !!

  30. Im’ Thai …Phetchabun is one of the attractions that if you don’t have your own car, you can’t go there at all It is very difficult to travel by public transport. And there are two other places to visit for Motorbike Tourists who like Campping is name khao kho and
    Phu Tub Berk … Every summer, I go there every year. Because there is still very cool 15-20 degrees, but if it is winter That will go down to 8-10 degrees

  31. All time favorite overall Asian tour/motor bike/ car enthusiast YouTube ever. Chad has the best personality on camera ever I love this guy. Bringing some of the best content to the Tube. Must watch if you’d like to forget current American madness for a little bit!!!

  32. Wat = temple, Phra That = ฺBuddha’s relics, Pha = cliff, Sorn = hidden, kaew = gem. long time ago, people saw lights from this cliff and ask a very famous monk from Chiang Mai to observe and they found Buddha’s relics here so they built this temple and named it after that event.

  33. I am more into pew pew and bang bang museum kinda type of a guy. I love to see military stuff since I am a US Armed Forces veteran. Thanks for the info and for showing this to us.

  34. Hello CB media channel I have been watching you now for about the last four or six months and it would be awesome if you could get your hands on the new Honda Grom 2021 and do a review on it since we don’t have them here in North America yet that would be great to see a review before I put a deposit on one

  35. I think the country friendliness is rubbing off on you! Honey, an American is yelling at our kids! Also sounds like you might have had a lil southern accent that’s disappearing. Love the videos man!

  36. Best temple in Thailand. Heard someone call that area ‘The Alps of Thailand ‘. Have stayed in Lomsak many times. Phu tub berk mountains awesome too. Keep doing what you’re doing Chad , great stuff

  37. hello, phetchabun is consider half way from chiang mai not esan. anyway the temple name is wat suan keaw if u can pronouns it 555555 try go opposite the temple and take pic from the resort

  38. Chad, I have been watching some of your videos for awhile now. That is one of the best road/temples in Thailand. My thai family live close to Khao Kho the area where the 5 buddha temple is. There are a lot more hidden gems around that area of Thailand, but not much info on them unless you can read Thai. I am not but know a little bit, but if it was not for my family I would never have know. Enjoy the videos! Keep showing this places that make Thailand so beautiful and not the stereotypical image a lot of foreigner’s have.

  39. Thanks Chad… another great one…. and I’m really enjoying the di..di..verse.. tati.. the diversity of your content… :-)) ya ha nicely done… nice recovery.

  40. I’d been there during this month last year. The temperature was around 20 C. Such a lovely beautiful day in my life. It’s the perfect time to be there Chad. 🙂

    Enjoy and safe ride bro. Cheers.

  41. Hey chad you had told me you dont monetize your videos in your live session! I asked you wont you get strike for music playing in the background and you had told me this!!!!!!

  42. What an amazing experience! My Thai friends want me to go to visit Thailand with the. It’s on my bucket list…. someday.. But in the meantime keep posting videos so I can live vicariously through you 😂🤣. Love the videos!

  43. I will never get to Thailand, But I am so glad that I subscribed to your channel. You have showed so many different sides to this country. From Drag Racing to Flying to floating flowers. Thank you.

  44. You’re right here in our area! It really is one of the most beautiful and fertile places in Thailand. I’m so lucky that my wife is from Phetchabun, and that we could retire here after 12 years together in America. By the way, Phetchabun isn’t really Isaan–that’s further northeast.

  45. Been seeing Thailand in the news and you’d think its not safe to go outside. They probably think the same of the US. Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures in this beautiful place.

  46. EPIC!! Just like those monks that are walking all over the place, it’s less about the destination, and all about the journey to get there. Another banger video! Cheers

  47. I miss my country so much, Chad your videos are like comfort food for me. Tide me over till I take my annual trip back home to go see the family. Thankyou!

  48. Communist is big problem in Thailand that time.communist force in Kloa khor(เขาค้อ)are strong than another area thai military open big operation many time

  49. Hello Chad, wonderful video as always, loved it.
    By the way, I was wondering why don’t you use a drone to film epic aerial views like this video.
    Is it because you don’t like drones or maybe you don’t like being like the rest. Maybe some other reason…
    I just think it would be awesome. I know a lot of Youtubers use drones in their youtube videos and is the “trending thing” everyone does, but it certainly works because the videos with aerial footage look amazing.

    Have a good one and looking forward to the next video.

  50. Add to our bucket? What bucket? Like you said you have not seen one foreigner in the entire town, who knows when will we ever get a chance to come back to Thailand.

  51. Chad, I know you do fresh edit probably on a daily basis so, if you’re still in Phetchabun – *Go Check Out Si Thep Historical Park*
    It’s Thailand’s largest ancient city and is now on tentative list to become a World Heritage Site. Some thousand ++ years old dwarf faces await you there!

  52. I can remember in the late ’60s taking my dads pick-up and loading up with 5 of my buddies and 6 surfboards and half of them would be in the back with boards going down the freeways in San Diego to the beach and nobody thought anything of it. Miss those days! Love watching your travels. Keep up the good work. Cheers from San Diego, CA

  53. I have been there 3 years back. I was driving myself there….. the reason and scene is just fantastic…… really enjoyed it……. sick roads😍😍😍

  54. These vids keep getting better & better… but, I’m kind of disappointed you cut the figure tips out of your gloves… I know, I know… so you could operate the equipment – keep up the great productions… 🙂

  55. Chad, You are in the area of khao kho, one of the famous travel destination for thai people. Khao kho has many good resorts with stunning views. Just my recommendation, you should stay there instead of going back to the town.

