CB Media FAQ 2021 – Money, YouTube, Girls, Visas, Thailand and Future Plans

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  1. “What do you do when you put the camera down?”
    Video goes black then ad…
    I thought you literally put the camera down and ended the video!
    Thanks for all the info Chad, keep up the great work!

  2. Not many people understand how difficult and time consuming it is to be successful at YouTube, you deserve everything and hopefully more to follow bro.

  3. Thanks for the video, I think people don’t realise how long it takes to do a video shoot and edit. I’m still a small channel slowly growing but your an inspiration in what you do. You have a great lifestyle that many people would love to do. Well done Sir enjoy.

  4. Thanks for the information, Chad. We all appreciate the hard work that you put in to making these videos so that we can see how good life could be for us.

  5. I Like your content and heeey if you can get me get there on my €1555 a month i will help you maybe as cameraman or as mechanic i have a Hbo diploma (dutch} and know everything abaut motorbikes so let me come to you to help you 🙂 I am a technichien on a l ot of technic and speek englisch german and dutch Greets from the Netherlands

  6. Cheers Chad you really get screwed over with regard to the revenue for the work you put in to make these videos
    At least you are in a very beautiful place 👍👍👍👍

  7. In regards to your comments on jealous people in SE Asia that have been here for 15+ years. Some of the most toxic people I’ve come across here are the old crusty expats lol

  8. Chad thank you……….I miss my Thai family you bring Thailand to me while im stuck in Australia….If you get time go and check on them the whole street will go crazy to meet you….Im sure you would get real life Thai living content for youre channel…..

  9. Can you do more events / videos with lady boys please? Thank you – also, if any of them start a youtube channel in English, I would definitely subscribe

  10. Thank you for all the clear answers, Thailand is my favorite country too, i eventually want to live there too and you cleared up a lot of questions i had. Congrats on living the dream!

  11. Just order that plastic part and it’ll be there in a few days and swap it out.. Imagine it’d be much cheaper there and quicker to arrive and less than any damage charges they may hit you with..

  12. This is probably one of the most honest down-to-earth informative videos about living in Thailand and YouTube. Thanks for the info Chad!

  13. Hello friend from Portugal, I have a good idea for a video you can make.
    In a video he made, I think it was on the plane, he showed a small remote-controlled fuel boat.
    Gather a group of people with small boats and do a race and talk a little about the characters of the boats, keep up the good work, Nelson LourenZo hug.

  14. Hey Chad one way to address the plastic damage on the Aarox. Just go to a Yamaha shop and let them replace the damaged plastic. Cheaper than what the rental company. Just a idea.

  15. Cant wait to join you on the subscriber motorsport/get together ( when the borders open ).
    Keep up the technical side of what the SE Asia motor heads are up to. Cheers

  16. Dude I’m having trouble focusing on the video after I noticed your leg..wtf is that ?.. looks ahh…a little red around the edges bruh 😬

  17. Grateful for the valuable information; How your income works, etc, and yes, the virtual private network aspect….very honest, and informative. To be able to earn an income just from YouTube is amazing….because you make this effort to be interesting, and to explain things means that you will maintain a following….I would definitely go to one of your subscriber meet ups, that would be cool….keep up the good work, and all the best for the future….peace.

  18. Nice video, thank you When renting a motorbike ANYWHERE, including Thailand…do a walk around video with the shop owner in the frame and snap still pics of all sides—zoomable. If you screw up a motorbike in Thailand—go to a shop and have them repair it prior to returning to your rental shop. Thank me later! Really, if you plan on living in Thailand, BUY your motorbikes but first, have a secure place you trust where you can store your moto. BTW…bring you own helmet over from USA.

  19. What’s happened to Bangkok112? … No posts for over a year and not responding to any of his contacts … Some are saying he died in moto accident in Bangkok just after his last post and is buried in Wirral Uk … I thoroughly checked this all out and it’s totally not true … So why had he gone into hiding?

