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  1. Yes you are right, there’s always been limited information on condos there. You’ve done a great job over the last couple years giving your viewers updated info. It sounds like there is a price drop for purchases and rentals in response to the health situation. I’m thinking it will be the drop in real estate values which will force the PH open again. No government cares about the street vendors but when real estate drops that affects the banks and investors. What percentage drop in prices would you estimate overall?

  2. looking for a condo to rent for a year…..then buy….Maybe….need to be near Mango…..I’m a John… to play. so if you don’t like that than F U…..i’m good for 3k a month on my New York pension.

  3. Yeah i think there are a lot better condos just outside the City, i will give that one 4 out of 10, to small looks a little dated and the pool was poor, but thats just my view !!

  4. The condo we’re in is about the smallest I think we’d be comfortable living in. Some of these affordable housing units are getting extremely small, my college dorm room was bigger!😮

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