Cebu City: *ECQ Update 6/28/2020* A tour around a different part of Cebu Business Park.

I take a different tour around Cebu Business Park and give a small update on what’s going on here in the Philippines and around Asia. – Check out thekingleeway’s channel to get a Korean American’s take on South Korea.

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  1. Jayson I picked up something from your video and that is the wedding block party you mentioned and that the officials were pissed about. I’ll be out early tomorrow to be sure of getting some supplies of beer before these officials have their Monday morning meeting and possibly cancel liquor sales like they did before..Be Safe Jayson

  2. Thank you for your updates always, Sir. I always look forward to watching your videos. By the way that is where my office is located, in Keppel or Kepwealth bldg. Hoping for more updates soon.

  3. Here in the UK we can travel from July 6th, we are off to Amsterdam, its gonna be a long old journey if you stay in PH, I would get out asap, however you cant go to Thailand Vietnam Indonesia or Malaysia, South Korea is an option by my god no way it’s worth spending that much just to leave.

  4. Another nice video. Thanks for the update. By the way…your logo happens to be on the bottom left corner of the video on my phone…so keep it up my friend. πŸ‘

  5. Another good video. If have been trying to get some medicine that only is carried in Cebu City around here. All they say is, will get back to you, so anyone get plenty of your meds now as it will get harder in coming days. Lastly, anyone know why Chris in Cebu has not been doing any videos lately?

  6. TheKingLeeWay popped up on my recommended list a couple of weeks ago. I’ve watched some of his videos. AFAIK Indonesia has the worst case in Southeast Asia. I guess Jeff Bezos is not the richest man for nothing.

  7. Cebu Province, which is more than just this island, has now had 950 cases and around 700 of those are still active. Talisay City is the largest contributor to that with 232 cases, 105 active. Lapu-Lapu City has now had 468 cases of which 340 are active. And Mandaue City is somewhere north of 700 cases with around 575 still active. All 4 cities may end up ECQ next week, but I suspect Talisay City may stay GCQ. We’ve logged 73 new cases this week, but 33 recoveries take that to a gain of 40. In either case, I’m over 60 and nothing changes for me 😞

  8. Did you get a new Quarantine pass? I heard all Cebu city passes were made void. Military coming in to arrest people going outside? Guess they are not doing that in your area?

  9. wow, so much ads in this video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ need to be patient for you.. still nice content.. i work before at Landers .. Rustans is more safer for you to keep away from infected.. coz Landers is near Bario Luz where more positive patienst there

  10. Thanks for the updates. Its sad Cebu is back to be a ghost town…..more getting hungry, and no job…. I think that the people need to take more responsibilities. The Government cannot stop the spread only the people can. Hope this is a lesson to be learnt. This 2-steps forward and 3-step backward is not good at all.

  11. Interesting Video. My GF and I stated a week in Cebu at the Maayo hotel in a suite before going to Bohol. Cebu looks like a ghost town compared to when we were there. I hope things get better there.

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