China’s Ridiculous Online SCAMS Targeting YOU!

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  1. Any man whom trys to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin Among the great number from those whom are not Good. – Nicolo Machiavelli

  2. You can always tell that something fake by the dramatic music, which is hilarious, trying to pull you in. People don’t pay attention to these detail in commercial which can give sort of an idea that they are fake and lying to you.

  3. Why am I laughing so hard at a kid being knocked unconscious, being bullied, left orphaned to boot. I hope there are no suckers out there that buys one of these things. The girls story is hilarious too.

  4. Winston, your sartorial standards have gone down since you came to the States. Please don’t wear those stupid baseball caps. The worst thing that you could do is to follow cmilk and wear it backwards,

  5. Youtube is endorsing some of these scams.. like the “miracle” blackhead cream ads and assorted gadgets that don’t really work.
    That’s right

  6. 1:50 a constipated dragon 😂😂 I saw this advert just now where they spray this miracle spray on their face and all their Impurities fall off 😂

  7. Gotta have some common sense how cringy these lame ads are and not be so gullable with lame as products made in china. It’s all stolen and or copyrighted by the western

  8. Pseudoscience in someway is a lie anyway, such as men came from apes are the big bang theory which cancel out a supreme being. Could be consider more of a theory, still not true. Pseudoscience is a lie.

  9. I was taken by a Chinese scam just a couple of weeks ago. It was an ad on Facebook for genuine RAF Sheepskin bomber jacket $100, there was a link to their website. No indication it was Chinese, American flags and perfect English in all the text. I ordered one XL. After two weeks no jacket, I emailed them to cancel. I was emailed back and told I could not cancel since the jacket was en route. Two weeks later if arrived. The package was just a black plastic bag, with something inside, much to small and light to be a genuine RAF sheepskin bomber jacket. I opened the package, the first thing that struck me was the smell, a very strong petroleum solvent type smell. The smell alone prevented me from ever wearing this jacket. The material was all manmade material, no sheepskin at all. This coat reminded me of the quality that the GI Joe doll came with back in the day. The size was way too small, I guess they only two sizes, too big or too small. I got the one that was too small. I emailed back accusing them of fraud. I was immediately offered a $25 refund, I refused, the next offer was a $50 refund, I refused again telling them this was a scam and a fraud. The reply was from a different writer as the English was very poor. She offered a $70 refund. I refused and said I would only accept a full refund, and if that was not possible, I would bring the coat to the Chinese embassy which was within driving distance. No reply but I got a notice that $100 was deposited in my Paypal account. Needless to say, I will never buy anything advertised on Facebook again. The ads have disappeared.

  10. All ads on fb is a chinese scam. You get your product but defo doesn’t look or work the way its advertised. When you complain they refund you 50% but it’s still way overpriced even with the refund.

  11. what about the facebook ads promoting the chinese cryptocurrency? there’s so many and just have to be bought by the goverment of china

  12. I’m very familiar with west African scams but at least there was some (albeit very tenuous) string of logic, but this stuff is truly out there. If anyone is taken in then sorry to say maybe they deserve it. However we do have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable.

  13. WHAT!? There’s a depressing part of China!? And not only that, there’s a bridge in that part where chubby Englishmen lives?!
    What does the CCP and the Wumaos have to say about that?? I’m going to buy that bracelet now, and get stinking rich!

  14. 1 – The Old Man in “Hong Kong” is standing in front of the reclining Buddha at Wat Po Bangkok Thailand. ( look it up )
    2 – If the old man had the “lucky bracelet” why did he have all the bad luck and get beat up ???????
    Gotta Love this Horses$%&.

  15. The local Chinese embassy was trying to reach me relentlessly. I googled the number that was trying to reach me and it turned out it was indeed the phone number on the local embassy website. I went to the local embassy to inquire about this. They told me upfront that it was a scam, even the website. But the website looked exactly identical to the real one. Insane.

  16. Idk if you guys notice that the girl went to Hong Kong for a holiday, found an old man being bullied. But wait a min, didn’t he ady possessed the bracelet?? Why the hell he is still so poor??? Does it not work on all him?? 🤣

  17. Somehow the exponentially increasing Chinese population has halted.
    I wonder how that’s happened.
    Absolutely unrelatedly, I’ve lost four family members and three friends in the last year.
    So though my wife and I have recovered–Well, I’m recovering for the second time–I won’t be visiting.

  18. Thank you for saving me from this terrible product.
    Because of this video, I threw the jewelry into a near-by body of water.
    And when I got home I receive a letter saying I got into an Ivy League College and I now I am the boss of the best light house company in America. I am able to give my entire family many cookies!
    And also, before, I had terrible body odor which caused bulling, beatings and depression.
    My pillow was wet with tears nightly. But that went away as if by miracle!
    Thank you Winston and Milk-Coddy. You have filled my life with dreams of reality!
    You have made me a believer in this amazing video science!
    5 STARS to you both and 5 MOONS to the evil jewelry!

  19. Ye a foreign lady chasing away Chinese men their country from a old man. Sounds like that old man had some good luck that he gave you. More like a curse. This seems more like they are trying to pass the bad luck into someone else who will realize that they lost their cash.

  20. Love how the scammers are so proud and confident of their script that they won’t change a word for authenticity. So they make the British bloke say ‘cookie and ‘garbage’.

