China DEPORTED him for making a FACEBOOK post!

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  1. as a chinese person it baffles me that non-chinese people want to try to make any sort of living in that hell hole. like even vacationing there is dumb as fuck

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t immediately confiscate Jeffry’s phone.

    This is a horrifying circumstance from start to finish. I would be enraged to have all those “law enforcement officers” staying in the same apartment with my family especially with a dang pandemic going on!! I am glad that Jeffry pushed backed in some regards to maintain his family’s dignity. Frak the CCP.

  3. OMG this just kills me, well, at least back in 2012 and 2013 i had a good time in china, back before it got stupid, on china eastern air during the long 16 hour flight from chicago to china they bypassed all non chinese people for food service, we all waited until after the cart passed back to the tail and we all got up, and the chinese girl said get it yourself, problem was, they had locked all the little doors and nothing heated up, we couldnt access the food trays, and they told up, this toilet chinese only, in mandarin i told her to go eat a banana.

  4. China would not renew my visa after six years. My daughter was one and my wife is Chinese. China gave me one month notice that they would not renew my visa. I missed most of my daughters first few years as she lived in China with my wife, while I established a home in the USA, while my wife liquidated her business in China. I can empathize with this guy from Ghana. Plus, I’ve seen China treat a couple of my colleagues in China in the same manner, where they were under house arrest, due to employer messing up their visas, and then receiving a Chinese police escort to the airport with a ban from coming back to China. The people of China are beautiful, nice, and generous.

  5. In America right now Chinese American crying like baby or
    They think there are victim of the Cov19
    If Chinese Americans want to lawsuit with Chinese government 🤔

  6. I couldn’t understand the Chinese government and the policemen behavior at all. They tried to cover one thing up and create more problems more shame more damage to the country’s fame . What kind of mentality is that? Chinese claim they are the smartest people in the world. But is it the smartest thing to do to prove China is great and nice to to world? Sigh.

  7. Some Wumao imbecile will watch this pro-Black video and still call Winston a racist. Wumao Comrade if you want us to hate Winston, you have to NOT look like an idiot.

  8. Its painfull the living hell this man (AND his friend) lived. Explicit racism by state just like you Winston said in your posts. Not a good time to be a foreigner in China

  9. Great video. It’s a great reminder that people and organizations, like human rights watch, often put their own safety to reveal these types of human right violations. Showing our country’s flaws is essential for change and improving our society, whether in the West or anywhere else for that matter.

  10. Reminds myself of the visit I got by the residents committee during lockdown…11 Chinese people standing outside my door demanding to know when I last visited UK….Are you the police? No…FK off then.

    Also, under new security laws, if you are accused of criticising China…it can be a criminal offence…EVEN IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

  11. All hospitals denying help to a dying man and other extra disgusting behaviour shows moral values of citizens, which is not so far from the government. Citizens deserve their governments, because they are the primary source of it. Serpentza is still delusional about the fact that government comes from the people and keeps using “just following orders” and “have no choice” defence. There were dozens of people who had the choice to “turn blind eye” and break the chain of doing immoral stuff, but looks like all choose not only to follow immoral orders but also overdo execution of these orders. Good people don’t create s**thole countries. Saying “sorry” and asking forgiveness for evil deeds doesn’t make you a good person.

  12. Pretty sure China deported him for his “ethnic persuasion” the social media post was just an excuse
    China hates blacks. And the very idea of a multi racial nation

    tbf I’m not glad he was deported but I’m glad he wasn’t imprisoned, China usually imprisons foreigners rather quickly when they step out of line

  13. China owns Africa and the rest of the world….. Once they own Africa with all our vast natural recourses countries and US and Europe nerds to really wake up its a huge red flag… Pun intented…. Wake up.

  14. Any person who is not Chinese should get the hell out of there hes lucky to get deported, see that as a blessing and lesson learned. That place isnt safe they will treat you like badly and punish you for exposing it. Its not so easy in other peoples countries however

  15. “It’s only Ghanaians who can understand the language, nobody can.” I remember watching a video of a Chinese woman speaking fluent Arabic. Surely (unless it was a Ghanaian who interpreted what he was saying for them) they would be able to find someone from among the estimated 2 million Chinese who live on the African continent who in conversant with Twi.

  16. Great interview! Sorry your guest had to go through all that. I think the chinese govt doesn’t understand that YT and FB is used by individuals and is not part of the U.S. govt. Just because news organizations use it does not mean it is govt. I think because most of China is connected to the govt some how they think every country is connected and intertwined.

  17. Fantastic video and thanks for being brave in all you do. My grandsons introduced me to this type of media about 9 years ago and we watched together a lot. I have found your content on my own about four years ago and I try to educate my boys (grandsons) on how other people are good but sometimes those controlling them may not have the same innocence as those that are native to those countries. Thank you for this content and for being brave. Every time I make a comment I usually get lots of comments calling you a lier and trying out discredit you but I never could be persuaded of such. It is really unrealistic and baffling and I have lived my life to treat all cultures and nationalities with respect (even if our moral values may not align on a personal level cause that is not something “mankind” is built one) no one will dissuade me on this. I am not a young man and I have a lot of experience with falsehoods and while 99% of my home and cell messages are folks wanting to scam me I also know that most folks are good at heart and that is what make governments feel scared and go to these extremes.
    I wish you good health, happiness and all the best to you and yours(and to those to whom you strive to help).

  18. China is racist, nationalist, hyper-collectivist and authoritarian with progressively more totalitarian features. How are people’s alarm bells still not ringing at the first thought of going to China?

  19. It is heart breaking, especially if you understand Chinese the nurse lady at the beginning was just casually saying “he is not breathing he’s dead”. I feel so sorry for these people who moved to China for a materialistic better life, but accidentally stepped into a nightmare due to the political climate. I’m an immigrant myself and I totally understand

  20. Man that makes the “racism” in the USA look like a conspiracy theory. Id love to see BLM attack CCP over this. We all know that wont happen though.

