1. Winston, the same thing is happening in America: if you’re pro-democracy, and endorse equal rights between the races, and oppose violent crime, you’re called a “racist.”

  2. You are a sick dude serpentza. I guess if theres chaos in China you’ll like to the the greatest immigrants migration chrisis in history. You dont care about the Chinese people and you are sour because you got kicked out of a country for not following their rules.

  3. A lot of trump supporters have completely decided to not give Biden a chance. As a Brit I been paying attention to American politics heavily and I think Biden will have to take a harder stance on the issue with the CCP .

    The CCP is playing a dangerous game where they will keep pushing and hoping that the other side does not fight back … it is now at a boiling point where I feel like USA , U.K. & a couple other western countries will start to push back and I hope they push back hard !!

  4. *As a Zimbabwean born Chinese, your criticism of a fascistic 1 party state makes me uncomfortable. I can’t find evidence to argue your points so you’re an anti Asian racist I guess lmao idk*

  5. 4:15 That video is from my childhood. I miss so those days of STRUGGLE SESSIONS so much, flaying the backs of farmers, cutting out the tongues of peasants, banishing landlords and capitalist intellectuals to remote villages for re-ecucation through labor. My heart flutters.

  6. It’s high time to “Boycott: Made in China CCP!!!” This is for the WHOLE world, by-the-way !!! Understand that if this is followed, China CCP will be determined to stop it. Same w/ tariffs; you know they are effective b/c China CCP was DESPERATE to get them removed. They are effective b/c they destroy China in the medium & long term!!!

  7. I can relate to this because I deal with trolls too, but I think you could have handled it better. When you make someone angry, you have less of a chance to persuade them. I’m not saying you have to have a conversation with them, but you can leave a lasting positive impression. You always hear the same arguments right? Why not just make a series of short, but thought inspiring responses and copy/paste the ones that apply. If you can plant the seed that inspires thought, then you can create greater change, Even if the thoughts don’t manifest in them immediately.

  8. Winston, you can and have only told it like it is. Please keep your level of integrity and elegance when dealing with jackasses that are clueless. Really enjoy the work you a c milk do.

  9. I can’t wait for the pandemic to be over.
    1. We can all live free again and people can have a proper funeral and honor the lost ones.
    2. The world will call in the CCP ambassadors and maybe kick them all out!

  10. I studied in Shanghai for 4 months and got to travel to various other places in China. While there, I got to meet some of the nicest people and made the greatest friends.
    My friends don’t represent the CCP and the CCP doesn’t represent my friends in China.

  11. I truly appreciate your straight talk. So much stupidity and lies out there, it’s refreshing to hear a reasonable voice. Thanks for keeping the wumao in their corner. Cheers!

  12. as a white person, even in my own home country i can relate to being labeled racist.
    Europe has always been open to everyone. but i can tell you,
    this will probably slowly change since BLM, China and the islamic culture are really testing the boundaries.

  13. Strong words Winston. I can sense in your voice the shear anger and frustration about the CCP. Having watched many, maybe all of your videos alone or with Matt, it is quite apparent…..THERE IS NOT AN OUNCE OF RACISM IN YOUR BODY.. your respect for the chinese people shines like a beacon… I live in the U.K. and the Chinese community is taking a backlash from twats in low places blaming them for the epidemic and getting general abuse and piss take. Yet the Chinese people are scared to admit the tyranny of the CCP. TikTok is now a battle ground of abuse on mainly young girls. My daughter showed me a video of a young chinese girl sobbing 😭 into the camera because some brainless bastard in the U.K. ( because I looked at his videos) had threatened to crush her face with his bare hands and kill her.. she was singing and about 12-14 yrs old . My daughter saw this . The CCP have brought this nasty shit onto their own people , and as you say scaring them into silence.. I want the world to wake up, embrace and leave these lovely people alone and realise the CCP are the shit and if anger needs to be vented then let’s get to those evil bastards and get them out . Since seeing that young girl sobbing I am as angry as hell, sickened , and disgusted with the human race. You are right… world wake the hell up the CCP are not the chinese people .. thank you 🙏 Winston and Matt for helping to demonstrate and expose these evil aresholes

  14. that message to you is so “wumao” and so fake using being a Canadian-Chinese, or that person is a mainland international student being in damage control of his CCP love.
    its like the movie “ip man” ip man beating japanese, british , american and everybody else. ip man (chinese/CCP) being superior to everyone. You can tell most scene that that directors gave too much emphasis on the antagonist how racist , bully they are. plus the settings too, the flags and patches and custom(people/country where the bad guy is always supposed to be evil of the evil).. i think next ip man is vs avengers, avengers will be the bully and racist and very evil.