  20. If you have time make a plan to come and visit myanmar bro… And please dont forget a fan from myanmar when fans meeting made up. Thz

  21. I hope you’ll visit here in the Philippines soon when this whole situation is gone! The car scene out here is not as crazy as Thailand but there’s a lot of tastefully built cars out here.

  22. But as always not the full story he did not cover patron donations include revenue from t-shirt sales ect. as Americans westerners hate talking about money.

  23. Hi Chad. Another great video and a look into your life and your plans for the future. Just one question…The T shirt you are wearing in this video….are they still available. I would love to buy one. I love Thailand as much as you. I have been going there on a regular basis since 1974. Be great to catch up with you one day…after the situation…for a sunset beer or two. All the best, keep safe. Mike.

  24. I thought my question was worthy? Dating in Thailand and finding good women, not freelance; Fucker, come on man ??? Meant as a term of endearment………….In USA, West Coast, just in case it hasn’t spread. I love the new unwritten rules of explanation, we are so advanced.

  25. WHEN THE BORDERS OPEN Let me know when your in my neck of the woods, PHILIPPINES, and ill take you for a road trip in one of my cars…. Im building 3 classic cars at the moment and 2 of the 3 are muscle cars and one is a 1997 HONDA ACCORD SIR with an F20B, I also want to buy a 1967 Camaro and make it AWD with the parts I have already on hand! More than Likely Ill be In Thialand first as I have a Date in Indonesia with a MERCEDES SLK 320 haha

  26. I appreciate all that you do…very enjoyable content. Also I have a huge crush on your pilot friend that you took the plane graveyard. Whats up with her, how is she doing.

  27. Always a pleasure watching your videos Chad. You answered some questions I had about living inThailand and nice to learn something new about yourself.

  28. Kick-ass video!
    No I didn’t click this video to find out how to YouTube. I clicked to watch you, as I like your content.
    I’m stuck at 573 subscribers, any advise?

  29. Thanks for the honest and open video, it really inspire me to live the life I want and not the life society wants from me! Arrived in Thailand 3 weeks ago and so excited to continue my journey out here in this tropical paradise! And yes, make that CB Media car, that would be freaking awesome!

  30. Someone should’ve asked this, because I would love to hear your response… What are your feelings towards the huge protest in Thailand over the past few months or so??

  31. Look up Thailand Elite Visa to see how you can stay in Thailand long term before retirement age, I’m assuming Chad isn’t 50+ 😋

  32. Go to Thailand a lot as have a son there, last December couldn’t go, and yes Colombia is great, have a visit, cheaper than Thailand for sure

  33. And best of all you don’t have pay any tax in Thailand even though you take full advantage of Thailand and its people. Tourist visa last 4 years ?. You need to get to work on that video editing.
    Or claim the 5th amendment

  34. Wow it hurts me to listen to the beginning of this video. I live in Tennessee and I live on 1400 a month here. Two bedroom apartments here are sometimes under $500 a month where I’m staying now my roommate pays 500 a month includes water and trash it’s a nice apartment. I’m looking at Philippines Vietnam and Thailand. Of course I don’t have many bills and I’m used to not needing a lot of money to survive

  35. Crashing a bike: I did this on the Pai road out of Chang mai, bout 13 years ago, brand new Kawasaki er6 n
    Bought most of the parts from the dealership in town and a side street guy fitted them except the clutch case cover.
    Mr Beer the rental guy was great, more concerned I wasn’t hurt than about his new bike, gave him a couple thousand baht for the inconvenience of changing out the clutch cover.
    Pai road was very worn out and polished, rain, diesel leak from something (smelled it as my ass was sliding down the road) down you go.
    Be careful out there kids.

