An Average Day In Dumaguete – Philippines

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  1. Nice haircut, you arrived with sun shinning and left with sun down. Was it a long wait or he took his time cutting your hair? Do you get a small massage after the haircut? I was stationed in Korea, Camp Walker, and the barber on base had ladies do a small massage. They would lean you forward and smack your back to get tension out. First time I saw it was shocking, I was a young buck first time on my own.

    1. +riprocop between stopping to eat, doing some walking, waiting, more walking.. the day just sorta slipped by. πŸ™‚ in the PH it gets dark by 6:30pm most of the year.

  2. dude show a jollibee breakfast sometime those are so freekin good. They make you check in a bag even at the citihardware too lol

    1. +Brian Michaluk the only things i like at jollibee is the Yum burger (it’s so simple and plain, i don’t expect much) and the strawberry sundae. πŸ™‚

    1. +The Many Shades of Gray then again some people only earn $5 a day. Hard to afford to take kids out there. This past Easter someone I chat with I gave her a surprise so she can take her two kids out to eat at Jollibee. Now I got the title Tito Sam.

  3. Nice hair cut kuya! The McDonald’s here in U.S. they served now breakfast all day and some of the McDonald’s here in the bay area of San Franciscoserved garlic fries.

  4. I guess not a dude, means that is Tom Boy or gay girl.getting a hair cut,
    20 to 50 peso was the price of hair cuts since 1999.
    3 to 5 bucks is the tip of a hair cut in my state

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines if by flamboyant you mean they look like a dude but talk as if the are girls ,i understand,to converse with someone you must have something in common,
      You are a people person ,i am too there may be no way to really talk with them there unless they have a good looking sister LOL
      I took time to get used to the lady boys always wanting to touch my arm muscles,these where the ones that lived in the same town i lived in
      I have many gay men friends but we workout together,none give me the eye ,we talk about health and nutrition.
      Transgender is growing in the USA, my state passing laws to make them use the bathrooms of there original sex, Gyms are fighting this, i am glad as i think they should not be in the men’s locker room. .
      i am use to the creepy ones that follow me around watching me, i have great leverage in the gyms, a few i have got banned for saying things that should not be said,
      The gay friends i have, have never even said they are gay,but they talk kind of feminine .

    2. +steve o i truly have no issue or ‘uncomfortableness’ around either the ladyboys or the lesbians. but the really flamboyant ‘gay’ gay-boys.. i still just can’t seem to find any way to converse with them.

    3. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines YEAH there where more lady boys but yes even the small town had then, have to say got along with the lady boys better, they cut hair really well.
      Thanks for sharing

    4. +steve o yah, her girlfriend was waiting for her and they rode off together just before i got my turn. i actually see lots of lesbians in the PH, even on the small islands.

  5. P25,00 for a haircut on Saturdays? I just got a hair cut last Saturday here in my country (Northern Europe), and I paid the equivalent of 45 USD πŸ™‚

    1. +Mazza Fokkar ha! nah. only 25P. but i always give a 20P tip on top of that so.. about $1.25 usd for a haircut. def beats the $13 that i’d pay in california. πŸ™‚

  6. Are you using the basic Go Pro Hero for this? I frequently carried my iPad in my backpack to avoid having to go through the hassle of leaving it with them.

    1. +Kevin Sanders i hadn’t planned on doing a video that day, so on a whim i used my cam-phone for the afternoon. but it doesn’t have the dpi the go-pro has.

  7. Here where I live I take a backpack into the supermarket to put my groceries in. I’m cutting down on having to dispose of plastic shopping bags that are not biodegradable.

  8. went to the mall in cordova Cebu got a haircut facial footspa pedicure,and along side my gal..I was suprized he cut my hair with razor blade.and trimmed my sideburns with it..the footspa was the

  9. I never knew they didn’t allow back packs in the Supermarkets there. I always carry mine when in GenSan , but they want to look through it first. Thanks for sharing ….

    1. +The Philippine Experience yah, but if you have anything expensive in there (camera, laptop, tablet) they will let you wear it into the store since they don’t want the liability of checking it in if it turns up missing later.

  10. hi another YouTube channel the guy says you can’t make money owning a barber shop in the Philippines unless you own hundreds of them.
    now I’m wondering if these individuals that are just one Barbershop make a pretty good living for themselves by Philippines standards. And what about The Barbers? do they make a decent weekly income by Philippine standards?

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yeah cool beans thanks for the reply and yes I know a business has to be at least partially owned by Filipinos. thanks so much

    2. +Luis Esparolini i don’t think i’ve seen (yet) an expat owned barber shop. all the ones i see have been owned/run by filipinos who figure that making 35P for a haircut is the going rate. it’s not the path to riches, but it can be a steady business. probably more profitable than a sari-sari store since no inventory is needed. at 35P per haircut.. figuring maybe 3 customers per hour… at 8 hours… that would come out to about 840P per day. by PH standards, that’s a good day’s wage. (guys working in the sugar cane fields make less than 150P per day. waitresses are lucky if they get 350P per day) but even at 840P per day, you’re talking about $17 USD a day.

  11. When I first arrived here in the US in 1992, I went to a McDonalds and ordered a McSpaghetti…the clerk was like “I’m sorry..what?” I repeated my order and she said, laughingly, “McDonalds don’t make spaghetti.” And that made me realize that in the US, McSpaghetti was unheard of.

