Best Views of Koh Chang Thailand with No Tourists

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This Thailand travel vlog from 2021, shows the best views of Koh Chang, Thailand with no Tourists on the island. I was able to drive around the island of Koh Chang, Thailand in one day. This travel vlog shows some of the best views of Koh Chang with virtually no tourists on the island. Koh Chang was almost void of tourists during my trip. I stayed at White Sands Beach for two nights on Koh Chang. The hotel was virtually empty as well because there were no tourists on the island. I made my way through Lonely Beach, but it resembled a ghost town without tourists there. Lonely Beach is Koh Chang’s nightlife place on the island. It is usually fully of bars, music, and beautiful Thai girls. However, Thailand has been closed for tourism over the past year. Thus, Lonely Beach without tourists is very lonely. I hope you enjoy some of the best views of Koh Chang, Thailand in this Thailand travel vlog. I wish all The expats who live and work on Koh Chang, Thailand all the best with their businesses.

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  1. Beautiful area and Beautiful resort. I like that you can go to the restaurants at other resorts too.
    That chicken Qusedila looked yummy. As soon as I can I will help them with tourism at least one tourist..(me)👍
    Thanks for walking and showing us all that stay hydrated!

  2. One of you best view of a island, lovely sea view. The Lonely beach area was very lonely and needs some HELP. I think it will spring back fast when tourists are back. Thanks for a look at a place I have never been.

  3. Let’s all remember to thank Ross, from the YouTube channel, “Ross in Rayong.” Without his driving and experience, this video would not have been possible. There is a link in the description to his channel.

  4. In queso emergency………

    Dial 9-Juan-Juan………🤪😜

    Mexican food in Phuket is hard to find as well, we did find one though, as your driving into Patong from Surin Beach 🏝 that one is pretty good, but a little pricey 💵

  5. I love the less crowded beaches but it’s sad for the people that depend on tourism, hopefully that will be changing this year, I know Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kut are my first destinations on return. Another nice video from paradise JC, thanks for sharing and keep doing more life 😎✌🏼

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