  36. Hey Chad, whats up? I´m from Colombia and i found your chanel like 3/4 mouth ago (at at the beginning of the year).
    I´m learning english and your content is not only usefull, but also interesting. I´m more a motorcycle boy, but i love your videos of jdm meets, your walk per alleyways and ( the most valued for me) the motorbike tours.
    Thanks for the conent, its great, its enjoyable and i´ve have some funny times.
    I guess i´ll be here until i get bored of cars… jajaja. Thanks again!

  37. You never completely answered the question “How much money do you make on You Tube”? Although you gave a decent tutorial on the ads and how they work you never addressed how the subscriptions work, the number of views of the video (regardless of how the ads work), etc. if you do not want to say what your You Tube income is just say so. Quit hitting all around it and never completely answer the question.

  38. “Not super interesting”, Wrong!, Very interesting when one learns more about the individual behind the channel and his / her motivation, ambitions.

  39. wow, honest and straight to the point. no bull shit, no beating around the bushes. and also explains things. what a refreshing change….

  40. Great video Chad!

    Key takeaways:

    * You’re not getting rich off YouTube views alone, that’s for sure.
    * Diversified sources of income help get you to a point where you could eke out a living – ie, merch, promotional tie-ins, sponsorships etc
    * Living in Thailand can be cheap but be prepared to adjust your lifestyle to suit.

    Cheers bro!

  41. Amsterdam is a country???? Yeh yeh yeh I know stupid mistake. I hope you can come to Australia st some point, I’ll buy you a beer, the Australian outback sunsets are next level, you will love it.

  42. Loved the video, definitely have to do these periodically. You’ve grown so rapidly Chad that it’s a pleasure to keep watching your content.

  43. OMG! PEOPLE! Please do not ask Chad to explain how much money he makes from YouTube again. He does it well, but I don’t wanna sit through that again.

  44. Chad congratulations on your you tube channel and all the success you have . Thailand is truly an amazing place . Don’t change who you are Chad or what your doing , go your own path .your not broken and you don’ t need fixing . i hope you continue as long as you can you have taught me much . cheers

  45. Do not even think of starting a youtube channel. Wayyyy oversaturated. Unless you have talent and a bankroll, Forget It!!!!!!!!!!

  46. You need a 2nd Channel with more talking content. Your audience loves hearing from you, chatting about random stuff etc. (content that you don’t really need to edit etc)

  47. Always entertaining to watch you videos, whatevr the subject or content. I am retired here in Thailand, it is the Life of Riley, Love it here.

  48. Yeah, different from your usual content and interesting to hear how the ad pay works these days…. I haven’t made a video in forever. I think it helps people who see what you’re doing though and gives them some perspective of just how much work it takes to accomplish supporting one’s self as a YouTuber, and think they can do the same…. I’m with ya on the solo travel thing too. Way more freedom. That or you have to be with someone on the same level and can also travel.

  49. So glad you didn’t give up on youtube, I’ve been here a long time and I know the time you put In wasn’t worth it for you earlier, your determination has payed off, and you are an inspiration for many, I would financially contribute if I could, keep being you Chad 🔥🍺🍺

  50. Didn’t you have an apartment tour in a prior video? Could have sworn you showed one in the past. Regardless, I understand your reasoning completely. No need for some local idiot or some overseas hater to get any ideas about where you lay your head.

  51. Hey Chad. I enjoy ALL your videos. Your videography, editing, sense of style, humor, growth and attitude are all on point. THX for taking us with you

  52. Chad is a real Chad amongst other Chads “I wouldn’t just date like a bar girl I would a LEGIT girl that would have the same passion and motivation as me” bro I refuse to compromise when dating in general and refuse to date anyone who isn’t aligned with my passions and worldview.

  53. yeap just got t-shrt yesterday thank you bro ! I will keep it in the bag to come party with the subscriber’s on a party meeting as you say one day will happen

  54. Oh hell yeah, I make $3,400 a month from retirement! I’d keep the small apartment. Focus on the same thing I do now. Cars and motorcycles. Guessing it’s a good hobby over there also?

