An Intervention At Mitch’s Farm In Trinidad

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  1. The pigs regardless of everything else are in filthy conditions n are n have been being neglected Mitch should my send a lol more money but money don’t clean up weeks of pig crap!!

  2. dammit mitch im mad at you you need to get back to yur farm and fire yur gold digger care taker im sorry brian if i was there ide whip that caregiver my ass im just so pissed you dont leave yur animals mitch you cant trust them to feed yur animals

  3. The care taker should be reported to the authority to neglect to those animal and lock him up for those thing to the animal, Lock him up and throw away the key for good. he have committed so much crime and need to be punish.

  4. Just looking at the condition of the pens he should be removed from the farm and made to pay back his salary ..!
    This guy is a money taker not a caretaker …! Need to find out how much feed he purchase and where from ..?
    I did notice that this guy looked well fed ….! My opinion is remove this guy and get someone that is more responsible and reports to Brian each week so Brian can control the financial situation.

  5. That guy needs to go. Keeping other thoughts to myself. Thanks for at least doing what you could. Somebody should accompany Mitch though when he comes back?

  6. brian needs to clear this up in the comments or do a video to clear it up.
    at the end from what i got it was a miss under standing in the comments they the people here have already hang the ceartaker in the start of the video. right now im feeling for the ceartaker. not saying he did a good job

  7. He should of been kick off the property———— he ain’t going to do his job and the animals will pay the price. Your to kind nice of a guy.

  8. One thing I always hated about the Philippines was seeing how the locals treat animals. I understand it’s a 3rd world country and things are done differently there, but things like not cleaning the pens and not providing access to water for the animals is inexcusable . The caretaker is a lazy POS.

  9. Man I would never get involved in something like this over here in PH for someone else, especially when it comes to land, and disputes with a filipino. Good luck, hope every thing works out.

  10. Brian.This is gut wrenching why you should us is beyond me, Mitch was & has always been a loose cannon.( Did you see his last Video where he was cursing big time ) I mean like real bad..! He was saying FK you all us subscribers who watched his channel & worse..! He told you he had Millions and owned a 3 Million Australian dollar place which is all lies..yes the caretaker has mistreated those animals..yes.. you can see by their boxes they have been put in..But he showed you a few receipts…so what..He could have owed everyone around the area..You put up a Live stream saying Fake news about Taxes. Just saw a Video ( won’t mentioned their name unless you want me to ) calling you don’t know what your talking about & has spoken to her Lawyers ..! ( She is a Philippine Lady ) Don’t ask us viewers for money..Not in the Budget how many times have we heard this..? Don’t invest what you can’t afford and expect others to pay for your mistakes. Your last video nearly every comment said the same don’t spend what you can’t afford..! Your YouTube money thats what you have or what you tell us.. “Get Maricel to sell her house in down South “ to pay for your bills..!! ..I rarely leave comments but this time you need to be put in place..YOUR WRONG.!! You will delete as many will think the same as me ..!

  11. Mate I really feel sorry for the pigs and how they suffered for lack of food, but to be honest when you run a business it has to be hands on if you leave to someone it to look after your property and animals for a long period of time without checking things yourself you are asking for trouble. I have seen this happen where I live

  12. The caretaker clearly took advantage of the money of Mitch sending. Its very obvious he totally neglected his job hence, the starving animals. This guy is just as good as a wild animal and he deserves to be kicked out of the place. See if charges of estafa can be filed against him.

  13. I feel sad for Mitch, I’m also a farm owner and raise pigs, I have a caretaker since I am not living in the farm, I provide all the needs especially feeds but after a week or more when i visit my farm it seems pigs are not gaining weight the same size the last time I saw them. I don’t understand why some people don’t see and appreciate the good opportunity and the trust an employer gives them, by being honest, diligent, hardworking and devoted, one will surely reap a good future. This I hate some of my fellow Filipinos blame others for being jobless, poor, starving when in fact there are plenty of ways how to earn a living in a decent manner. Like in this case it is very clear that the caretaker is very irresponsible and don’t know the words shame, mercy and fear. I am also looking for another caretaker for my farm here in Cavite but hard to find one who is trustworthy.

