1. i,m 5 mins into this vlog but itching to know where you guys are headed to. So looking forward as always to being
    the fly on your wall during your trips. ;-]. love em. ;-].

  2. Wow, at about 12 mins , how on earth is the kitchen so tidy when in the dining area so many are being fed??? Thais seem soooo organised yet
    remain so casually relaxed ;-].

  3. Safe trip Chuck and Paige, look forward to following you on your adventures. Hope to see you both in person when I eventually get back to Thailand. Les

  4. chuck, have you tried to pre-cook the crust first then place the toppings and cook? maybe that will help. maybe you have tried that? get that brick oven built! don’t make me come over there and build it! I want to see your video of you building it! LOL ☺️ 🙏

  5. I lost an inch when I fell off a roof….
    I’m not as tall as I used to be either 😉
    Another great day with friends and family, thanks for sharing Chuckee 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. Good morning, Chuck and Paige. Nice to see old friends again. Enjoy, relax stay safe and healthy. Take care everyone. Thanks for the video. 👍😍🙏

  7. Nice video,
    I was thinking to jump on my motorbike and join you for a few days. I am not to sure where you are now..

  8. Great video Chuck, speaking of subscribers coming to see you. Once I get out of quarantine I will be staying in Kalasin province, would I be able to come by for a visit?

  9. Good morning Chuck and Paige I’m here again watching your videos in Wales UK, can’t wait to get back over there. 😎😎🙏👍

  10. Chuck,
    I heard that if you put a flat stone, pizza type stone in the oven to pre heat then you can put the pizza in on top of the stone and the bottom will cook better and more even.

    It may help, try it if you can get a flat stone.

  11. I use a cast iron skillet to bake my pizza. I heat the crust on one side on the stove, flip it over, place all toppings on the precooked side. Preheat over at max temp 550F. 10 to 12 minutes. 👍

  12. Chuck & Paige, great video as usual. Your cinnamon rolls look delicious. And can’t wait to see your pizzas after you get your brick oven built. They look good now but I know they will look and taste better coming out of the brick oven. Rob looks like a giant standing with mafia and the other ladies. Seems like a nice guy. Also nice to see CeeJay and family. Look forward to seeing your trip. Stay safe

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