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  1. What an awesome view thanks for sharing Mike wishing you and Gracie good health and happiness, hopefully Thailand opens without retractions soon 🙏

  2. hi Mike & Graice + MOM”S & DAD”S// I would say that about myself always ON //but i love what i do // I do Meditation 10 to 20 mins per day //MIKE this is you – (You look the best when your totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach on a hot day !!!) Because i have seen your old video’s // you can Wax your legs or listen to BKK.FM it’s your choice// USPS BIG HELL YES

  3. Very deep. Certainly relate to the stresses of work. Interesting view of mini retirements. Certainly think I have had a few , one of which was Thailand. Keep the vids coming and have a great day

  4. Hey Mike, Thailand is destroying their economy because of poor planning and it might take years now for it to fully recover. So sad because I was there when it was booming and it must be a bit depressing to see what’s been happening there for the past couple of years.

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