  21. So degrading. The casual racism is a disgrace but he handled it brilliantly. Then we have these shills defending this regime whilst getting paid tours? Disgusting behaviour

  22. A Ghanian was denied medical care. Is that the result of the CCP or the Chinese people/culture? It looks like the Chinese are not as nice as advertised.

  23. That poor man who died from such negligence is unforgivable. It’s insane how emboldened the police are there to the point they can disrespect this man’s home and family in such abhorrent ways. More like thugs than police in all honesty.

  24. This black guy sounds legit in the interview, but in his YouTube channel you can see that almost nobody has watched his videos. Why would China do something like that to someone with so few viewers. Anyway, if true, very interesting

  25. @4:04 first world militaries have been able to translate nearly every world language in real time since about 1995, using several methods. With the presence of the PRC in Africa, it’s not terribly hard for their linguists to translate if they didn’t have the electronic methods available

  26. China is case study on propaganda and brain washing, If you want to see what happens when people are disillusioned to believe lies and give up rational thinking see whats happening in china. Imagine hospital staff ignoring pleas of dying people based on citizenship/race/political affiliation. dystopian…

  27. Someone should send this video to Lebron James , he is a big fan of China and always whines about how much racism he has to deal with in Belair California .. smh ..
    Anyway, this guy is lucky that he got out with all his family and organs .

  28. Incredible episode, this guys story is sadly very believable. I’m very sorry for his friend and for he and his family’s subsequent deportation. The world needs to be made aware of stories like this.

  29. really good video of info. side note tho if the connection seems its cutting out sometimes it can help using just audio version. but all in its good to get the free voice out there. i love the videos you do keep it up much respect from me to you.

  30. This would not only happen to a Black guy. CCP member doesn t care about anybody if you post bad stuff about China. They even easly silence chinese people no matter what. Including their own family members. During Mao Era a lot of people reported their own family.

  31. what’s the big deal? he was treated exactly the same as a native west european in their own country.
    this kind of thing is routine in Britain and Germany when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

  32. Imagine the outcry from the CCP if the roles were reversed, and some Chinese person was denied medical attention in a Western county or Africa. China would be screaming racism all day long… it’s obvious that these African nations are in bed with the CCP because they let this shit go on in their countries too.

  33. Just try more effort to associate things with India and Your views will be double on this videos.

    I think India contributes the maximum views to YouTube

  34. In 2013 I moved to China to teach english. After being there for a month and realizing I had made the biggest mistake of my life I went through hell trying to get my passport back from the school so I could leave. The extored money out of me to get it back so I could leave. The US consulate couldn’t help me and the Chinese police were worthless. STAY FAR AWAY. If you want to teach english in Asia anywhere is better than commie China. Taiwan is the REAL CHINA. Go there.

  35. I wonder what would happen if other countries started treating Chinese ppl in the same manner. Better yet, don’t let them in. Not until the CCP starts acting like adults and until they stop releasing these plagues.

  36. It is always hilarious when people are surprised that China acts like this. They are so fake, even when they are overseas. And their whole reaction to the video had the complete opposite effect the CCP was going for. Instead of hushing it up and hiding it, they have spread the information further than it ever could have gone.

  37. I was deported last year from china for a posting something on Instagram about the virus. I have been separated from my Chinese wife and kids for a year now…. I feel your pain.

  38. There really is nothing redeemable about China. They are not exceptional at anything besides being rascist, communist turds. And oh yeah, copying literally everything that they can get their hands on.

    He just went home ! 🙏
    I didn’t know “deported” could also mean “Get kicked out of the country” !

  40. Utter, complete, and profound b.s. My BS machine is doing a lot of beeping. And if you think cops from the US or UK would act like sweethearts, well you are really dumb, cops are cops.

  41. Hearing about Jeffrys experience one can be assured that the Mainland China as it is today is NOT a civilized country.
    It may have been civilized before 1948 (or whatever year Mao took over) but it is not any longer.

  42. Um does he not realize, he did do something wrong(atleast by CCP standards, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with FB), he just needs to look in a mirror. He should know It’s not safe for him in China.

  43. China is pure evil, no heart, no soul, no empathy. China is not Ghana or any other African nation’s friend, I see many Africans praising China, but this could be you next.

  44. I’m glad this man had the guts to stand up for himself and had some bargaining skills. As horrible as this situation was, it would’ve been way worse if he had to pay for all of the things the ccp were trying to force him to pay for.

  45. Wow 😮 that was hard hitting. I am so glad he spoke with you Winston. There are lots of people out there saying that these instances do not exist. Until now it has only really been you and Matt speaking out and I think that the situation has escalated that much now that people are waking to your channels and speaking out . I would just like to add to the nasty racists of Chinese people out there. That all anger should be directed to the CCP . As you say yourself the chinese people are not the CCP . Great love and respect should be given to chinese people and the culture, and a shitty middle finger to the CCP

  46. wow great video. love to see these real life face to face story. thank you for share the story to us. good job serpentza keep up the good work. love to see more these face to face telling the true story in china…

  47. It’s sad that western politicians have a servant/master relationship with china. If purposing inflicting the world with a virus isn’t enough to unite western governments in criticizing the ccp, I’m afraid nothing is.

  48. First , don’t live in China . 2nd the same crap is starting to happen in America with the large tech companies censoring all non-liberal opinions ! 3rd never vote democrat/socialist !

  49. This is the confirmation of the fact that only Chinese official media can tell the truth, otherwise anybody can be punished for independent reporting.

  50. People should have no illusion, that the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a communist controlled place. From top to bottom. This is the reality. Be careful if you plan to live there. Do not assume that just because you have Marxist sympathies and “show support” to the CPC/CCP, you would be left alone. Wrong. To such naive foreigners who plan to live in that communist controlled land, do yourself a favour, read, research on Solzhenitsyn’s works. He was a former captain in the Soviet USSR army. Thrown into the gulag. Your sympathies and even your swearing allegiance in front and to the hammer and sickle flag, does not save you. You are stupid then, to submit yourself as a slave to the Freemasons who do not even live in PRC.