  12. my same sediments exactly.thats the first time since I was 5, managed too stay still till he was done.when he pulled it he asked sizzor cut or blade cut.never realized it was a straight blade…

  13. What time was it by the time you got back home. It looked like it was getting dark when you walked out of the barber shop. Thanks for sharing your transgression… LOL! Take care my friend!

    1. +Johnny Pastrana Ya my wife help me with not spending too much. If a vendor gives her a price she looks at them like are you kidding me? LOL! saving 5 pesos adds up. My wife always asking for discount. HEHE

    2. +Johnny Pastrana Same here, when I get a pedicure for 60 pesos I throw a 100 to them. There is a Brit out in the country, that makes 4 times than I do have 5 hectares and house also a 3 million pesos beach lot. He tells me that I hurt the other expats, because then the filipinos will expect a tip from expats. Really dude? What a cheap SOB.

  14. Hi, I’m Max from Orlando, FL. Just wanna say I ran across your channel a few months ago and have really enjoyed watching your videos. I’ve just about made it through all of them now. A lot of the topics you cover in your videos are thing I have thought about or experienced myself from talking to Filipinos, having had relationship with a Filipina and spending time in the Philippines. The thing I like about McDonald’s in the Phils is that unlike here in the states, most or perhaps all of McDonald’s there have delivery service. Last time I was there I got really sick and wasn’t ale to go out. So I called the McDonald’s and they delivered it to my hotel room door. Also, another difference is the portions size of their nugget meals. Here in the states McDonald’s has 6, 10 and 20 piece nugget meals, but last time I was in the Phils they only had the 6 piece, which makes sense because Americans generally like bigger portions. Just as a side note, I visited Thailand several years ago and tried the samurai burger at the McDonald’s there. which is basically just a beef patty covered in tariyaki sauce. Not bad.

    1. +Max T several of the fast food chains here deliver (Chow King, Jollibee and a few pizza places). i think the minimum order is 800P or so.

  15. That was fun to watch, l made the journey from the malacon to the mall in my wheelchair! You brought me back to a place of great memories! Take care Reekay! Randy

  16. I enjoy your videos, but find it unforgivable, that with all your worldly knowledge… locate to Philippines and seek out McDonald’s. I’ve been to many places in Philippines and if I’m going to subject my digestive tract to fast food? I’ll find a Jolibees and opt for ‘bangus’, which I find more wholesome/natural over the western counterpart McRubbish.

    1. +manos3790 everytime i hear the word ‘bangus’ i imagine some scottish man with a bagpipe. as for McD’s, it seems i find myself there once a month, usually out of convenience (ie; laziness). but i eat lots of vegetables, so i’m doing my part to remain a ‘regular’ guy.

    1. +Jon DavaoCity i was SO surprised the day went so smoothly. usually things get so hectic if i try to do a few errands in town on the same day. it was a good day. πŸ™‚

  17. Need your take on this: Why is Saturday haircut 25p and every other day 35P? Is Saturday not a good day for a cut in Dumagette? Or is there a line 100 people long on Sat’s?

    1. +Jon DavaoCity i’m not sure what the marketing angle there is either. ha! maybe on the weekends lots of guys are either at the sabong (cock fights) or with their buddies.. so, lower price to get them in the door. (?)

  18. Nice haircut. and yes, tuΒ eres un hombre guapo. I’m also at the age where I occasionally ask the hairstylist for the touch up men’s hair color service to hide my white hair and try toΒ fool the single girls of my age. I’m wondering how many pesos that would set me back if only you’ve actually inquired.

  19. hi reekay, love your videos πŸ˜€ but eating a mcd might not be the best choice, pls don’t eat that junk. the barber did a good job πŸ˜€ El gwapo….

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yeah. That’s to bad. Seems that they were doing so good. Then I seen his next video and the subject was to make sure the girl you are involved with isn’t still married and I thought he was implying that he found out that Rowena was married but he said no. But for whatever reason they broke up, I feel for him. It’s just a sad thing to see. I’m sure he will find someone.

    2. yah, he and i spoke about it before i’d seen his video update. but, breakups happen, whether we’re in our home-country or living abroad. just part of life.

    3. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Ok that’s good. I was just wondering because I haven’t seen her in awhile. And did you hear that Mike and Rowena split up the other day? It was quite a shocker.

    4. yes, still together. πŸ™‚ between getting over her sickness and returning to work she’s been too tired to go anywhere lately, so i’ve been shooting on my own. she’s at work right now and i may shoot another vid this afternoon. she doesn’t get off work until almost 5pm and by then the light is low outdoors. she’s rather just get home and relax. but all is good.

  20. Henry your eating at McDonald’s ? Talaga ? I too want to congratulate you on the 20,000 subscriber mark thats really cool.

  21. My fiance’s hometown of Tarlac City their McDonalds has a Fried Chicken Platter and also Spaghetti. I thought that was kinda cool to see those items on the menu there.

  22. You’re looking real “handsome” Henry. But you forgot to mention the “small” burghers and french fries and everything else! Probably a good thing for us old guys, good for dieting. And the “etiquette” of leaving all our mess on the table when you leave, they have employees to clean up after you. Don’t want anyone losing their job. Otherwise, seems like a very normal day for an expat in the P.I. You had a good day! Aloha…

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