Boracay Beach Access – From the Nigi Nigi Too Resort

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  1. Great vid Henry as usual I was hoping you would walk into the water near rock formation ive seen it on Google maps. Great job , your a one man production crew!

  2. Damn man that Nigi Nigi resort is so expensive! 3-4 times more than similar offers in smirky Thailand. How that could be that accommodation costs much more in Philippines .. that’s insane man!

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 Keep up with the trip advisor forum    lots of details there including reviews on everything related to Boracay..You can write in and ask specific queations.. That said, Henry’s video’s are hard to beat and he was open minded when he went to Boracay and came out of that visit with the yearn to return that so man y experience, including myself..

    2. @thomas gordon nail OK it appears I will have to do my own “recon” of all of Boracay, as this thread is turning into a, “How much does it cost to live comfortably in the PH?” thread.

    3. @george brett There is not much better accommodations at Boracay than Nigi Nigi too for the price..if you know of one please share.. The view alone can not be duped.. There is better than Nigi Nigi further north but from a value standpoint Nigi Nigi is excellent choice.

    4. @DemocracyDoctor1 No, Of course not, Many good places at station 3… Food , generally speaking is more at station one but there are additions . such as music, dancers etc,, Depends on what you want to eat and how you want it presented.. Accommodations at station three are basic, many are not at the sea..No way can we compare the amenities of  Nigi Nigi north to Friday’s with the accommodations at station three.. Want a huge jacuzzi in bath, have to pay for that, want excellent room service, a 8×10  rain shower etc, costs more but not for everyone.. Nigi Nigi is excellent value and perhaps the best view of the sea from many of the rooms…Plus there are discounts for repeat guests.. It all depends on what you are looking for, it is all available.Oh, Re: the beaches  much, much better at station one, yes that is true.

  3. Wow, what a nice beach Henry, almost a private beach just for you.
    Want to taste the burger 🙂
    Want to see Boracay now…. you made me a believer Henry 🙂

    Want to see this paradise

    1. IF you end up in Coron…don’t miss a boat ride to Malcapuya Beach! And IF you decide to skip Boracay…go take an 8-hr ride to EL Nido…if you still have time. IF you dig nature…you’ll be glad you did d trip.  good luck..

    2. Thanks for the comments guys. I saved up for 2 years to be able to spend 5 weeks in the Philippines. I will travel to various places in Luzon and spend a good 10 days in Mindoro learning how to dive in Puerto Galera and the Apo reef. I had only allotted 2 or 3 days for Coron Island, but I think i could just as easily make it to Boracay. But now that marun2014 mentions it, I think i would prefer the landscape and tranquility of Coron compared to Boracay.. as beautiful as Boracay’s beaches look. See what happens though

    3. do both…you’ll be even be happier..especially if u keep an open mind and appreciate just d pure beauty of d beach & nature,  and the locals..

    4. They are both distinct in many ways…Coron is more of an Island hopping experience, Scuba Diving, pristine mineral like water lagoon, where you will find ship wrecks and excellent rock formations. Visit as much as you can, cause you are just scratching the tip of the ice berg of 7,107 island PI. I am a stranger in my own country, most of us cannot afford to do all these, we have to save up. If you have a chance travel as much as you can…

  4. I lived in Santa Monica for 15 years.  The ocean there never gets warm.  Maybe 71 degrees tops in August!!!  Boracay, here I come!!!  Great video Henry!

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 there are other, less expensive places to eat as well.  go to the section they call ‘section 3’, or even just a block away from the main beach and you find cheaper food options.

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 thank you for your insight and suggestions. I will strongly take them into consideration. God bless you, too. Merry Christmas and wish a wonderful new year.

    2. @DemocracyDoctor1 very true.  i personally saw the nipa-hut village rentals on loboc river as a nice getaway for a couple.  others couldn’t stand the ‘rustic’ aspect of it.  different tastes and comfort levels.

    3. Impossible to answer, Lawrence, as it would be totally based on your comfort level.  When I first went go to the PH, I left my shallow and consumption based Westernized lifestyle behind.

      I spent 2 weeks on my first venture, and that was in just to a few cities in the NCR.  I was primarily in the squatter areas because I wanted to meet real Pinoys and experience their daily life for myself.  Not the rich, not the elite, just your average person.  The more removed you are he average Pinoy, the higher your cost.