  51. Another illustration of foreigners seizing the benefit of China. They are not confiding the enormous story and accomplishing what they can to make our China look unpleasant. He had it coming, it was the moral judgment for him to bring back to his residence country, he should have been incarcerated for his falsehoods.

  52. These insights are so interesting, in this case highly disturbing. The mainstream media won’t touch it. Thank you for your truth and the exposure of this evil regime.

  53. So where is he now? He made a living in China, build a life from scratch in a racist foreign country, had a kid and a wife. This must have been his worst nightmare! I can’t believe he is still smiling. He really is a tall one. Bet they want him to be grateful they bought him his plane ticket 2.

  54. how do you deal with knowing death is coming for you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? smile. be happy. spend as much time as you have left enjoying yourself before it happens. when it does happen tell death thank you. for ending the nightmare called reality. go out with a smile. look forward to it. think about all the bullshit you will never have to ever deal with again. don’t fear the reaper. welcome him with a smile. when there’s nothing in this world you want anymore and you see everything as it really is you will not be afraid when the reaper comes. i want to know what happens next. i’m not suicidal. i just know that nothing will get better. ever. only worse. so i welcome death. with a smile and a handshake. i am ready. scoop me up.

  55. I am also one of those guys .. only problem is I have already burned the bridges back to home .. so if I get kicked out of here I will be a stateless person

  56. I’m really surprised that the police were so lenient with how they treated him. I’d have expected them to forcibly arrest him and deport him without giving him the chance to pack his things. I wonder what the disconnect is? That the police can have 16 officers for one guy, stay in his apartment, take him shopping, change into casual clothes at his request, and respect his wishes to not give blood samples or covid tests. But they still want to deport him because he made a video about hospitals denying service to an African man who died? Why would they be so accommodating while at the same time so horrible? I wonder what protected him from worse treatment?

  57. The wumaos accuse Winston as being a “racist” for being a white South African yet he is here helping out a fellow black African in showing the world of the plight of black Africans in China.

  58. went to china; they forgot to give me a visa when i left airport, when i go to depart, they stop me from flying, charge me fines for entering the country without a visa, hold me for about 8-10 hours, and force me to sign some paper that i cant read saying im guilty of some crime. f****** unbelievable experience. it made me have 0 desire to ever return. it made feel very sorry for the chinese people.. i was traveling with someone born in china with a us green card, stopping over on our way to thailand. That person was denied their connecting flight, and forced to get a chinese visa to go to thailand, despite thailand not requiring a visa for this person. When we get to the chinese embassy to get a visa for my travel companion, the only way to get the visa was to pay a bribe to someone literally in the embassy, standing 1ft away from the person who was telling us the required documents… the person we had to bribe to make all the required documents for the visa (which are incredibly onerous proofs of this and that) that we need was literally standing next to the official clerk person who told us what we needed (like they were a tag team). like the entire process from the airport to then was simply forcing me to pay bribes for their ridiculous requirements.

  59. So, let’s open a betting pool. Will the Wumao brigade…
    1) Swear that this video is fake and insist it’s a lie to defame China,
    2) Insist China was perfectly righteous and justified in this action,
    3) attempt to deflect away by saying “I’m sure this happens all the time in the US” but offering not a shred of proof, or…
    4) All of the above?

    Because we know admission of fault is impossible for the Chinese.

  60. China is just a selfish mindset people (I mean the society ) (excluding those who are still believe in humanity and not in Chinese Communist party)

  61. Thanks for sharing. Am disgusted to hear these things regarding China. Used to love China and Chinese culture, but that gloss has long worn off. Really hope they change going forward, theres noting wrong wtih exposing wrong doing or mistakes if it leads to change and improvement. No one individual, people or country is perfect and hence there is no shame in learning and improving for the better.

  62. I love this guys attitude, the way he stood up for himself with the police and the camera crews – massive respect. I’m sure they were not used to it at all.

  63. Awesome video. It is telling that the African brother was denied even entry to 4 different hospitals! WTF?! I am now going to watch his YouTube videos.

  64. Being Ghanian was a disappointment for them, they wanted an American to detain or even torture, we all know China has it out for America and Americans. You don’t realise how lucky you were that you came from Ghana and not USA. China is a country I have no interest to step foot in at all, the (concentration) camps where they have the Uyghurs and minorities is bad.

  65. I think within the next 5 years this stuff is only going to escalate. Not even sure why China even takes in foreigners when they clearly have such top-heavy distain for anyone other than Chinese. Stay safe, expats.

  66. in usa and everywhere more and more under demonsrats rules, discrimination,lies,censure ,layoff,social harassment,banning, attacks from antifas terro ,blms racists , political police threatening…?

  67. When tourism was popular in China 15 years ago, I distinctly remember how paranoid our Chinese female tour guide looked when I asked her questions about her government’s policies.
    This was at the airport and I’ll never ever forget how she kept looking behind her shoulder as if she was being monitored by the police or CCP informants. I felt very sorry for her situation and never asked another question about the CCP or regime.. I never wanted to go back to China, as a tourist again.

  68. In the US if a hospital wants to be given any government money, they can’t turn people away. Still charge you money put you in debt ect. But you won’t die like that.

  69. This is so sad. His story is showing exactly how terrible “foreigners” are treated in CHINA, exactly what Winston & Matt have been talking about for years!! In a way, I am glad he is out of CHINA, but hope he is safe in GHANA. Let’s see how hard the trolls try to spin this. 😎💕

  70. Horror Stories like this ! . . . Make me wonder why the rest of the world. Doesn’t condemn China for its actions as part of the Global Community. I have nothing against the Chinese people. I feel for them I really do.

    But on the other hand there is a part of me that says Finish their uncompleted Great Wall all the way around their country. Cut all internet connections into and out of China. Shoot down any Satellites they have in orbit. And sink any of their Ships. In short Completely cut China off rom the rest of the world.

    Again I have not wish too bring harm too the Chinese people but. Short of sending in a Multi national group of the worlds finest elite military forces. Too stage a Hostel Eradication of the Chinese government / CCP.

