1. fyi. Chinese NY in Vietnam is a big deal and is called Tet. During the Vietnam war, the ‘Tet offensive’ caught everyone off guard because it occurred during CNY

  2. (You will remove this comment, about people walking, maybe there is a reason, like some landmines from 70’s… I’m born that time at Europe and my parents teached to watch the cars, maybe people from Laos was taught to watch something else)

  3. Price checking in Thailand… I did that 2 days ago… Example Samsung 65″ smart TV – Big-C -Thailand $660.00 (U.S.)… same TV at Walmart Sarasota, Florida $550.00 (U.S.).

  4. I love my convertible cargo pants, if I want to go in a temple or go on not so cleared path I just zip on the legs, I get them from Cabela’s for about $40. Another day in paradise, thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  5. Hi. Am I disillusioned by the fact that no one ever seems to be bathing in that very inviting looking Mekong river ??? Is it not safe to bath in now when the current is slow??? I,d be in there every day i,m sure. ;-]

  6. Enjoy all your videos. I watch a couple different vloggers and like your honesty and the straight talk. Hoping to move to Thailand later this year and will make my way your way one day. Cheers

  7. Let me answer you why do you live with the parents!!!!! Number one Your Happy Number two family is number one and they take care of each other…..Answer this what’s wrong with America FAMILY has fallen apart!!!! Sorry this is NOT the channels answer its a man that loves the Asian culture s well you cannot do what they do in Thailand in the US Asia is a SAFE place and family is number one….Sorry ill get off the soap box

  8. My wife says that blue container, it’s a pencil box. I saw a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer. I love those after microwaving for 45 seconds and covering with powered sugar. It tastes like Italian Ice. We use a percolator coffee pot for fresh coffee, no filter required. When in Pattaya I love to shop at the Friendship Supermarket. Great selection of international cheeses, bread and wine.

  9. “Many people like the taste of fried foods. Yet these foods tend to be high in calories and trans fat, so eating a lot of them can have negative effects on your health.” -Healthline

  10. Would really like to see a video showing how they do the actual concrete process for the dragon at the temple. Just a thought for some different content.

  11. …good and bad here, enough snow to keep my beers cold outside- the bad, as u already know, the situation out where you are from TX is in fridged temp and all sorts of power etc.. issues

  12. looks like fresh bbq chicken will be ready a bot later ;). Huge difference from oven/pan fried chicken vs bbq chicken and not expensive at all in thailand!!!

  13. Hey Chuck, speaking to a policeman friend about the 100/120kph in the outside lane law, he said the law has not been passed yet and will only apply to certain roads if it does become law. just thought I’d mention this as you are about to travel.

  14. * You gotta’ love how they double bag everything. Your sausage goes into a plastic bag that is then put into a plastic bag. Oh well ! When in Rome …
    * So – how did the dogs react to the new “snacks”?
    * In the booze section of Lotus I noticed you diplomatically skipped past the “Black C%&k” . It amazes me that they still sell it by that name.
    * Safe travels !!!

  15. It seems to me, from watching your vids as well as other youtuber’s based in Thailand, that buying food out isn’t that much more expensive than buying it from a grocery store and preparing it yourself. Is that a correct observation?

  16. Hello Chuck, just to let you know, the Mainland Cheese from New Zealand that you showed THB202 is about the same price here NZD$9.98. And it’s bloody made here, go figure.

  17. IF…..we all tha same, BORING WORLD, you and Paige are living your best life, wheeeeeee! Kole/Canada xox Hugs.looks like Mafia always having a good time, yay.

  18. Great video Chuck….thanks. We all love to watch the in laws and the girl friends ! Can’t wait to watch the next trip you’re taking tomorrow with them, it will be a kick.

  19. Appreciate all the info you pass on. Having seen enough of your videos to clearly see you & your family live an Extremely Healthy & Happy life. I would do exactly the same thing. Anyone questioning your Lifestyle is profoundly unhappy with their own. Thanks for all you do!🙏🏼🤓🙏🏼

  20. If you see Cambodian workers in Thailand, they always walk in single file. They are taught this from a young age, due to land mines, probably the same for Laos people.

  21. Not surprisingly can find 3 generations living under one house Asian’s style.
    Freezing here in Houston, no power going day 3, pipe busted, day 2 without water here I am watching Chuck and Paige wishing I’m in Thailand 🥶🥶🥶

  22. Great vlog love the onion rings and hash browns from Tesco lotus. They are removing the Tesco name and calling them locus’s the owners are the same that own 7. 11

  23. Your European friends don’t understand us Asian. If we can get along, we would want our son/daughter in law together. Ahahaha……. Falangs. Busy body. They don’t understand our culture and yet want to teach/advice.

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