  15. As a Vancouverite-Canadian, i can confirm that i know this Mr. Riley Hun. Except that his last name is Huang.
    He lives in Richmond and runs an illegal invite-only casino out of his 9,500 sq ft home where it also operates as a quasi-brothel advertised on Erslist. The basement is outfitted with a bunch of computers where he pays Chinese foreign UBC students $80 bucks a day to create fake social media accounts to spew pro CCP propaganda. He’s on the CCP take through a holding company (CP North Imports) that operates really as a thinly veiled auto-parts import company. He also runs an illegal “C-Dao” / hostess lounge at 3840 Keith street in Burnaby. It’s an old warehouse that was completely refurbished and the interior looks like a set from the great gatsby. I know that they were up and running as recent as Feb 2020. No surprise there was a dude was shot right there in the wooded area at Ivy Avenue and Keith street in Burnaby in August of 2019.

  16. As a Chinese born Canadian I generally agree with you. I have been saying this for years, CCP and Chinese citizens are not one in the same. Many of us Chinese who live outside of China do so becuase of the CCP and it’s refreshing to hear a non Chinese who actually understands. Also happy Chinese new years to you and your Chinese wife and Chinese family!

  17. How aint you racists?? You say they dont gt to choose their goverment . What country does cause every country is divided not all parties win so NO not everyone gets the goverment they want and as China has 100million ccp followers id say thts pretty good and considering how many people have been took out of poverty in the past 20 years give me 1 goverment thats achevied these numbers?? N0NE

  18. Yeah, except for one rather glaring issue in your premise dude: the entire CCP and associated enormous bureaucracies are comprised of – you’ve guessed it – Chinese people lol. The leaders, the executive, the courts, local authorities – all Chinese. Not to mention, whilst there are obviously *some* enlightened people, they seem to be an insignificant minority. Even my (lifestyle-wise) westernised in-laws are still insanely pro-CCP, even though they have lived in Australia for 30+ years. At some point the Chinese people themselves have to take responsibility. You’ve had 70 years to agitate for political change, and now it might be impossible. That’s nobody’s fault but your own.

  19. I am Korean-Japanese American and I have followed Serpentza for awhile and I know that he is not racist towards Asians. He is more aware than most Asians when it comes to the differences between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. In his videos, he is criticizing the CCP GOVERNMENT. Some people can’t comprehend that you can dislike the CCP government but love the people of China at the same time. They are probably brain-washed mainlanders who can’t think critically. BTW 27 wumaos disliked your video, lol. Stay awesome Winston.

  20. I wonder how you’re not exploding of that great anger! What your lovely wife tells you about your hate speech towards China? Why have you silenced her – I haven’t seen new Hu Knows series for long time already? You have now already lived pretty long time in the United States, haven’t you found anything to criticize about the States? Capitolium event? BLM? Elections? Guantanamo? Wars in the Asia? Are you brave enough just to show a fist to China from long distance only?

  21. Well, they do call it the “People’s” Republic of China! And don’t forget that China “gave” you a wife, lol. In all seriousness, awesome video. Keep up the good fight mate!

  22. do not forget the hand of the cabal being played out with ccp and population control , the battle is very hard and what you described in this vlog has all the hall marks of the nwo , the interesting thing will be the political battle between ccp and nwo ( cabal ) , good luck my springbok friend…kiwi supporter in london

  23. What if real devil is in shadows puppeting Xi around and make everyone thinks it’s him and hate him? The intro sentence makes lot of sense if u think about it

  24. To say the Chinese people are the same as the ccp is a grave insult to the Chinese people. It insults the intelligence of the Chinese people as if they cannot think, cannot be analytical.

  25. on behalf of chinese canadians, we don’t claim riley. he’s not too unlike the racists acting out anti-asian sentiments. the racists don’t understand the ccp and chinese (looking) people are not on the same team and they actually don’t even like eachother. likewise riley can’t distinguish when you’re criticizing the ccp and not people of chinese ethnic background. these people should know better but they’re a little slow and haven’t caught on yet. so don’t be too stressed about it. his aggression comes from a good place and he’s doing his best, but he’s slow is all. there are a lot of these guys, be patient with them.