    The only thing that can be done is put enough pressure on the people until they have no choice but too wake up see the B.S. they are living in and Revolt.

    The sad but honest truth is nothing ever gets done in this world anywhere with out blood shed and body count’s.

  71. As a black man, this was very interesting on many levels. But I have a problem. Though I lived in HK and Macau for many years, even with a Ch gf, the behavior and ignorance of Ch people (a by-product of the CCP) disgusts me to no end. I have an ambivalence toward them and a hatred for the CCP. The intro to the video was mind-boggling. I could feel the prejudice, could see the stupidity in the responses and attitudes toward this African man. Thanks Winston for an interesting guest.

  72. As a black Arabian guy lived in Guangzhou never met any kind of inconvenience because of my religion or race .. Some foreigners do some illegal stuff so police is more strict to detect any illegal activities ..
    Really sad for what happened to the guy. 💔

  73. It’s tragic what happened to that African man whom died all because he was refused treatment 🙏🌹 Also Geoffrey getting deported for speaking the truth but nothing shocks me anymore about the CCP. Blessings from Scotland. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹

  74. I don’t know why foreigners think that the Chinese will welcome them forever. Chinese society is very homogeneous, and they really don’t accept foreigners like Western countries. Western countries practice multiculturalism, China does not!

  75. The false safety of China. You think everything is going well, that your rights are similar to what you have back home, and then…WHAM…something seriously bad happens and you realise that you are utterly powerless and the people you are dealing with have zero morality and couldn’t care one iota about your wellbeing.

  76. People stop supporting china and stop buying their goods. Pressure your officials for a stronger inquiry into chinas spreading the covid virus ..why are people not talking about this more???

  77. As much as I appreciate the reports on the evil deeds of the PRC government, I do miss the old days when Serpentza was talking about what is interesting and unknown about China.

  78. Condolences to your friend. Suggestion, if there is a serious health issue, camp out at the first people’s’ hospital in your city, pay the deposit up front, and don’t leave until a doctor helps. Fees paid and person obviously sick, I’ve never seen service refused. If this is service refused as a result of presumed nationality, wow!

  79. Lesson learned #1: When in China use a VPN.
    Lesson learned #2: When in China keep your mouth shut.
    Lesson learned #3: When in China when confronted by the authorities, comply.
    Lesson learned #4: When in China if you’re not Chinese, remember you’ll never be Chinese no matter how much you wish you were Chinese.

  80. Jeffry, you’re truly a man of principle and backbone. Much respect for standing tall, knowing that if you stood up to the CCP you’d probably get deported.

    Winston, you continue yet again to make great content.

  81. I spent eight years in China and saw the hopes being dashed as the CCP embraced fascism. Just like SerpentZA, I love China and hate the CCP. In fact, you can’t love China if you agree with the CCP.

  82. Hahaha make sure you work your way out in Africa and elsewhere to tell people what the commie Nazi regime is all about! Unfortunately there are still a lot of people, including Africans, still praising and believing the sad sickening government! They need you in China for serving its purpose, hoping you would hymn them at United Nations one day!

  83. China just doesn’t like independent reporting … Not even in Twi … Here is another sad example:
    “i got DEPORTED !!! (i guess for being Black – HONG KONG )” in my playlist “Asian Attitudes”

  84. China – Black lives DON’T matter

    2020 Chinese Police rounding up black Africans in Guangzhou. Forced to make a U-turn, gave bunches of flowers and baskets of fruit as an apology. All fake.

  85. This dude needs to reach out to SpaceX and maybe Elon will help him get a work visa for the US. Just a word of advice. Get some machining experience to compliment your engineering. Having tangible machining experience will put you at the head of the line. There are bucket loads of mechanical/aerospace engineers who can’t even machine a thread on a lathe applying . Elon wants people with tangible machining skills. Good luck!!

  86. China: “The US has a problem with institutional racism.”

    Also China: “We don’t have a problem with racism. We’re fine with it, actually.” 🇨🇳

  87. Why isn’t anyone talking about China and the CCP’s trash?

    Also, the only time you need that many officers for one man is if he’s high on PCP + armed.

  88. There is no reason , not a single reason now or later to go to china. The whole country is a garbage hole and will always be one. A third world country with a racist, delusional, hypocrital government, with minimum rights in the country that pretends to be first world. I feel bad for the black guy

  89. this is a good guy. speaks truth, and knows it’s the ccp that’s the problem: and you can’t even call him racist cause he still working as a translator. there are like no holes in what he does. and the biggest thing that tells me he is legit is – taking shoes off. this needs to blow up.

  90. This guy should be interviewed on all major media platforms. He’s very brave for shedding light on the racism and brutality of the CCP. I hope this story spreads because people need to hear it.

  91. I love how assertive he was with the police and how much he got them to capitulate. He was still deported ultimately, but the man’s got some serious balls.

  92. Well I have been in China for the past 5yrs I’m African I have the craziest stories you can imaging racism is norm in China especially when you are black. Chinese government is not like any other government in the world it operates totally different if you speak the truth they will probably inject you lethal injection.

  93. Man…Getting all these fucked up stories about china really is sad.
    The country i have dreamt about since childhood just being so openly fucked up against people that are not chinese.

  94. Cover ups and lies are standard operating procedures from CCP.
    Can we call them a crime syndicate and their funds blood money . That seems to be closer to the truth.
    The people of China and the land and water all show signs of communist contamination. The damage and pollution should be evidence enough to do something.

  95. When you arrived in China, you had better know what will happen to you .Nobody likes trouble ,just protect your family and your friends .They are friendly to you, if for local folks ,you are possibly in jail and tortured somehow by other gangsters .Almost all the rich guys and polititians from different parts of the world, if they are not greedy enough ,we will face different situation .It is not the policemen’s fault to deport you ,people should think over the deepest root factor .You are not respected ,who made it occur basically ? Not China’s only problem ,ask the government officials on your own country ,do they respect all of you or they follow the law and rules in the same place ? You are lucky ,you survive out of the land .

