Biking is fun in Elyu!!! Bikeride through Urbiztondo to Ciabel gym.

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  1. Love your vlogs…feel like i’m there!

    Autumn 2022…i think i will be!

    May be I’ll barter you some guitar for surf lessons.

    I’d tell you to take it easy but i think you’ve got that down pretty good…

  2. Wow Mark your very talented. I dont know how you kept the camera so steady as your riding a bike one handed. If I did it, it would be very shakey and make you dizzy. I really love watching. You are part of my day.. every morning it’s coffee and what’s Mark up to? Thanks for all your work!

  3. Why did you use that thumbnail of the girl when she isn’t in the video? Trolling for The3B’s: Brian’s Beater Boyz (BBB)? It’ll be interesting to see if you get more hits++Sex sells

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