Cebu City: *ECQ Update 6/21/2020* The mystery of why Cebu has so many cases continues.

I walk around Cebu Business Park and show you my new neighborhood and talk about what’s happening during ECQ.

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  1. I thought we might hear a rant today but got disappointed. Careful with that wind noise. Missed a little bit due to the wind. Take care and stay healthy.

  2. Geez Jayson I got this gut feeling you never seen my reply to you on your last video. Well anyway good to see that you got your stuff there. All the best with your new place

  3. Wow! another nice location “Cebu Business Park” I miss the place it has improved a lot since I have left Cebu to work abroad for 10 years now, went on vacation but I didn’t get a chance to go there coz we chose to visit the new malls like SM Seaside and IL Corso but hopefully, God’s will, next year I will be coming back in the Phil. for good


    those who have RECOVERED from COVID should be given a “GREEN PASS” to work anytime, whether their job is a non-essential one, like hair salon

    or — any business / company (especially non-essential ones) having 60% of the workforce had already RECOVERED from COVID — may keep the business open

    i know this is a long shoot for the moon 🌒 at least i’m thinking forward — financially & economically


    also, those who have RECOVERED should be allowed to go out anytime, anywhere without the need of an ECQ Pass

    their “GREEN PASS” is their license or SPECIAL permit to allow them to do the normal activities as finding & securing food, etc.

    i hope the Cebu City Government & The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) may look into this special consideration for the RECOVERED individuals of COVID that had been left out of place

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