Can YOU Travel to Thailand in 2021? #shorts

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#shorts #thailandtravel #thailandtravelrequirements
We are going to attempt to answer the question, “Can you travel to Thailand in 2021?” What are the travel requirements you must meet to travel to Thailand? Do you need a fit to fly certificate? Do you need a certificate of entry? Foreign tourists, who travel to Thailand will need to know these answers. Thailand need to see the tourism industry flourish, as soon as possible. Myself, and the #DoMoreLife family will give you the latest information and solutions on these topics during our weekend live streams. Thailand travel appears to be possible in 2021, however, the answers and details are constantly changing.


  1. I’m planning to come in june I’m intending to do a divemaster Internship but I don’t know if its classed as a reasonable excuse for travel because I’m from the UK and you have to fill in a declaration form for travel do you think it will be accepted at the airport?

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