1. The people in your video who are working on the drains and the A/C have little to no protection from falling or getting hurt. I feel some pity for the situation that they are in.

  2. Maybe go more in depth later?, I know kids can’t just go to school in another city… You have to register? or live there so long?

  3. If the GOP had their way Blue State folks wouldn’t have any rights in a Red State. The GOP isn’t all that different than the GOP.

  4. I’m sorry bro,,,,,,,,,,,,but in this country as long you have documentation you can do everything in this country I live in Manassas Virginia Florida, New Jersey and New York with no problem bro.

  5. Garden chicks are way, way hotter than city chicks….

    You want someone connected to the planet.

    Sad that the PLA does this….

  6. I remember the diffculty that so many of the people I knew in China because of this system. Often it was explained to me tha it kept the growth of the cities under a managable level. They didn’t want most of the rural people moving to the city at the same time which would overwhelm them. Obviously this is not true since countries like India don’t seem to have a problem with free movement of people. Great video Winston. We all appreciate the good work you’re doing.

  7. Man your uploading new videos pace with C-Milk is truly incredible I love how the other youtubers keep crying how hard it is to make good content. You guys are probably one of the hardest working youtubers.

  8. A lot of the household registration system is based off your parents, or grand parents actions .. For example, if they were accused of aiding the Japanese, being a capitalist, not supporting Mao zaodong thought, were a wealthy peasant, or just unlucky enough to have some cadres dislike you. You’re life would be dramatically altered. Or if they happen to go to university, but were unable to find a career in your field during a certain campaign – where students were sent to the country side to learn from the peasants.. Super super sad.

  9. People here in California want that caste system soooooo bad. Look at the way people live in CA with our growing homelessness, way more than there used to be.

    Americans want to be just like the rest of the world, so be it.

  10. Thanks for this. While my experience in China is far less immersive than your’s is; I worked there since 2010 but remotely, only travelling to China every 6 months for face-to-face meetings and team updates, I did live in Shanghai for a year in 2019 full time. I’m a sociologist, so people and social systems and how/what can be observed are in a sense what I pay attention to. I noticed the disparities you touch on here, and I agree, there’s a lot more to these issues and the efforts (so far failed) to reform them. The people of China deserve far better than they’ve been handed, I have no idea what the path to reform looks like but I hope it doesn’t follow the old patterns.

  11. It is good to call this out to people’s attention, Many western people dont understand something as basic as the hukou system, it is a system that opens people to being abused and used as prostitutes or menial workers.

  12. I got a hukou and I’m a foreigner? Mine is Taiwanese (Free China), I can’t buy realestate, or have financial investments without it – but in Taiwan the hukou just proves your a part of a family, it gives you Guanxi 🙂

  13. I thought this video was really fascinating. I knew that this system existed, and roughly what it entailed, but i had no idea that it has such an extensive impact on the people. I’ve asked a chinese friend of mine about his after watching this video, but it’s still hard to comprehend from a european perspective, where this system seems almost comically absurd, since this would never go through in any western european country, where the value systems and cultural ideals are very much geared towards individual freedom, and where heritage (to a certain extent) doesn’t really matter in the context of opportunities, and everyday life. trying to imagine not being able to rent a house in the UK, France or Germany because I’m from the wrong area is just ludicrous, and it’s even harder to comprehend how chinese people let this happen in the first place.

  14. To be fair I also think it’s in brain in the culture I don’t think the government could magically disappear it It might just make it worse

  15. Dude, I am constantly flooded by Chinese accounts on TikTok showing cute girls cooking, harvesting, cleaning, playing music, welding, doing auto mechanics. Like WTF?

    At first it looks interesting, but now it’s beyond annoying and obviously fake as fuck. It’s obviously propaganda but damn, slow your roll China. 😂

  16. As usual every time the government is involved the opportunity gone.
    Government between many things distort the market take away freedom and opportunity obviously.

  17. Well in VietNam leaving kids and husband to go to the city is happening often. Money is everything, even in rural places. Only older generation are more relax, but will stay alone. Dommestic abuse is oversized. City shines for all but not many would succeed. Prostitution rises, as nobody knows you from your village. Again, money rules. Alsto many people are too important to buy for self a ticket online. They use other people to do it.

  18. The Chinese HuKou system is definitely something that is underreported on. Describing it as a kind of ‘caste system’ is a good analogy.

  19. If the CCP was sane, they would immediately end the two child policy and hokou (?). But they’re paranoid of their own people. Odd man out. The CCP should be crushed.

  20. I wonder why communist countries always end up becoming worse than what they pretend to be better than.
    Perhaps when people start advocating for equity instead of equal opportunity is when we should all say: ‘Go play in traffic.’

  21. i been reading a bunch of Chinese novels recently and the protagonists in them are selfish and unrealistic to me but its interesting

  22. Hey serpentza, this is a bit off topic but I wanted to say that I absolutely love your English pronunciation and accent, one of the easiest to listen to and very pleasing to the ears. I’m not a native speaker and sometimes I have trouble understanding people but never you. Keep fighting the good fight!

  23. A very eye opening video by Winston. The more I watch your videos the more I feel China is just a richer, more developed version of my own country (India). I can totally see India becoming like this in 10-15 years.

  24. Trying to import workers rather than hire the poor and hatred of rural people is something all too familiar here. Thankfully it’s nothing so formalized and regimented as Hukou.

  25. In oldest communistic country Soviet Union centralized government was in Kremlin all taxes first delivered in one city and later been by “communistic” rule shared equally to every region, that is why so ultra-rich region with highest material recourses and highest industry per capita of Siberia looked like shit, everyone want live in Moscow region where all money been collected and trickle down economics really worked, Champagne trickled down as river and special passport been created to keep obedience and not overcrowd Moscow. China economically is more like state federation Beijing is not poor but Shanghai is richer 🙂
    People who have and have not. Who was first in train and who not jumped on “Gravy train” 🙂 a very lucrative or rewarding situation or arrangement, likely to continue for some time.
    Silicon Valley motto been create young billionaires and after they retire younger generation will take their place. And reality is Paul Allen one of the founder of Microsoft is most hated person in all Silicon Valley worst than Mike Judge sitcom, sued every tech. company in Silicon Valley most evil capitalist’s ever lived on this planet, he was young became ultra-ultra rich and still not enough money and drinks young’s engineers blood as past time. Old fashioned manner, old people keep young people in place. Memory is worst enemy 🙂
    I know this is not just tech. companies.

