China Brags about having Stellar Human Rights! What BS!

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  1. Ha! Hahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if killing sixty-five million of your own people is stellar human rights, I wonder what they consider a violation of human rights…

  2. Easy for them to say they’ve improved if they don’t operate on the same definition. For instance they’ve eliminated absolutely poverty but not living in poverty is not what we think is a human right.

  3. Oh, the CCP thought it was inhuman rights. They have a hard time understanding the meaning. They are the champions of inhuman rights for themselves.

  4. In my humble opinion , there is a difference between human rights , freedom of talk and national security . I think in China you can have human right and freedom as long as you are not touching politics , and politics is part of national security . Nowadays , many countries in Europe including America there is no much human rights when it comes to politics and protesting , however we can’t look at China the same way we look at Europe coz each country has its own situation and different conditions , just like me and you , we can apply my life conditions in yours .

  5. The Uyghur people in China now face state surveillance, religious restrictions, sterilisations, forced abortions, organ harvesting, imprisonments and executions. Children of ethnic minorities are placed into camps. It is estimated over a million have been detained and an additional 2 million have been subjected to re-education and indoctrination programs.
    China is engaged in widespread harvesting of human organs from persecuted religious and the ethnic minorities.
    Prisoners of conscience often convicted of nothing are the primary source of pillaged organs. They include Uyghurs, Tibetans and Christians, but are overwhelmingly Falun Gong practitioners, long dehumanised in party state media throughout China.

  6. Thanks for telling the true and only true, liked your livestream, i’ve just wonder how many people listen to your truly talk? That what exactly inside China running by CCP. Do never ever trust or believe what CCP said guys, the world please….Thanks again

  7. I bet the Chinese leadership genuinely want to help their citizens though. As opposed to say the corrupt American government whos bought by corporations, who only care about lining their own pockets.

  8. “HUman rights” is bullshit term that gets pulled every time that Agenda want to attack their target through UN or that the need political justification for some step.
    BTW, if that topic is so important to you, how come you are silent about the fact that BOTH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES were bought by several sides ( China being just one of them) ?
    Surely, you’d have to be furious to see President Of “The Land Of the Free” being Commie prostitute ?
    And not just president, VP etc. Everyone inbetween has chosen to cash out his/her role in American Dream.

  9. Also important to remember when people use the lifting out of poverty argument is that the international poverty line is 1.9 dollars a day.
    Rural China has it’s own poverty line of 2300 yuan a year. Roughly 0.9 dollar a day.

    If you earn 1 dollar in Africa you will be considered in poverty but in China you will not.

    Lowering the bar is an easy way to lift people up.

    I have family in rural China. People there have not been lifted out of anything. They work hard and appreciate what little they have. They are strong but they have been let down.

  10. As someone who grew up in Eastern Europe, this is all so true. I had the luck and fortune be born at the end of the existence of the Eastern Bloc but what my parents and grandparents told me and lived through, this all sounds eerily familiar.

  11. Excellent video as always. I wish one day the whole planet , and not only the west, find a way to deal with this issue instead of turning a blind eye, especially on brutality to people

  12. A great way to lift people out of poverty is to redefine what poverty is. If you deny it is poverty, then you have lifted people out of poverty. A trick the British Tories are pulling as well.

  13. China CCP owes the U.S. $1.6T in century-old Chinese debt (Railroad bonds); bonds that offer Trump unique leverage against Chinese CCP. China CCP must PAY! China CCP already paid U.K. investors in 1997, so there is precedent!

  14. China CCP is going to collapse. Chinese CCP has already moved $10 trillion in cash/assets out of China. If you don’t believe this, just ask Ren Zhi-Qiang, Xu Zhang-Run, Hao Hai-Dong, Cai Xia, Chen Guang-Cheng, & Gao Zhi-Sheng. They ALL know the truth of what I’m saying.

  15. Winston: I have watched you for years. You are spot on..I spent a lot of time in China the last 5 years. As a tourist but I spent 2 months each visit for 8 visits. Now they are bringing their bullshit to my door in America. Stay Awesome..

