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  1. Love the morning walks, I think serenity is a word I would use.
    Yes keeping the numbers down is a good thing. To many attention units required to build a lager CC Table πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your day brother at yakap sa inyong dalawa.

  2. BKK.FM or Kiss fm//7-11 mike is coming soon //Love the walking also in the morning//mike did you run into russell crowe he is in thailand if you do say hi for me // 301.00 per month //good choice mike i like that rock //you need a boston whaker // please tell graice hi

  3. Hi Mike,
    Glad to see you enjoying yourself on the beach. The beach looks great and the water was glass. My YouTube view is way down since my wife has made it back to Hawaii. We’re starting to plan our next trip back to Thailand, it’ll be in mid January and will have been almost exactly 2 years since my last trip.

  4. They might be plotting out the size of the lots for each cabin. And maybe figuring out where septic plus water lines go. They did have one of the black septic tanks in the cleared area. Then again every building I worked on started on the ground and never near water needing stilts, so I really have no clue. Our lines were always only a foot or two off the ground at most.

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