Chiang Khan It is not Just About The Destination, it’s about the Adventure. เชียงคาน

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  1. Why just now when I was doing something else. I will watch the video later… argh… I should do something else, I hope that there is a very long footage from supermarket

  2. Hello Chuck, enjoyed the video. Always good to see new places in Thailand. I’ve wanted to ask this question before, but what is that image on your trucks headliner just in front of the rear view mirror?

  3. Now This Is Better Than Bangkok! A skywalk, different snacks, good shopping, and a river view. You spoil the ladies.
    I think I saw Manapua for sale. Yum! You Rock!

  4. Good you did the Sky Walk, it’s a great view & experience. Did it at Xmas. Amusing to see some people freak out lol. It’s a beautiful area of Thailand

  5. Hi Paige .
    * Please tell Chuck he is a wonderful videographer . The “white lotus temple” on the water and the fish … lovely.
    * The PTT gas station outdoor toilet “professional cleaner” – yup , get used to it
    * What a beautiful town!

  6. I like that town and all the interesting shops and food to eat. Your video are really different and show the real life in Thailand. Having the Mafia and gang along makes the extra fun in the trip. I gotta go to that Skywalk. Keep trucking!!🙏🏼⭐️⭐️🤗

  7. Only the ‘Star Trek’ fans are going to appreciate this one, but here goes. Sometimes, Chuck on his night market trips with the camera reminds me of ‘Mr.Spock on an away mission with his tricorder. Then Chuck says ‘in-ter-est-ing’ in the same way Mr.Spock used to say “fa-scin-at-ing’.

  8. Heyy Chuck Paige Mafias , u you’ve Made my Day Guys my wife been smiling all Day taking about the Fish a big thank you for sharing and to the fish Chris

  9. Wow thoroughly enjoyed everything 😀 crammed pack full, thank you for sharing 🙏 temple so stunning, looks like a lotus flower sitting out on the water, the ceiling was beautiful too. Got a good giggle with the frozen beer 😂

  10. Beer through a straw,, thats different..

    While watching your video, I was drinking a Chang Classic (ice cold) in Perth Western Australia… life may not be good, but its OK.. 🙂

  11. The intro and cinematography (video quality) with cool vibe music is awesome. The ‘Happy Valentines’ kiss with Paige and mother in-law is very sweet. Great video Chuck and hope this trip is as wonderful for all as it is for us viewers (we love travelling with your family).

  12. My desire to return to Thailand is not to see the new super malls and restaurants but stalls with things for sale food stalls. People in small towns

    Beautiful place toeristische i like it
    You are good son in law they take care of you like king,prince,keizer,👍👍👍👍👌👏👏👏👏😇😂😀😁😊🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

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