  16. CCP said you have the right to protest, but you must registered in order to protest. You go to register they throw you in jail.

  17. China keeps doing and the world keeps giving them a free pass no one else can get away with what they do it is frustrating as hell but the CCP stopping Aussie coal is impacting China power outages now more frequent CCP bullying Australia is now coming back on their own people but as stated CCP wont give a dam the people can freeze just to save face.

  18. China must have a different definition of “human rights”. Maybe its the language barrier. Or maybe the CCP’s full of shit and have no morals. Hope you’re well, hope you have a nice Christmas & New year. ☃️🎅🎄 Blessings from Scotland. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎉 Edit: if it’s one big thing you’ve shown its how hard working the Chinese people are and how SELF reliant they are. I bet only a very small amount of the aid from the rest of the world has ever ended up in the people that need it most hands. Is such a shame. 😔

  19. It would be nice to see the main stream media take a more proactive interest in the peoples lives in China. What we see on YouTube with China destroying peoples houses makes me sad and angry at the same time.Main stream media should be letting the world know how Chinese fishing fleet is raping our oceans and don’t care, that’s why they need to fish elsewhere as I have ever fished their own area.


  21. 70% of china under water at some point this year alone.
    Multiple chemical plant exploaions and leaks, 70 000 cars , at least leaking into watersheds that don’t really exist, millions displaced, graineries on fire from corruption and poison, theft of property, persecution of citizens worldwide, locusts, bubonic plague in the north, earthquakes, landslides, the poor eating diseased and open markets, tofu buildings and bridges, artificial , lying, corrupt, stealing officials, welding people in their homes, public beatings, GENOCIDE, international fraud and bullying of nations, decimating the sea life globally, stealing of information, suppression of freedom, poisoning of the innocent and naive, i have 40 more reasons….don’t you??????

  22. Hey Winston, did you see theodd1sout video “good person”? had some guy called “quinston” in it, with “30k on insta” according to the lyrics. is something going on here? lol

  23. CCP defenders always boast the possibility that in china you can criticize the local government officials over some minor trivial issues.
    In most countries you can do that, and also criticize the inner circles…

  24. Guess what? it may not happen as easily or as often, but it can happen in the US also.
    It’s called “Civil Forfeiture”
    It’s called “The IRS”,
    It’s called “Civil Penalties”,
    It’s called: “being forced to plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit to stay out of jail”
    and it’s called Child Support via Friend of the Court.

  25. This is actually scary. If democracies won’t be able to “get their s**t together”, it could mean a dawn of neo-feodal dark ages for humanity.

  26. Chiang Kai Shek was no saint but China would have been much better off if the Kuomintang had won the Civil War. There would not have been mass starvation and China might even have democratized by now.

  27. Hey guys, I just want to point out that the Chinese government doesn’t decide what is considered to be below or above, the poverty level. Also if you compare the Chinese to other to other Countries , they have brought people above people above what is considered the poverty level at a rapid rate. It’s not perfect, it’s not even good (it’s quite bad), I’m not defending Communism, but this is objectively true. I do agree with Winston in that, it is the Chinese people not the CCP.

  28. even with this pandemic , china gets a free pass. eg. they lockdown the UK with a population of 5 million and people mostly living in separate houses. yet in wuhan, they have a population of 30 million all living in apartments yet they are now free to have pool parties.

  29. If I were POTUS, I’d recognize Taiwan as sovereign to piss the CCP off. Why should we have to play by mainland China’s rules when they stomp on as much freedom as possible?

  30. Step 1: Kick China off U.N. Human Rights Council – what an utter farce and embarrassment that the UN has them on there. Step 2: Expose their abuses Step 3: World condemnation and other measures as needed.

  31. I feel your anger and your passion all i can say is i hope the nations of the world hold China to account. Keep up the good work and good health to you and your family.

  32. Thanks for mentioning that the upload would be a bit late today, in the podcast last night; those of us that pay attention are certainly appreciative.

