Beach Front Villa Shopping in Thailand

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  1. Bro do not.. I said do not put any live here. Just upload normal videos. We enjoy normal videos very much. Your live sucks. Sry to say but It’s true

  2. 0:30 Absolutely. Thai furniture, if you’re a big farang, is hell. Office chairs, garden furniture, you name it: hellish uncomfortable. They give you a needlessly huge bed, that gets in the way, and no decent chair to slouch in, read, listen to music, play with your phone. When you rent a studio get the basic Ikea bentwood chair for 1390 baht, and some kind of foot stool – even a basic plastic box seat – to put your legs up. You can’t comfortably lay on a bed and do anything. It’s crap.

  3. that is is a sweet location..but its a high rent.thailand has become spoiled with the prices they could get from tourists before covid.its become quite expensive..its not realistic to pay that kind of money now.even half price is too much.

  4. Hello Chad lovely places there.We always go to koh chang and was hoping to have our wedding day there this Feb but Covid has put a stop to it.Those houses are loveky.Maybe 2023 it can go a head.Shambala pool which is just a few minutes walk from there is lovely.Hope to see you in Koh Chang sometime for a beer.

  5. Second one’s better. A house is a machine for living in. Why would you want to rattle around? Much easier to cool a smaller place too. B30,000 is a bargain.

  6. I thought 2000 and 1000, not that far off.

    Worth it, ….? Yeah, you will be able to afford it.
    The question is: Do you need it?
    PS: I would go for the smaller one.

  7. DANGGG Chad, You Could Have 3-Premo-Girly-Boyz Livin With You There!!! PS Get The 1st One w/Urinal, And It Could Even Be Pretty Profitable 🤑 Ifin You Made It A Side Hussle Also? Charge 1000+baht? per Night For Each G-Boy Room Rental Fee, Then Setup Another Website For “Paying Viewers” On All Your Hidden Bedroom+Baths Cameras, Etc? You Could Call It Something Like “Big Brother Thai-Stick”? 🤣

  8. I just rented my house in the U.S. & am on my way to Thailand in the next month if you want a room mate. I could split the cost with you. Don’t care what room I sleep in. Just throwing it out there. Hahaha.

  9. Seen many a washing machine in the bathroom in today’s new build places in the last 20 or so years. You take your dirty clothes off, usually in an upstairs place so it should keep pairs of socks together not having to take them downstairs before put into the wash machine.

  10. Hey Chad 🤗I recognize Dan, he has his own YouTube channel “Dan about Thailand” cool 😎 looking places to chill out and get some R&R🏝🏖
    Yes you could bring the Thaitanic for commuting from Bangkok to Koh Chang👍👍

  11. Chang nice island, really nice place but I feel the price, is not even 10% higher before. Dean have also his own YouTube channel👍

  12. Today’s housing market would put the first one at around 12k a month in Fl.
    Considering the market in Thailand right now, I’m sure there’s still a little wiggle room when it comes to negotiating the price on any upper end housing. Come back in a month, if it’s still vacant offer a little less than asking price and tell them “something is better than nothing m8″… The worst they can say is no.
    The money you save can be put back into the local community in other ways.

  13. Have you been to Malaysia, and would you consider moving there? It’s something I’m seriously considering for this upcoming winter, possibly for a whole year.

  14. Noticing the showers with the half glass doors. Recently stayed in a hotel in Madrid with that setup and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to take a shower without thoroughly wetting the floor outside the shower.

  15. dont think ive ever seen a domestic house with a urinal talk about a man stamp, the last place looks as good as the first only smaller get a bargan price while covids about

  16. A comparable 3br bungalow at just under $1000 u.s. Dollars in my hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts oceanside would fetch $3000+ a month and would sell at a minimum of $500,000 so, it’s for sure a great deal and… a testament to the Royal Screwing we are dealing with here in many U.S. states. Can’t wait to retire in Thailand in 5 years. 🔅

  17. Go for it. You deserve it and won’t know yourself. I have recently rented almost the same place for the same price as a “weekender” and has changed my perspective.
    It’s also great to mix things up.
    Capitalise on these Covid prices I say.

  18. I haven’t been there yet but it looks amazing I love Thailand stick there as a home base and travel around when you can as that may not be for a while.

  19. That’s the place I was telling you about, yes a bit far from Kai Bae but a very relaxing place. We just finished over a 2 months stay there and enjoyed it very much especially the magnificent Sunsets.

  20. Don’t worry about quantity of your videos it’s the quality that counts. And your quality is very good so again Don’t worry about it. Awesome cribs bro not to easy to choose but I know you will make a sensible decision on it. Good to see you up and running again brother. Stay safe and healthy my YouTube friend 🍻🙏🙏🙏

  21. Gorgeous location, Charm of Purely Natural seaside land , the elegance of the best views of the beach.
    The Gorgeous Thai House Style building design and hidden gimmicks for everyday use.
    Fully equipped internal equipment, high standard

    And that can’t be forgotten There is a yacht, oh my god, the monthly rental price is less than 1000 USD. OMG

  22. I personally like the smaller condo better. It’s a little more cozy, private and less expensive.
    It’s a fair price but would be better if you could get it down $100 less to close the deal. The condo I rent in Eastwood , Philippines runs me $837 US per month with convenience everywhere.

  23. Tempting. But USD1,000 could take you places in S.E. Asia when borders reopens. Plus it’s an additional liability that you don’t need. It’s either or (Bangkok or Koh Chang) but not both.

  24. Nice choice between the two villas, I would go for the second one( abt. $1000/mo), seems like it has more privacy……Chad, if you left Thailand , where would you go ?? ( Vietnam?.)

