Boracay, Spanish Food & Fans in the Background. Walk With Me a Bit.

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  1. Hidden talent Henry, food critic and I thought that you were going to film your own mugging when the tall kid came up behind you in the dark part of the walkway. Another great video,thanks for your time to make and upload all this great footage.

  2. Let me preface this by saying I love your vids and enjoy them but I feel compelled to comment today:… Henry: chimichangas are NOT real Mexican food. They may be CalMex or TexMex or whatever, but NOT Mexican food. “Cheddar or jack with jalapeño” are NOT part of the Mexican cuisine either. I think Ph “Mexican” food is just as far away from the real thing as your concept of Mexican cooking is.

    As Ringo world soy “I’m saying this with peace and love but…” 🙂

    1. chimichanga is nothing more than a deep fried burrito. For anyone to not say it is mexican food is and idiot.mi abuela made them for us as children, She was as mexican as they come.

    2. @Mauricio Diaz i agree on the chimichanga thing.  i’m from southern calif so all the good taco shops carry chimichangas.  big, giant ones with beans, rice, marinated pork/chicken/or beef, salsa, cheese, sour cream and served either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’.   i haven’t had a good chimi since i last visited SoCal where i grew up my whole life.  but i’ve also spent years in and out of northern mexico where i had the non-hybrid menu of mexican dishes, both home-made and in town.  🙂

  3. Mexican food is bad for you as it has much cholesterol. Once in a while is ok. I live abroad for 4-6 months a year and I try to keep a healthy diet and similar diet I have in USA. I like your vids as you are articulate and informative. Chimichonga is some hybrid food from Cali in the 50’s-not real. FRS fried, roasted, steamed-that should be the health levels your thinking when eating.

  4. Seems like Boracay is for the high end tourists.  I personally think the main reason people travel a long distance to visit a country is the that they can enjoy the price difference otherwise it kills the whole incentive.  considering the cost of travel, jet lag, the stress of navigating the country, dealing with all kinds of petty local crooks, etc… one could have a great two-week stress-free vacation here in Florida with great service … or in the Caribbeans… 🙂

    1. @Syd Ray def more of a high-end experience.  i found out from a viewer that there are rooms for about $55/night, away from the beach.  but restos are about 20%+ higher than the less travelled islands or areas.  many people prefer Alona Beach, on Panglao (i spent a lot of time there when living on bohol) or Palawan.

  5. Since the topic is authentic food, I feel compelled to chip in. From my name it might not be obvious, but I am originally from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland (we are close to Milan and Bellagio).

    While I trust your judgement on Mexican food,  I literally jumped in my chair, when I heard that salsa would fit on a pizza. It doesn’t! No authentic Italian pizza can have any such salsa. What you can put on top of a pizza is spicy oil or mascarpone. No mayonaise, no ketchup, no sour cream and no cheddar or jack cheese, best choices are mozzarella, gorgonzola or grana. The food in Ole is not close (or borderlining) to real Italian cooking at all.

    OK, I’m done with what I needed to say 🙂 In any case thanks for the video, nice to have a shot of reality in Boracay.


    1. it will fits bro.. ^_^
      depends of the culture of the country that ur in to..
      theres alot of italian resto in the philippines…but if an italian chef would be cooking the original dish in the philippines no one would appricieate it..its becouse of the culture ^_^ and the taste…

    2. @Patrick Schaufelberger haha!  i feel your pain.  when i saw the mayonnaise (instead of sour cream), my first thought was, “Really?  Seriously??”.  I don’t mind ‘fusion’ cooking, but my love is for authentic dishes whether it be mexican, italian, thai, etc.  it’s why i never went to places like ‘taco bell’ unless i was absolutely starving and it was the only thing open.. which was rare.  ha!

  6. Yeah that’s to bad, Brother Henry! At those Big Balla’ prices, the food should have been first rate.

    So did you have to beat the Senioritas back with a stick? You sure got lots of play when the cam was on.

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1  most of the girls approaching me were asking if i wanted a ‘massage’ (wink wink).  i did get two legit massages from one girl along the beach.  very relaxing.

  7. So much for a authentic Mexican food in the island after all you’re in the P.I. and not in Cali or Mexico. I would stick with the small, local restos that served cheap and authentic local cuisine. Looking forward to experience the local scene in Feb 2015.

