Bangkok Does Cars and Coffee PROPER AS F*CK!

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  2. If you cant believe your up that early ! then you should get back to bed with that hooters girl , from one of your previous videos ! and then cars wont be that special anymore ! because you will be knackered ! and you will be to tired to do anything ! except sleep !

  3. Hi Chad, love your channel.. hello from Singapore! Just a suggestion, why not you have subtitles in Thai or have some parts of your video where you speak a bit of Thai. The locals will surely love it. It will be an honour to them too. Keep up the good work! You are awesome

  4. Bro you should do a Bosozuku edition video. I fuckin love that style. It’s the ultimate middle finger to not only purists but everyone in general lol

  5. Great video bro 💯💯💪and who ever disliked it needs help all them cars in a class of there own well taken care off love to be there great content and that subscriber in the Mercedes you should of showed more love

  6. You deserve it buddy you’ve made the situation a lot easier and entertaining great video I’m 3 months away from checking out Thailand car meet in person 🙏👍

  7. Broo i will love goin overthere and hang out with uuu .. is soooo cool broo .. u living the dreimg right now.. i soo want to be uuu … waooooo .. sooo cool broo

  8. The cars there are so wild, when I was there in 67-68 all the Taxis were Ford Cortina’s, I fell in love with them. I’m surprised that there wasn’t any Hot Chicks there as usual. Keep up the awesome videos. The Fiesta Flash. 🤙🏼🍺🍺🍺

  9. I’m not a motorhead, but always enjoy seeing your car videos because of the commentary you bring to it. Peeped that Corvair before you pointed it out. I had a ’67 back in high school. I wish I had kept it when I went to college.

  10. Those are yakuza/bosozoku style motorcycles! That’s amazing! Never seen one on video, ive only seen really old pictures, but you got to see some in person!

  11. Hey man….great stuff. I’m more of a biker than a car guy but I’m still in the Motörhead family. The best ride I think I’ve owned was a Mazda XR7, late 80s….my favorite would be the Corvette. Ok…thanks CB

  12. At 8:57 the silver or grey car. What is that. It looks like a supra/gtr that has been put together to make one? What is it???? I have no clue? I am very interested!

  13. I love the diversity of these meets too. Back in the states it’s so often segregated. You’ll have Corvette meets, F body meets, Honda meets, Exotic meets, etc etc. Some cars and coffee are better but seldom do you see anything like this where you just see everything including motorcycles.

    Sadly import rules likely keep it from being even more diverse. I can only imagine what this would look like if it was easier (and cheaper) to get classic cars from the US, Europe or Japan into the country.

  14. Awesome video! This is probably one of the best ones I have ever seen you but up. So much eye candy on four and two wheels. These are cars we would probably never see in the US. Thanks so much bro 🙏😊

  15. I love the Thai car scene…..something about The obscenely high cost of cars versus the relatively low cost of labour…..just comes together to make some clean AF cars

  16. You like MINI TRUCKS? I’ve been working on my 93 Nissan Hardbody, would love to take you for a spin. Lowered, painted, new interior, slapped a T3/T4 on that KA24E. Love your content!

  17. Totally understand why you are stoked. You have got to get some titanium surrounds for those side exhaust on Creampieto cover up the burned paint and prevent further damage.

  18. I have been building a 66 mustang small block nitrous car for the last 3 years. It feels so good to be done and have the car out at meets and race track. I’m so happy to see you out at a car meet again I love your car videos keep them coming please.

  19. Crazy, half the cars you showcased, I have owned in the past. I currently have a 68 Charger RT , 4 speed manual and a 94 Acura NSX, red with black leather interior 5 speed manual. I would sell the NSX for $500k to a Thai buyer.

  20. Hell yeah Chad! Enjoy your German coupe, V8 2door sedan, gas guzzler, SMILES PER GALLON!!, Wide body, NFXGVN, Cars and Coffee meet.. I hope you had a hard time leaving the event due to fans and others you wanted to meet up with…

  21. Awesome brother. I been following you for a long time way back when you was riding those long tail diesel turbos I love your videos. Especially the bmw. I miss mine very fast

  22. My first car on the road when I was 161/2 Datsun pickup 1981 old utility truck spray can black 4 speed stick . Drove the thing every where. Nothing like the truck there actually exactly opposite but I still loved it .