  21. My missus was getting conned outside a cigarette kiosk in corfu by a taxi driver that hadn’t seen me so I jumped in taxi ,once we got home he asked for 5000 drachma wich back then was maybee 25 pound I said no way ,he says you’re wife accepted the price I said yeagh Well I ain’t and gave him 20,thousand wich might have been about half off what he wanted we got out hes screaming in Greek, next thing you know I think it was his brother ,only dressed in police clothes ,lol ,I had to pay what ever it was I was pissed ,then we bhought lighters of deaf dumb people who wld come in pub bar etc dump lighters on table with a card explaing there doing it to keep there orphanage open ,I wld buy them ,then we found out nope there scammers ,talk hear and they can run like a marathon runner too ,back in Greece when drachma ,it was bad ,police stopping you for violations you didn’t have a clue they wld just shout at you do a lot off hand waving them hit you with a cash ticket if you didn’t have the money on you they wld take you to you’re apartment then too a monet exchange and they cld hit you with what ever they wanted too ,peace

  22. So you get the braceleted, then go and get a new boyfriend? What happened to the old boyfriend who loved her no matter what?. After you luck ran out, that new boyfriend left, which is payback for Hypergamy. Luckily that old boyfriend, who loved you while you were poor, found a prettier girl and married her. Sucks to be you…

  23. Shit I am going to copy the same and make some money ! koool yeah what a great lie . people are suckers if they believe this. Just like the news people will believe anything. YES, the world is mine through being a false prophet !. I WILL TAKE JUST LIKE THE dEMOCRATS TAKE. IT IS A FREE FOR ALL.

  24. That older woman looks like Leona Helmsley, someone a savvy Chinese scamvid producer would know from back in the NYC of the 80s. Leona was a very rich and powerful real estate investor, known to be nasty and overbearing to her subordinates. Like going way out of her way to insult a maid. Maybe the legendary power of mean Western women appeals to a certain sort. Leona herself was just a copy of Cruella DeVille.

  25. Most of the YouTube ads that promise you fortune, a technological breakthrough air conditioner or cell phone attachment comparable to precision military grade telephoto optics are all junk and outright fraud on the specifications. It’s bad enough finding these types of products at those dollar stores, like the cell phone car chargers or home chargers that will catch on fire or destroy your cell phone. Remember the electric hoverboards that the kids wanted for Christmas? Many of those were dangerous and could catch on fire while being charged. People should see the “red flag” in the price of those items. If it’s really cheap, then don’t expect it to be well designed or engineered because it’s going to be unsafe electrically or a fire hazard. Consumer fraud is big business now, especially with cheap labor and zero warranty or liability protection.

  26. I can’t understand who thought the US orphanage story would work, the school child works as a bin man and car park guard, were the audience meant to believe it’s some kind of Victorian workhouse?

  27. I’ll give you a dark one a friend i was on holiday well last week for him I was away ,he got asked in Spain to take a Teddy bear back to a girl in UK for a rep he had made friends with I even met him about 3 days before I left an English guy ,he was to take the Teddy his girl friend had left behind ,he knew she lived just a few mile away like Edinburgh to Glasgow and she wld meet him in the middle or even come through to meet him ,My mate was a real good guy the Teddy turned out to have coke stuffed inside I think if I’m remembering right it was wrth 500k half a million in a Teddy bear that wasn’t that big ,how he got the address to be able to say that his gf was not that far away ,my friend went to jail in Spain for 9 yr because they didn’t believe him until they started catching a lot if Teddy bears but he had done just under 5 yr he is a mental health patient now .a guy who was the most outgoing guy I knew too the shell of a person he was .so dnt do anything similar ever from any country .

  28. Ah yes, I’ve gotten those robo-calls in Chinese. I even have had them leave voice messages. It’s annoying but funny. I knew it was a scam right away.

  29. I just thought of a cool idea for a video, funniest mistranslations
    Maybe you guys have some funny stories, maybe you’ve already done something like that idk

  30. Never let a caller prompt you to press any number, even if it is offering to remove you from their call list if you do. They will follow up with attempts to get you to respond with the word “yes” such as by responding “can you hear me okay”? They can use this to bill you for offerings they will claim you agreed to through reconstruction of these recordings along woth a false narrative. The recordings of “yes” can also he used by prisoners to make collect calls from prison.

  31. How in the heck can anyone take this serious. I mean even they folks who “make” this have to see how rubbish this is. Was hard to watch, cringed so hard. Good lord…..

  32. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got a job. Sometimes I feel like all them are out to rob. Under the bridge downtown, is where I gave my cookie away. Under the bridge downtown,I sang a birthday song that day.

  33. Saw your video and threw away my bracelet.
    My boss just called and fired me. My wife just served me divorce papers. My doctor called and said I only have a week to live. Thank you.
    I hated that job.
    My wife was abusive.
    I’ve been living in pain and it will be over in a week.

  34. obviously!! if you live under a bridge and work as a garbage collector and get robbed on the way home, you must bring a cookie to your dad and sing happy birthday before rummaging in the garbage bin of someone called xi for a wallet and bring it to him, before getting a little analbead dragon bracelet of fortune. it is highly specific but it seems to work every time considering just how many people report the exact same story… wait a minute….

  35. This kind of bull*#%& is infuriatingly hilariously ridiculous. Thank you for making these videos, for they not only educate on Chinese scams, but scammers in general. ( Sadly, it reminds me of scammer televangelists from my religion of Christianity that sell tokens or trinkets that have super-spiritual power from God and promise abundance to the purchaser…after they “pledge” $50 or $100. Vomit. )

  36. Chiense online scam happened to me. I couldn’t believe that there are people out there actively and without ANY remorse seeking opportunities to profit by destroying your life.

  37. I got duped on one of those scams for a 1/6 scale Ironman figurine after I looked into it I saw the add they used was for a figurine worth $400 from a company called Hot Toys. So I ordered this product for $35.99 plus shipping (marked down from $99.00 they said) thought I was getting a good deal…. until it showed up. what they sent me was a toy that I could have bought from Walmart for $9.99 & tax. I complained and tried to get my money back but in order to send it back for a refund would have cost me $65 so I’m stuck with my expensive reminder not to buy into those advertisement scams. Two things I should have mentioned in the beginning, this add was on Facebook and also I live in Canada and the add was for American dollars so I nailed for the money exchange also.

  38. Watching those bad backgrounds and terrible talent acting is enough to give you a strong feel of a scam LOL! Btw, I’d rather get a good cookie than a bracelet, that would be a miracle for me LOL !!