  14. if Mitch is not sending enough money for the feeds and the caretaker is receiving his full salary, at least he should clean the pig pens and let the pigs run in the field so that the could eat what ever edible for the pigs.

  15. Lucky you came along when you did. No excuse for this and don’t let the door hit you on your way out, “Mr Caretaker”, nothing further.

  16. This caretaker has not done the correct thing for Mitch’s farm he has ripped this man off big time typical of Filipino’s who are left to their own devices you of all people know just how frustrating getting things done in a half reasonable fashion sad situation Brian get rid of this family useless in every way and the pig has just proven what the real truth is

  17. Well I never say much figure it’s not my place but this is terrible, the care taker is lazy and no good are the pens would be clean. The money who knows. Mitch needs to get handle on this. It’s his farm and animals, hate that brain has been put in the middle of this.

  18. OMG how can someone watch on a daily basis things dying in front of them by staving them. Yes I watched Mitch before not surprised but this caretaker has the power to say not enough money feed the mangoes, banana leaf grass what ever it take for these animals. Extremely sad God bless you Brian for helping these animals.

  19. The caregiver would go for sure if he was working for me me and my girl has 2 pigs her cousin lives in our house i would scold them if i found out they not tsking care of them when i was there they was healthy he fed them twice a day

  20. It took months of neglect for the animals to get in that condition . I cannot believe that the caretaker was not arrested . He should be off the property asap . That is inhumane in letting animals starve like that .

  21. That care taker is 100% responsible for those pigs and anything on that farm very simple. If he seen a problem with the animals then tell Mitch and if that didn’t work the call authorities. You do not let animals get in that condition, when they are under ur control, not hard to see, it took months for those pigs to get that way. I would have kicked his but of he farm right away, blaming Mitch, Mitch was not there idiot. Mitch to blame if he was not supplying enough, yes but you don’t let the animals go hungry. Just disgusting, very disgusting…..

  22. That is terrible. Unfortunately this will be the result more often than not when sending money and not being there yourself to check up constantly. Sigh!!

  23. Brian you have a lot of PATIENCE when he said she has lack of calcium …. right on that spot I would have downed him with 1 smack……. the pig is STARVING to DEATH you total idiot…. I be in jail if I was there very simple, Why didn’t the cops who were there take him away, iuwghjbkwufghgdjca

  24. That care taker has a knife on his side, so keep that in mind if you return. If he needs 4k per week for feed, then 104k is all that was needed for full feedings for 6 months. If Mitch sent 170k, the guy is skimming off the funds it seems. Does the care taker have receipts from all the feed purchases? That does not explain the failure to clean the pens. That guy needs to go.

  25. 24 minutes and the idiot is still on the property ???????????? a kick in the nuts would go a long way to open his eyes…..If abuse animals you would abuse kids……..

  26. Here’s a thought for the future. Remote access cameras. Check Aliexpress. You can even find solar powered ones. Even if you have no wifi, they can send pics and videos over 3g. If there is no signal, just put an antenna higher up. Put one or two of those cameras up in each pen. They can send images to Mitch at intervals. Plus, the new caretaker will believe the pigs are watched 24/7. They will also make thieves think twice.
    Also: no excuses. If high protein feed is not available, the pigs would have stayed healthy enough on the same stuff that native pigs are fed with. This feed money probably went on booze.

  27. Good god the pigs should of been able to run free to eat the grass and stuff.. Pens not clean.. he is not a caretaker because he does not care

  28. He is the laziest and concerned person I have ever seen. Kick him and his wife off the property Brian no water come on. He was nott trying to give them water until you mentioned water. He’s no caretaker.

  29. You’re a good Man/Friend, Brian♥️. I watch your daily videos. Charlie is a super cute and good.boy. My sincere regards to Maricel and Charlie. Gina and Tatay are also a good support to you guys.

  30. I thought Mitch had sold the land in the pigs. I was thinking About him the other day. All the time all the money and all he’s went through. This is a terrible shame

  31. Mitch should know better he cannot leave his farm for so long without proper management it’s very irresponsible, Brian God bless you,I know you would try your best to help although you have a lot to deal with yourself.