  26. you need to stop trying to parent everyone’s thoughts on china bro.. find another country to pick on.. and tell us how corrupt and how much of a dictatorship it is there.. you need a new brain.. china deep wok fried your thoughts

  27. Whiners in America complaining about totally fabricated “systemic racism” and how it’s to blame for their own failures… Here’s China ACTUALLY employing a system to keep the underclass down. Gotta love it.

  28. I totally agree with your opinions towards China.
    Unfortunately, US, the so called land of freedom, is also full of inequalities and divisions

  29. Communism calls for communes, and you can’t change your commune just because you like. You can’t leave your commune 集体农场 (collective farming commune) during the Great Leap Forward soldiers stood on the commune borders and shoot anyone who wanted to escape because of hunger in their community. The Hukou works the same way, you belong to that commune. I don’t understand why westerners don’t understand communism

  30. You don’t live in China now so why don’t you report on the corrupt United States government, on the stolen presidential election and members of the swamp, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, etc. who are all bought and paid for by the CCP.

  31. Imagine if Western style, self-critical journalism was allowed in China. Would it seem like the sky was falling 24/7? Crazy stories that would make Floridaman look quaint? I wonder what that’d be like.

  32. It’s like a ‘softer’ version of North Korea’s “you did a crime so we’re gonna punish your kids and their kids” system

  33. Serp, could you do a show about day to day living in SA? Maybe do some cooking or SA snack reviews? Some bunny chow sounds good!


  34. Sweden our neighboring country (danish here) has ended up in word war with China, and some of their journalists have received threats from the Chinese ambassador for having brought untruths about China to the press (child labor from subcontractors to a large Swedish clothing company Hennes og Maurits) the company no longer uses Chinese work, in return they have been tainted by ccp. china’s ambassador has now been called up to sweden’s foreign ministry to respond to the accusations

  35. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the only time there is significant change in the Chinese government’s ruling class is when China is conquerored from the outside and then reformed by the conquerors in the conquerors’ own image.
    I think the one exception is when the Communists overthrew the Nationalist kmt. And the Communists learned their lesson and put in place government restrictions so that another revolution could not depose the Communists like they did against the kmt.

  36. Strange it is that they so quickly managed to jump on the fasion train that makes them look like yuppies from the 90ies, chicks in highheels and handbags and guys trying to look like stockmarket traders on the day of. I am not impressed it makes me laugh though.

  37. We have the same system in Vietnam, the word for it is “Hộ Khẩu” which sound close to the Chinese one. Before they changed it in 2006, you need to be either: a, own a property in the city or b, be born into a household from the city to have a city household register which is required for basically everything. People from the country side are obviously not born in the city so the other way to get a city household register is to own a property in the city but they can’t even buy a property in the city without a city household register… The only option left is to get married to a city folk and hope that your in law add you to their household register.(household register have a designated head of household which is usually the man of the house who get to decide who to add to the household register)
    After 2006, you can buy a property in the city and after 3 years of living there you can get your household register changed to your new address. Or in case of renting you can get permission from the landlord and register your household there which is very hard.

  38. 2:24 That’s That’s a massive ladle, wonder what’s going on there…

    The CCP is able to implement sweeping laws if the will of leadership is there, I guess abolishing the Hukou system isn’t a top priority. I can see how the Hukou system can play a part in inflating someone’s ego which explains why it still persists.

  39. You are going to bring something even more interesting next week because this subject was already really interesting!!! I can’t wait!

  40. Come on man- few years of paying tax in the city and you can get one. My wife was born in the middle of fucking nowhere and has Shanghai residence.

    If you offer all the free schools etc to everyone- millions of people would move there just for school and then leave. It’s only fair that you pay taxes to the city before your kids can go to the good schools there.

  41. Just one question, why did you make this video so late . This is like so in your face oppression scheme . Dang now I don’t like the developed place , developing or under developed.

  42. In China it seems like most ironic place ever. They say it’s one thing but the exact opposite is the truth lol also I don’t want to call out all of em but I imagine many in cities snitch on each other to get higher up in that system which is all they know but still very inhuman thing to do

  43. Hukou, It’s a kind of internal visa in their own country. When poor country people to the city, they expatriate. The modern serf in the new feudal system, they are tied to working and dying on their communist lord’s estate.

  44. With the amount of graft in the country circumventing CCP regulations, is there a bribe system in place for someone to sidestep Hukou registration?

  45. Chuang (AK Press) talks about the Hukou system, and describes the Cultural Revolution as a campaign of white terror against peasants who were desperately seeking the prosperity of the cities. China must be the most class-based, capitalist nation on earth.

  46. Interesting; I wasn’t aware of the Hukou system before. I’ve always just assumed that young rural workers would move to the ‘big city’ for the better opportunities it would supply, and I hadn’t thought that they would be considered ‘illegal’ workers by the state for doing so. Are they able to return to their villages after a few years if things don’t work out, or are they stuck in a sort of limbo forevermore?

  47. You are another kind of BBC . You always make negative news about China. Chinese people are happy with their country with their government. Every country has problems, China has too. Before i was your fan, but then I realized you are just an anti Chinese communist who will find any excuse to blame Chinese government.

  48. Winston, I reckon you’ve already long heard the rumors that China is being considered as a model for the rest of the world. The West doesn’t have an ingrained hukou system that I am aware of, so.. would you risk making a conjecture on how it may be carried out? At the very least, a social credit score system does seem to be in the works.

