Boulevard Zumba and Weirdo Foreigner Macking on my Wife!

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  1. No brother what i want to know is how did you and youre lovely wife meet😂 i know i am not that understanding with wrighting 😂am so sorry i am from the Netherlands i really need to better my englisch becouse i want to meet also a good filipina like you did. 💘 Much love and blessings from the Netherlands

  2. Zoe so cute with that big BIG smile at the end loving working out with mommy 🙂 Do they always pump the raw sewage into the bay there?

  3. wow, the street girl did grow up, this is jeremy parsons, wish i was back, looks like they expanded the place, making the brick walk path longer,

  4. Good Day people!! Qwestion 😊 is filipino Cupid a good dating site ? Sirious girls there ? Anyone who knows tell me i apprichiate you!

  5. Hi Ned, I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine at the VA clinic in Manila, getting my 2nd one of the 19th. It will be good getting back to normal again. My wife keeps saying she is going to do Zumba classes, but she seems to find other things to do instead.

  6. There is a book I think explains the human metabolism very well and would be helpful to your wife and you Ned. It is called “Body for Life”. The only way to get real is to be honest all the way. No joking around. It is not as much about body building as slowing aging processes through personal lifelong habits.

  7. Ned…you’re so funny! At 4:43 you talk about the foreigner being relentless trying to hit on your wife, but later on you are calling him by his name (Greg) and by 7:27 you are yelling out to him “that’s my boy!” Must be an inside joke? Regardless, I have heard some of those foreigners are horn-dogs with no shame!

  8. Lyrics:
    Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova
    You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is over
    Happy again.
    The lights are much brighter there
    You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
    So go – downtown

  9. I know I know us I would have f****** knocked him out if I were you but there you kind of got to be hesitant a little bit or have few thousand pesos in your pocket for police

  10. Looking good bro Ned,nice fam damily 👍,if this covid clears may see you on The Boulevard in Dec.🇵🇭🇨🇦,all the best😎🥂

  11. Ok, going on month 4 trying out the online scene in the PH… 😐

    If she has a huge (500+) social media online presence she thinks of herself as a model/superstar and her first and only priority is herself, over a l l else. DON’T think that those sexy photos she sent u mean that she is in love with you!!!

    Lying seems to be endemic. Or perhaps it’s just online? And/or in the culture? :O
    – People will NEVER say anything critical or negative directly to u, even online it seems…

    So, check, check again and re-check every week minimum! All of the women I’ve been in ‘serious’ communication with did lie to me, repeatedly, small things and large and huge…

    FB seems to be key. It seems popular to reveal a lot there. If her main account (that she hasn’t told u about or perhaps even hidden/blocked from your eyes) says “single” after she’s proclaimed her undying love for you… well, u figure it out m8!!! 😉

    Sad to say, I have to say that from my online experiences so far it seems to be a lazy culture where most everyone tries to do as little as possible and try to get as much as humanly possible for the little they produce/do/help you with… or do for u.

    Or it is just or mainly an online phenomenon? The more online they seem to be the more likely it’s a scammer/hustler/liar in my experience.

    I am not surprised that nothing really works in this country and/or getting something done takes forever compared to the West.

    The BIG problem with ALWAYS avoiding confrontation is that they don’t really seem to learn/understand how to SOLVE conflicts!!

    But, again, this could be me, online Phils or I don’t know why, or it simply is pretty true?

  12. Please tell me your kidding, right. That guy was just being sociable. Big guy like you cannot be that insecure. I hope that was an attempt at light humor. Dude, he’s in the phillipines. Beautiful women are a dime a dozen. No exaggeration.

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