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This is the most up to date information on Thailand’s ASQ hotels and requirements.
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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Hey Rob, if I understand it correctly if they mention your name they add an extra 10 percent And make you walk up to the 17th floor. 555

    Great to see you on YouTube and in a orange zone. I’m setting in my condo right in the middle of a red zone in west Bangkok. I go out twice a week early in the morning so not too many people in the stores. I only go for food and Doctors appointments.

    I’m too old to catch this virus because it would probably kill me.

  2. Great and informativ vlog again Rob! Just 1 quick tip that I got from AFTER I checked in(Villa de Khaosan by Chillex), (not a good choice…)ok, so if you check into your hotel BETWEEN 12 noon and 6 pm…that is Day 1, if you check in after 6 pm, it is Day 0..

  3. 60K baht for 7 days? LOL.

    Fuck Thailand.

    Ask the people who put this together…and ask them if they’re willing to give up everything they own to go on vacation for a week….


    Thailand bleeds and dies because control freaks gotta control.

  4. Yo Rod, I’m getting a great q package because of my Elite Superiority First Class visa for affluent applicants πŸ‘

  5. Have they changed the requirement that to qualify for the 7 night quarantine you must have had your vaccinations not less than 14 days previously AND NOT MORE THAN 90 DAYS PREVIOUSLY?
    Hopefully they have changed it because many of the wealthy people they want to come to Thailand won’t be able to comply with that requirement for the ‘High Season’. Most wealthy people will be at the front of the vaccination queues so they will be more than 90 days past their vaccination by then.

  6. Hey Rob, looks like things are moving in a positive direction. Can’t wait to get back to Bangkok and see my friends. I really wish your videos were longer. I know your trying to keep them short but some of us enjoy the goofy commentary and informative banter. Stay strong my friend. Remember, “you are living the life”!

  7. Something I found out today. Your length of quarantine is decided at arrival, not when you get your COE. You may be vaccinated but if you come from a place where a new surge started up you could be placed in the 10 or 14-day program at your expense. Just another gotcha to factor into your plans.

  8. Why anyone would bother coming here now with the current situation is beyond me. Seriously save your money and come back later when there is no ASQ anymore. It’s pointless.

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