Cebu City: Day 2 General Community Quarantine – Ayala Central Bloc Mall

***Sorry the video is very bouncy, I could not use my Gimbal, I didn’t want to attract attention to myself taking a video at the mall*** I take a walk around a local mall during the 2nd day of the GCQ. Not much is going on in the mall as you can see.

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  1. Cebu is now under GCQ? hopefully my family members can start working now.

    You can actually film inside the mall. A lot of foreign abd Filipino vloggers do.

  2. Magandag Hapon Po! Great information and Observation. I heard Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags are on sale, straight from Rodeo Drive. (Joke Lang)
    Glad to see people are slowly returning to work.
    Maraming Salamat

  3. Cant wait until tourists can come back to PI.

    Btw, what do you thonk of the new ridiculous visa laws in vn? Would you still return?

  4. Question… did they require u to show your pass to enter ? Reekay said he needed to at Ayala. Yesterday we went to landers,just showed membership card and we both able to go in. Did not have to show any ECQ pass. At S/R one membership per one person allowed to enter and must have ECQ pass I stayed outside..Their was a check point to go to mandaue (S/R) just showed ECQ pass.

  5. My 8 week trip to Cebu in May and June 2020 was cancelled due to the virus 🤪 it looks like I didn’t miss any action in the new Ayala Mall 😝 reschedule for 2021 I hope🤞

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