  33. I have the feeling that the key point in the tweet is “for all its people” meaning those who are considered very good citizens by the Chinese Government.

  34. China lies to the world on almost everything, and yet they expect everyone to be nice to them to “save face”. I feel terrible for the people that have to live under this.

  35. How I wish there was a person like you who covered events in Russia: corruption, murder and the poisoning of opposition (Navalny). 😉

  36. We American’s need some of that harsh reality China has. Currently our “civilization” is run by Kardashians, BLM, climate idiocy, covid-19 nonsense, war-time-profits, and all sorts of other nonsense. Once China finishes their take over of America they’ll probably get rid of the aforementioned as if it were just a step to cleaning up an obvious problem. So isn’t their government much better than ours and shouldn’t we be hoping the finish the take over as quickly as possible?

  37. One point is that everyone seems to have forgotten is that Coronavirus originated in China and they hidden it from the world.. and now the whole world is paying for it.. and China is the only country in the world that have positive GDP this year🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 wake up people… BOYCOTT CHINA!!!

  38. ive seen the statistic of “850 million lifted out of poverty” repeated by wumaos all over facebook. it never gets fact checked or has a warning below it. but criticism of china is regularly flagged as fake news or whatever.

  39. When it comes to lifting people out of poverty, you’re spot on. After the war Japan did economically amazingly well whereas China did not. No one cared about Japan’s rise but today we are all jealous of China’s “rise”, or so Chinese state run media wants us to believe. China is full of shit, all fake bs which they present as a facade to mask their atrocities.

  40. Back in 1960 China where everybody starved and probably 90% of Chinese people were living on 90 cents a day, now that has probably shrunk to 10% of the Chinese people. In this case, CCP did lift people out of poverty.

  41. Hell yeah Winston! Thank you for telling it like it is! The world needs more people like you that expose the disgusting, scabby underbelly beneath the façade that the CCP tries to have the world believe.



  42. Iam so sad that my Nations Government are walking hand in hand with the CCP Globalist agenda , you can imagine my shock some time ago after the so called outbreak of Covid when an article here in Ireland described how a California research lab was joining a venture with WUXI China research company to build a Bio Research lab here in Dundalk Ireland at the cost of almost 500 million Euros , this of course came out shortly after they passed abortion laws here , coincidense ? Ithink not , not to mention The Irish dot Gov gang gave the CCP a lisence to do offshore oil exploration rights in the atlantic , hmmm , odd but the marine and wildlife were already paid millions by the irish tax payer to map the irish waters , and more than likely also carried out the oil exploration survey , so now they must be sifling off the irish peoples much needed resources and money , which is a sovereign resource . Makes me mad too , God help us all in this Devils world of corruption . Love the car show vids , much respect , followed you guys for years as you drifted across China , what a beutiful place .

  43. P.s. i am from Canada, i have to source my intel from elsewhere. Sick trudeau will not allow truth into our country, spread the word. Knowledge is power my friends. Let it flow!!!

  44. Recently, I’m watching western history, the destroying history relics, the killing of people who don’t have the same believes. The Christians were doing exact same thing to the Pagans.

  45. I was in the textile and garment business in San Francisco. After China open up 1984 by early 90’ my factory folded up because all order go to China.
    Then our government want to control the garment import to US, they come up the textile quota system. This become an instant commodity in China. The quota cost is added on the cost of the products. So the consumer paying directly to the CCP. This is now CCP got rich and the workers got nothing. I would say CCP pocket trillion and trillion dollars.

  46. My University Prof of Law visits China regularly to teach about our German Constitution in all its forms. The Students watch him talking like as if he was an alien 👀

  47. I heard this so many times, its the standard go to argument for anyone trying to defend the CCP, they lifted so many people out of poverty, such big contribution to human rights… Thanks for this video debunking this once and for all. Its like if nazi germany won the second world war and built a few synagogues here and there and were bragging about how they contribute to jewish life in europe

  48. That you for speaking up about this! I try to educate my family and friends about these issues, and most people seem completely uneducated on what China is really doing.