      Upon returning, I realized that my McMansions had become my dungeons.  The master had become the slave to the god of shallow materialism.  I had everything X 2 at yet I had nothing.  A truly lonely and miserable existence!  

      I made 4 more trips just to the NCR before I finally started adventuring out to the provinces.  A most wondrous place with the nicest people ever.  I always regret having to return home.

      Anywho, for accommodations, I always use  I don’t take recommendations because one person’s “nice” might be a total dump for you.  Use the massive numbers of Y/T vid’s and agoda reviews and you will usually be able to make an informed decision re where to stay and what to do.  Good luck and God Bless!    

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines   Very Cool Henry 😉  I certainly watched your videos before visiting in Jan/Feb/March 2014 and now will be there again in the Winter for 2015.  I live with my GF in Caloocan.

    2. @edwinodus i’ve met about a half dozen already.  🙂  some moved to bohol when i was living there, others have moved here to dumaguete and others to cebu, then dumaguete.  i just yesterday ran into a guy who had been dying of cancer for a year.  he began watching all my videos from his hospital bed.  when the cancer went into remission, he made it his mission to come to the PH and.. guess what, he runs into me in Valencia where i was having a pizza at a cafe.  i’m hoping to interview him soon on video.

  5. Henry in your opinion is boracay just a place to visit or a place to live. My wife is from iloilo. We talked about a visit to boracay on the next trip home for her. I found some lots for sale there. That’s the reason for the question about living there. Thanks in advanced God bless and thanks for sharing.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I could live in undeveloped area, from my point of view would be better, tho would have to have motorcycle 

    2. @Rich Schwartz i’d say it depends on what your most interested in for long-term living.  short term stay is awesome.  but it would depend on whether you like the ‘touristy’ areas or the quieter parts of the island.  palawan is beautiful from what i hear, but i doubt many people could live in an undeveloped area even if it’s beautiful for the long term.

  6. i was thinking the hotel is too  much expensive but now i believe  some time you have to pay for the nice view and nearest to the beach …….thanks HENRY very nice video keep going

  7. Hey Henry, while i think Boracay is a nice place, it was too commercial for me, think there are a lot nicer places in the Philippines. El Nido in Palawan  is incredible,  in fact most of Palawan there are some fantastic beaches. There are other places if visited but ll keep them to myself 🙂  

    1. @Sunil Kumar verma some people will get a much cheaper rate renting an apartment or even house by renting for the month.  can be as little as 700p/day on a month’s stay.  (less than $500/month usd)  

  8. May 1984 Me and my future filipina wife slept in front of those rocks all night on beach towels. Staying at ‘Willys Place’ which I believe is still there. They later stole stuff out of our beach bungalow whilst we were out. Loved Boracay, it was a desert island then with little electricity.  Has commercialism spoiled it?  The sand then was like white talcum powder. Breathtaking approach by Banca (canoe) after 5pm to the island when the sun sets on the palm trees. Totally amazing,  One day I will return.

    1. @Gary Brown the ‘old’ boracay sounds cool.  probably other islands are still like it near palawan.  but even now with all the resorts and such, still a relaxing visit for me.

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 for the year i was in the province of bohol, i was thrilled when the moon aligned and i got 600kbps.  otherwise, i was stuck with 450kbps.  and that was with Globe wifi.  neither Sun nor Smart got any signal AT ALL in the province.  i used to see my neighbor walking around with her laptop outside trying to find a primo spot for reception.  never found it.

  9.  henry you explain everything about Boracay but you did explain from the airport to the island?     I heard you have take small boat,   Henry reassure me if I take a regular size suit case (40 pounds) will take be ok,, it will make it?  ALso is Spanish and tagalog some of the same.             TRY TO A VIDEO FROM AIRPORT TO THE ISLAND

    1. all three of those have great beaches. dumaluan beach, on panglao, is a fantastic beach and the least expensive to get to. anda beach is also very nice.

  10. s schlubb… you must be talking about boracay from 15 years ago. there is a big pier, ferries carry about 50 people to the island where you walk right onto the pier and catch a shuttle to the stations. there is no wading through water off a roro boat. 15 years ago but that’s long gone. no getting wet or ruining shoes involved.

    also, there are TWO Nigi-Nigi locations, one is in station #2 and the other in station #1, which is where i stayed. either you’ve not been to boracay in decades or someone fed you some really old info.

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