  8. haha ou a celebrity now all the people behind you waving and looking in to your cam behind you your a good cook you should open your own restrant t I think Henry sorry my spell checker haha

    1. @Kriss Bartlett ha!  already ran a catering biz in SoCal.. LOTS of work to produce a quality service efficiently.  i was told by a former filipina g/f that with just my breakfast burritos alone i could start a franchise.  🙂

  9. I work two jobs, 73 hours a week. Its so stressful. I had a plan to visit the Philippines for three weeks this comming April, bring around $3500usd, meet a girl that ive been talking to in Cebu, and hopefully take her to Boracay. But this means I will have to buy the ticket next week, and start saving $800-850 a month untill April. I think I can do it but the problem is my car registration is expired. The car is in bad shape, it won’t pass the smog for a new registration, which means I need to take that $3500 and buy another car. So i’m trying to decide if I should throw worries out of the window and enjoy what life has to offer in the Philippines, or stay here, buy another car and continue to live trapped in this ball of bills, work and stress 🙁

  10. Everyone is a critic!!  ( not referring to you). I appreciate your videos as I’m in cebu now. I would like to come down to dumaguete before I head back to USA. So expect me to ask directions for the taco-shop there.  I agree with your on the” mexican food” found here in Phil. I’m still waiting for real cheese as well.   thanks 

  11. The more I watch these videos of Boracay , the  more I’m determine  to stay away from it. It resembles Daytona Beach during a spring break. There are beautiful beaches to enjoy around the Visayas. Just came back after spending a week in Bantayan in northern Cebu and its absolutely beautiful and placid without the circus atmosphere. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video.

  12. Boracay is a well known “resort” destination. Code speak for: crowded and overpriced.

    I wouldn’t mind the high food prices if the food was good. But good food seems to remain elusive in many areas of the PH, at any price.

  13. When you explained about the people being live i got confused and thought you were talking about the ones walking around took a few seconds for me to realize it was the people on the side that looked like statues. LOL thanks for the video loved it.

  14. Chicken Chimichanga… I will try your favorite Mexican food one day, Henry. This will be in Norway, so I suppose with a lil’ Norwegian touch. Your friends at the background are so funny. Boracay is wonderful in the night too. Thanks for sharing <3

  15. it’s funny when you compare that “salsa” to a possible “pizza sauce” made with garlic etc…..well now it’s my turn…being Italian i can tell you that’s not the description of a real pizza sauce. actually we use basic tomato sauce with no add ons. all the toppings will make the difference in taste(including salt, real mozzarella, pepper and toppings, but we use no oregano or garlic) but i add a ton of chilli peppers on top(in my pizza) but my fellow italians look at me badly ahahah….. ehehe….i understand your point though. when i travel I get tired or smile when they tell me of real italian food abroad. it never really tastes italian ahahhah

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thanks a lot for the link. it seems you have a similar approach to food like i do. you appreciate a lot new stuff but you know exactly inside what you really like. and your roots definitely have a mark in your tastes. i just love the fact that they eat so much pork in the philippines. Once i met an american travelling and living in phils and he said he didn’t eat pork. so i looked at him with a “surprised look” and he said laughing ” i know i should commit suicide man” ahahaha

    2. @Luca Toscani yah.. one of my first food reviews in the ph was the franchise, “Mooon’s:  A Mexican Inspired Resto”.  great decor and fantastic sizzling pork steak.  but the chimichangas were not deep-fried there either and about the size of a big candy bar.  i still go to Mooon’s, but not for mexican food.  i order the filipino dishes which they do much better.

  16. Hi henry, you give good advice and commentary.  Phillpines is my first love, however I am spending a lot of time in South America last few years,   and my Spanish is not good, any advice for learning Spanish fast?

    1. My 2 cents get a app call duo lingo is free n steady at your own phase. N also get an app on flash cards n get any Spanish u need n edit also. It works. But is up to you they told me before no practice no English. So don’t give up

    2. @larry morris i learned the fastest (at age 36) when i had a g/f straight from mexico.  she didn’t speak much english so.. i learned incredibly fast, about 2 months.  having someone to ask really helps a lot.  also, get an app for your phone that will translate.  plus, make 3×5 cards with spanish phrases and tape them up around the house so you see them all the time.   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thats like 45 bucks, Kuya. I bet you its just a thin slice of meat. I know Filipinos soooo well. Mga Sigurista!

    2. @Anthony Rader i kept doing the ball-park math on that beef dinner for 1800p and was thinking, “that can’t be right”.  but, damn.. it better be a big piece of primo beef for that price.  

  17. There used to be a place called “mom’s Tacos” in Olongapo, had really wonderful tacos. Don’t know if it’s still there – but they were good – especially after a few drinks!

  18. I feel bad for you Kuya Henry. For 9 bucks they could of done more better than what you got. See this is one of the reasons why I dont like to eat out here in the Philippines coz Filipinos charge buko money for low quality and small portion (tubo lugaw). That is indeed expensive even if it is on Boracay. Even Super Taqueria in Cali dont charge nearly as close to 9 bucks for their bomb ass Burrittos (only $3.90 almost 4 bucks only)… I feel your pain… still searching for that one good Mexican Restaurant as well myself. I have come kinda of close. I place called Spanglish inside Clark Air Base. 