  49. As usual an excellent report on the rural migrants to large cities (BJ, SZ, SH,…) and their rights n work conditions. Not to mention their family life not existing any more with children left to their grand parents in their home town. Would you sometimes in the future shed some light on China’s sudden change about nudity which is now seen as pornography to the point that some CN movies/series have scenes being deleted, or statutes in public park removed or masked. Thanks.

  50. If China and the U.S. were at war would you give your money to the effort and support it? Yes, a man that has lived his whole life in China says, I WOULD GIVE IT ALL TO THE U.S.!
    True quote. hahahaha hehehehe

  51. Is the guy at 2:28 collecting sewage oil?
    戸籍 system is similar to the Apartheid in South Africa. I do not know why the world does not react.

  52. Albert Camus once said : if you have never been a communist, then you are lack of socialization.
    But if you still believe in communism at 40 years old, then you are an id10t….

  53. The odd hukou system seems is taken from stalin era soviet union. Soviets taked this from tsar russian imperium times when peasants belonged to their masters like slaves and couldn’t go freely farter as nearest city without written permission. And soviets has modifyied this system even more. But soviet propaganda (like today RT-“Russia Today”) told everytime like in soviet song “I don’t know any other country where man can breathe so freely”.

  54. Encouraging fringe groups, and cultures, to express themselves. Makes the dominant culture, less heavy, adds life, and colour to a society. If we lose the Tibetan culture, the human world will be much diminished.

  55. The man fixing the air conditioning unit at 5 minute mark is perfect example of labor method juxtaposition to that of the West. Typically we’d use a ladder or a scissor lift and approach from the bottom, yet the man in China attempts to solve the problem through an approach from the top. And that’s exactly the differentiation of methodologies that separates us, and why China is a unique species on this Earth with it’s unique genome. Humanoid, but yet animal at core. We should celebrate that however, remain tolerant, observant, and respectful.

  56. A cast system in a Communist State is by far the funniest and the the most depressing thing i have ever heard in my life. I hope Communism ends in China.

  57. I love your Sashas’ look as she is going thru the turnstile. Sort of like “stick your camera where the sun don’t shine”. My ex hated it when I had my camera with me.

  58. South Africa is one of the last apartheid system in the world to be abolish. Serpentza is part of the apartheid system. Many people do not know, how deep the discrimination goes. Most of the world media is covered by the west and the white, very little was reported. That is what serpentza can tell in details which is much worse than Hukou.

  59. It sure seems like the US. I am sure now that you are living here you have come across the huge tent cities filled with the poor. The US pretends that you can make it if you just try but that is an allusion propagated by Hollywood and the rich to keep everyone in their place.

  60. Likes this short video.
    Loved slo-mo videography.
    I watch your video, share as well but you hate us. Don’t know why !!!

  61. watching your vids got me interested in the strange things in China. Time stamp 2:22 is a guy scooping sewer which i saw a video of why he’s doing that. He’s using the oil from sewage to make cooking oil to sell, yuck.

  62. After tip toeing around china for so long, you finally get to say what you really think without the police showing up in the middle of the night. Well, at least for now. Things they are a changin here. I see the ccp is busy with comments here though. lol
    I loved all of your motorcycle travels.
    HEY, good news. My wifes citizenship test is scheduled for the end of the month !
    Learning the truth in the USA about china was a real eye opener for her.

  63. China is the most racist country on earth! people are constantly seeking opportunity to look down on others who looks diff or from diff places. that is what they do to feel better.

  64. I used to think the Hukou system was horrible, but without it, historically, cities in countries with large rural populations grow large slums (e.g. India, Philippines). Of course, it also goes well with CCP controlling the population.

  65. I like your content but your TITLES are rude. I know you do this for views but it may hurt some Chinese people. Every one judge a book by its cover!

  66. Interesting the caste seems like a more permanent system China but I can see similarities even in the USA city people have more opportunities, more welfare than than rural people. But the it leads to more people coming in to wealthier cities for opportunities and better access to government system. The difference being there is no way out.

  67. It’s incredible how much information you offer in every video. You are quite eloquent and your videos are very interesting. Don’t know if you have a magic book with 1,000 ideas on what topics to touch, but keep up your great work!!

    Stay awesome!! ^___^

  68. There are many benefits from any government. We ought to look at why they chose this type of system for this society. Simply explaining the hukou system as a class system is very drab. There’s more to it than that. You can’t just explain it like that without understanding why it was put forth in the first place. Then see how the system plays out in general. The rationale is to protect the rights of Chinese citizens. This has also influenced other countries to implement the same measures to protect agricultural output, prevent the development of slums or poor health conditions posed by the result of the fast-growing population in their own country. You should do more study into it than just explaining what the system looks like on the surface. This is misleading to people who live abroad. You actually make it sound evil to what we have in the west. I don’t think that’s a fair analysis.

  69. I was really young but I do recall everyone giving India a hard time for their cast system 30 years(or so) back. As bad as it is; I wish I could say we forgot to cast our ire china’s way for the same thing, but since tenimum square and the invasion and enslavement of Tibet happened around a similar timeframe… I don’t think ‘forgot’ and ‘didn’t know’ are at all honest. Looking back ‘Stopped’, ‘interfered’ and ‘conspired from within’ all seem a better fit for the mould.

  70. Vestiges of the Hukou system still linger here in Taiwan, but they’ve eliminated most of the restrictions that used to exist and, apparently, still do in China. It’s kind of a part of citizenship here – if you have a Houkou, you’re a citizen. I’m a foreigner and I had to be added to my wife’s Houkou in order to obtain my permanent resident status. I can never attain my own Houkou, unless I become a citizen, which is nearly impossible. But anyone, regardless of where they were born or whether or not they have a Houkou, can rent a home anywhere in Taiwan and work, send their children to the local public school, register a car, etc. The Houkou system only raises its rather outdated head at election time – citizens must vote in the city or town in which their Hukou is registered. I believe this inconvenience will soon be eliminated as well.

