Bohol, Mactan, Cebu, Dumaguete Comparisons, 2of2 – Philippines

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    1. @Danny Creech Forgive me for putting in my 2 cents, but I think what you’ve heard about Davao is accurate.  The only other vlog I follow faithfully (besides this one) is based In Davao and I’m impressed.  I’m drawn to the place and definitely want to check it out when I’m there … just my humble opinion.   

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Yeah Henry, I want your opinon of Davao. I hear a lot of good things about that place being very strict on crime. I know a American that is living there and he LOVES it. Plus I know the women from down that area are really attractive (my wife is from down there Maigo). 🙂

  1. Hey Henry, since your stop here I did some more research on the area. Surprised at the amount of info on the area. There are tons of things to do and see south of Dumaguete and on Siquijor Island. Looks like something for everyone.Even saw some accommodations for the area listed on this niffty site.Don’t know if you have seen it, but prices for all budgets.
    Just type in Dumaguete and some very interesting sites pop up. I would think a good starting site. I like it better than Agoda and the like. You will find places here that I have not seen elsewhere. Everything from $10 up. There is a little slider bar that you can set for your price range search. Lots of options for the $10-20 range and many list long stay discounts. 
    Will be looking forward to seeing more video”s of your travels around the area. Have fun!

  2. Good vid Henry,  I was actually wondering that exact thing.  I myself think I would like Dumaguete better than Cebu.  I grew up in South Dakota so I am not exactly a big city guy.  I will try them both out and see what I like better.  How is the office building availability there?  Do you know if there is business class internet available?

    1. Don’t count on “business class” internet unless you’re in (parts of) the NCR or Cebu.  Even then reliability and speed are spotty at best. 

    2. I haven’t looked into business rental units myself, so I really couldn’t say.  But I have seen empty places for lease around town that I’m sure are not so expensive as back home.

  3. Hey Henry–I’m just wondering here as a “single guy”- how receptive
    are these young Filipina girls to foreign men ?? I hear from a lot of
    people–“very receptive”. I’m trying to get an idea of how real that is???
    It seems like when you go on a dating site–they are all over you. Is it really
    that easy to meet a nice young girl there??? I know your there, have met
    the everyday people, so how is it really ?? Is it as easy as it appears, or
    do you have to go thru a big dating thing, and chase them around, or is
    it a lot more easier than —let’s say North America.( western world) If your
    in your 50’s or 60’s here, it’s just about impossible here. Can you do a little video
    on how this plays out in reality, coz that’s a big reason a lot of expats will
    go there–not the only reason, but I know for me, it’s really important. What
    I’m saying is that it almost looks to good to be true??? Please elaborate
    on this Henry–now that you’ve been there about 2 years. ( Grant-in-Canada)
     ( you know a lot of people are looking at a second chance at life- so to speak)

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1
      Thanks for your advice Democracy Doctor, and I do agree that
      when the little head does the thinking for the big head, you never
      make the right decisions. ( totally agree)
        Just wondering–I’m trying to make some good quality friends like
      you, so I can get advice should I need it on life in the Phils, and must
      say that Henry does a great job at it.
        Do you have an email address, and a Facebook page you can give
      to me, so I can get hold of you?? If you do just write me back. I’d like
      to know if you live in the Phils ??? and if yes-for how long ??? do you
      like it, and what country are you from, and your name of course. Thanks
      a lot for your advice–it is appreciated-Grant ( in Canada)
        email me at–[email protected]–thanks a lot!!!

    2. Thanks for writing me Larry, as one needs all the friends he can get in this day and age. I totally agree with you that the Filipino people are hard working and very honest, at least the ones I meet here in Canada are.
        I’m glad to hear your doing well out in Laguna with your new wife, and hope all goes well with your new one year old daughter. All the best with that. It’s like your getting a second chance at life, as you wouldn’t have in the USA. The women here are just to spoiled and demanding-I’m fed up with them.
        I’d like to retire there, just like you, although I have to admit I do have some fear of leaving my homeland–I like to feel in control of things and over there, I just would not.
        I’d love to find a nice young Filipina and maybe start a family as I have no kids, and add some value to a poor girl’s life and at the same time, add value to mine.
        Thanks for your contact info–hope I can count on you as a friend, should I need advice,and we’ll be in touch. My email is–[email protected]— and my Facebook is–[email protected]–or under the name of Grant Bedard–please add me. BTW-I do agree with you that Henry really is great and tells it like it is-love his videos, and I’m able to prepare my mind for when I go there. Let’s stay in touch Larry-take good care–regards-Grant ( in Canada)

    3. The Philippines is definitely the place for a ‘second chance’ in life.  A better economy, adventures at every turn and a whole different paradigm in place when it comes to relationships.  The best way to describe it here is that is it “Opposite World” from everything in Western culture.  Here, older men are seen by younger women as more stable, more mature and more desirable than young men.  Not all Filipinas are the same.  Some do not care for Foreign men, they prefer Filipino men.  But a vast majority of them do prefer foreigners.  Many are good, decent, kind and loving women.  Some are not so honest in their relationships.  It’s a bit of everything but, as a whole, finding a good relationship is much easier here than anything I ever encountered in my 49 years of living in Southern Calif.

  4. Thanks for the insight on the women situation Henry– sort of seems
    like a place for me.  The allure of money and prestigious cars, and
    whatever, just don’t at all do anything for me anymore. I feel a need
    a whole new life-something maybe you felt as well??? I’d  trade
    all the so called happiness allure of the Western world for a great young
    love, and good commradary from people like yourself over there. So what
    your saying if a 50-60 yr old guy in good shape would like a 20 yr old
    or 30 yr old girl–“it’s there for the taking”-right?? thanks for the insight-appreciated.

