Cebu City: Why I left.

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I talk about why I decided to leave and what the future will hold.

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  1. Yeah same as the reasons we left Cebu city last month Jayson. The pass got kinda of annoying. lol. Which one of the 50 did you land at with your shared journey. Here in New York and northeast are safest parts of country. Some of the hardest hit parts of Queens NY during the pandemic, over 40 % showed antibodies to the u know what. Be safe and be sure to wash your elbows Jayson.

  2. That is unfortunate. I rather enjoyed your Philippines videos… One of the very few that I watch and tolerate because there’s no annoying royalty free (youtube allowed) music or boring drone footage that is so overdone. But I also understand your reasoning for coming back to the west. Safe Journey home, friend!

  3. Thailand are kicking out the foreigners and theres a bit of racism going on such as banning foreigners in restaurants, for tourist and expats that’s Visas are about to end before sept 26 should fly out of the country, my visa is about to end in sept 3, however I’m going out today to meet with an agency who can help me extend my stay for another year 🤫 its expensive and corrupt but I’d rather be here than go back to Philippines because I know it’s more insane there. I hope next year when I go home, its better. I missed Philippines but its insane the way they are handling things, whereas Thailand don’t have a hysteria.

  4. May I ask, for my own future reference – do you have any feedback about your stay in Solinea (I noticed the location tag) , eg, gripes, good/not so good, noise (walls ok, or can hear neighbours?). Cheers

  5. My heart dropped when you said your going home, i totally understand why though. I was supposed to move to Cebu this year but going by how slow they are opening everything up theres no chance of it happening this year. I imagine you are going out of your mind stuck unable to do anything. Have safe travel home and hope you settle in ok.

  6. cases in Cebu City for 3 weeks has gone down now, the highest case within 3 weeks is 27, mostly less than 20 and less than 10, active cases are 1,200 out of more than 9,000 as of yesterday, while Lapu Lapu City and Mandaue City, the active cases are more than 200. Talisay City, Consolacion and Minglanilla, the active cases are less than 100, this September, GCQ areas in Cebu will be downgraded to MGCQ but there are still restrictions to control the people as the virus is not yet over. By the way I will be missing your vlog in Cebu

  7. Thank you very much for all your videos, my wife and me still in germany, wating that flights will go cebu. But I agree, better in this pandemic to stay at home, even its also not easy in germany (or USA) but better all of us stay in the home country. And you see, in europe they open the borders and now the cases are going up again. Hopefully the vaccine is available beginning of next year, before nothing will go back to normal I think. Take care, be safe and thank you so much again for your news from Cebu because it was much information for me. If you come back one time there you are very welcome to visit us in Bantayan Island. Bye for now, Andy

  8. I figured that you were heading back to the US. I agree with you, at this point, not much reason to hang here. Thinking of heading out also and coming back after all of this blows over.

  9. During the Corona virus out of all the Asian countries The Philippines has been the most reckless, un-thoughtful, selfish, and just down right irritating, I used to watch video from 8Miles From Home, they always said if there was anywhere to be during the virus it was in the Philippines, but this is just not true, The Philippines has gone way way overboard, which country do you need a pass to get out…? none just the Philippines, it’s just ridiculous, on top of all of this they dont even hand out ENOUGH passes, I hear some people have to borrow them

  10. Thanks for all your nice videos out of cebu… It’s the right decision to stay at a other place, because the stupid lockdown steal your freedom in cebu city… All the best to your my youtube friend… I hope to hear again in the future from you.. 👋🏻

  11. I can’t blame you Jason, it’s a good time to see family, get new bank cards, take care of business….it’s actually a smart move! I should be in the Philippines around March 2021 that’s if this crap is gone. looking forward to your next video!

  12. Have a safe flight and Good luck in Seattle Jason. Be safe there
    Not sure if it’s as crazy as Portland. Resetting myself in socal till whenever… Maybe see you next year somewhere in PH. Who knows
    Peace ✌️

  13. Quick question, hope you can answer. Did you have issues with cancelled flights when you booked your trip back to US? Where you required to have a Covid test to transit through Doha or to enter the US? If yes, validity period from swab or result date? What other paperwork did you need to fly home (travel pass, medical cert, barangay pass)? My return flight is not until October (Asiana) but they might still be non operational so I need to reassess.

  14. If youre coming from the US you’ll have a hard time coming back in Asia if you’re just a tourist. US is the worst right now. Even Europe are not accepting tourist from the US it’ll be awhile before American tourists can freely travel around the world.

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