  56. Glad you are doing well and enjoying the life in there! – I usually only visit Bangkok when going to Thailand but your videos made me want to explore more then just the main Bangkok Area 🙂

  57. Every Thai known Phetchabun is Swisserland for Thailand.

    And for additional information, the nice road in this area is made by one life of people for every ten metre during a civil war in 1970.

  58. Im glad you found that Temple i visited last December, it was holiday break and thousands of people were there, on video it looks great but to see it up close it actually is amazing…safe travels……..excellent video….

  59. What you doing c,the Thai tourism attorney should sign u up,keep it up man can’t wait for the next one.🇮🇪🇹🇭😎🌞👍🙏🏻🙏🏻

  60. Love the vids bringing back memories as you went to lots of the places I visited when I was with my ex Thai gf who was from phetchabun beautiful place keep up the great vids

  61. Chad, enjoying your video’s . Keep em coming. Invest in a small drone (the temple from the sky should be even more beautiful)… Will get you to the next level…and thousands of subscribers more. Greetings from Milan Italy in lockdown. DJI Mini 2 would be your choice because of light weight. ( don’t know the rules of flying drones in Thailand, check that before)

  62. Im sure sll those seniors thought you were nuts doing the pu pu pu ha but we sll know you are and that why we love CB media and the temple was amazing.

  63. I’ve been at the sanctuary with my ex Thai girl, her mother and a colleague of her mother. It was December the 30th 2019 and I was landed in Bangkok only 8hours before. Picked up at Suvarnabhumi and we went straight to Isaan.. I’m crying 😭😭
    Such a beautiful place krab🙏

  64. Another place that I would recommend you to try is
    “Pha tad” (Cutting cliff)
    Which is the peak behind a white monk (In the end of this clip)
    The path is quite adventurous.
    If there is no rain, the car you drive can go up.
    If you go up to the top of the mountain, you can look down to see the white monk from behind.
    And saw road number 12 that passed through many mountains

    GPS 16.8009483,101.0317586

  65. loving the travel videos mate i can’t wait to get back to Thailand these videos are making me want to do more missions over there the longer they hold me here in aus the longer I am going back for when the situation is over chok dee krap

  66. HAHAHA, My wife said the name of the temple no problem. She gave you props for visiting at the right time. I guess we are going to visit with her family whenever we are allowed back 🙂

  67. You’re having too much fun. But I’m loving your videos and dialogue.
    Google demonetising is something I’m hearing a lot lately. I don’t know if they’re cracking down or tightening their belts to pay out less.

  68. I’m a huge fan of your channel. the feeling of love and hate (because you’re there and I’m not) is huge haha. But I’ll keep on watching and following because I feel less far from the country i love the most just watching your vids! Thanks for sharing…

  69. Great video. We have been there a couple of years ago for xmas at the top of the mountains. Stunning views in the morning with rice porridge for xmas breakfast. We will be going back to stay there for some lengthy chill time in the future during the hot season. Thanks again

  70. How do you spell “pjuuu pjuuu” or “pyu pyu” or “peow peow” even? Views were amazing in this video! Can I say “viewgasam”? How do you spell that?

  71. When i first visited my Thai lady friend in early last year in LomSak the first place she took me to see was Wat PraThat Pha Sorn Kaew. Just the mosaic work on it’s own is absolutely unbelievable. Like yourself Chad i have been to so many beautiful temples across northern Thailand but none of them have impressed as much as this one. They call the area around Khao Kho Thailand’s Switzerland. Stunning i call it. Hope you got the chance to check out LomSak too while you were there? It’s a nice little town. I might be calling the place “home” one day in the near future by the look of things. Some drone footage of the area would definitely make for some magnificent viewing. Thanks for sharing Chad. Stay safe, ride safe. 🛵💨

  72. In early 80s communist rebels stil were some how active: in 85 they still put bombs to some bridges in Udorn province. And when I left back from Udorn to Bkk, after city limit armed army people came to see and check everyones idcard to see that they are Thai citicen.

  73. Phetchabun is a province in north-central Thailand. It isn’t Esan. Each regions have their unique architecture. Love your vlog i hope i could visit there.

  74. Hey fox, I see you did too much speed which is not recommended, your vacation your discoveries will become hell, if something happens to you, god forbid . So enjoy , stay happy, stay safe my brother.

  75. Though I have seen this temple before in other videos I will say you got the better view of it. The morning sunlight really made the temple shine. I often wonder how they keep that all white buddha so pearly white. Great video!

  76. My wife knows of this temple and when this virus is over we’ll go see it, we live korat area. Thanks for sharing! And yes, I totally understand about being templed out, 2 years ago in one 30 day period we went to over 15 ,driving all over hell and back. Lol but this temple is special!

  77. Living and not focusing on bullshit safety safety safety ,thats what helps make Thailand so much better than the US or European countries . Its called freedom .

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