Birthday at the Beach, reflecting back on my first year of living in the Philippines.

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  1. That’s a nice big house bet it’s a lot . Nice chill birthday cant beat the view. Ya it’s ridiculous amount of paperwork you got to do to go anywhere out there. Glad you guys had a great day

  2. I’m watching your channel because you are in the area we are considering moving to. My wife’s brother lives in Sudipen. She will be coming over when she gets her new passport (in the works)to look for a place for us live. She is also going to apply for dual citizenship and get a P.I. passport.

  3. Your age and health, insurance and transportation requirements will be the biggest additional budget factors.. Some older sickly guy with a new BMW may pay $300 a month for top notch health coverage being worried about the cancer and heart surgery costs that may occur. 😂 A $500 per month car and related expenses. $2k a year travel and mad money savings.

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