  39. I love the clash between all the material things they brag about and the esoteric explanation. Like, sure, Feng Shui is here to get me a Tesla or something like that 😂

  40. I bet you can show the owners of that website this video and they’d pay you thinking it’s an advertisment for their product

  41. This video popped up just in time, I have started receiving those Chinese robo calls, I don’t understand a word of mandarin though.

  42. I live in South Africa got a call from an lady wth an heavey eastern accent representing an US law firm warning light nr, 1 . Claiming they where busy with an class action suit against some firm I had some dealings with. But she started to ask me a lot of questions about my financial health WARNING Light nr 2. When I refused to give it she then claimes how can I represent you in court if you dont give me the info WARNING LIGHT 3 I thought it was an class action suit. But I decided to play along and claimed to be hard of hearing and could she send everything on E mails. Whitch she did. I looked if the legal firm excisted and sure there was an website with the name of some laywers. So I checked the Calafornia bar association.and these laywers have retired like 20 years ago. WARNING LIGHT 4 AND 5 .. So I wait for the kill and sure enough it came if iwanted to recieve the money The courts decided i must first pay an refundable bond of $5000. Not an small sum if you take the exchange rate of zar 14 to 1 dollar.. . So when I confronted her with all this she disappeared. Some SCAM but im sure some gullible people will fall for it.

  43. That bracelet is the cheese version of the monkey paw. Ppl are going to try to steal it and if they succeed your life is ruined and everyone you love dies.

  44. My shirt and pants give me 25+ armor in total and a 5% increase in running speed. I have a wooden stick that only does 3 hit point damage. This bracelet will help increase my luck stats exponentially because I keep dying a lot.

  45. The HOG hat from “Stay Awesome, China!” is back! Cool. Check out the documentary by the same name if you want to be treated to watching Winston rap.

  46. That guy who said he got bullied was apparently speaking with singaporean accent… a lot of them in your video has nothing todo with China, stop lying and smearing.

  47. There is a sucker born every minute, comes to mind. There is no difference between them and politicians/ they all are trying to sell you something.

  48. Morons who are falling for such stupid scams deserve it and we can happy when they did not manage to reproduce. We can not afford the continuation of stupid fools who are easy played from people with sinister intends…

  49. There’s a saying where my parents are from: If a dog doesn’t poop then it’ll explode. Now imagine a Dragon with a stuffed behind.

  50. The fact his only priority after getting robbed was to give his father cookies, really impacted the car owners whose trash he collected, He bought the cookie after his security guard shift ended. These people are all fluid in gibberish.

  51. All of these marketing actors are spending their lives selling their dignity, selling lies, in a vain attempt to gain some clout in the modeling and acting industry. That’s a sadder story than any of these made up sob stories.

  52. I think one day Winston will realize that China would be dealt with relatively easily if it wasn’t for radical lefties in the US. Maybe he already does and just doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I love ruffling feathers especially when they rob you of your right to vote and censor half of a countries political affiliation.

  53. Serpentza should devote his time to this channel instead of the car mechanic one. This video was already a while back in the ADV podcasts, I don’t see the point of reposting videos like this, Cha Bu Duo style.

    Should also post a link to where I can order the Black Obsidian bracelet and the black fermented garlic from Richard from England in the description. I already heard so much about these from ADVChina, I want them now.

  54. I saw one about Falung Gong (I’m probably butchering it I know) it was about a girl in a orange jumpsuit with chains, working inside a gray sweatshop making plastic sickles and then stashes a message inside the sickle when the guard isn’t looking. It goes on but maybe this is enough to get you guys to check it out and maybe make a video.

  55. As soon as I hear Chinese since I no speaky I hang up and block ……simple and the English dude needs a slap upside his melon….idiot

  56. I get these actors are reciting this nonsense because they are getting paid but they must feel like complete and utter morons for doing it. How could you live with yourself ! lmao

  57. I been in shanghai in my 3 hours transit trip and I was nearly scammed for more then 1000 GBP, but hahahaha I didnt had money in my account. I came from Philippines almost empty. Scam was in fake massage saloon. You pay for massage 10 gbp and want to leave, but you are hold in other room by 2 big men and they explain, that 10GPB you paid was tips and this is VIP massage saloon and you need to pay much more.

  58. use ad block plug-ins for years so all youtube videos are ads free 🙂 problems is facebook now full of the digital yuan shit … only if you want to lose it all later (some how) to CCP!

  59. has immigrated to the US and has been adopted at young age, still speaks half ass English.. right… Like are there seriously rightminded people buying this sort of bullocks? Do these Chinese companies think this sort of garbage sells in western countries… I’m feel baffled, sad and amazed at the same time.

  60. Yeah I mean selling a bunch of cheap articles by inflating expectations
    is not exactly an unknown thing.
    Ads are ads. I think people should be more sensitive and know that Raid Shadow Legends is not the best game and that Hero Wars is probably not one of the many different puzzle games it claims to be.

    Here in Germany I recently saw something similar happening with “mini retro consoles”,
    basically it’s like the “SouljaBoy” handheld. You’d get a small NES on a chip with some of the old Chinese homebrews akin to the games found in Action 52 (seeing a big library of homebrew is certainly more interesting than direct knock-offs/ports).

    This video ID shows one of these consoles in action: VYq-aBqi9y8

    If you see one of these for like 10€ as a parent you think it can’t be too bad.
    What the worst that could happen? 10€ wasted?
    Ngl, I was pretty pissed off though, when my parents showed up with that.

  61. Dang it, I was the 91st person to receive Master Xi’s Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet, no wonder I didn’t receive a windfall of wealth. On the bright side I did get adopted and im 48!! Happy tears are rolling down my cheeks, Yeah Feng Shui power!!!

  62. Hahahahhahawtf fungsui is about changing the surroundings about you to change your fortune, wtf does it have to do with a bracelet hahahahahahahaha what da faq, these chi na ese has no limit

  63. The video of the white girl talking about having a run of bad luck, then finding the bracelet outside her house to turn her luck around. Only then to lose the bracelet and got overwhelmed by bad luck are similar videos I have seen before. One done by white male and another by a white female but both had a similar story. They found the bracelet and then lost it to only discover it again online after doing some research. Now they are both living a life of happiness and success. You can to if you act now and click the link below. Just wow these stories are terrible marketing.

