Bamboo Scaffolding in the Philippines

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  1. I’ve seen bamboo scaffolding before but I thought it was an isolated occurrence.  That’s some well earned pesos … props to those guys!

  2. I see that over here too. 🙂 Bamboo is very strong, cheap and flexible. 🙂 I’ll digress a bit but you can actually build a decent and even luxurious home out of bamboo that’ll be earthquake and typhoon-proof (better at withstanding earthquakes though) and retains a natural feel yet can be very elegant, especially bamboo flooring. Better insulation against heat. If you want a simple 80m2 house you only need 80m2 of land to grow the bamboo. In 5 years it will be ready and just treat it with borax. People here though think bamboo is low class and scoff at my idea but I know of one couple that built their bamboo house and are very happy with it. Most houses here are built of stone and just doesn’t have that homey feel to it.

  3. Not just in the Philippines that they use Bamboo scaffolding for construction, in Hong Kong and China they also use this way to construct even high rises.

  4. Great Video’s KUDOS, keep em coming.  Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong can be up 20 to 30 stories or more, google for images.  They have a Knot Tiers Union, as only certified “Knot” tiers can assemble, it is the law and this is a art really, in construction on the exterior of many high rise building in Hong Kong, just my two cents, enjoy your videos,  Rusty 

  5. And 99% of the work is done by hand… no grinders, no sanders, so air spray systems… just elbow grease and ankle express.

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