  71. Depressing video. I feel sorry for them. This is truly hell on earth for these people. What did they do wrong in a previous life? Great video, Winston. So glad I don’t have to return to China…for anything.

  72. If you want a real class system, look at India. You’ll be classified just based on your family name! Try meeting some Christians in India who break rocks for a living from morning till night on the side of the road for next to nothing just because of their family name. That’s racism within their own people! Jesus gave the parable about the Samaritan to explain this very issue in Jewish society. Half-blooded Jews were treated as pigs. These problems arise out of their own pride, so I wouldn’t point fingers at the “hukou” system as the prejudice people hold within their hearts. This system may create a feeling of superiority amongst citizens registered in megacities but it’s not the reason people act this way. Comparing a household registry system to a real societal class system is incomparable. You could argue that it has created a large gap of economic inequality for decades, but no system is perfect. And this may also be a result of the capitalist ideals in the whole system. We see results of this in the US as well. So we have to admit there is inequality in most countries. Except maybe for Finland and Denmark (tongue in cheek), if you like to live in a socialist country. Mind you this may be only doable because of their small populations. This system is working in China and eventually I think it will diminish in time after development reaches it’s peak. In recent years the system has been under reform in response to protests; yes, protests in China. I predict that by the time China reaches it’s status as a powerhouse more socialist programs may be available (in a perfect world), but in my opinion I don’t see it happening with the size of population. Time will tell.

  73. So what kills the guy working on the AC first? Falling and hitting the ground or hitting the power line first? In China you can see homeless people on the street that are really messed up as in getting injured in a real bad industrial accident (very bad burns, missing both legs and using a movers dolly to get around like in “Trading Places”). In the US there are many homeless people living on the street and not a single one looks to be physically injured.

  74. Last time I was in Shanghai, the Uber driver told me that he is not making much money because of his Hukou, even though he have enough money to buy a car to run his own Uber, he is not allowed to buy one because his Hukou is from rural area. So he have to keep renting the car from the renting company and keep giving the company more than half of his income

  75. The Chinese Communist Party using a free enterprise system. That’s like The Democrat Mafia trying to control the Social Security Retirement Funds. When will the dollar become worthless on purpose.

  76. We have the same system in United States
    There’s the system for the rich and powerful and there’s the system for everyone else

  77. Thanks for the very informative video about Hukou system. It’s something we hear next to nothing about here in the US. Not very “communist” to have an enforced class system, is it.

  78. There is also similar hukou system in Western countries – you need to show phone bill,electricity bill to do things … same crap, different packaging. People should not be tied to one address!

  79. I would love to invite the guy at 5:06 for a decent meal (accompanied by some beers) but never accept an invitation by a CCP crook.

  80. “If you learn something from my videos…”? Man, I have learned a ton from your videos. Anyone who is interested in what China really is or who studies about China in a university or coporation must watch your videos. And I really mean it.

    For example, now I understand why even now, there’s such an influx of chinese peasants into Venezuela. Yeah, that’s right, fucking Venezuela. But that’s a long story and it involves slave trafficking. To make the long story short, those people have a shot at living in a country where they have more opportunities once they manage to pay off their debt (indentured slaves). Yeah, you read right- even in Venezuela.

  81. This didn’t tell us much about the Hukou system. Yes, a similar thing of registering households is ancient but the version you’re talking about is more a copy of the Soviet System. Basically, yes, everyone is assigned a home and region by the central government. Think of how you register a car and have an ID? In Commie China, the family and the home itself is registered and given an ID in the form of a Red Book. Instead of your name and birthday it has your entire families names and birthdays.
    What’s that about?
    Yes, welcome to communism, the state decides where and when you can move. You actually can apply to change Hukou assignments but you need a good reason.
    Another way to look at this is to imagine these districts and regions as little ‘nations’ with their own passports. You certainly can travel from Luko Village with your Luko Village “Passport” (Hukou book) to..lets say.. Guangzhou. Okay. But you won’t be a kind of citizen so you can’t get certain rights, work visas, you can’t get social welfare.
    Guangzhou “Passport holders” (with a Guangzhou Hukou) can visit Luko Village but they can’t just move there and collect Luko Social Services, Luko money, Luko rights and privileges.
    The Good: If not for this system, we might have seen 20 million desperately poor villagers creating South American style mega slums outside a Shenzhen. Nor can Guangzhou Citizens get on a train on the weekend, go to a village and claim the villager rations, villager social benefits and special villager rights.
    Yes, the problems did arise when migrant workers were arriving in big coastal cities for manufacturing and labor jobs. Notice how they are referred to as “Migrant Workers” so that’s back the sense of each place being something like its own ‘country’ with its own passports.
    Yes indeed, there are many people with a Hukou from one area who are just staying in another.
    To clarify some things:
    – Serpentza hasn’t lived in China for a while so he might not know more and more migrants workers are LEAVING those big coastal cities and more and more are returning to their villages now.
    – In sorta not-really Chinese style ‘yes-no-maybe’ cha baduo styles they’ve actually been undoing the ‘rural/urban’ differences in some places, sorta kinda here and there, to some degrees.
    – Show me a garbage-collecting auntie and it doesn’t matter what Hukou they hold, they collect that trash and recycle it if they have a Hukou or not. Most times they aren’t even poor and have some income. They aren’t collecting it because they are without work permits. Most of those are not working because they’re retirement age anyway.
    – this is not an entirely foreign concept to Westerners or many other nations and for a comparison, Americans have a State and if they live in one state, if that is their address then they cannot just cross into Utah (for some random example) and then collect Utah State Medical benefits, Utah State welfare and social programs etc. In other cases, you could be in one city and not qualify for some sort of benefits in another. It’s just that with communism in China you don’t get to choose where your ‘home address’ will be. the government will.