  96. Sounds like what happened here in the USA to blacks back in the 1960’s and previous. Now here in the US this only happens to any citizen if you don’t have money or insurance. That is so sad! 👎 Shame on them! Much shame!

  97. Im surprised Chinese police accepted his refusal for blood tests and other things. Usually when you are detained such things are not optional. Guess Chinese police must be afraid of the big 黒人.

  98. I understand this needs to be brought to light, nobody should be denied life saving medical help.
    We also need to speak up on how Chinese Muslims are being treated by the ccp.
    But I would like to see this guy talk how white south Africans are being treated, especially white farmers.
    Let’s shine light on all the racial injustice not be hypocritical.

  99. When the two World Communist powers were deciding how to attack the USA from within, the Soviet Russians wanted to divide America by Class and were against using race & China’s Communist Party planned on dividing America by Race and were one of the main sources of Funding and Marxist indoctrination training for BLM & ANTIFA. Yet every Communist Nation on Earth is 100 times more Racist than America by any measurement. Ironic. Yet the Left has convinced itself of the opposite thanks to the University campuses and the MSM.

  100. I believe this story as I have been thru a similar situation, which really made me sad about my country for some point.


    Glad to see he “fled”. I cannot, I don’t have the ability to work in a foreign country and bring my wife, my parents all immigrates to another country. So I am currently living in China and trying to see some good things, perhaps that’s something make me feel better.

    serpentZA, is usually being tagged as an “anti-China” dude. But I feel your pain about China. You wish China good well, just the same like what I do. China can be a good place without some serious bad leaders.

    Keep this up, man. I am watching your vids in a covert corner of China. :p

  101. If you go to China you get what you get. It’s no secret that China has rampant human rights abuses and corruption. People that have any dealings with China support that and i have no sympathy for them. Don’t be surprised if you end up with fleas when you lay down with dogs. I think Forrest Gump said it best “stupid is as stupid does”

  102. If you really loved something, you would want to see its both side, to see the full picture of it. However, from your post, I only see the proud (claiming democracy) and prejudice. If one wants to dig uglyness, he can always find somthing, AND these will only lead to hatredness. Serpentza Can you plz simply answer my questions: do you really thing this kind of post is the full picture of china (Why don’t you report BLM) and do you think the prejudice and haredness you provoke towards CN can really help china and the world ? Do you know the solution to the complex problem to china (Don’t tell democracy, that is lie and fantacy that you gave to Kurds in Seria)? I am not saying you work for CIA, but at least I can tell the so-called love for China is your lie and excuse. how hypocritical?

  103. Omg, great story though! The police smoked and just relaxed in your house. That’s crazy! Haha. It’s almost funny, I’m sure it was annoying though. Genuinely sorry you had a bad time brother.

  104. Holy f***. That was the craziest China story yet. The entire CCP has gone completely insane, I guess. When I lived there during the Hu reign, it was so different from now.

  105. I was a fan… until this video

    You know from your time in China that many of the Africans in China, especially Guangdong, are there illegally and participating in illegal activities… so it’s not a good idea to be involved with that community go any reason in China if you want to stay there… he kind of made his own bed

  106. The world needs more people like Geoffrey and Winston for the world to survive. Rather than insufferable know it alls from far left wing US universities…

  107. Leave them be no ? I don’t understand the obsession with China, if the americans look closer to home they find a deeply divided society in just about every way. It feels as though they feel threatened by China in every way.

  108. hey buddy why don’t you tell your African friend about your past history ,what your ansestors had done in South Africa and how you killed the black race …… ……LOL

  109. CCP systematic racism. The agenda of bigots at work. I’m sorry for your friend, he deserved much better and most probably died from a very preventable situation. Shame on the CCP and their evil ways.

  110. The level of racism in China is abhorrent. Utterly disgraceful. This guy is a legend for spending to candidly. Great content as ever SerpentZA. STAY AWESOME!

  111. Someone should check in with Jayhole Nation, I want to see how he downplays/rationalizes this and continues to parrot that China is a superior country.

  112. Only Ghanaians can understand the language? There are tutorials you can easily find online to learn Twi. I get the surprise though. Not many speak it.

  113. China has every right to remove those who disrepect its’ laws and conventions. It is a shame that some other countries are far too accepting and tolerant of poor behaviour and migrants who do not and cannot integrate. The west could learn so much from China on its firmness in not accepting such an abuse of social media by an outsider.

  114. I can’t believe just how well Jeffery handled the pressure Im sure his future will be very bright, and it’s also very shocking to see just how fearful the CCP is of the truth.

  115. He doesn’t seem to have an “African” accent.(ik there are many countries in Africa, I’m not trying to label the whole continent). As someone who’s not a native English speaker, I would also have mistaken him for an American.

  116. Chinese are racist towards their own races. Not surprise he was treated that way.
    I think the rule has to be understood that if you work in china,try not to voice your politcal opinion

  117. When foreign embassies are afraid of antagonizing CCP and refuses to protect their own citizens in China, it’s just scary. (IMHO, in the same sense, I think Biden and BLM are both afraid of CCP too, LOL)

  118. China has become a place where even rats and cocorouches want to leave because of china becoming a dispicabel place… Damn! china is shiiiit, im glad watching your channel serpentza my dude. so now Iknow never to set foot on that shitthole
    Rather visiting Taiwan, the real china

  119. I felt so relieved when it was clear that he was going to be able to take his family with him. Following this channel for quite some time has taught me to pretty much always expect the worst when the CCP is involved.

  120. I thought it was common knowledge that (most) Chinese don’t like Blacks.. so why do they even go to China? they should know now that they’re looked down on in China.

  121. Thank you for sharing his story. He is a good man with courage. This is China, a country controlled by the ugly evil ones who want to be worshipped like the perfect God.

  122. Sorry to say this, but people need to stop living in that shit hole country. If it’s so bad move to the us/Canada ANYWHERE except China. It’s obvious that they treat anyone that’s not Chinese like shit. So why bother?

  123. Winston, thankyou for having Jeffry on your channel. Jeffry is an awesome person. So sad to see the racist treatment and he and his his fellow countrymen Jeffry received. Jeffry, you are welcome in Australia.