  64. Man do I want your opinion on Gui Congyoun Chinese ambassador in Sweden.

    I’ve been living here for 7 or so years, out of the loop when it comes to “politics”, but this man has opened my eyes how the CCP behaves abroad more than any of your videos could have done.

  65. I’ve gotten those scam Chinese callers multiple times. Lucky for me I don’t understand the language, so it’s hang up and block for me. Also, “pseudoscience” and “according to Wikipedia” don’t go well together. Can they think of a better way to discredit themselves?

  66. COMEDY GOLD!! ‘gave him a cookie’ – these fake sob stories never get any less funny! You both do a great job with a great sense of humor – especially considering the subject matter. p.s. regarding other videos – thank you for introducing us to Arslan.

  67. Sadly, the world is full of suckers who believe stuff like this. By the way, do notice how the text is always white and yellow. With the same text, U-shaped tooth cleaning devices from Shenzhen have been marketed heavily in the West, right here on Youtube. Actually, Youtube allows tons of people to get cheated every day. (Where’s THAT responsibility? (What happened to the creed of doing no harm, Google — Youtube’s owner?)

  68. I swear I recognise the last woman from TV and some films. Not sure of anyone here is familiar with Time Gentlemen Please, a British sitcom set in a pub. Plus other stuff she’s been in. Could be wrong but if it is her, that’s crazy.

  69. I love how the script writers don’t know that the word “pseudoscience” is a pejorative. That makes me fall out of my seat laughing.

  70. I saw one where the guy was a white drug addict who owned clubs also lol 😆 I was like damn I’ve seen these but I never understood what the hell they were pitching 😂

  71. Seriously, if anyone dose find a bracelet on the road or anywhere, don’t pick it up or put on wrist. 1, it doesn’t belong to you. 2, this bracelet might bring good luck to its original owner, but may cause harm to you.

  72. Guys this isn’t false. I was given one of these bracelets as well from a travelling feng shui master, Master 笨蛋. Ever since I have had amazing luck, my professors in university started asking me to do lectures because they see me as equal to them, I was gifted a Lamborghini by a random guy and a goose lay a golden egg in my wardrobe. Do NOT underestimate the power of pseudoscience guys.

  73. I don’t know how many of you watching NHK’s “Japanology”, it’s a great series I enjoyed watching. However, these newer series often mentioning China. Such as shoes invented in CHINA, noodles invented in CHINA, fabrics invented in CHINA, Japan learned all these from CHINA, Japanese people love CHINA etc. Is NHK controlled by CHINA as well?

  74. I see Chinese scams in the news all the time! Everytime they say “you hurt the Chinese peoples’ feelings” or along those lines 🤣

  75. Living in the Philippines I see lots of guys selling “handmade Filipino” stuff that is made in China crap. Some tourists actually buy it. The fake silver dollars that they ” found on a beach” are my favorite.

  76. it seems that some are actually falling for this scam . based on SimilarWeb the site has about 200k visitors /month , 52% from the US

  77. You don’t need bots to do that, you can write the reviews yourself on a website like that. That’s why you want to look at reviews from companies like TrustPilot or VerifiedReviews when buying on a random website, anything else shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  78. I’m amazed that they keep saying its a pseudoscience (on the level of Phrenology maybe). I kept expecting that they would have a counteragument…

  79. This is Ridiculous but it is true. In real world we come across people who will cheat you if you don’t learn from your mistakes. You have to be educated and trust yourself to avoid these kind of problems

  80. Winston can you look into the whatsapp dating scams? Lately I’ve been on like Facebook dating and many of the matches I get are young beautiful Chinese girls. Can you find out what this is about. They keep asking me to chat on whatsapp rather than the dating apps

  81. It’s a Google Translate error. The Chinese, 饼 (bǐng) could mean “cake” or “cookie”. I’m sure that in the original Chinese script, it was meant to be a piece of birthday cake.

  82. Well, I guess I need to start being a more respectful son. And bring cookies to my father on his birthday. All this time, I thought he wanted Birthday Cake, thanks for clearing this up for me.

  83. Thanks a lot… I was laughing so hard at you guys laughing that I forgot I was supposed to be getting ready to work, then decided it was just too late & called out lol

    If I lose my job, it’s your fault 😂😂😂

  84. I’m glad others are finally noticing the link between the CCP, crony globalists, and the woo woo New Age neo-Buddhist spiritual oneness self-worship cults.

  85. It’s ridiculous, I’d much rather help the Nigerian prince take care of his dads wealth, instead of wasting my time with this feng shui rubbish. At least the Nigerian has some credible credentials, he’s a prince.

  86. ‘scuse me while I adjust my fhengh-sheweey – so good. …mm… feel the goodness. On side note, having spent a lot of time in Nepal, virtually all of the tourist fluff that gets flogged in Kathmandu is either from China or India – all mass-produced.

  87. Something particularly annoying about being a Chinese living abroad is getting contacted by acquaintances back in China (who often haven’t talked to you in years, you see the type) asking you to take part in their latest shady scheme to rip off foreigners, especially things like receiving money from victims and forwarding it to China, basically taking all the risks with law enforcement here in the US for a small share of the pie, yep, not gonna happen ^_________^

  88. i find it odd how people cant see through the fakeness of the ‘advert’, they are all poor ‘actors’ that cant manipulate their voice enough to even sound convicing. the only tears i shed for all of them actors is from laughing so much at the faked up misfortunes. i have to say sadly i have seen better acting on hollyoaks (a shitty UK ‘soap’), listening to them fake advert shinannigans makes me howl with laughter…..seriously how can ANY-one fall for them, they are so obvious and funny that only thing you think is one of those comedy skit ‘adverts’ like that aussie guy and the d*ck (deck) sealent.