  23. so sad i came back to pattaya when this happened, my favorite barber is in that place and i really miss going there, even more so that i know that there’s an amazing event over there.

  24. Hi Chad Really enjoying the content! So much so that your channel is the only one that I’ve binge watched content!

    Thailand has so much to offer and you show a different unique perspective on it! I’ve always had a camera in my hand from a young age. Now been vlogging for a couple years and love the process of filming, editing et all and the versatility of it all now!

    If anybody wants to show some love, as I’m approaching 130 videos from India, China et more and now in Thailand and want to get subs up.

    Have an awesome day Chad et all!!🙂😎🌞

  25. How good is this meeting, what an amazing lot of cars and chad the best thing you can drive your own car instead of a taxi
    Or Bart bus
    And look at the car you turn up in 😍😍😍👍👍👍
    One thing with the car and it reving so much diff ratio is it a 4 cyl diff

  26. after years of watching you in n out now i finally know where i know u from n ur name. i used to buy Super Street magazines when i was a kid n ur name was in alot of the pictures idk why i never realized this but i swear when i first saw ur videos i was like i know this man lmao crazy!!!

  27. 10 min video, and it felt like a 2m Nord VPN segment? Please don’t keep doing that, it would mean I’m going to have to look for browser add on’s which skip sponsor segments automatically.

  28. @CB Media Another awesome video Chad, keep them coming. Is there anyway to get a list some up coming motorsport events here in Thailand? I would love to go some but don’t have any info on them.

  29. Congrats! Thank You on producing some incredible content over the last couple of years and looking forward to you further blowing up in 2022 when you’re finally able to travel through out SEA

  30. Not only was it a GTO (6:56) it was a “judge “,.. which is even more rare,.. was that right hand drive ? ( I wouldn’t think so but I couldn’t see through the window )

  31. didn’t know have such a car scene in Thailand. Second visit I will pay more attention to it ! thx for the video. Love the corvair (although a tiny bit too low)

  32. Congratulations dude! Things seem to be falling together for you now at an accelerated pace. I think there is a huge perceptual shift that happened the minute you got behind the wheel of your own ride.

    When you show up on a motorbike or on foot, even if you know cars and the people there, you’ would always be seen as a fan/spectator/follower/outsider.

    NOW, when you show up to these high-profile events—with the strength and swagger of a ride like Cream Pai, you’ve already screamed loud and clear who you are and what you’re all about—without even opening your mouth.

    It was hilarious. The effect was almost instantaneous., In the front gate and directly into VIP parking. 😳 (“Hello me! Meet the REAL me and my misfit way of life as Dave Mustaine would say.).

    That one act of buying Cream Pai transformed you from fan to celebrity, spectator to participant, follower to influencer, outsider to insider.

    Car & Driver and Road & Track must have had similar beginnings. Maybe CB Media’s attendance at a car event becomes a seal of approval that the event is no joke. Next thing you know, everybody wants you at their event. And next thing you know, you’re a paid sponsor.

    Whatever your vision is, you’re not just along for the ride anymore. You’re in the driver’s seat (literally). Ride it hard until you fall off!

    P.S.: Still waiting for Lucy Thai Cream Pai Event.

  33. Mate.. another awesome vid, keep it up. Just one thing, Your E30 is awesome too and to have that here in the UK would be such a blast..
    But I guess you know why, you gotta take the M3 badge off the front to make it look more authentic… Just my thought mate.. Rgds Adam

  34. 3:36 Bla di Bla di Bla sponsor bla di bla ……but what passes by? woehahaha Nice Video Buddy !!!! But way too short if you see all those special car from above and hidden after other cars especially the little cuties which are only in Asia . Have fun with making videos greetings from brrrr cold Netherlands

  35. Cant wait for more car content coming out Chad keep up the good work! Have save travels back home for the holidays and enjoy your time with your family next month! 🎄☃️

  36. Thank you Chad. Luv ya. I’m happy you’re happy doing what u love. I do what I love too. I be there February. What car meets are there in February?