  55. Great video thanks. Subscriber meet up, Hell yeah I will be there!!! Can’t wait to see you tour Vietnam, I love that country. Cheers

  56. Chad, clean simple and honest, don`t understand why people want to look around your condo must have some sort of weird fetish, keep the good work up mate love your content, and who knows I might be in Thailand for the meet up! whenever???

  57. Congratulations on your channel success Chad, I was just finishing up my visa and paper work for coming to Thailand but now everything is shut down4y55555uyuu!

  58. Ha ha yeah good idea not showing where you live. There are some real nut jobs swimming the bottom of the barrel out there. If only 1 or 2 familiar with your area figured out where to find you it could be a reakl nightmare. There are ads in your videos? I had no idea, never see them.

  59. Mad respect to CB. Love this channel. Will only add that his $1500 monthly expenses are relative to Bangkok (Phuket etc) Can do around $1000 in other provinces like Chiang Mai or other non tourist/mega city locations.

  60. i love the honesty of this video, though I do feel like your opening a can of worm that could lead head aches from the grumpier parts of the ex-pat community.

  61. Legit video man. I totally understand your need for privacy. People don’t understand how nerve wracking it is to think that some people could stalk you if you post the wrong stuff. If you acidentally forget to blur something or show your routine too much. Even Mr Beast had someone come to his house.

  62. Loved this video mate, your honesty is awesome. Hopefully us Aussies will open our borders in time for your Subscriber Party🤞🙏🇦🇺🍻 You are in my top 3 Utube channels to watch….awesome content, enjoy it all🍻🍻🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍

  63. I am delighted with your success because it shows what talent, passion, energy and single minded focus can lead to. Much deserved!

  64. Hey Chad , so many people are living a “meh” life right now and are only able to experience the good life through you and your videos . Your videos make a real contribution to an otherwise meh existence , you deserve every penny that hard work and a little luck has brought you . You go bigly young man ! (my pic was taken in NE Thailand 🙂 )

  65. Got my 250k club shirt today. That shirt is really nice, fits perfect, and looks awesome.. You went above and beyond for us. I live in the middle of the USA. I showed the 250k club T to my daughter and told her I would love to have that shirt. She gave it to me tonight as a gift. Dang near made me cry. Thank you so much!

  66. Best moment…. When the dog photobombs Chad.

    Seriously, if your gonna stay on KC​ for a while, pop over to Koh Mak. BB divers can do a snorkle/transfer​ trip.

  67. Great vlog you nailed it with your plain speaking and upfront dialogue about your life. Glad you mentioned Colombia having lived there back in the 1980’s, I’am sure you will love South & Central America, if and when the world recovers from the mess we are having to live through!

  68. Been out of quarantine for 2 weeks in Thailand and even with “lockdown” it’s lightyears better than what I experienced the past year stuck in USA. Waiting for the CB meetup!

  69. I can confirm on the prices he stated for living. It varies where you are in Thailand. My wife bought a condo before we got together and she pays 6000 baht ($200) per month on the mortgage. We are away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas in Bangkok. To rent a condo in our complex it’s the same, 6000 baht. Its a nice place, pool, small fitness center, self serve laundries, drop off laundries, mini mart, a few restaurants and 7-11 across the street. The space is small but clean and comfy. Jealousy runs deep in Thailand. Chad is 100% correct. There have been many a murder of jealous lovers. My sister in law was a victim, unfortunately. Heck, my wife is a victim because we have a mini mart in another condo complex and people are jealous.
    Chad, I watch your channel because I can get to see my home more. Haven’t been home in 15 months now because of work and COVID. Plus you find the unique things to see and do. Makes me want to get home and get my wife out and about and see some of the things. Its not your normal thing, but have you been to Kanchanaburi? You can see the Bridge on the River Kwai and go walk along the Death Railway. Just incredible. Well worth the look for the historical value alone.

