Beautiful Kawasan Falls, Cebu – Philippines

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  1. A visit to the 3 areas of waterfalls at Kawasan Falls, just south of Moalboal, Cebu.  An amazing place for a swim in a most beautiful location.

    1. You should shoot a TARZAN movie starring Henry jumping off the waterfall..O-o-ho-ho-o-ho!!!!!!!!  LOL  to save your girlfriend from a rubber crikey

  2. Hi Henry, beautiful spot and i hope that you and your lady had a great day. But i have one request if you have the money buy a quality camera and Mic.

    All the best form Australia

  3. Awesome video. I would love to go there as well. I am curious as well is the water warm or cold?  We are thankful to be part of your journey and trek as I’ve said. I wish your videos were in HD too but I understand your dilemma. The higher equipment puts you as a more of a tourist target, editing video takes much more longer,  uploading via slow Wi-Fi takes longer; Wi-Fi isn’t free there and more logistical things that people may not quite understand when you move around. Once again great video and I’m glad you like it there. I would most likely too! Take care and have fun.

  4. Man, I so wanna go there. I’m going to try and get at least 1 month in Phili after new years. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for the videos.

    1. Thank you so much Wayne.  I really appreciate the info.If you head over again in he future, check with me and see where I’ve landed.  I’ll tell you if it is worth seeing the area.

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  5. Hey Henry, one thing that would be interesting to know, is how do you secure your “stuff” when you are playing in the water? When I was there, my wife and I took a day to go to a beach and there were lots of people but no where to lock up or secure our stuff. So if we both wanted to jump in the water, we didn’t have a way to make sure our things didn’t inadvertently get taken. We ended up going back to the resort and jumping in the pool. LOL

  6. By the way, really enjoying all the videos. I particularly love seeing the different areas you are visiting and learning about all that the Philippines offer…

  7. From Hawaii, I can say, wow! That place is amazing! We are going there next year. Can’t wait. Keep up with the great vids and show your woman. Ha ha

  8. I was there in December 2011.Did the raft thing lying down right under the falls and getting massaged by the falling water. Great experience. Another cool place to visit is the Underground River in Palawan that is awesome as well.

  9. yes very nice ,a must ,to see and enjoy ,thank old son ,i will check it out on my next swimming in these fresh water walls ,we also have meny in australia ,  

  10. I sent a link to this to a few people I know there and we are tooooootaly planning a trip. thanks so much for showing this one dude

  11. Henry I really like ur Videos a lot and  an thinking about returning back to Cebu –so is there anything I can bring u from the Chicago area except the best Pizza and Cheese Cake (Eli’s) in the World !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Henry,
    I am going to be there on the 22nd of May until 30th of June.  If you consider going back to the falls, please let me know as I would love to visit with you and take in the falls also.  I sent you my email address earlier if you care to respond.  Rick

  13. The water is cool, but was early in the day when I was there, certainly a lot of nice wild life around, and as henry said, it is a lovely walk

  14. Kawasan falls are indeed beautiful. I was there back in April 2005. I went with my then gf and her friend. It was the first time for all of us. Good thing I listened to my common sense because my gf wanted me to pay a taxi from Cebu City to take us all the way up to the falls. I told her the distance is far and how does she know any taxi can get up to the falls being she never been there? As we see in the video the only way up there is a foot path. Nevertheless the food there was cheap. I did not go out on the bamboo raft as they did. Overall I recommend visiting the falls.

  15. Hello, I was hoping you could help me, I’m heading there for a month we’ll to Cebu. And hoping to move there after. Would you know much about renting a condo ? Car ? Things like that ?

    1. @Jason i’ve not priced them in cebu, but i’d say for about $375+ usd you can begin looking for a condo in downtown cebu. expect to pay 1st,last and deposit plus a 1-year lease.

  16. Beautiful place here and nice blue water for swimming.
    Lol, we sat at the same table you are sitting. Nice to see a video about this again.

    1. when you get there, unofficial parking attendants will ask for 40P or so, for ‘parking’. me, i’d prefer to pay them on my way out like most other places do in the PH. then there are guys who will be “your guide” from the main highway to the waterfalls. you don’t need it. it’s only a flat, nice walk along the only path for about five minutes. if i remember correctly the entrance fee was minimal, less than 30p per person as a donation into a box. it’s been about 3 years since i was there so it’s possible it’s changed slightly but it’s no expensive at all. as you approach the waterfalls there are food places and tables to get some lunch.

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