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  83. I am so glad that Winston is talking about the Hukou (residence registration system) system in China. It is the worst thing in the world! The Hukou (户口)in China, divides humans being in China into two big classes: farming and agricultural, and non-farming non-agricultural class. Before 1980, no private business was allowed. Farmers and their off-spring had to work on the same amount of land even the population grew. And farmers were not allowed to work anywhere else. My uncle, has two son, no girl. He got 4 Mu (亩)of rice fields , just enough to produce to feed 4. Then two son grew up, married and each has kids. Same 4 mu of rice field can’t feed 4 families! And before the private business were allowed, the farmers class couldn’t get any jobs anywhere excepté keep eating dirt! As a farmer’s son, you can never leave where you are born, as a farmer’s daughter, you can married away to another farmer’s son in another village and move in and become the permanent residence of that village. Farmers are always farmers! After 1980, private business started allowed, and farmers were allowed to have their own business or work for private business, but never allowed to work for the government and states owned businesses! Farmer’s children, the only way to leave the home land and get a government job is through education in college and university. Non-farmers people they can move around a bit if they are approved by the accepting companies and the local government with good reason like special job offer or marriage. Lower level of resistance is hard to move up to higher level of city.

    Now Things have changed a bit, farmers can go to work in the city for provide business, but still can never be eligible to apply government job and states owned business job! But they work their ass off doing the hardest job and dirty job in the city and get very little pay! And some even don’t pay them! Farmers kids even graduate from university, may not get a job. …. it’s a long story, …. hard to explain all at once.

  84. Im a emigrated chinese and i have never heard of anything like this before. I want to learn more. Can you do a deeper dive into this?

  85. A company in California is trying to hire me to work there. In that little city, houses and rent is around 3 or 4 times the cost of where I am currently. Money is how Americans keep people from moving around. High taxes or high cost of living. I cannot understand how a little tiny house can cost 1.2 million. My current house is newer and three times as large. I heard people take loans for down payments on a mortgage, incredible. Hey the offer is tempting because the area is beautiful. Not sure how I could afford to live there, but it might be possible if the company is willing to pony up enough dough.

    I cannot imagine being a card-carrying peasant, not allowed to move to the city. Surely the Chinese government knows some people do better work in the country and some in the city. It’s funny, because I live in a little tiny town in the country right now, after having lived in the Chicago suburbs long enough to raise my kids. Living in the country is great. But we definitely miss some of the conveniences, especially decent restaurants. I really don’t understand China.

  86. I was able to see this system when I visited factories in China. My previous employer used contractor factories in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. My current employer had company factories all over, but I was working with factories in Fujian. The workers came from all over China. It was mostly young women. They had giant dormitories around the factory where the laborers lived. Every few days the busses would roll in and out, with a mass exchange of workers. The expats I was there with would explain that they were all contract workers. The workers leaving were either going on leave to visit their family, or were at the end of the contract. It was explained to me that they had to go home at the end of the contract and they were not permitted to stay in the city.

  87. Vietnam CP and CCP are blood brothers. I’m waiting for this one YouTuber to come back to US and spill the beans like Winston/Cmilk… Just y’all wait.

  88. I’m not big on tourism content, however This and your other two channels have been really great for a first hand look into these far off places, and I thank you so much for your fair assessment of everything.
    We aren’t perfect but our ability to self criticize and correct while thinking of multiple points of view is our greatest strength!

  89. This must be the trailer for next weekend’s episode. Also note ‘countryside’ = peasant. Go search for “Baldrick” from the UK Blackadder TV series to get the idea.

  90. Sounds familiar as in California we have “residency” which could be the whole state or the town you “reside in” and it is super important for your educational opportunities. If you enroll into public university or city college there are “out of state” and “resident” rates. F1 visa foreign students pay “out of state” rates and get no financial aid from the government and that’s why they are such a coveted ones. Residents pay subsidized rate by the government. BTW, F1 student can never get residents rate, while out of state folks get residents status after a year in CA. K-12 education in CA is totally controlled by your zip code – where you live is where you are allowed to go to school. At the end your address is based on how much you can afford – if you are well off your children get access to better schools, otherwise you are screwed.

  91. That makes a whole lot of sense. Some of my colleagues whos hometowns are in rural China earn about half the salary of those who come from the big city doing the exact same job

  92. Similar to Australia not long ago when the Aboriginal people had no rights. And though officially there was no slavery – the aboriginals were forced to work without a pay.

  93. Nice video mate. It reminds me of my ex wife who was born in a rural part of China. She really struggled to find a job in the city and all because of where she was born!

  94. For rural house registry, getting Beijing registry is harder than immigrating to most countries, perhaps only on par with getting the green card.

  95. Can you do a video about the homeless problem in California since you’re living there right now. I would like to know how bad it is and what your opinion is compared to the homeless situation in China.

  96. “City mouse looking down on Village mouse” is a universal law. China and India does not hide it well that’s all

  97. You nailed it with the system offers just enough to placate the masses to not stand up against the govt. Turduo is doing that in canada and trying to crush entrepreuers and small businessmen.
    Did you exchange a walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage.

  98. 對農村戶口的限制以前更多的,當局的目的就是控制人口流動,現在稍微鬆了一些了,我在的城市農村的孩子在外地城市上學需要房東的房產證!!

  99. Probably should have brought up how similar it is to San Fran and silicon valley. Almost the exact same situation, but for a different reason. Tons of homeless, and people living in campers, with advanced degrees, who can’t get jobs or can’t afford the cost of living.

  100. Omg the guy working on aircon @3:57 is crazy but I guess if there no choice in how something is done one got to do what they got to do to get job done

  101. He tells us to go look up the system, or ask someone we know about it, but isn’t that why I’m watching this video? I was expecting him to explain it to me, not tell me to do my own research about it. Its like watching a cooking show and the host tells you during the show to go figure out the recipe on your own

  102. China is COLLAPSING before our eyes.. & Self Aggrandized EGO despot tyrant XI Psychopath ,, will be dragged through the streets of Beijing by his heels. .. CCP DAYS ARE SOON FINISHED… I can see it.. it is inevitable.