  89. Hmm. We don’t get robocalls in Chinese; but this area code (419) has a negligible number of native speakers of anything other than English. Heck, most of our Hispanics don’t speak Spanish.

  90. Pi Xiu is actually an ancient, mythical creature that was supposedly one of the nine “sons” of the Dragon. The idea that it has no anus and that whatever goes in will not come out is more of an urban legend from recent times.

  91. Do one about the ad that I keep seeing that talks about in China there is an old man who is a fortune teller and has been painting people’s future husband or wife

  92. You guys are so naive thinking this is mainly a Chinese thing lol.

    There are thousands of westerners using these same tactics and making millions, I know many of them personally. And lots of these “gurus” have courses selling these same processes. Fake Amazon reviews and dropshipping websites are super common everywhere.

    But funny you always link everything back to “wumao”, you guys always think you’re so unbiased 😂😂

  93. Facebook mystery box. Don’t ever do it.I got scammed. I didn’t even know it was a Chinese company and would be shipped from China. It was false advertisement, saying get returned items from Amazon. You could get gaming consoles and more. It’s a scam. I got a gps tracker and a lame watch, for a lot of money.

  94. I grew up in a poorest region of The Philippines. I did not have enough nutritients to live a healthy and balanced diet. One day while cleaning the streets I saw a foriegn man being bullied by 3 men. I drove the bullies away. The foriegn man with a heavy English accent thanked me. He told me He was RICHARD FROM ENGLAND, working with the Ginger Boss. He saw I was a very Demanding Person and needed Very high Nutrition. He gave me a bottle of black Garlic and Now I work for a EU certified Company here . Thank you Richard for changing my life. BUY BLACK GARLIC.

  95. I used to have a beautiful Brunswick pool table. Couldn’t play a lick. Best use I got out of it was layhing 5/8th plywood over it and laying the parts on it when I disassembled an engine.

  96. Hi Winston,

    Your way of delivering any topic is expressive and binds to users.Kinldy don’t mix the style in this channel as in ADV and other channels. I am regular visitor of this channel. Hope to see your next videos in the same way as your past videos.

  97. *This is a real story:* I used to work at a university in Canada and we would give out bus cards to students. The transport company told us that every student *had to get them* and they could not be sold. We were giving them out to students and in the central office hub area, where all the school administrator offices are. This person, I am guessing from China, put a sign on the news board in the middle of the building trying to sell their bus pass, which was obviously against policy.
    So, not only was she breaking the policy by selling her bus pass, but she was advertising it to other students, who had their own bus passes because it was mandated that every student has to at least pay for one as part of their fees, but she was also doing it in the area where all the school administrators are, *in Chinese* as if no one that worked as an administrator could read it.

  98. I think the people in the scam videos might be freelancers from a website called FIVERR.
    Those money suckers would say any ridiculous shit as long as you pay them,even if the services client trying to promote are very suspicious.

  99. These ads continue to pop up when I view videos. Thank you for this analysis. Although I never thought even ones to buy such a crap item. LOL

  100. Who could possibly believe anything offered in those Chinese scams? I’m sticking with the African prince that left me all those gold bars and priceless jewels.

  101. after watching this video, same day before going to sleep i got same ad, full in Slovenian voiceover. This is so wierd that someone is trying to market this in slovenia, because we are very small eu country, with such different culture from chinese. I was laughting so hard in the middle of the night

  102. The cookie is that even with all that happened to this poor SOB, he was still generous enough to hook up his dad. That itself unknowingly reveals their pretentious thinking.

  103. Tragedy in my life:
    I spilled starbucks on my pants

    This person:
    My mom died in a car accident, then lost my job, then my boyfriend cheated on me, then I almost got murdered in the streets, then my house burn down, then i my doctor said i got cancer, then I became an orphan, then i got rejected from college, then I got scammed, I had to amputate a leg because of a car crashed, my dad died from cancer, then I had to amputate my other leg, then I got arrested and thrown in jail for something I didn’t do, then my brother died in a car crash, then I got hack and lost all my bank money. Then I got scammed again, then i survived a car crash, then my sister died then I got scammed again during a car crash and lost all of my life savings.

  104. You guys are AWESOME! I’m always looking forward to your videos and this one had me rolling lmao C-Milks reaction to the BS is hilarious xD

  105. I died from that Chinese accent even if I am a Chinese myself…
    It’s not natural, it’s like he’s tryharding to mimic that accent…

  106. I just bought two for 2.50 AUD LOL…too funny. Now to find a cookie for my father LOL. I better be careful not to lose it or I will be beset with grave misfortune hehehehehe

  107. Remember it? How could I forget it! You looked like such a douchebag but you totally made the look work. Probably one of your best videos actually, was very entertaining and learned a lot.

  108. Isn’t it strange no Black person came across some old man or their parents gave them this “odd looking bracelet”??

    Oh wait.. They aren’t good enough for FAKE chinese commercials 🤔🙄

  109. Just had one from this series pop up on China Uncensored funnily enough. It was a Japanese family and could help fat people somehow. I didn’t watch it all.

  110. I’m sold. I’m ordering 2 of them (1 for each arm) as I lost my job and my girlfriend due to not accepting a bracelet from someone in Hong kong (prior to covid).

  111. Surprisingly,there’s a huge number of people that fall hook line and sinker for this shit. Because they continue to push this crap on the media. Thanks guys for telling us.

  112. Having shopped on AliExpress for bicycle parts & now stopped,Ali Express takes your money and the seller will sometimes stop cancel your order,not always but sometimes,leaving you to ask the for a refund. That I self is hard is anther story. You need to go directly to your credit card company for the refund.

  113. I have no problems with these dumb scams. If you’re dumb enough to fall for them, youll fall for something else. Youre just not meant to have money in this world

  114. Just noticed also the British garbage collector found a wallet full of American dollars from a Chinese master in the UK??? 🤯🤯🤯

  115. i’m disappointed of your and Laowhy’s videos this week because it feels like a microwaved warmed up meal from weeks ago. I already watched the content on ADV a long time ago and don’t wanna waste my time rewatching it tbh. I hope you can bring some new content next week.