  32. Those animals need to be taken away and not left there. It seems that Mitch has abandoned the place. He never fed his animals what was required when he was there himself ( but never to how. It is now) although he had good intentions to make a go of it going back a couple of years ago it seems he has failed

  33. If the money was not enough for feed then everything was not fine. They needed to tell Mitch that there wasn’t enough feed budget. And Mitch feeding his animals before he left should have known how much a months worth of feed cost. Feed cost plus caretaker pay ….Young pigs grow and need more feed so increasing budget on the feed…. When was the last time they mucked out those pens???? Where is the care in caretaker?

  34. I wish there was a way that care taker could be held responsible and actions taken against him , i hope he gets a taste of his own medicine,I wouldn’t even listen to one word and make him leave , call burangy police

  35. I had to erase my original comment. Its easy to get mad at the caretakers, but it’s Mitch’s farm his responsibility. Them pigs were clearly starving, I guarantee they pocketed some of that money. 170K for 6 months is a lot of money in the province. Your friend Mitch is dumber than a box rocks to entrust locals with that type of money with no supervision. He deserves it but it is a good lesson for him to build upon.

  36. Why are the pig pens so dirty , why he not clean ,he still got his salary ,if Mitch not sending enough for food ,caretaker should clean them or get out , I hope if he is still going to stay there , it’s obvious to me , he not care , he looks well fed , he should have been communicating with someone with Mitch , he would have kept taking his salary and let the pigs die , give him two week probation and if the pens aren’t clean at least , time fo4 them to leave

  37. Wow Brian that’s so sad, glad you went there to see what’s going on. If nobody is watching that caretaker I guess he will take the money and not feed the pigs sad to see. Miles n Karl Nakonechy

  38. I am from a farming community, and most farmers I knew were responsible caretakers of their stock. In all cases, when the system fails, the primary responsibility belongs to the commander. Mitch. This was Mitch’s fault. This is his farm, not some caretakers. If the caretaker was not responsible thats one thing, but who hired him? Thats right. Mitch! Brian, you are a good friend. Mitch should be counting his lucky stars you were there ti intervene! But maybe your friend needs to find a new hobby!👿👿👿

  39. I’m not a Care Bear I’ve got a farm and we eat the animals off our farm. But thats horrible. If I was Mitch I would have all the animals put down and get the locals to maybe make bone soup since there’s very little meat. Also Harvest fish whatever is there and be done with it.

  40. Hi Brian got to sell the pigs or give the pigs away for free you can’t feed then why keep then just give the 🐖🐖🐖🐖for free some will feel then micht you need to get of your ass and do some ting about the pigs stop wasting time Brian it’s so sad to the pigs

  41. I’m so utterly shocked at these conditions. That man does not give a crap about those animals whatsoever. If he did there would have been steps taken to clean and feed them whatever is on the land at least. He does not deserve to have anything more to do with those animals!! Get him gone !!
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  42. Looks like might as well get out of the pig & probably fish business too. Even if he gives them away the headaches and feed and other costs seem like its just not worthy of trying & hoping for any profits.

  43. Omg! Can’t continue watching this one brian, sorry.. me and my family love pigs.. he was recieving salary from mitch and cannot even clean the pig pen?

  44. Oh! my goodness. I cried seeing the case of these pitiful they are put the caretaker to jail he is an animals are abuser. Thanks Brian for intervening on behalf of Mitch. so heart breaking 😢😢😢💔💔

  45. Mismanagement by the Caretaker. So sad for the Animals. This are difficult times for everyone. I am sure some of the funds would be easy to embezzled, due to the owner not been available. No excuse for the pens to be so dirty and no water available.

  46. That was a very sad video to watch. I don’t understand how anyone who is enyrusted as a caretaker could let these animals health digress and not feel compelled to do something. If there wasn’t a budget tp feed the pigs they could have gathered leaves or mangos or some alternative food source to bridge the gap between the time when more feed would be available. I would have been so angry and disgusted I would have escorted them off the property immediately. I feel sorry for Mitch to have ben so honest and trustworthy and to be betrayed in the end.

  47. Everything sbout this caretaker is conveniently suspicious. Absolutely horrific living conditions for the pigs. I hope u get rid of him for mitch. This guy made no effort to take care of these animals. Brian ur a good guy to get involved and do something

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