  5. Try also Siquijor Henry, its about 40 minutes by boat. I went there last year its was awesome away from the noise of the city. We stayed at Coco Grove a nice nipa hut infront of the beach at an affordable price. I’ll be coming back there soon. Cheers.

  6. They say it’s the shining light of the landscape that draws you to a particular place … but it’s the warmth of the people that makes you stay and call it home. 

  7. As always, great video and interesting viewpoint..  I have actually stayed there in Dumaguete for one night only. So, your spot on. I would have liked to been able to have more time to go exploring on a bike. I only walked around about five blocks and got to see a lot of the airport.
    You are also right about different places for different people. For me with the SCUBA diving being so amazing there in the PI Dumaguete just isn’t the place for me. I personally like Sabang for SCUBA and living outside of there. Or up in Subic Bay area for the massive American products (foods). The bay has some good diving and there is are several white sand beaches. The views are amazing, the weather is great, there is a great bar seen over in Barretto, and you can be in Manila in three hours or Angeles City in 45 mins.
    It all depends on what each person wants and likes just as you pointed out.

  8. Hi Reekay!
    Have been a bit further down the road south, to Dauin?
    I don`t exactly know why, bit this place seem to call me somehow, to spend some time there.
    At least, from the location, its  very promising. Smaller than a city, but very near to it, ocean on the front, mountains in the back and the pictures from dauin all look very clean and tidy (compared to other places).
    However, we will certainly have a look at Dumaguete and its surroundings.
    Bye, and Thank You!

    1. I’ve been to a beach in Dauin a few times, but haven’t explored all of it yet.  It is more quiet and close to the ocean though than downtown Dumaguete.

  9. Hi, I was in Dumaguete in March, nice litte town, my favorite hotel was the Bethel House (P1000 a night).  The Why Not and the Black Pearl are places for expat.

  10. Hey Henry Jim B here from Indiana and once again your videos are very good, So tell me I hear Dumaguete has “Brown Outs” at night –is that true and I also hear you need a generator like the hotels have –so what is your take on that !! And I enjoy your videos a LOT and hope to meet you in Dum as they call it and get away from the rat race for a few weeks !!!!!!!!!

    1. great for a freind of mine wants to move there from Cebu and I believe he needs electric for his teaching on line etc and thanks Henry so how often do u make ur videos and I really enjoy them and miss the PI and hope to be there in October –hopefully !!!!!!

    2. I’ve been here a month now and only experienced one ‘brown out’, which was maybe 6 hours.  I experienced them more when I was in the province area of Bohol.

  11. Hi,

    Dd you say the whole town is 25 blocks? Sounds very small. I guess.

    But you got my single man attention when you said 7 universities!!
    That’s a lot of universities for such a small town?

    Is it so because a big number of university students come from surrounding villages and smaller towns?

    1. Yah, and maybe not even 25 blocks.  The main downtown area is about 9 blocks.  The rest is the outskirts of town.  Silliman University is the biggest one central to town.

  12. hi Henry been watching many of your videos and may i ask you a question you no doubt been asked a million times. I am coming out to phil in February only for 2 weeks. where do you think is the best place to go to. to get a feel of phil with the intention of maybe in future to be there for 6 months at a time. im from the uk.

    1. @secular talk i might suggest splitting time between cebu and bohol, which is only about 2 hours ferry ride away.  cebu has the big city aspect without going overboard (like manila, avoid that).  and bohol is very tranquil, natural and tropical in its beauty.   at bohol, be sure to visit a day or so at alona beach and just relax.. enjoy the slow pace there.

  13. Awesome video! I randomly stumbled upon your channel because I recently uploaded my own world travels video. It looks like you had tons of fun! Great work filming & editing! I just recently started making travel videos a little over month ago while traveling Europe. I know all the hard work that goes into it! Your videos great! Have a good day! You just earned yourself a new subscriber!

  14. Good Comparisons,Lapu lapu city had a movie place at one of the malls like 15 years ago and is part of Mactan.
    Mactan was known as one of the most densely populated place’s in the whole nation of the Philippines.
    I enjoyed the Guitar i got from there, but it was like a city built on a rock.
    Cebu City was a small Manila.
    Enjoyed Bohal as well.seemed the people who lived and worked in Cebu City, would make Bohal or Camotes there vacation spots the ones that could afford it
    I guess Dumaguete has been big for Expats of some kind a long time.
    It is safe from Typhoons and had some very nice schools so that alone may make for the reason so many expats retire there..
    Dauina and Bias was a short trip it had the dive sites that took me to Apo.
    The only down side i found in your area was they did not allow me to spear fish seems the whole area was a large fish preserve,
    I could be wrong about that as i just went twice there for short stays
    I still remember seeing Negro’s for the first time from Cebu always said i would take the motor cycle there but never did..
    Just riding a motor bike around the whole island of Cebu and visiting as many islands as i could kept me pretty busy.
    Each Island was different in some way,could be something small like the sand would just feel different to something major like there is no electricity here in this area.

  15. Can someone give me information ore do a video about iligan city? I’m moving there soon An have no idea what is going on there. Love my girl so much though 🤗🤗

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thank you so much buddy. Will definitely check it out. Watching all your videos. Maybe some day we might be lucky to see you shoot up a good one. 😊.

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