  103. Pros & Cons of City hukou (Res. Register) recap:
    Right to buy apartments or houses, or rent at certain places;
    Right to own local car plates (Non-local car plates will be restricted, you cannot drive to certain areas, mostly center of the cities);
    Access to certain jobs (China does not directly ban people from these jobs, but the employers will prefer applicants with city hukou since they have the right to buy local properties, thus relying on the job for income);
    Access to local social services & welfare, like medical insurance. Medicine costs a lot more if you don’t own hukou of the hospital’s city, but hospitals in cities are much better than those in rural areas.
    The cons of city hukou are basically negligible, mostly related to lands. You can’t buy an area of land even if you can afford it, but in rural areas you can. City lands are only available through contracting with the government.
    It is very hard to get a good city’s hukou, in Shanghai, an individual will need a master degree (or bachelor from top universities) in certain fields(Computer Science, Mathematics, etc.) to gain hukou.

  104. Looks like the guy at 2:23 scooping the oil out of sewer to re-use it in his kitchen/restaurant (I’d say most likely to be in a restaurant or one of those food stands on the street).

  105. If I lived under that system I would commit to learning the skills that would get me out of poverty. We have the internet and can learn almost any skill. If the government beats you down you keep learning and build your own assets. Never Give Up Never Surrender.

  106. I can’t imagine anyone with knowledge of China and Communism would assume the merger of the two would produce an egalitarian system. It’s simply incomprehensible.

  107. DAfuq did i just watch?!?! 2:45. Any day of the year where i am not drunk i would have said she was training how to ride.

  108. Keep educating the world about the reality of the PRC and keep awesome at the same time Winston!!! I watched all the adds though I can’t support you financially at this moment …yet…

  109. Hukou system is actually nothing when compared with the notorious apartheid system in your country, isn’t it? Learn to be respectful in your scenes cause everyone can have their weakness, including your family.

  110. Wow this sounds like capitalism on steroids, and not actual Socialism which Lenin wanted… there isn’t a single social thing about it, by this logic Germany and Belgium are more socialist than China is.

  111. Thanks man, you’ve explained something very ‘simple’ to me (I still don’t give a rats @rse) about their f*cked up tiered system and it’s most probably why I’m hated in their perfect society; I’ll be checking out when this CoVid issue calms down just a little bit ✌🏽🇦🇺

  112. Unrelated, but what the hell is so special about America? I think the only reason it’s the #1 target for whataboutism is because people have some kind of inferiority complex to Americans

  113. Winston, I’ve noted in your videos that you pronounce the city as “Shen gen” while Naomi will pronounce the city of her birth as “Shin gin”. Is this a Mandarin vs Cantonese difference or is it something else? An interesting video as always. I was completely unaware of this system for parsing out the rural peoples from the urban inhabitants. W

  114. Hi SerpenZA – Sasha is putting on a good performance in the beginning of this upload – She is a Doctor, but also an Actress ??

  115. There is a classic propaganda piece on CGTN titled, “How Chinese make miracles through hard work”. Cue the soft piano music and insert the warm sound of Winnie Xi Pooh telling us the typical garbage that everything will be OK, so long as you listen to his every word. To this I asked about this Hokou system and so far the bots have said that it’s been replaced and there are new systems in place that work more precisely or that there isn’t any difference now. I’m that that’s BS but, in their defense they’ve been respectful.

  116. Is the digital yuanRMB more of a threat to WePay and AliPay or BitCoin and Etherium? Chinese regulators are cracking down on big tech there and I wonder if they are eying TenCent’s payments business.
    We got out of AliBaba shares during the Trump administration, but reasons to get out of investments in China now have more to do with them shooting themselves in the foot than the trade war.

  117. Sounds like you are a real socialist at heart. I talk of the kind like in Norway or Finland maybe. There are no perfect systems in the world. But it sound like you complain mostly the US inspired capitalist system they have in China right now. But there are a balance. People are lazy. Can’t just hand out state money and hope people will still work hard for the counties best. Balance is the best. Hard working people should get a better life, lazy people a minimum. But the rich don’t earn money by them self. If the rich get richer without even doing work at all the system it broken. Also city rob countryside in every country. Norway had one of the best systems to give back to the countryside what the contribute. But it has gone a bit worse then before. If countyside wants more for their resources the city can always use another countries countryside to use. If countryside refuse the city have the bigger number of soldiers to send out. The future is illustrated by Hunger games. So do we want this future. I at least see china making some effort to supply countryside with infrastructure to lift them selves out of poverty. Swedish government allow international companies to dig away big part of my home Island for maybe 1 billion dollars a year but providing infrastructure and support for far less. US had about 1/100 the high speed railroad of China. Disconnecting the regions from the big cities.

  118. What is wrong with you, White South African? Your wife is Chinese, your kid is half Chinese! You lived in China for years! What’s with this hatred towards China?
    Oh, you DON’T hate the Chinese people or China? Just the CCP? Newsflash for ya: today’s China is built by the CCP, okay?! Your stunt of trying to burn Mao’s picture was just a pathetic move to express your schizophrenia, okay?!
    Are you menopausing or what?

  119. @serpentza have you seen Gweilo60’s latest video yet? It almost seems like it’s a warning or a threat. Aren’t you worried? 😰

  120. That system is obviously flawed.
    Xi himself is the biggest example of that.
    Wasn’t his father ostracized and sent to the countryside?
    With such a blemish on his family, how did Xi become president? For life, at that?🤔

  121. What will happen to the city people when there is an economic collapse. The temporary migrant factory workers can always go back to the countryside. The city people are very dependent on export of manufactured goods to the rest of the world. That’s why they bought and like Biden and the Socialist Democrats.

  122. 5:32 When a south african say there is a huge wealth gap in china, it means a lot … But still, the wealth gap in south africa is a lot bigger ….