  124. Serpentza long time viewing and serious question here. Do you plan on criticizing and showing the worst of China forever? It seems like you just have some hatred within you and a desire to crush the CCP. Your videos in the past were happy and good times in China but now that China hates you, you spend all your time and energy showing the worst parts of China. It just seems unhealthy. China now controls USA, Africa and Korean government, and seems like they’re on track to have every world leader in their pocket. They are not going anywhere no matter how videos you post. What is your end goal? Your life purpose? Seems like a waste of time trying to defame China by exposing the worst of them, especially since you’re dealing with the CCP that literally steals Countries. I just want to know what your goals are, hopefully the desire to watch the CCP burn isn’t eating away at your brain. Wanting revenge can be nasty disease

  125. What an experience, glad he made it home safely with his family. How about being fluent in Chinese, English and Ghanian… Amazing!

    Thank you for sharing this story, the world needs to know. Prayers for the family who lost their son.

  126. I would love to think that such horrible accidents happen pretty much everywhere and we should not treat all China as an evil entity and stuff. But man, this two-faced attitude and the anticipation of full on obedience from the rest of the world is despicable.
    Keep on spreading awareness about this kind of atrocities✊

  127. Don’t worry guys, you will experience this movie-like scene with Chinese agents in your country in the near future! Winnie the pooh is coming for y’all and no one can stop him, literally haha.

  128. just…think about it ! a government and people dare to smashed their own old’s legacy(history’s note, statues, anything related to their own culture and morals. ) ! what make you think they will treated you with basic respect and basic attitude? especialy you’re foreigner ! i’m sorry to say this but if you’re black , thing can be even more wrost!

  129. How disgusting it is to live in China for foreigners. I had similar experience too. There simply is no respect for human right under CCP regime.
    Every foreigners in China must be aware.

  130. You guys really do have amazing content. Showing the truth and making sure the public is aware. I hope Jeffery finds peace and stay safe everyone. I guess his original video has been taken down.

  131. 如果是中国人在国外被驱逐出境,机票是绝对不会给你买的,都是自费的。中国政府把纳税人的钱都花到外国人身上了。

  132. They need to sell this story to western media. If the CCP is so afraid of someone airing their dirty laundry in public then that’s exactly what needs to happen.

  133. Mr. Serp. You have to aware people to boycott chinese products and chinese services.

    It’s too tragic when you realize that CCP has this powers because of “us” “we” the people all over the world who buy chinese products!!! Stop buying Xiaomi, Huwawei and other chinese trademarks

    -which are trademarks based on theft 😂-

    So, please Serp aware people as far as you could to try hard to boycott anything “Made in China”.

    Also, try to reach Western media and speak up more to let the world know what are really China is!

  134. RESPECT To Jeffrey for standing by his facts of the truth of what transpired about the tragic death of the black man, Awesome respect, CCP always pull out the racism card but incidents of such behaviour by them MUST BE SHOWN WHEN EVER POSSIBLE. Massive appreciation Serpentza for your work on spot lighting this 👌

  135. And people say Black people in the US have it bad… this kind of thing would cause mass riots and protests in many places, but because it happened in China, nobody cares and it’s okay?

  136. Jeffrey you’re a man of great courage and honor, I have enormous respect for your bravery and how you stood up at each abuse they tried to put on you, never breaking up, never signing any false confession.

  137. February 19 I saw 2 commercials before the video started at 6:26 PM CST. At that time the video had 2.8k likes and 57 dislikes. At 6:26 PM CST I watched 2 more commercials during the video. At 6:58 PM CST I saw 2 more commercials after the video ended.

  138. Not saying he should not have done what he did in standing up for his country man’s treatment (that is horrible what happened), but if he lived in China for any length of time and understood anything about China, he should have known this would happen. I am surprised they did not take him to jail and beat a confession out of him. He is lucky the police were actually as nice as they were when they did not have to be. I am really surprised that this guy is so surprised about what happened. I thought everyone knew you have no rights there.

  139. Isn’t it the same now in the United States? In the United States, you have the freedom of speech at home. However, American technology companies and the media have the right not to provide a platform for you to speak. Isn’t this the same as ccp?

  140. Why does CCP behave in such a way? That is Communism…1-way dictatorial government acts on its own without transparency or democracy in mind. It’s manipulative, controlling, authorized in any mean without caring of people as long as they reach their goals but afraid to loose face, power, and reputation. It is like secretly go out killing people but be afraid to be named killers. A few examples recently: crushed over Hongkong overnight without care about any previous contract; draw off a SE Asia sea map covered 90% area as of it was their own to generate a base map for their current attacks or later invasions, also to legalize and brainwash their younger generations of pursuit this goal, curbing off all sources of water by building thousands of dams on rivers head of neighboring countries to indirectly destroy and control their economies. Next steps will be taking over Taiwan to expand their maritime, then conquer disputed islands with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia…. they are continuing pushing this agenda and wait for an opportunity, wait for a weaken link from smaller countries or international relationships. When if SE Asia sea belonged to them, no way USA or other countries could set foot/ ships into this region without their permission….behind a curtain ccp is a thief. They can pretend to do business partners with any country but their intention is to master control such a country someday….CCP bigger agenda is to control the whole world.

  141. So don’t drink too much beer. Same thing happened to my Chinese colleague when we worked in Jamaica, one colleague drank too much beer, and we ran for 3 hospitals, rejected by 2, and waited for 1 hour in the 3rd one and gave up and came back. But lucky for the drunk colleague , he survived by himself.

  142. Im black people tell me to help and appreciate all chinese people when they look down on me idk bout u but i couldnt care less with what happens with chinese ppl (not all but majority)

  143. We need more courageous people telling their true stories to counter the truth spinners. We’re all together now. There’s no going back, even if very powerful people would like it to be so. We’re all in this together, that’s Chinese right alongside all the myriad waiguoren that make up the ‘outside world’. (It’s actually just one world). We should be very thankful for this.