  70. I love CB Media, Love Thailand and Love VPNs, BUT PLEASE … understand that when you use a VPN for your bank or any financial system it makes you look like a scammer.. I’ve seen accounts blocked just for logging in with a VPN. Your bank or payment service know when you are using a VPN and they know you are using to hide your real location.. they set regional limits for their own reasons which I may disagree with it’s what you agree to, and they don’t like it when you cheat. By the way, I lived in Thailand for 16 years and have been using VPNs since around 1999..

  71. It was great to hear about other things you do and a bit about your life
    I enjoyed it !!!
    Love my tshirt and if I see you in pattaya one day steak dinner on me

  72. Hi Bro great video .When all is back to normal i will like to invite you to Abu Dhabi we have a crazy car collection hopefully soon

  73. Chad, Khao Yai National Park and Wang Nam Khiao World Heritage Site are stunning locations for m/cycle vlogs, incredible new Thaksin highways and off road trails if you can get onto an adventure sports machine. Mind blowing beauty in that area, amongst the best in SE Asia…was in the process of setting up a an adventure sports bike rental company before C-19 hit…2.5 hours from BKK too.

  74. That’s a really great content even that’s not your usual style of video. Can you please suggest any other form of income stream one should have in order to survive on another country like what you’re doing now? Thanks

  75. Informative.. keep up the momentum dude! As soon as the border fully open, i will come back to thailand.. btw i can’t wait for the subscribers meet up.. since i was from Malaysia, so there’s no big problem to go back to thai.. so do update about the event later chad 👌

  76. Very informative Chad! I’m inspired to get back to YouTubing plus work on my beach and sea art…like the content mate.

  77. In general, being on a Tourist Visa can’t produce the workpermit. So how is Thailand handling YouTubers in that regard? Is YouTubing considered a taxable event?

  78. Hello man , i used to be in koh chang 15years time but i had to leave for visa and now corona 3 years now , there ls a little girl named Sea at lonely beach 7 sea minimart and her mom name Par ! Can you suprise them doin someting please ? My name is Murat uluturk but they know me as moo moo ! This could be little content for you also ! Thank you

  79. Been watching since the early days. Great guy, great outlook on life, great business sense, great content. All equates to a great following and great future.

  80. I’m not gay Chad but I love ya brother!!! 🤣
    You’ve become my favorite YouTuber and I watch a lot of YouTube! Keep up the great work and continue being nothing but yourself! 😎 👍👍 🌇 🍺🍺

  81. I watch your videos often and have to say that I liked the openness and the content of this one in particular and that made me subscribe. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to returning to my house in Chiang Mai when the skies open again.

  82. Thanks for video. Always clear and informative. Its not a boring video at all. Look forward to more videos from you. Been enjoying your content. Its been fantastic. Keep it up. Stay Safe and stay happy!

  83. Alrighty Chadman, absolutely loved this video. Was hang’n off your every word…..maybe I need to get out more! 😁 Highly informative with info at the right “chunk level” (i.e. not going on for ever). Highly entertaining and engaging. Look forward to your future endeavours!

  84. Great video dude. 100% correct on prioritizing freedom and on steering clear of the haters that seems to lurk around Thailand.

    Quick question: what equipment do you use to hold the camera when on the bike?

  85. Dude I love your videos so much, I’ve been following you since the beginning of the channel, but I fell in love with your content after the golden triangle motorbike tour 😍😍😍keep it up

  86. Actually I don’t understand jealous people. Can you make it something similar as that YouTuber? If yes, do it; if not, stop complaining.

  87. Very interesting and informative. To see and hear you somewhat out of your element while being so informative was nice start to Saturday morning. Cheers.

  88. Getting a visa in Thailand can be a nightmare if you try and do it yourself and expect western style immigration service. Thai immigration are a nightmare and nothing like Singapore, HK or AUS where you can apply online. Anyone can get a 1 year visa if they use the right immigration agent or know what they’re doing but yes, its is a nightmare doing it yourself. I know because i have done this for more than 15 years and know the system like the back of my hand. Unless you’re married to a Thai or over 50 with plenty of money, use a good agent who speaks fluent Thai and English or who’s a foreigner but has staff who speak Thai.