  123. Wtf I have been getting these channel notifications days late and the worthless whips don’t show at all yes I clicked the bell wtf

  124. Actually to answer Serpentza’s question: Yes, she can. Maybe your next video can compare with how to get a Shanghai Hukou VS how to get US green card.
    E.g for a non-shanghai people to get a shanghai Hukou can be as one of the following:
    1: One of the parents has shanghai Hukou.
    2: After 9 years married to a person who has Shanghai Hukou.
    3: Hold a valid shanghai for more than 7 years, with no stopping of contribution pension in these 7 years.
    4: graduated from a Specific university. or graduated Oversea university.
    5: Hold Special professional skills

    of cuz, this person should never have a Crime record. Etc.

  125. I made a mistake the last time I posted my comment, saying how you were just one of the individuals who had a bad experience and that there is someone who lived in China as long as you, also moved out, but had a terrific time, meanwhile only making educative videos about China and America and how they should be cooperating together instead of fighting, Cyrus Janssen. You make your videos for a reason, not to immorally lie like BBC and CNN. I am able to catch that after…

    …I watched your 1 hour and 13 minutes long video where you spoke about two channels actively promoting CCP propaganda and one of them doing it conciselly. I was able to learn a lot from that video. All the things seemed fine up until the part where I heard humanitarian catastrophies were being shaded by these other awesome parts of China. That is worrying

    You are definitely a relatively neutral (I say relative as nothing and nobody is absolute) source of information who would be a great addition to my collection of analysis what China is really like. I do complain how you did at one point point out how China praises it’s efforts to remove poverty (which I do say did, I did a presentation on that topic and covers Mao, Dung Xiaoping and the 700 milion people who were saved, but also the concequences of people drastically moving from the West to the East and other stuff), which I believe you wanted to say it stopped doing so now? I did hear from SCMP that apparently the CCP declares someone to be “out of poverty” too soon, but I don’t know how much that’s legitimate…

    I loved China ever since I was a kid. It’s historical sites mesmerized me, it’s giant cities as well, and now when I’m a college student, it’s growing into a little bit of an obsession. As I’m studying at the College of Political Science (1st year), I get the chance to learn what I always wanted, and that is the outside world. I’ve been having a plan of making a hip-hop song which would encompass all of Chinese History and then sending it to our Chinese ambassador. I wasn’t thinking of putting some way too shady things CCP did, but on the other hand I did plan to put some OTHER stuff it did which were wrong. I would be mild for the reason as I have an ambitious goal… I want to see if I can intrigue the ambassador enough to get an invitation to the embassy and maybe get to meet a full-fledged Chinese diplomat as a 19 year old which I am! I mean, you certanly wouldn’t get invited to the American embassy if you said how the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was iligitimate, or how the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was only done to help weaken the only country in Europe standing against American foreign interests and get it’s resources, right?

  126. Hey Winston. Just passing by to say I’m drunk.
    You know … building small bridges. 😆
    (Check my Twitter for some yo mama jokes. I cannot post them here or they’ll vanish. 😏)
    Nice tabloid-style channel with a kernel of truth you predictably still got going here.
    P.S.: If you can handle less alcohol as you age, it means you’re getting older.
    Maybe try a constant moderate level and see how it affects your content. (Just don’t operate any heavy crypto while under the influence. The heart doesn’t approve of going mental. 😉)

  127. I think one thing we need to keep in mind is that the restrictions have slowly been lifted. And we all know that it will disappear someday.

    But China’s rise has been so rapid that the government has had to prevent people from flooding into the cities.

    However with the development of the cities, the first tier cities that is, is a push to develop second, third and fourth tier cities.

    The CCP and the Chinese people have not developed the country flawlessly. But there’s no doubt that few countries on earth have built the infrastructure to the speed that China had done. Even when accounting for per capita.

    As I said many times before, many people like Winston will still prefer a China in 2005 with the CCP than a China that is more developed and yet democratic.

    These Eurocentric Westerners are sort of an eccentric type. They have a fondness for Asia, but only if it were to remain less developed than the West.

    For example, China racing to build an ever larger space station is somehow seen as affront to the West. Yet ancient temples brings about their fascination.

    Eurocentric Westerners still sees the British Empire with a nostalgic sentiment. I certainly understand it, if I had a Euro background I certainly would do the same thing. But since I am not, well, I have the 21st-century to look forward to.

  128. If this were my job, I think I could build a better rope ladder! Give him 10 more years, he’ll figure it out as he gets older. 4:34 For starters, tie some knots in it for your feet and better grip with your hands.

  129. Man this just shows that despite all the ideology from literally everyone, China, The West and Africa are exactly the same: Insane levels of wealth right next to crushing poverty, and the blame almost always get’s ascribed to the poor.

  130. They still have Hukuo system ’till today? I thought that was the past around 1900’s before 2000?
    I’m amazed they still have this at 2021.

  131. The so-called “Have-nots” in China are still better-off than the “Homeless” in America’s streets, and they (the Chinese) at least know the value of making a living, even by peddling goods, and they have a decent roof over their heads. Winston, your content is becoming more and more distorted.

  132. I just recently watched some video, where there was some talk about it. I dont remember, which video exactly, it might have been in one of the recent Chinas Reckoning videos by Polymatter or some video from you guys, so I knew something about it. However I didnt feel like this video was that good. I think what was missing was you telling more about the details or even the basic informations. Your cocnlusions seem right according to what I have seen about it and by western standards, but the video is kind of missing an explanation about what that system even is. I dont think you established enough here, that the people need to register and that all kind of services are bound to that, be it healthcare or other things. You talked about stuff like not being able to open a bank account because of that, but without knowing, what it is, there are multiple explanations, why that wouldnt be possible (being too poor, some kind of classism and the bank not accepting rural people, not being able to do so legally, …)

    I feel like this video was too short and missing the basic informations. It feels like you were outraged against it and you wanted to tell people about it, but I dont think, that many people would have understood where you come from, since it isnt some basic knowledge and thus it would have been necessary to add that information here.

  133. but the people on quora said china is a perfect country infinitely better than the US with no poverty and an amazing government 🙁

  134. That cast system sounds like the one in India where there are different groups also according to their status in life and one don’t mix with the other.