  116. 20:15 She has her own yt channel talking about women’s emotions and how to connect with women and all that sort of thing. She has many talents.

  117. Can you do one video on Chinese girls on Tinder ? What are those Chinese Tinder girls in places I have never seen a Chinese person to venture. Are they collecting photos from others ?

  118. When you mentioned @11:22 that they believe pseudo science is an accolade, I immediately came to think about the scene from “Three Amigos” where they don’t understand the word “infamous” and think that it means “more than famous, IN famous”

  119. What’s next? They start an insurance company in case they lose the bracelet? Do you know what happens if you lose those bracelets? xD

  120. Apparently that “old man” was being bullied in the streets of Hongkong and the video shows the famous reclining buddha of Thailand😁😁
    Amazon in India is selling the exact same bracelet for INR 299 onwards

  121. True story: A friend of mine went to the Chinese Embassy in the UK to renew her passport. Days later, she received a mysterious call in Mandarin saying someone used her information to commit Crimes, therefore she need to pay legal fees or whatever. My friend therefore came to me and ask if she can borrow money… (Yes, she did fell for it.) When I understood the situation, before I hang up the phone, I asked her, “Are you sure you are not being scammed?” About 20 minutes later, she called me back and said “I think I have been scammed.”

  122. Pseudoscience means fake science in plain English. I am amazed these scammers do not realize how stupid their reference to anything scientific really is.

  123. I really love your videos, guys. I visited Shanghai for business several times and really enjoyed it. I would like to travel to the country more and visit the rural areas. So sad the situation in China is getting worth. Most people I met there were so nice.

  124. Ok, I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been having sex with Master Xi’s wife. One day I was at his house rogering Mrs Xi in the upstairs bedroom when we heard the front door open, Master Xi had come home early. Quickly Mrs Xi stopped riding me and I put my pants on, grabbed my wallet and watch off the bedside table and climbed out the window. As I was walking around the front of the house I put my hands in my pockets and found I had two wallets in my pants! I quickly checked them and one of them was Master Xi’s wallet (apparently he came home early because he forgot it), I threw it in the garbage bin then got into my car and went home. Mrs Xi later told me that her husband turned the house upside down looking for his wallet. He got really pissed because it contained a few thousand dollars in cash that he had scammed from suckers by selling them cheap ass bracelets. Mrs Xi also told me that I was the 88th person that she had sex with behind her husband’s back.

  125. I had a friend give me some premium Buddhist prayer beads. The wood was from a special tree and it had semi precious stones. After about 1 month of using the beads… the wood cracked and broke and the paint came off the “semi precious stones” and I discovered the stones were painted plastic. Premium quality goods from China.

  126. Hey, C-Milk and SerpentZA, if you start selling that bracelet in your online store – I will buy it – apparently, it brings a lot of luck!

  127. flipping thru ur vid archives is like my god I felt ur hate in a thing is literally unmatchable. loved ur choosing the background though as it fits in pretty nice of the message u r sending..I personally don’t like it that u crack up too much…little is entertaining. thanks

  128. so apparently some chinese guy posted an old poem , and deleted it after , coz the CCP didnt liked it. I wonder when chinese people are actually gona start to put corrupt politicians in to jail , starting with Xi jingpin XD

  129. Okay I’ll stop you there…
    unfortunately there are many freelancers across the globe that offers Voiceovers or videoSpeach making like the ones you saw.
    You hire this people for really cheap and give them a script, they themselves will edit the video to be inspirational and give it to you as service.

    Sadly someone behind the computer knew this so decided to abuse this services to sell his product.

    Unfortunately this freelancers won’t know where their faces will end up being nor the purpose behind it.

    Guys this is not the only one, you can find thousands of products on Amazon with similar links.

    So please don’t judge the people in the clips, judge the people behind the products.

    Might be funny but it’s not the freelancers fault.

  130. Money essentially erase almost everyone’s minds and morality, as well as decreases inteligent capacities, i mean in the darkest way possible. Look at this Scammers, look like they got permanently brainwashed by religious propaganda. I cannot believe they can still scam on YouTube published without get caught or punished. Lol 😑😑😑😑✋✋✋✋🙏🙏🙏🙏

  131. You know it’s a scripted scam when a Brit says ‘garbage’ and ‘cookie’ rather than the British English ‘rubbish’ or ‘biscuit’ 😂

  132. In short….. Gloom despair and agony on me. Excessive sadness excessive misery. If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Gloom despair and agony on me.

  133. “This bracelet gave me the wealth necessary to purchase a greenscreen and project an expensive apartment backdrop behind me”

  134. Maybe they told these people they were auditioning for an acting role & they never knew they’d get played.

  135. Why is it so cheap to mail from China to US. Is someone else help paying the cost?
    Why is it so inexpensive to manufacture in China and mail to US?

  136. First of all, a guy that works on garbage does that job because he didn’t have high studies. But this one knows the English language really well.

  137. Plenty of old Asian people bullying going on in San Francisco right now.

    But we don’t hear about it because its not “White Supremacists” doing the deed.

  138. Pseudo-science means fake science. They hope when you are listening to a long story you will fall mentally asleep and not even paying attention to how you are being sold bullshit. Also using spirituality to sell something is a very lucrative scam. Something far out then selling you a solution to controlling luck. LOL This appeals to your greed and controlling ego inside of you. It appeals to the ego and ONLY to your emotions, which are an irrational part of your brain.

  139. Haha, he is obviously a close relative to Santa this master guy. And don’t back talk Santa. It is just American propaganda say he could not manage to hand out all the presents over night. Our kids get their presents in Christmas eve and here he can just park his reindeer outside and walk in the door. So 2,5 days and better working conditions in the Nordic countries it is easy:P
    This kind of scam would not have fooled my son from age 5 at least.