  89. “I would date a LEGIT girl” I like that. It’s always good advice to be sure it’s a legit girl in Thailand or you may get a surprise

  90. I know a man who rented a motorcycle in Phuket. When he returned, a broken detail was found, of which he knew nothing. It ended with him taking the motorcycle and having it repaired himself, replacing the part, and the cost was a fraction of what was required of him. And he was before them as a Gold Customer. In Thailand, in such cases, unfortunately, the attitude changes, you are a white man, you have a lot of money and you have to give it to us.

  91. Thanks for educating us on how YouTube adsense program works. You cleared up a lot of misconceptions. Hope to join a subscriber meet up event one day. Cheers!

  92. Late question…..how much do you use the front camera compared to the back????? Your transitions from the camera on you to on someone else seems to say you using the front

  93. I live in Nonthaburi in a 1 bedroom condo with the pool costing me $200USD monthly. Add in food (I eat outside a lot) and my unlimited data for phone, I also have a motorbike. My monthly expenses are $500-$600.

  94. awesome video bro 👍 ive learned a lot from you I know I’m just starting up but you helped a lot and on top of that you are entertaining 🤜🤛

  95. Nice one Chad . You haven’t been to Australia yet ? Come to Perth Western Australia when the problem is over and Australia will be your 2nd favorite country if not the first 🙂

  96. Awesome vlog Chad I have been following your channel, liking and commenting on your channel since 60k subs, I have done this on channels with as little as 5k subs and done so accordingly with your channel. I do not endorse channels or comment or subscribe frivolously and I can say that I spent my time watching commenting and advocating for your channel because I think you are an excellent presenter, an honest commentator and a professional presenter. Keep doing what you do. Your a genuine and likable youtuber.

  97. The most given detail on how you produce your video, how you live, how your produce, how much you earn, travel et. Detail ever. Thank you for informing us so much about you and what you. do. You said more than any one than anyone I know can say. You exceed my expectation.

  98. Your a true inspiration to all those that wish to become a successful you tuber. Roll on the car build and high five about doing a subscriber meet up, very brave thing to do, but an epic thing to be a part of, I trully hope, I am able to be part that and the experience. Safe travels Chad. 🙏

  99. Definitely appreciated the life style update. Even though much of a you tubers life, like where the person resides and the exact amount of money they make is very personal and private, it is nice to expound on what you can and I feel personally that the amount of personal expansion you opened up on should suffice for your viewers without putting yourself to far out there for harassment, bullying or even a financial hack or what ever you would call it so thanks for the video bro and look forward to your next one. Stay safe and happy dude. 😎🤜💥🤛

  100. I think what this video shows is how much work you have put in to get this Chanel to where it has quickly got to. You only get out why you put in and thanks for your videos and wish you more success as you grow.
    You undoubtedly deserve it!

  101. very rarely you find someone with true passion and not just a fake face for a youtube channel, this is good, I enjoy and envy the way you live and voice your opinion truly. keep it up, thanks for all the content. 🙂

  102. You are one of the best youtubers. I like your honesty and passion. Now you have to visit my beautiful island of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. If you liked Thailand you will love PR.