  26. Chinese people needs their freedom, China could be a super power if it weren’t for the Chinese communist party.

    When ever i talk about China and their problems i do always make clear which i’m criticizing and i even bring up the idea that “Political correctness” would say im being anti China. while im in fact Pro China. i wish to see China crawl out of the Century of humiliation caused by the Chinese communist party, as a super power. sure if the CCP falls Tibet, East Turkestan, Inner Mongolia will likely request to become independent or merged with the nation, some of the areas where taken over because of the Commies, and some were taken over by the old government of the ROC when they were still a military government over the mainland

  27. Im canadian. You are certainly a “racist”.

    In our moderne culture, anyone called a racist is speaking the truth, and anyone who IS a racist is probably highly educated and a politician.

    Keep being “racist” and let the racists trigger (😷🔫🏴‍☠️) themselves when their words have no effect.

  28. those guys are either Mordor or Team Rocket, seriously, the police looks just like team rocket blocking entrances or invading your house, and the military camps as seen on google satellite in pangong lake are like orc swarms rising from never ending pits

  29. If even in “full” democracies many governmental actions can be questioned wether they are the people’s will or not.
    No doubt in an authoritarian dictatorship nation like China, the vast majority of the CCP’s actions are not the chinese people’s will.

  30. I understand you. But sadly we need something to balance the other big bully in the world, the USA. I believe in Jin and jang. And the US has been unopposed for too long. Destroying the world with its ultra capitalism. I believe in the middle way where a nice big middle class can grow and very few are poor and ultra rich. This is not the world the US is building for the future. I am not saying the Chinese system is perfect but it has served them good in the last 30 years. They have come much farther than India that was let loose at the same time from outside control. Is that not good enough this far. The US want to destroy every country that oppose them.
    I don’t think you are a racist, but consider if you and your friend C-milk can accept that US is not the leader of the world in 10 or 20 years. It may be China. But after that when China, US and Europe is hit hard by climate change then new leader of the world might be an African superstate or Russia. Can the US and white race accept this or must they stay on top by any means and start a nuclear war as some in the Pentagon is now threatening with. Some of your critic or China is not fair if you don’t critic the US for the exact same things.
    Both counties have prison camps with torture. Both have genocide in their history. Both have death penalty. Both have serious human rights violations. (yes i consider forcing a raped woman to carry the child of the rapist as one of the worst imaginable crimes but that does not count because of cray religion). Both support horrible dictatorships for economical gains. So pleas tell me the difference to the rest of the world who is the leader. One Capitalist dragon, or a communist dragon.

  31. The best thing is when we allow those specific Chinese to come into our countries and then they start calling us racists. Um, ah, say what? Damn good video, Winston! My sentiments exactly.

  32. China’s super secret weapon is the U.S. Democratic party. Ha Winston is not perpetuating anti Asian anything, he talks about governments and all big governments are bad. Some are worse of course 😉

  33. “Let’s play devil’s advocate here and pretend that this guy is Canadian. If he is, he certainly is a weak piece of shit. ” – Is the greatest line in this video.

  34. Great video, keep up the fight- against the CCP and it’s concentration camps. Greast to see the insult “Bellend”, being in the UK even that is one I have not heard for almost 20 years 😛

  35. Is the instagram commenter on crack? Seriously, you are so Pro Chinese People its funny. There is a difference between disliking a corrupt government and disliking a countries population…

  36. LOL !!!!!! I love the ending.
    I shut down so many low level 50 cent army wumaos on various social media platforms that the canon fodder trolls stopped talking to me.
    I was then kindly greeted with some higher level wumaos that were pleasant to converse with and had impressive social skills and manners.
    The conversations were lengthy at times.
    But respect was always shown both ways.
    In the end, neither changed the other’s mind.
    People who can remain civil when they don’t get what they want are extremely rare these days.
    I LOVE China and Chinese people.
    CCP, not so much.
    Do they project their nationalism onto, say, Americans?🤔
    Do they think we are an inseparable, nationalistic government hive mind?🤔
    Obviously not. If that were the case, corruption would be impossible, right?🤔

  37. You can often tell who is American/Canadian or Australian by reading their comments. If the syntax is off, and strangely translated words are used such as “hardships” or collocations that don’t match such as empty of all life (instead of devoid of all life)… You know these guys are not Natives… The Chinese also don’t use a lot of gerunds ( I went home thinking about it..) /higher conditional sentences (I could have been doing it) / have something done (I had those comments deleted), pretty much the grammar that isn’t featured in the Chinese language. Equally, we would have had a hard time trying to pass for Chinese netizens. I took my HSk5, so there a lot of grammar which is incompatible that I have a hard time using in Chinese.

