Cebu Cost of Living & Filipina Online Dating Sites

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  2. Great vid bro. Im gonna need this info in a few months. Now that things are finally trying to open up im looking forward to seeing my Nannai soon. Everyone needs to listen to this guy. Ive been following him for years and his advice is ALWAYS SPOT ON!!!

  3. I was saying to myself about your back ground you had a back ground with swimming pool and a outside gorgeous site. I was thinking you came from a rich family.

  4. My girlfriend I know for 4 months now she never asked for no money she she works in the shopping mall And I am happy about this one chap 🙂🙂

  5. You have such excellent advice for people. Just wish they would all listen. Best part is “What is she cooking her husband for dinner?” Spoken by someone who has been there!

  6. Hello Henry and always very true about online dating sites. No matter how MUCH TIME you all have spent messaging or video chatting, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for when you finally get there and really start to observe her habits, her flaws, and her mannerism!!
    Talk to some on the dating sites 3 months before you travel and try to get a real feel of each of them. Then travel there and meet up with each of them during your 2 or 3 week vacation (most of us have limited time). You will soon SENSE who is more or less attracted and COMPATIBLE to you.

  7. Great advice on the dating sites Reekay. Many of the filipina women are there to collect long distance boyfriends, so they can have multiple men sending them money every month. My rule is I don’t send any money unless I met them in person first, and that’s what I tell them when they ask.

  8. In my opinion your the best resource to get all the right answers to coming to the Philippines. I started out listening to your vlogs in 2015 and admittedly haven’t followed you as of late, but my advice to anyone who’s a first timer liking to make that big step to go to Philippines, this is the man to follow. I did and fast forward till now and I’ve been a few times and now happily married to a filipina, which make the best wives by the way. I met mine on Asian dating and very risky move I admit but as Reekay explains you have to pay attention to the red flags in the beginning, like asking money right off the bat etc.. Good luck to all!!!!

  9. Listen to Reekay guys don’t simp on these girls, my advice to you stop talking to these girls online until you are on the ground in the Philippines,stop being thirsty there’s alot to go around Philliphines will never run out. The reason why guys are eager to talk to these girls it”s like you are trying to book her pussy so that when you are there, she is your’s and this is the reason why alot of guys throw money so you have the guarantee of her being with you, stop being taken advantage off.

  10. An easy way to see if your Filipina girl friend is telling you the truth is to look at her FB page and any other social media sites she’s on. Filipinas can’t control the need to post their life on FB, that’s why they photograph every meal they eat. If she has a hubby or children, you can bet they are on there. If she refuses to give you her name for those sites, get rid of her. If she refuses to Skype with you, she’s a man. If she asks for money in your conversations with her, she’s scamming you. Some girls ask for money within minutes of meeting and some can control themselves and wait till you’re interested, but they both have the same agenda.
    I must have went through 20 to 25 women before I found a keeper. Be aware of scammers, but keep looking, there are plenty of good women in the Philippines.

  11. Are you back in the Philippines yet, there accepting ssrv , it will still be about 3 months before I will be able to travel and hopefully much more there is back to normal,, 😊

  12. Video Pen Pal, absolutely Correct. Guys will do what they do but Iceberg Theory pretty much sums it up. Listen to the man (Reekay) from experience, he knows from what he speaks. For me I could never see myself getting serious with someone that I have not Met in Person and even then it takes time.

  13. Reekay since you left for LA in April the cost of Everything is increasing here. Of course $3000+ is still good but I think $1400 is getting tighter by the day especially for 2 people.

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