    1. @TokTok Cali i wish i had gone to a japanese sushi buffet, further down the beach.  only 500 pesos, all you can eat sushi, soup and salad.  would have been a much better bet.  🙂

    1. @Lemuel Ochea my barber thinks i’m a filipino congressman.  no kidding.  i tried explaining but his english isn’t so good so.. i guess i’m a congressman now.  ha!

  19. Come on you expected California Mexican food in Boracay?  I know not to even try.  Go to Obama’s Grill for a good meal  loved the video, been to Boracay 6 times going again this Dec. 26, would like to see you walking the beach! 

    1. @buckslaw i was hopeful, but skeptical after so many similar experiences here in the PH.  the ‘OLE’ was recommended by several people on fbook, so i gave it a chance.  can’t wait to get back on the boracay beach.  🙂

    1. @linda brown “table for one” is usually the case when i’m traveling.  but now that i’ve met evelyn (more on that in a later video) i have plans to take her with me when she can get time off work.

  20. Woooow, looks like  I’m not the only one, for the past five weeks I only found two places where they sell Mexican food but the taste is so different , I’m glad that I found chiles de arbol and cilantro, so I’m making my own salsa,,lol. last month of May I was is metro Manila,  the traffic is horrible and I promise my self not to come back to Philippines and 6 months later here I’m for two months, my visa extension is good until January the 11 th. my plane tickets are for January the 13, so for 2 days visa extension they toll me that I need to pay 7000, oo pesos, Why they think that every body who came to the Philippines are riech?????

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Please reconsider! I love mexican food and i think its about time someone in the Philippines do it some justice!

  21. you are so right Ricki, i had lasagnia in Gensan last year..looked like a real lasagnia but it was awefull, cheese food instead of parmagian ..,i even told the owner   thats the worst i have ever had ,,she said thankyou  ,oh well the phils  got to love it

    1. @kilt680 S’Barros and Army/Navy are about the only places that use real cheese.  Oh.. Shakey’s and TGIF.  S’Barros is the best value though, you’ll get boned on the price at the other three.  but at least it will be real cheese.

  22. It sure is hard to find mexican food in the Philippines, me and my wife went to MOA to some place called Mexicali and got some “tacos” they were okay not the best stuff but gotta give it to them they do try but the hot sauce like you said could make a good pizza or spaghetti sauce. So basically what I did to get my mexican fix while out there was to go and try make my own even it’s hard to find some of not most of the spices I use to cook, anyways I ended up making mexican menudo, pollo azado fries, ceviche, and lengua burritos with a mexican style hot sauce and guacamole and my wife’s family tried it and they loved it and told me they have never had such great mexican food.

  23. I wasn’t even paying attention to your critique about psuedo Mexican food in the Philippines since everything happening around you was exciting enough to watch. There is obviously no authentic Mexican food in the Philippines…yet. I wish that someday you will start a Mexican restaurant of your own in the Philippines. I will surely go to it.

  24. Wanna go back to Boracay again, been there last year with my siblings 🙂 Totally enjoyed it although the prices of food there are much expensive, ugh…we just have to stay with the budget 😀 But i want to go back probably next year 😀

  25. H,
    That always makes me laugh when I think about it. The Chimichanga is TexMex not Mexican (as you know) but it always makes me laugh when I think about how I like Cheddar or Monterrey Jack on my Mexican food. Neither cheese is remotely close to any Mexican cheese 😀
    Great vid!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines It varies slightly by state but here in the south, fried corn tortilla = ‘taco dorado’, fried flour tortilla = ‘flauta’.

    2. @Jt T another issue is the terminology. what we call a ‘taco’ in the states, mexico calls it a ‘taquito’. but what we call a ‘taquito’ (made with a fried corn tortilla), they call it a ‘flauta’. but what we call a ‘flauta’ (made with a fried flour tortilla), i’ve yet to hear a mexican name for it. ha! i do miss a good corn “gordito” though.. my mom makes awesome ones.

    3. I understood what you meant H. It’s like people IN Mexico who feel it is just blasphemous to put lettuce on a taco. The only permitted vegetables on a taco are onion and cilantro. I figure, ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ 😀

    4. @Jt T yah, i use the phrase “mexican food” loosely since i mean what we’re used to in the usa, not in actual mexico. i’ve had ‘real’ mexican food with my wife from tijuana for 10 years.. i prefer tex-mex overall. (that stinky cheese just doesn’t do it for me)

  26. Come on, Henry. What do you expect when looking for authentic mexican food in the Philippines? It’s like me going to mexico and asking for an authentic chicken adobo.