  37. I enjoy your videos. Will be in Thailand early January. Wanted to send you a picture of my Golf R line. Factory colour scheme, Tumeric yellow, also had Ceramic paint treatment. Very rare. Dont know how to forward pictures. Any advice.

  38. Great installment Chad! Great diversity of cars and styles. Also cool to see you meet some of your fans! You’re a BFD over there for the car people.

  39. That Japanese style is called Bosozoku ( 暴走族 Bo So Zo Ku) – it translates roughly as “out-of-control tribe”. There are car and motorcycle Bosozoku. Nowdays they are mostly a slightly nostalgic and harmless subculture of vehicle modders but, back in the ’80s, they were essentially gangs that were sometimes fairly violent and criminal, but mostly were an anti-social reaction to the plain, conformist nature of Japanese culture. They did everything to look, and sound as noisy, obnoxious and garish as possible.

  40. You deserve all the fun your having now. You’ve grinded for years and people finally catching your infections’ passion. Bad choice of words? 🔥

  41. Car shows like this are sensory overload (for me). Each and everyone of those cars would get an hour of my attention if seen parked on the street alone. At car shows I only get a hundred feet from the entry before time runs out. How can you appreciate a car fully when there are hundreds of them.

  42. I do love a Thai Creampie 🙂….Fantastic event and great video. Have you ever seen an XB or XC Ford Falcon in your travels in Thailand? being that they are right hand drive vehicles, I think they would be awesome.

  43. Hey Chad I got a question for you I don’t know how often you see him over in Thailand but have you ever seen a Mitsubishi FTO cruising around just curious

  44. Man, there is some crazy nice hardware there that you probably wouldn’t see (all in one place), anywhere else! What a cool show! Glad you finally got to drive Cream-Pai to one of these events! Sittin’ pretty!😁👍

  45. Amazing quality and diversity of cars. Shame the bikes were all Bōsōzoku styled. They looked like they’d all bought their fairings from the same online shop and bolted them onto whatever they could import. I’d love to take my Rocket 3 there, they’d freak out at a 2.3L engined bike!

  46. Something that you may not have seen in Thailand yet is the meeting of the American car group in Thailand. But each car in this group has both beauty and rarity, such as the 1970 Pontiac GTO The judge Convertible with only 108 cars in the world. The story of this car is The uncle sold this car to his grandson (current owner of GTO) for only 1 baht 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Hi Chad
    So good to see the car scene returning, even down under we’re starting to see some car meets returning.
    Can’t wait till I’m there in June 2022 hopefully I can catch a car meet or drag racing is on in Bangkok when I’m there.
    Great videos looking forward to more.

  48. Hi mate. What is schedule for racings at สนามแข่งรถ คลอง5 (bangkok drag avenue?) I wanna come to see. Its every saturday, right? But what time??

  49. หลังจากลอยกระทงจะมีการแข่งเรือทุกๆที่หาคลิปมาลงอีกหน่อย อยากดูๆ

  50. Mkiv Supra. You being a car guy in BKK I thought you might know. My Thai wife and I are moving from Denver Colorado to Nakhon Phanom in December and have made arrangements to ship our household stuff. I also own a 1995 Toyota supra 6 spd, single turbo. Is is worth it to try and ship it to Thailand or will the import tax make it not worth it? Your opinion would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bill

  51. Hello chad! Your channel is very good, informative and interesting! Standing alone! I am a Drag racer from Hungary, I would be interested in the dates of the 2022 BKK race track, because they will go out in February or March, and I plan to race there once …. Do you think there is a way? Can you help me in this? Thanks for your help: a hayabusa Drag racer!

  52. I can’t watch these videos. All these cars I could have bought but didn’t. All the predictions I got right but never put my money on. It hurts too much.

  53. Sick ass car bro. Needs a turbo tho. Bro look up Pearly G on here. She’s a wild but real thai girl with alotta friends in pattaya. Us tall guys got what she likes. Lol. 6.5 to 8 😆 she’d love creampie I bet hahaha

  54. Hey, thanks for all the content. Do you have a public calendar of all the car events you might attend. I think it would help us who might want to travel soon.

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