  140. How bullies an old man in Hongkong you ask? The US paid protesters of cause. My girlfriend send me video of an old Chinese man in the Airport refusing to take one of their flyers and then they put the flyer on his back and beat him. Looked looked like genuine video. They also sent me Video taken by protesters that poor pure alcohol or similar over an old man and lit him on fire for not agreeing with the protesters. I have also seen Hongkong police giving water to protesters to clean their eyes after getting teargas in them. I have not heard you comment or showed any of this in you videos though.

  141. I appreciate everything you’re doing. I value the hard work and research you do and value not just your content, but value you as a fellow human being. I realize what I am about to write here has nothing at all to do with your video, but I am reaching out my hand for help for a friend.

    I am writing to you and as many folks as I can at this point because I hope you will find it in your heart to ask people to do something maybe they would not normally do because I am dealing with a very specific situation and need all the help I can get right now for a close friend of mine. I don’t normally do this, but I will for this situation. I am not asking for money for my friend, but something way more valuable than money. I am asking for everyone, every race, creed, color, gender, whomever you are it doesn’t matter to please come together for my dear friend. Let me explain.

    I received a text message from one of my closest and dearest friends who I consider to be my brother. He was admitted to the emergency room for blood clots in his lungs, basically pulmonary embolism. He has been short of air for several months and finally drew up the courage to go to the er yesterday. I got a text message from him letting me know he could have died and he is basically having difficulty texting. I told him do not respond, but I would keep him in prayer and get a prayer chain going for him.

    I only have 2 friends in this world, 2 and he is 1 of those 2 friends I would lay my life down for him if called upon to do it.

    Please pray for him. I’m in tears as I am writing this and I am not one who cries for most folks. His name is Elijah or Eli.

    Thank you in advance for consideration of my request to anyone who is willing to pray for him. He is around 36 or 37 years old.

    God bless you and again I am grateful for anyone who would be willing to take time out of their busy day to pray for my brother.

  142. My favorite video in a while! That pseudoscience bit was hilarious. It’d be funny if they used that word later in the script. “After the man gave me that odd bracelet I immediately graduated top of my class, obtaining my degree in pseudoscience.”

  143. Ive gotten those calls and said nihao a few times and after a minute of saying turtle fucker in terrible Chinese i have gotten a few to yell in english

  144. I saw this cookie scam story a year ago and immediately ignored it. Best decision. If anyone sees it again (or another variation) just click the report button.

  145. If the old man already has the “odd looking bracelet ” then why is HE being bulllied? Why isn’t the bracelet protecting him but will somehow work for her?

  146. I used to rent a room from a guy who would get totally sucked into all this crap. He used to sit at home in the evening waiting for women to come knocking at his door because he was such a fine catch. He used to go out with a lot of young Asian girls looking for a wife that would be his June Cleaver and take care of him.

  147. Thank you for this video, my father gave me a bracelet telling me it would help me in my fight against poor health. After watching this I have now thrown away my medical alert bracelet.

  148. Winston, your videos have been a big help and I did watch them before visiting China back in 2019. I avoided a potential tea shop scam in Beijing when a young Chinese girl selectively approached me speaking very good English in a very crowded touristy area. I could tell from her body language it was not genuine and appeared contrived. Unfortunately for her I have binged watched Asian dramas and can recognise good acting from subpar. 😅

  149. Can anyone tell me what’s the name of the video that cover all different regions and their cultures. I remember he mention North Chinese have big eyes, South like family above something. Much appreciate if anyone tell me

  150. Netflix: “You got a minutes to pitch me a story…go”
    “Uh… My mom gave me this odd looking bracelet, it… i dunno give me fengshui powers, i guess. All this good stuff started to happened to me, lost the bracelet everything went down, my mom died. According to wikipedia, fengshui is pseudoscience originated from China, and does something with harmony, and thats it”
    Netfllix: “My god…….. youre a genius. Get this man a series, also.. can you add about giving a cookie to your dad?”

  151. I have an example of an interesting Chinese Romance scam Basically this young attractive and rich Chinese lady who lives in a wealthy area of the UK but is in Hong Kong with her family and cannot travel due to the virus. Luckily for me she is not interested in young handsome rich guys but wants an old bloke who doesn’t need to be rich. She wants me to be rich and her father is investing in a cryptocurrency though she doesn’t seem to understand that she is Putting her father in legal problems since this is the definition of insider trading. In fact she doesn’t understand what insider trading is. Sadly after my declaration of true love and how I want her not her wealth she ghosts me. She did spend many hours talking to me even rang me and sent me what was supposedly a clip of her boxing. Her English was actually excellent but obviously she never video called me. I can see how this one works but I have even stranger ones about several ladies who are moving to the UK Yet they seem to fizzle out without requests for money.

  152. I always when receiving (here in UK of course) those kinds of calls like where they claim to be suspending my ISP account (which isn’t actually mine the account holders my father and is on a different telephone number than my residential landline number of the concerning account) claiming to be from Openreach (the provider of broadband is sold like a wholesale thing) which I have absolutely nothing to do with them, its my ISP who has a contract with them not me, I have a contract (or my father has one) with my ISP who inturn have one with the provider Openreach

    I just report them always to Action Fraud, was a news article about some organisation having to do more to stop phone spoofing is when they come out with what appears to be a completely random non-existent phone number, though they are able to trace the real one, which is why an organisations wanting firms to do more to stop this kind of thing

  153. I totally lost it just watching the reaction of these two. I mean the stories were ridiculously sad but watching you guys laugh made me absolutely scream with laughter.

  154. 1:02 this scam is now also targeted at Chinese living abroad. There were dozens of cases in Australia, where Chinese students were forced to fake their own kidnapping in order to get money wired from their parents, and some cases in Germany, where the callers pretend to be Chinese policemen cooperating with the local authorities.

  155. Suit o science is just too sleazy. I seen the YouTube commercial about 4 to 5 months ago for that bracelet and the only thing I could think of was 10,000 boxes filled with the silly bracelets they made for one cents and they’re going to sell for 20 30 bucks and rip people off. The bracelets probably made with some nasty chemicals that are band, probably get sick.