  144. The funny thing is that by China doing all these, only creates more people that are against their country 😂 especially someone with a voice or a platform 😅

  145. They probably didn’t do anything to him cause they suspected that he was working for a foreigner agency or cnn or something like, and where afraid in that sense.

  146. Friend is dying, starts filming, guy tells him to go to a hospital, refuses and say just give him some God dam medicine.

    Like if you know what medicine to give go to a dam drug store.

  147. I’m sorry this happened. It’s unfortunate that the Chinese government utilizes so much resources for small issues like these at the expense of the people. I get that people are in awe at the country’s rapid transformation from 3rd world country to industrialized behemoth, but rather than fix the issue at hand by reprimanding those responsible and implementing new policies to improve, the government instead targets those who dare complain and point out the issue.
    I’m glad that there are people like serpentza making videos about this. China is not the world’s villain, but they need to learn that acknowledging wrongdoing is what makes a developed, 1st world, modern country.

  148. Serpent means snake right? Snake also symbolises evil.
    Though China maybe viewed as evil, Serpentza is not much better, going by d sly look that he has..haha. It’s a case of the Pot calling d kettle black ya.

  149. I think it was his boss who made the original report. There’s this thinking some Chinese people have where if they know you are doing something “Wrong” they could get in trouble somehow for just knowing and not reporting. Plus she does not want her business investigated so she reported it. That phone call afterwards saying “There was nothing she could do” was BS for face saving. They put so much effort into convincing you they were not involved they give themselves away because nobody else is doing that. Anyway, don’t have your bosses on on social media in any country guys, and if you have too then set everything to private for them. He should name and shame that school and warn others about them.

  150. At 0:07 in this video u can see the first hospital is called ZhiFuDao hospital(芝罘岛医院).And I search it on the internet,it’s a private hospital and not for the first aid. In fact in China everyone knows that private hospital is unreliable and they has no qualification for first aid. If u got sick just go to the public hospital. The second is a traditional chinese clinic which is mianly treat chronic diseases and also not for first aid.The third and the fourth I can’t get information from the video.
    First I feel pity for the dead guy. But I don’t know why the guy who filmed the video didn’t call the 120(emergency number). He can speak chinese means he lived in China for years. It’s a everyone knows thing call the 120 and the ambulance will come in 5-10 minutes and driving u to the nearest public hospital. And it’s totally free. The other hospital refused him because they don’t have qualification for first aid. So it’s a tragedy for him. In China public hospital definitely won’t refuse anyone. No matter u are chinese or not. It’s just about people’s life

  151. I know an American guy who had the police bust into his house in China. They forced him to take a drug test. Then police watched his girlfriend pee into the cup but not him…

  152. That’s funny a mainlander today on HelloTalk said that, unlike America, there is no racism towards blacks in China.

    I just laughed at him and called him a troll.

    I’ll be banned for the comment since it’s a CCP propaganda app masquerading as language exchange, but it was worth it.

    BTW Winston I left a comment on the newest Liziqi video about how your expose made me unable to enjoy her work anymore. You can probably guess how the 💲0.50 🪖 responded.

  153. I’m Chinese and I’m very angry and feel ashamed of being Chinese when watching this. I know Chinese society is very racist and PC has never gained much traction in China. It’s not just pc. There were so many things that went wrong in this on so many levels. I’m mortified .

  154. I just watched this. Wow.
    I am from Canada….our p.m. is trying to say right now that ALL of Canada has systemic racism. 99.9% of Canadians are pioneers here! It goes back n back n back. It is lies!!!!
    I feel for you mman!!!!

  155. Why would they ask him if he worked for an American nude agency when he wasn’t even speaking American in his video? That doesn’t make any sense. Not saying didn’t happen just saying why would they automatically assume that America had something to do with it.

  156. It’s a truly shocking story but as Serpentza says that it is one of many stories that have come out of China over their treatment of Black People. Has Jeffry told the Ghanaian Government about his ordeal because if he did then it would be the turn of The Chinese Embassy to face deportation from Ghana. So well done to Jeffry for telling the truth about Black People being treated badly in China and The CCP wanted to cover it up

  157. I can’t believe the get mad when he talks about it and thinks it’s an outside force influencing him when imagine if a Chinese person got denied from 4 hospitals in America for his race and then died later. You think they wouldn’t be mad about that? They fail to see things from that persons perspective.

    And people here will respect your views; some won’t (but that’s democracy just across the pond).
    That’s why CCP is so afraid of people like you.
    Please come!

  159. I don’t doubt this guy’s experience, but he’s a foreigner and he’s black. In China that’s 2 big strikes against him. Further, posting on FB while in China is not tolerated, and under the Emperor it is getting even stricter. Any excuse to remove foreigners from China will be used. Bad experience, but this is modern day China. Chinese people can also be extremely racist. It is so sad to see China degrade to this level, but not unsurprising.

  160. I feel like this could happen even to Chinese. The hospitals never seem to care to give you treatment. You always have to pay first and effectively decide what’s wrong with yourself first so you can choose which doctor you want to pay for and go to see! And then in most cases they quickly listen to your symptoms and prescribe you something useless, without doing anything more.

  161. Surely Wodemaya must have made a video about this?
    I remember he was really postive about China but left some time ago and started making some videos about Africa, looked like he had a great thing started. I’ll go to have a look.

  162. Watched you guys long time, wife from China, concerning your getting so hostile towards China. I understand the issues, but I could focus on American politics being just as bad. Change my mind, feel free to contact me I’m not super secret Chinese agent.

  163. This is what I was talking about this morning with some African people on YouTube. But they are so happy 😀 about Chinese investing in Africa and they so angry 😡 at me but the reality is this. Thanks 🙏 serpentza.

  164. Jeffry, and any other black person, is better off NOT being in China, if their race means they won’t receive life-or-death emergency treatment when they need it.

    I’d say that China is not a good place for ANYONE to be, but if you belong to a pariah group and you don’t have to be there, stay away or get out. Spend your energies someplace where your life is recognized as… legitimate.