  103. Some other guy is reporting that Chad makes $175k yr on his videos easily. Don’t you love having a profession where other people count your money 💵🤑

  104. Great video. Too bad Bangkok is locked down hard again. I just left Pattaya and it was weird to see things closed and what is open empty

  105. It’s a big pleasure to follow you ..thanks for your content and al the fun and honest moments we can join with you. I like the way you present your view and describe places and people. Go on and thanks in advance for all next coming content. Greetings from Samui 😎🏖

  106. You see ,can’t the world be full of more peeps like CB , genuine,real and not full of crap like most ! Good on you CB ,You Legend !! Banging Channel

  107. Well deserved, Follow you since that video about that Isuzu Diesel Riverboat from. thin almoust 1,5 year, and yes I love this Channel,

  108. Great content today… Informative and interesting. Now, get back on your bike and drive safely…

    If you you get to Japan, look me up and I’ll be your translator

  109. Currently, Thailand gives 3 month Visa On Arrival, which can be renewed twice inside the country, bringing your total stay to 9 months non-stop as a tourist.

  110. Hello from Orlando, Florida. I started watching you when I got sick with Covid. Your videos were very interesting and kept me going during my isolation. Your humor and honesty reminds me of myself. Lol. Keep up the great work brother. 🙏🏽

  111. Hi mate….been trying to find a garage that does turbocharging for motorcycle…have u run across any one doing that…I’m here in issarn…

  112. Great video! It’s always nice to see different perspectives on things, even if it’s questions from people. Absolutely love your channel, for the simple fact that you do different things outside of the box. I love Thailand, and there is always something new to see, every time I go. Keep the content coming, love your videos.

  113. Absolute GOLD 🥇, Chad! I am going to have to watch it again. So good/informational. (Loved the Chick Filet comment as well. Lol)

  114. Hey chad! You should go to Philippines! Shout out watching from thailand! We are going home to philippines this coming 15th of May. We dont have work here anymore!

  115. Sometimes a video doesn’t need to be high flying and exhilarating. This video was very insightful and interested. Thank you Chad 👍🏻

  116. Great video I hope one day I see you in my travels as I always travel South East Asia, Austarlia, New Zealand and Europe for work even during these time in Dubai now for a holiday cant wait to see the longtail video.

  117. Thank you, Chad. That was a fantastic video. Honest, genuine and to the point without any nonsense! I’m going to go with your recommendation on Lumafusion. I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator fairly well, but LF may be a better starting point for videos. I’ve posted a couple already, but only one of them I filmed (one of my motorcycles a few years ago). I have a lot to learn but am eager to start trying.

  118. Love the channel and the content ,I’ve always fancied visiting Thailand for the food and beautiful islands ,the thai people are always really friendly and happy people….. looking forward to seeing you next video 👍🏼😊

  119. Man its hard to believe your at 314K. Started following watching just under 1000 subs. That hustle and hard work is paying off. My Favorite youtuber to watch 100. Can’t wait for the next motorbike tour and car event. I’m about to go back to the Tail of the dragon and Cherohala skyway May 16th. I’ll be on the look out for a CB Media Sticker lol

  120. This was great…besides the content of your videos, your personality is what makes your show/ ‘filmed’ adventures so good!! I can’t wait to start traveling e.

  121. Like for the freedom answer. 90% of people won’t ever understand, the same people who are stuck in their home countries doing a 9-5

  122. This channel and Chad is the real deal. Also here in St Pete Florida we have the firestone grand prix where indy cars race throughout downtown city streets

  123. Hi Chad I have no clue how to make Videos but I loved your explanation still none the wiser but I adore your channel keep going respect from the UK

  124. I remember your worries on the progression of your awesome channel and your pleas for support. How awesome to watch the production

  125. YouTube sucks I make… if i have to wrap it up I make money on how much cases I get in a year…. maybe 3-4 million yeah some thing like that and I never work more than 5 hours a day some day I make a 100k in a phone call so fuck YouTube

  126. Hello, I lived in thailand on and off for awhile. I saw you crashed your rental bike and have not returned it yet. We did the same twice. What we did was took it to a local shop and got a estimate. It was way cheaper than the rental place so we got a fender replaced and scratches removed for 800 baht vs the 2000 baht the rental place wanted. good luck and keep making videos we watch them all

  127. Well done on creating a decent revenue stream which provides you with your lifestyle in the sun, remember to keep some back for a rainy day!

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