  25. Looks beautiful, only problem is how close all those houses are together. Your neighbors are like… 10 feet away. That could get annoying but hey if that doesn’t break the deal then it looks phenomenal!

  26. There are a couple of great hotels in this resort too. Will never forget how warm the sea was last July. Will deffo head bk there at some point. Plenty of affordable options for sure. Happy House hunting. Stay safe

  27. Would be pretty sweet if you could had someone you could trust and not mind sharing a place. Think Chad would make an excellent house-mate because he seems like a lone-wolf travelling and away all the time and when he would be there, a lot of it would be in the office.

  28. FUCK SF area prices for that awesome beach view 4 bedroom villa in Thai you get the equivalent of a nice 1 bedroom or shitty 2 bedroom apartment here in SF…

  29. That’s something to think about. I could do Thailand for +2 Months, $1000 a month for that villa on that island. A month in Pattaya. A week in Bangkok when first arriving and one when leaving. It’s less than 90 days. Chad you’re right about Refrigerators in some countries, but I’d rather have a bidet than a urinal. After checking, too many boats to get to that guys villa and the isle is too isolated. I’m a very picky eater, and a bitch you would say; I hate spices. Keep up the great and informative stuff, take you time, travel is nowhere back to normal, international flights are kind of empty from NYC to elsewhere. Haven’t sent any beer money in a while, but it’s coming.

  30. I pay $1900 for a 1000sq 2 bed/2 bath with one parking spot and a 8×15 deck
    Im going to retire to Thailand
    That’s a nice place for $2500
    Only thing is how far to a town and nightlife
    Nice cafe near

  31. I want to travel to other countries but poor peasants like me arent entertaining/charismatic enough to run a youtube channel to monetize being able to do this 🙁 theres nothing i want more. Doesnt that suck. Im not jealous. Maybe i am actually but not in a bad way. From the outside looking in an usual.

  32. Thanks again for showing more of Koh Chang. I stayed at Siam Royal View a couple years ago. Nice place and great location. But stop showing how awesome Koh Chang is. Let’s keep it a secret.

  33. Better check that sunset from your villa (the small one) first. Would hate for you to sit outside the first day with a beer and watch the shrubbery :). And I would sign up for the small one immediately (after negotiating down the price if possible). The separation alone for your office is worth it… take it from someone who has an office at home.

  34. Thanks for the villa tours. I like this kind of video because right now my job does not allow me to work/live anywhere.
    I’ve been an expat for 20 years and do plenty of overseas vacations, but not looking to move to SE Asia right now. But vacationing there, oh yea.

  35. No Thai for me. I had planned on going to the re-opening of Phuket. I bought a fully paid NON-REFUNDABLE flight from America prior to learning about the bureaucratic mess that has to be submitted. I wanted to travel to Thailand for a long time but not now. Sorry. I will go to Mexico, Central American, and then Europe looking for a place to retire instead of retiring in Thailand.

  36. The washer machine in the bathroom isn’t a bad idea Chad ,… if your out chasing some tail and ya washer machine springs a leak,.. at least there’s a drain so your condo doesn’t get flooded out

  37. To be honest Chuck, you have covered most corners of Thailand except maybe Phu Tok (Thailands most danga russ temple) about 3 hours drive NE of Udon Thani. Not sure but i think i was the last white man they seen up there about 4 years ago. Anyhow the Phillipines has about two million islands, hot chicks, not as many LB and thanks to your mad rootin uncles they speak American. Not sure what the “situation” is like there, but i for one would love to follow you around the place while im stuck here in Ostraya due to the fake Rona, even if its your next holiday maybe.

  38. Seriously you should stay in a traditional thai house. Much more suitable for the climate and lots more fun to live. If you want to document Thailand, live local, don’t take refuge in the expat ghettos.

  39. Go for it. No better place too heal from big city stress than Koh Chang. Did the same kind of journey years ago. Consider myself a BKK dude and didn’t use to go anywhere else but then one day Koh Chang and I was sold on the relaxing atmosphere. Bkk isn’t the best place as as you grow older with all its pollution and high paced lifestyle. Amazing city though.

  40. dont sign a lease…never sign a lease…only month to month…and also, the PM of Thailand is a Muslim. theyre currently islamifying Thailand along with every other country in the world except China, Myanmar, Hungry, and Poland…maybe Japan…everywhere else is becoming an Islamic Fascist shit hole…sadly, its gonna be time to leave Thailand soon. Its now a Chinese Communist Islamic Fascist Shit Hole Country.

  41. Thanks, Chad. Love the villas, especially the second, smaller one! Look forward to seeing more videos like you promised. Imagine that…need a break from paradise, Thailand 🙂 but I get it. Even too much of a good thing can be bad 🙂 I guess everyone’s now curious where’s your next base will be. Sounds like you have a great set up in Thailand already….one in BKK and a possible second on this island. That’s hard to beat bro!!!

  42. Great quality pics. What camera do you have please? It wasn’t noted in the description. UPDATE: wow, looks like the iPhone 12? Amazing quality.

  43. The one things that amazes me is no external mic. Do you have to do much sound correction? Just impressive how good iPhones are for video now.

  44. Man if you park the Thaitanic at the resort .. you’ll be so busy running excursions in her and you’ll drop us all like a hot potato🥺🙏. Chad.. don’t abandon us 😞🤣

  45. Perfect. A place for your pet elephant to roam around. Thaitanic anchored on the beach, and sunsets with a beer. What else do you need? You’ll look back at this years from now and say I can’t believe I lived there for that cheap. 🧘🏻❤️☮️

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