    Although, I will say that probably many Chinese who worked with and were taught by Jeffry would have had any prejudices they held shaken up by him not fitting their stereotypes of Africans. That’s a good thing. But is it a good enough thing that it’s worth risking not getting life-saving treatment when you need it, because of your race?

    That’s up to the individual, of course. But to me, it wouldn’t be.

  165. I was trying to tell people Chinese mainlanders are racist they didn’t even acknowledge BLM yet people get sacked or killed for asking for help, protesting against the government and abuse. The CCP are a racist even tiktok block these videos of African employees getting bashed by Chinese workers with bamboo sticks! People need to wake. The Chinese people need a real revolution, the Communism in China must end

  166. If you are in an East Asian country, don’t use Facebook. It is a primary way most of those countries monitor their people…because it is convenient to monitor and all their people religiously use it.

  167. SerpentsZA is one of those Eurocentric Westerners. He will become very defensive if someone were to ever talk to him about racism in South Africa. He would become very bitter.

    However, When it comes to racism in China, well…., he springs to life and becomes Nelson Mandela reincarnated.

  168. Serpentza, I had watched your videos over the years, and to me, a Malaysian, you seem like an anti-China person. I wont be shocked if you get kicked of China one day. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t yet cos you deserve to be cos you’re biting the hand that feeds you! You’re indeed truly a serpent!!!

  169. Foreigner posts a video talking about something “bad” that happened in China; gets deported.

    And people think all those OVERWHELMINGLY pro-China YouTubers aren’t being biased? No, they all KNOW that if you post something even MILDLY negative where any number of people can see it they won’t be in China anymore.

  170. 14:36 Isn’t it funny that they still had to get an exit visa and everything? Like suddenly NOW we’re going to follow the law… but when it’s more convenient for us, we won’t.

  171. foreigners living in china complaining how difficult it is getting for foreigners to live there when their own countries treat foreigners like absolute shite

  172. Someone at the Ghanaian embassy in China is on the take – they saw his video and because it threatened their cash-cow they got angry. The government of Ghana should be really careful which friends they make…

  173. Crazy values in countries with backward communities. You see this in China and Japan. No ‘foreign experience’. Living in a vacuum. Clearly his wife is a testament to fact not all Chinese are prejudiced. Old communist police chiefs all bad I’d say. Who’d have thought all black people work for CNN??? I’d get impromptu interrogations and house search in tokyo Japan just walking up the street. Defiance is useless. It’s taken as a sign of guilt.

  174. This guy is a trouble maker. What friend? That fool drove him to four clinic that prescribes vitamins and herbal teas, and not a real hospital. That’s what friend are for. Second, this trouble maker needs to talk about what Ghanaians do to fellow Ghanaians and why he left Ghana.

  175. I personally never understood why people chose to move to places where they know they are not welcome, as a black man I would personally never move to any country that openly discriminates against black people the way they do in Asia. It’s 1 thing to not know before you made the decision to uproot your life to move there but if you have been there and have had all these experiences and haven’t voluntarily left idk what else to say.
    For the life of me, I never understood this phenomenon.

  176. Thank you for exposing this hatred. The world needs to know the amount of abuse served by the Chinese republic. I hope this works toward their rehabilitation. I have no hatred towards the Chinese culture as it has been fundamental in human transformation, yet things need to change!

  177. Hilarious that they kicked him out for a video that their citizens shouldn’t be able to access anyways because it’s on youtube… and then of course when he’s out he’s going to make more videos to put on youtube about how he was treated… so what did they accomplish exactly? Other than making themselves look even worse and more incompetent?

  178. Awesome f*en insight into the real China, its Fascist System, and State Police. I will never visit the f*en place again until the revolution comes. Why would you: you would have to be friggin nuts to do so. Rule by force and not even law. Utter Tyranny! They could just as easily labelled him a spy and locked him up for good!

  179. I just can’t imagine the amount anxiety and stress he went through when he was put through all this with his 3 months old baby.
    Hope God brings lot of happiness to his life.

  180. And they say “Live a good life in China alright! We Chinese Police can do anything to you They say”. But good thing they didn’t rape you bro! China is the next NORTH KOREA!

  181. The disrespect to the Ghanian family was disgusting not taking shoes off helping themselves to their home trashing the bathroom a clear message that this Ghanian Family were beneath these Chinese Authorities but it is China they get a free pass they can be inhumane, racist, over fish the oceans, destroy the environment, pollute the atmosphere its China so its okay. The focus of the Greens, Environmentalist, Human Rights activists focus should on China calling out the CCP

  182. This is heartbreaking. Much respect to this man for standing up and denouncing all the events that lead to the other man’s death.
    Now I wanna see that jayoe crybaby try to justify this

  183. This is a terrible tragedy. I pray this young man and the poor young man who died receive justice. The CCP are a disgrace to the Chinese people and to humanity.

  184. People like Jeff are people that you would want to come to your country & contribute. I would love to hear more stories from other people! Hopefully if enough people speak out there can be change.

  185. So chinise people are racist. African people who call westeners people racist have to watch this and understand what racism really is. And yet they call us racist, brothers understand there are white people racist but most of white people ARE NOT RACIST!!!!!!

  186. Well done for speaking out jeffry. Heartfelt thanks for telling us your story buddy. Thanks Winston for airing this. As always stay awesome and keep up the good work 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  187. Jeffry talked a lot about how he did nothing wrong, but that’s the thing about the national security law, if they say you broke it, then you DID break it. It’s a pile of garbage obviously, but not we shouldn’t act surprised that this happened

  188. Thank you both, gentlemen, for sharing this story and standing up together for our common human rights, values, ideals and the truth.
    Racism of any kind is despicable and reprehensible; a manifestation of terrible ignorance and injustice, if fearful insecurity and hateful cruelty.
    Such utter disrespect and the sickening, unjust abuse of totalitarian power by any authority anywhere deserves total contempt and condemnation.

  189. before you get you’re knickers in a knot i’ve seen this time and time again here in Australia and in the UK, the guy that’s talking pupils are like piss holes in the snow, nothing against you winston but you are totally naive when it comes to drugs, wise up boyo before you post such stuff.

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