Breaking Up, in the Philippines ; 1of2

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    1. If you only knew.  The one I had to get the restraining order on turned out to have bipolar manic depression.. and she made my life a living hell for 5 months.  I was damn near suicidal before that ordeal ended.  I went into hiding on a horse ranch in the country to get away from her.  And that was a girl in the U.S.

  1. Nice talk, – Married or not, I feel responsible for my art, I see every woman as a prospective reproduction “items”. Recreational relationship or contract relationship is perhaps like the difference between “free market” and “planned economy” – – –

  2. There’s just a little something missing in your video Henry, and I had
    to ask myself what it was??? You’ve got the background right, and the
    picture and sound is OK–so I finally figured out what was missing ???
    Of course it’s the Rooster in the background, which gave your video’s
    so much character and home style flavor.. I think you need to get out to
    the cock fights, and buy one–just for your videos–it just makes watching
    them a lot of fun. Maybe the last one ended up on the dinner table.

    1. I missed the loud shirt. LOL Henry, I agree with you about this in general but you are using male logic on a female emotional issue, at least that has been my experience.

    2. These roosters here have no sense of schedule.  Crowing at 4am, 2pm or whenever the mood strikes them.  Sometimes it’s non-stop like a scratched CD.  Never can count on them.

  3. Very good!  Uprated.  I keep telling people, especially men, to read the late Cleo Odzer’s PATPONG SISTERS to be more aware of the Thai situation.  I am not aware of any reading on the Philippines I could recommend, but the Odzer book is wonderful.  I do warn everyone to think things through, and have plan B in place and funded.  You have to know the water before you swim in it!  And you don’t want to be way, way over your head!  Such a thoughtful and useful clip, second listening, will hear part two next as it’s Bastille Day today here in France, a holiday.  I had to learn the hard way here as an expat, and had I read LE DIVORCE (but it hadn’t been written yet), the book and not that lame movie, I would have gotten at least a HANDLE on this new culture, with new motivations, etiquette, challenges, mores, et c.  “Reekay” is a cute local short version of Henry, love it!  Shared already.  xo

  4. Bring her back to US, Henry, on a “fiancé visa”… It will be only for 6 months, but she should not know that. That will force the revelation of any kids or marriages, and it will cause any bf’s go drift away.

  5. If he is a cop, he is one of the dumbest cops in Phil..Over a phone telling you he is going to kill you. Moron! What you have to watch out for is riding your scooter. A major hit and run is better revenge than a kill. So easy to get way with if your a cop.
    Henry, you are being played my two egos. She wants to know if she still has it after two kids and looking in the mirror and asks herself a few questions.
    If she is the kind of woman that goes dead in bed because she no longer wants to be with her husband. ( most of it is acting ) If he is a cop, most have problem egos and the guys will be asking, not in front of him, if he can keep the little lady happy. ( more ego talk from his buddies )
    Save the calls Henry.They have what is called * Voice Print * but that would be done by the federal police. He would still get off, because it is a crime of passion. Your in Phil. remember.

    1. @Ben Person it’s the big dogs that don’t bark who are busy charging at you.  the smaller, loudest ones are usually just a nuisance.

    1. @Oland Stone i’ve heard there is a golf course near cebu. there is a large bowling alley place inside the SM Cebu mall, near the movie theaters. 🙂

  6. My hats off to you Henry…You are a seasoned “sociologist”… 
    Beginning to sound like Joyce Brothers…..Great advice to us who will be making that big leap..You take out the unknowns and uncertainties of the breaking ethos….
    Thanx again ‘Mano….

  7. I just want to thank you for the information that you sent me I really appreciate it it would also be really nice if I met you but I know that would be very hard but if you don’t mind I will send you maybe a couple of more messages a couple of weeks before I decide to leave if you don’t mind and thank you very much and I really truly like your videos they give me a lot of info

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