  49. Can somebody please explain how they got rid of co vid? I don’t see how they could have. Either they are lying, or the rest of the planet is? a little bit of both maybe? 
    It doesn’t make scientific sense.

  50. None of our governments have good records on human rights. Or populations who want human rights.

    Consider- the 2 yo ejected from a flight for not wearing a mask.

    Our govts fail us.

  51. There are so many countries with appauling human rights records in the UN, that want to give China their support and ensure they sit as a permanent member of the Security Council. Countries in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia that have no respect for minority rights, individual human rights.

  52. No offense unless you don’t fit the arian race in america then you have no oppositions to state any information about human rights and the billions killed by americans internal and external.

  53. Winston, your logic is completely wrong. The CCP was responsible for China’s cultural revolution (devolution), and the CCP is also responsible for where China got to today. They are responsible for both, which is why the CCP is able to at least take partial credit for guiding China to where it is, the average Chinese citizen, and the talent of other Chinese citizens, takes the remaining credit. Not all CCP policies make sense, nor is the CCP free from corruption, but to me, an authoritarian governance system can make sense for countries with certain levels of development, including the level one China is at right now. Btw, you should know that South Korea and Taiwan were authoritarian, just like China, for most of their industrialization and development. And it’s not clear which type of system is best suited for the coming world… to me, there is a small possibility the China model may prove more suitable for certain types of problems, so I think it’s best to take a wait and see attitude.
    Winston, I strongly suggest you open up your mind and eyes to new ideas, if you want to have a conversation, just respond.

  54. Winston, did you see the Twitter posts by Reuters about Wuhan? I got a good laugh at the propaganda. Anyway, excellent video as always. You got some wild haters in the comments. Must have miserable lives! 🤪 Merry Christmas!

  55. Just watched tremble and obey on four corners about tiananmen square massacre. Its funny how they really brag about human rights when they killed so many students back then and suppressed the news from the Chinese Citizens.

  56. I know that there’s other/worse things but, just the fact that the CCP can make anyone disappear for any reason at all, is enough to tell anyone and everyone that they don’t have any Human Rights at all.

  57. Doesn’t anyone think it strange that nobody is holding China to account in the western media, they don’t even TALK about how China caused coronavirus let alone do anything else to hold them to account. They are winning and people aren’t realising this

  58. If anyone believes China is looking after its citizens then they have a fundamental misunderstanding of capitalism. Why would all these companies like Nike and Zara have factories in China if it weren’t specifically profitable due to being able to exploit their biggest resource, human labour??? Think morons…

  59. It’s all about the concrete block buildings and rentals to control everyone and everything but you can see No technology can save the world …..

  60. I’d love for you to feature a report on the lack of basic freedoms you find in China (and other countries) that you don’t find in Amerika, like:
    1. you can walk down the street drinking a beer.
    2. you can drive with open liquor in the car (as in Germany).
    3. you can drink while driving (as in Germany).
    4. You are not forced to participate in someone else’s prayers, god anthems, god pledges and god on currency.
    5. Women have the right to control their own procreation.
    I’m sure there are lots of others.

  61. it says it all that at the beginning of the pandemic, china restricted movement within china – but allowed travel outside of china. people from wuhan could not travel to beijing, but they could travel to any other country.

  62. It’s the same thing in Canada for most of what you described.
    You come across the wrong person, you say the wrong thing or they claim you did… and you lose your job.
    You can even loose your life.
    And there’s no recourse against the government.
    They keep taking my money and I can’t so no.|
    Journalists get arrested here in Canada.
    People fall for this crap as you say because they only pay attention to money.

  63. The only way to stop this is by not buying Chinese made products. Which is impossible. This comment was posted by an American with a chinese made phone.

  64. You’re doing such good work. Knowledge is power, and you can only take advantage of the working class for so long until big changes will start to happen. I really hope the best for the Chinese people, and the absolute worst for anyone working or representing the CCP.

  65. Seems that your view of China is quite outdated and one-sided. You claim to like China and want China to improve but the propaganda you put on your channel shows otherwise.

