Can you teach English to pay for world travel

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  1. You both are very informative together. Good video. Hopefully I can meet you guys whether in phillipines or Malaysia. I like the 3 month apartment arrangement idea. It offers flexibility without long term lease commitment. The issue being finding responsible people to enter this agreement with. The issue with money will become a possible issue if you have a broke 3rd partner and possible Delays in shuffling move outs but if the cost is only $500 a month you could just prepay 1 year at a time or something to avoid problems later as it’s only $2000 each one time prepayment. And with slight overlaps a few nights crashing at each other’s place wouldn’t be the end of the world if you trust the others.

  2. Great video, the subject of finances is a crucial one to many people come to Ph with way to little income, believing they can live like a king for 1,000 usd/month this is not the case. I tell people you need at least 1,500 usd/month and 25k USD in reserves. Work a few more years to achieve this financial freedom rather than retiring to early.

  3. Great Video. I have been following Gio for a long time he is one of the good guys that I really trust. I have enjoyed your vlogs as well. I just started watching yours not long ago and immediately subscribed.

  4. Love these videos. I’m still nervous with the move with my current retirement coming in despite it being more than what I’m hearing you can live off of. 1 year till the plunge. 👍🏼💪🏼

  5. Great content. I’m about to start my Masters in ESL and I’m currently working on my TEFL so this is really good information on teaching abroad.

  6. Great video and info! I have been teaching for VIPKID for over 4 years online and I teach when I travel. Great gig if you can get good enough wifi. I plan on doing Dan’s slow travel in about a year. Great info on the Tofel and IELTS. I am going to start working on those certifications next. Thanks again!

  7. Awesome interview! The answer to your question –in short–is YES! I am able to teach English online PART time and still support myself while living in Southern Mexico. As the restrictions lift, I plan to travel to different parts like Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun for starters. My expenses are not nearly what they were in the states and I’m able to live very comfortably.

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