  135. Thank you for bringing it up. I do remember this being discussed in one of my college courses and haven’t heard anyone mention it since then.

  136. This sounds exactly like the Democratic Party in the United States getting people dependent to keep them quiet, also denying them the right to a good education by having private schools and keeping kids locked into bad schools.

  137. This is the best explanation of the flaws of the so called flawed “great transport system” in China. If you have a nice phone but you have nobody to call then that phone is useless.

    For you kids out there phone were originally designed to talk into them not text.

  138. this entire channel is one big hit piece. and of course he’ll throw in some positives to give the appearance of impartiality.

    Winston buying his US citizenship with this US propaganda. i don’t blame you Winston considering how bad South Africa has been the past decade and mostly shows signs of getting worse! i’m not sure you could find a more beautiful country than South Africa but that’s how bad it is, it’s really awful, and Winston knows that and jumped ship. California is also beautiful.

  139. Americans and Chinese like to point at racial discrimination in the US. This Hukou system seems like it is 10X worse. Even in the 1860’s millions of African-Americans were able to move to cities, find housing and send kids to school. Do the Chinese view these people as a lower-caste? What do these people think of China.

  140. This also explain why some students take education very seriously. Because if they land a good job, they may have the opportunity to change their hukou. My mother changed hers from a really remote village to the third largest city because she was a doctor. The hospital helped people like her to change hukou. But this was in 1990s. It is even harder now to change hukou. Which is also why many people want to marry someone with good city hukou. Personality and moral goes out of window when you can change your hukou forever.

  141. The older woman is thinking Is he filming me while I’m picking my nose? Then Sasha smiles because she knows Winston caught the woman picking her nose while filming her.

  142. ‘I’m not talking about nationalities, but within countries’. That’s just it. The US has the exact same system but the second class citizens are those from south of the border. And of course a similar system for those with darker skin tones.

  143. Old school serpentZa. Best video in a while. Have you ever been waiting for a bullet train while the old ladies sweep the platforms with millet brooms?

  144. Everyone accuse India of having a caste system without having an understanding of what it is, modern day Indian caste system is designed to benefit the low caste people not the other way around by giving them 50% job reservation and free housing and lots of different things, in India farmers have more social status than some one working in the cities, their hardwork is much more appreciated and celebrated, it’s an eyeopener I thought china had an organic growth nope!!! This is an apartheid system concentrating pool of resources on few and celebrating their success as everyone’s success.

  145. Your comment section attracts the strangest people. They’re randomly talking about westerner obesity and that you are a “white supremacy advocate” 😂 all because they have no way to refute what’s actually said in this video

  146. Did you know china has Austrailia by the balls and has bought there way through Europe ? China police in Serbia two hours away from Holland by plane. while everyone is asleep with Covid they had built a railway through Europe. and the mainstream is trying to keep it quiet. Check out china railways through Europe !

  147. And China police working with Serbia police. The people are protesting and the media is making it look like they are against covid curfew. not true ! China is doing a take over of Europe and the EU is letting them !

  148. Try replacing every mention of China with America and the results still ring true unfortunately, specifically for the younger generations.

  149. This is so shocking.. where I live doing land work is a choice and urban environments and the land go hand in hand as the technology developed in cities can improve and ease the land work by automatization which in turn improves the food in the cities and increases crop output if that makes sense. By keeping these people poor they are essentially holding them back from developing and producing more crops. Which is a bad thing for everyone. That salad you’re eating has to come from somewhere after all 😂

  150. Ahh, my favorite differentiator to determine the prosperity of one’s life: Geography. Because nothing says “you’re going to live your life with less” like being born a couple miles away from an arbitrary imaginary boundary some jackoff made up one day.

  151. Never heard of the Hukou system but find it interesting. Back in early 2019, my wife and I were in a Guangzhou restaurant and waited on by a young girl. She took every chance she could to practice her terrible understanding of the English language on us. But we were amazed at how enthusiastic she was to learn. Asking how words were pronounced and how words were spelt, which she jotted down in her notepad. Turned out she was 22, still at college, and desperate to learn English. But she didn’t know any ‘foreigners’ Being a pensioner with time on my hands and recently completed a TEFL course, I did offer to help her on WeChat if she wished. She was so grateful for the offer. Without going too much into it, we kept in contact when I got back to the UK and her English slowly improved. She came from a very poor rural background, eldest of 5 children and daughter of a Vietnamese woman who was sold to her father. He recently died after several years being incapacitated following a stroke. We did actually meet again late 2019 on our last visit to China. We met up in Nanning and took her to Beihai for 3 nights. Her first time in the sea. She had just finished college and was planning to go to Shenzhen to find work. So much I could write about her but I’ll just say her life is on the up. She has been employed all the time she has been there (2nd job now), living in an apartment with her own bedroom and enjoying life. She doesn’t have an inferiority complex because of her backgroung, just takes it in her stride. And what a change in her. She sent me 5 pics of herself today and boy has she changed. No longer the ‘slightly shabby’ poor rural girl we took to Beihai – now a young, modern dressed, beautiful woman. And she certainly doesn’t live from hand to mouth – she takes great pride in confiding with me and showing me her bank statements. There are a lot of people I know in the UK who could learn money management from her. And she flew for the first time last year – across China to spend her vacation with an old schoolfriend. I won’t ask her about the Hukou system because I stipulated from the outset that we do not discuss politics. Perhaps it’s not such a problem nowadays for young rural people with an education.

  152. Do you ever go back to South Africa on holiday? Would love to see a new video from you about some of the BIG issues in South Africa is facing. You are an inspiration bru. Keep it up

  153. Never trust anything from the immoral dictator communist. The western need to open up their eyes and ears more, It’s very sad to see how most young people in USA are so nieve about how CCP relationship with America. 🤑 China are only hunger for the US dollars to build their evil empire. One day they will rules the world not by war but by economic every countries slowly falling one by one.

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