  66. Say What you About China It’s Better Than America
    China is the Greatest Country in the World Regardless
    America is Right Wing Patriarchy Fascistic Dystopia With a Broken Democracy
    That has Wage Slavery, Marginalizes LGBT & Minorites, is the Biggest Threat to
    Humanity The Country is Run by Billionaire Megalomaniacs, Is Extremely Corrupt, A pessimistic Hateful Society With No Love and Horrible Public Services

  67. it has nothing to do with actually having human rights, its just the rest of the world or whoever is listening needs to THINK they have it. Face and perception is everything to them. They’ve figured out this old trick from the beginning

  68. The UN and all its subsidiaries are communist organizations and always have been since their inception. They are not care about human rights etc. that is just their ruse to suck the fools in. They are about total authoritarian control by a technocratic elite. The globalists that created the UN and built China are introducing China as the new model society. The globalist controlled media pushes the China propaganda. This is the authoritarian model they wish to role out world wide. So they own it all and everybody else has nothing. Agenda 21/ great reset / cashless society / robotics / medical tyranny / climate con job / smart cities / 24/7 surveillance / internet of things etc. China is 100% lock stock and barrel owned and controlled by globalist bankers. The Chinese don’t even have a say in it.

  69. I am Chinese. China has human rights. Don’t accuse us of China’s lack of human rights. Because we live in China. No one has more say than us. We are living well.
    There are 310,000 deaths in the United States. Capital controls the US government. Make these people die.
    The US has better medical facilities than China. However, 310,000 people died.
    This is the biggest human rights crisis of this century.

  70. Human rights? And what about Tibetans, Mongolians, Uyghurs, Falun Gong practitioners, Hong Kongers? Or in the eyes of the CCP they are not considered humans?

  71. I salute you for your never ending battle to educate the WEST about the the reality of China and the CCP. Your biggest obstacle is the basic lack of knowledge that Westerners have about China. Most Westerners have only learned of China through the propaganda perpetrated by the CCP or by their left wing educators in their own countries. Thanks for fighting the good fight, no matter how disheartening it must seem to you. “Never give up, never surrender”.

  72. Well, you live in the US, which has been killing people around the world daily for decades, serious wars and attacks on innocent people. China isn´t doing that, at least not on a scale anything close to the US.

  73. I’m no fan of the CCP, but this channel has become basically political porn for “commie hating” type conservatives. Look no further than the comments for evidence. I get that your circumstances have changed, but this channel doesn’t feel like it has actual substance anymore.

  74. When you showed the video of the police taking the woman away, you didn’t explain the video. There was no sound in the video.

    Can I go to the United States, record a video of a beggar on the streets of New York, and deny the development of the United States?

    Then in the 64 Tiananmen Square incident, the soldiers were tied up and burned to death. If you did the same thing in the United States, would the police still be polite to you?
    Then ask those companies in the West, how much money do they make in China? You said that they have been losing money in order to provide jobs in China.

    At the time, it was said that during the Cultural Revolution and famine, it was in the 1960s. May I ask what the United States was doing in the 1960s. If I remember correctly, there seemed to be many restaurants in the United States that did not allow black people to eat in restaurants.
    If you say that there are still people in poverty in China today, don’t the West? Citizens of Western countries are all billionaires?

    Then why when I was going to school in a highly developed country like Switzerland, someone asked me for a pack of cigarettes because they couldn’t afford cigarettes.

    Before CPC liberated Tibet, do you know what Tibet was like? Slavery! The slaves were chained up and forced to work.

  75. Do you have a conscience? Unobjective comments that only tell lies that are full of prejudice. People like you spread lies everywhere, which is blasphemy of freedom of speech

  76. no government in this world develops or creates jobs. its the byproduct of their policy that creates opportunity for companies to take advantage of which results in the company creating jobs. How can you argue that the CCP didnt create any jobs or lifted people out of poverty, when no other government in this world does the same. Thats not how a government system works. It’ll be like that if this was a true communist state where the government owned the companies. But China is not. Its a capitalistic runned economy in a communistic runned government.

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