  156. YouTube will play any ad just to make a quick buck. Especially communist propaganda and ads that would violate and rape TOS if they where an actual video. Take that from somebody who has targeted ads off. I’ve even seen plenty of ads that could cause seizures
    Also, worst way to get to me through an advert is through sob stories because I’m too self centered to care about sob stories that aren’t about immediate friends and family

  157. Someone please change the definition in Wikipedia and let’s wait until these ads tell a different made up definition. I remember my college instructor changed the definition of some basic electrical concept and all my classmates who used wikipedia received zero score.

  158. Love ya Winston! However, that’s for your honest analysis and real world experience. Hope you’re commentary on China transitions over to America now that you live here. We’re always looking for constructive criticism

    Edit: please don’t pigeon hole yourself to Chinese content exclusively. I get it took you getting out of China to be able to speak candidly about them but please don’t make that the focus of your channel.

  159. In 2005 i was in China on a vacation trip. I was told some fancy stories about Feng Shui, window in the sky scraper or the HSBC building in in Hong Kong with all this triangles, bad luck per definition in Feng Shui which was fixed by a Fend Shui Master, for a lot of Money….
    Being back i told this and the toilet paper story of China to a friend. Back in times he was arguing with his wife about reshaping his house to get it Feng Shui conform, which she liked. His comment about Feng shui was the best, saying whit out inventing toilet paper, Feng shui wants to tell me where to set my toilet in the house… This was the end of the Feng shui story in his house 🙂

  160. If only there was more widespread awareness about Chinese scams. Excellent video! And I enjoyed Serpent ZA’s H.O.G. hat 😄👍

  161. I made 70 job applications and got rejected from all of them. I think there is something wrong in my harmonising energy with the environment which a certain strange black bracelet can control in my favour. Maybe I should buy it instead of writing a better CV, and gaining skills that make me a more employable person

  162. 21:35 that made me laugh more than anything XD
    I just got fired from my job for my friend’s mistake… Well, time to go on vacation!

  163. I got sick of YouTube facilitating all these scams, so I decided to do my bit to try and reverse their potential harm, so I decided to look for which action a viewer performs that causes the advertiser’s budget to run down. At first, I assumed it was just letting the full advert run its entire length, but it turns out it’s just clicking the link on the advert. So, with a script blocker installed to ensure manipulative scumbags recieve the absolute minimum of data from my clicks, I just make sure that I click the link in all of the adverts with a sob story/get rich quick kind of a theme to ’em (which is about 95% of YouTube’s adverts, these days). This way, I hope to cost the scammer more, and reduce the number of potential victims which might see it and fall for it.

  164. Do trash collectors even make little money in other countries? I’m sure they do in China but in other developed countries? In Sweden trash collectors make a lot money. Decent pay, good (but uncomfortable maybe) hours. A few years ago they were upset about their pay and working conditions, then the details c

  165. I just wanna point out there are also these mobile puzzle games ad or just misleading apps that if a kid end up installing it just gonna install a bunch of apps that scam or ad based app like a banking managing app that just fake good thing tho people finally doing something about this scam

  166. OMG. What else I can say. My son actually got this bracelet and I happened to be watching this. The next morning I made him sit and watch the whole thing. He is so disappointed. He told me he felt like throwing it now. Thank-you for this. A new generation growing in US looking at all these scams. Long run the price will be paid. At least I am looking and avoiding based on where it is made. BTW we laughed too.

  167. I am curious what you think of California.
    The state is the bottom for schools, homelessness,
    falling apart, high taxes.
    I am curious.
    I get China sucks, and I should implode from corruption.
    But curious of what you think of California.

  168. That bracelet is bad luck not good all the ppl who use it said the same thing.. Zombies.. That’s why Master Xi call Scotty to beam him up….

  169. I called the FTC a few times reporting scam calls. So now I have to worry about China along with the Philippines and India. If he was in the US from China since childhood, wouldn’t a lot of his accent be faded away by now?

  170. I used to get those in Chinese phone calls when I got my number not that long ago but they stopped. Of course I have no idea what they’re saying but I figured it’s a scam of some sort.

  171. But, the advertisers are RIGHT! It IS a pseudo-science! Hahaha! Whoever those advertisers are, they’re morons. Too feckin’ funny! Actually, it’s hilarious! I have seen these advertisements, but not for a while now. I saw a few a couple of years ago or so. But not recently. But, as an actor and voice-over artist, it DOES make me want to make a bogus or spoof advertisement in a similar vein to poke fun at them. Just hilarious! I try and avoid any products that come out of China. Hey, who knows? Maybe these bracelets are actually manufactured by the CCP because they contain microchips with listening devices in them to spy on or send out harmful EMF microwaves to make people sick? Oh, wait, sorry … yeah, yeah, sorry. I forgot. The telecom conglomerates already have that one covered with 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone technology. Doh!

  172. I once good an add for round cross screw remove tool I ordert it and I use it it works especially when you work on old Japanese bikes

  173. They say that parents will say it is a pseudoscience intentionally, understanding what pseudoscience is, because when their new victim will tell his relatives about this, they will call it that way, reinforcing his belief in truthfulness of that advert (prophecy come true).

  174. Targeting me with robo calls in Chinese. How stupid do you think i am. And all these calls are from China. Sounds unlikely considering that access in China is controlled. Here is one case: “Just earlier this month, officials busted one such call center located in Costa Rica, which was responsible for at least $10 million in damages.” And the sob story is from China. You obviously think I am as stupid a those Trump supporters. And this guy does not even look Chinese.

  175. YouTube is playing a game every time I hit the button to like it disappears I end up hitting it three times to get three show again watch them they’re playing you and a lot of others to

  176. This isn’t much different than all the miracle cures for diseases or becoming a millionaire from stock trades, or investment sites for items that don’t work.

  177. Aha! They are a multi race family working in the same places in the same area in different dimensions. See easily explained. 😂😂😂😂😂 Great video guys, Blessings from Scotland. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹Edit: even some of the photos and clips they’re using are from stock photos. To good! 😂👌

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