    1. @ROB NAVAEI yah, the D-Mall along the beach in boracay is no place to find a bargain. but about two blocks inland are places like Andok’s for inexpensive food. (there is one andok’s chicken place in the d-mall though.) but i had a great time there. 🙂

  27. We just got a branch of Ole here in Iloilo.  The food is the same but the prices are about half of the Boracay prices.  It taste better when it is cheaper 🙂  Why doesn’t it come with beans & rice?!?   Not deep fried?  No thanks – not a chimichanga.   You know, I am from Texas and really miss good Tex-Mex!     Oh, for cheese go to Heidiland Deli in D’Mall.  Wonderful cold cuts and European chocolates!

  28. Yeah good cheese always had to get at a mall.Boracay is like the biggest promoted tourist spot in the Philippines.
    More Restaurants and disco than any place i visited, i guess that’s why it cost more.
    One side of the island had nice beaches the other side had Resort built on cliffs with very long stair case’s to get to the sea.
    By far it was the most expensive place i visited if you wanted to live there it would cost more.
    I enjoyed Malapascua island Cebu more than Boracay,very small island,too small to grow crops on so it is also a tourist place where most of the locals work in the tourist trade or are fisherman

  29. hey sir i see in these video is you like a chimichanga . next time you come back here in boracay please visit manana mexican cuisine i work on that restaurant and you will love to dine on that restaurant..

  30. Hey Henry I was very impressed with the videos about Boracay. It appears to be a definite place to visit. I’m surely sold on living in Dumaguete as it seems to be a town working at my pace. Say “Hi” to Lyn. I’m looking forward to more videos. .

  31. Just new to your videos, do you have any from Cebu. I am also hispanic and my wife is from Cebu….enjoy your videos…..

  32. Thank you for this. If I go to Boracay I won’t waste my money on that place. I do have high expectations for Mexican food, since I also grew up on it. Corn on the cob is good, but nothing like Mexican elotes.

    1. smaller selection unless you go to a privately owned deli that imports them. in Duma there is a deli at the WhyNot withc a big variety of cheeses and meats.

  33. Henry I lived in Southern California Los Angeles County since I Came here in the US in 1974. Most of the time Mexican Americans they call themselves Chicano’s live in the East Los Angeles and as times goes by while the population grows and expanded move outward the vicinity of Los Angeles up farther to Riverside where houses are cheaper and affordable. that’s mostly 80’s to 90’s. I love Mexican foods like all meat burritos with refried beans, sour cream and salsa also steak picado etc.

  34. I drove around, or was driven…to be right, Riverside, near Chino hills….my friend moved from Montclair to Hermosa Beach….but alas now lives out in Oahu…..LA is soooo spread, it’s unreal. From the top of the San Fernando Valley down to, lets say…..Long Beach city is over 2 hours……IN A CITY!!!!….mental size…..coming from the little roads in the West of Ireland, where we encounter sheep as traffic. But that was back in the late 1990’s, on my first few trips to the States…..been there nearly 50 times currently, so time has passed….but LA’s size never fails to amaze me…..still haven’t used their subway system….funny thing, a lot of foreigners don’t even know they have one……in my experience, it’s the least advertised subway in my travels across 6 Continents

  35. Omg. What they call cheese down there is completely laughable I live in the heart of Amish country with cheese factories and dairies all around me then I went down there and experienced Filipino Cheese LOL yuck

  36. Its been a long standing fact that the So Koreans have over run Boracay…Too bad really because they will pay any price for anything (they’ll always ask for “10% discount” but in the end they’ll think nothing of paying double or triple what something is worth which runs up the price for everybody else)…Cheese!…Its available (the good stuff) and the restrauntuers just FAIL miserably to bring it in ~ They CHEAP OUT on an essential ingredient that can make or break the dish…OLE cheaped out and ruined a signature item and that’s too bad and you’re correct to give them a negative review…I see it all the time up here in Pampanga…Cheddar (mild and sharp) Blue, Mottz, Jack, Pepper Jack, Brie, Havarti, Marscapone, Parmesan, and much more are all available coz I see it in the upper scale shops every week…Go out for an Italian dinner and you get the grated garbage out of a green can sprinkled on top of your pasta (it’s probably 3 years old to boot ~ tastes like sawdust that’s been sitting in an old smelly shoe) ~ Try getting a decent grilled cheddar and ham sandwich out and about town and it comes with EDEN cheese food (that’s what Eden writes on their packaging ~ Inedible!!!)…Most have ZERO clue about quality cheese and how to use it quite frankly…

    1. i love cheese. real cheese. i know cheese is more of a TexMex thing, but i love it. so i was quite disappointed to also run into the velveeta-stuff at Mooon’s cafe on their nachos. my stomach just can’t handle that fake-stuff.

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