    A comment shares much more than grammar, it shares how a person expresses themselves. The Chinese think backwards, and it’s very rare for someone who wasn’t born in an English-speaking country to completely mask his sentence structure. If you see an English comment, look at how stiff it is, and you’ll find yourself a wumao…

  38. Holding yourself, or your country to a higher standard is nationalism. In order to thrive in globalism, you must strive to be a shitty human being, who reinforces negative behavior, but that does so equally across racial. ethnic, and gendered lines.

  39. How can a person be racist against the Chinese people and yet have a Chinese wife? This is something that has always baffled me when Winston is called a racist 🤷🏻‍♂️….great video as always 👍🏻😊

  40. Beautiful painting of the Great Wall, behind Xi’s desk. The amazing wonder that was built from the sweat of forced slave labor (400,000 died and buried within the walls itself), and which of course, was more intelligently conquered by Genghis Khan, not by shear power or force….but by just simply riding around it (hahaha), taking over Yanjing (modern day Beijing). Now that’s a painting I would love to see.

  41. Sad to say I no longer agree with this we have to be better than them defence, trying to be better is what ensures that they would always have an advantage over you.

  42. The CCP and Chinese people are NOT the same. However your videos do very much contribute to anti Asian racism with your clickbait stereotypical titles like ‘Are chinese men cowards?’ ‘Chinese women are heartless’ or your ‘Chinese people eats dogs’ videos and Asians (not the CCP) suffer as a result. Just read the comment section in those videos. Are they attacking the CCP or generalizing the entire Chinese population?

  43. I was trying to explain this reasoning to my friends. “You can’t simply believe all chinese are bad, or that you hate them all, based off of their govenerment’s treatment of muslims.”

  44. Race card 💳 always used against whites is the trend these days pushed by those you cannot criticise and that’s not just the Chinese in charge the real enemy tend to fashion a small hat.

  45. The entire world hates the CCP even Russia and Iran are sick of their shit. WW3 could be The World vs China. We need to stop by Chinese goods. Their just using our money to creat weapon systems. Either for the battlefield or cyber space to spy on us. Not to mention the human rights violations happening to certain ethnic groups within China.

  46. The criminal CCP kidnapped the Chinese nation and held its people and culture ransom for over 70 yrs this mafia has stained the Chinese race , the chinese I know are usually mild mannered and hard working people they should shed themselves of this blood sucking autocratic regime
    The CCP is not a legitimate government as we know it they are just a ruthless crime family no
    Wonder they feel so insecure in the evil they perpetuate against these people , ❤ Chinese. 👎💩CCP

  47. I make another point against yours. How come that the people do not rebel against the tyranny of the ccp? Before Xi and then Covid I though we need to fight the ccp but now I fight the ccp here where I live and if the Chinese people like to be screwed over and over and over and do not get to arms it’s not my problem anymore. Yes the Chinese are the ccp because then don’t rebel. There are too many Chinese that make good money whit the ccp. So every country (and people) deserve the government they got! So they do not care about their environment their people or life in general. And if you talk to them they are all brainwashed to the point where I personally give up.

  48. I miss the more travel view into china life winston and matt used to produce. I 100% agree with them on their stance with the CCP, and appreciated their view on the government when sprinkled in with other topics. Unfortunately, their channels are becoming a drag and I’m sad to unsubscribed. I’ll check in after COVID. Maybe once they can travel again it’ll become better rounded content again.

  49. When a ccp puppet cries racist all that comes to mind is ” thow doth protests to loudly me think.” Is it not true the thief calls his captor a criminal to anyone listening? And isn’t it true there is always someone gullible enough to buy it? This is the same for people who defend the ccp. They know how dirty they are so they try to make everyone look worse. Pathetic and very transparent tactics.

  50. Yeah, that was a nasty, but well written comment from a CCP representative, for sure. I’ve read many a comment from Asian (Vietnam, Hong-Kong to name a few) folks, African folks, African-American folks, and not a single one accused you of being unfair or racist. I’m a white American who came here from the former USSR, and I don’t your criticsm of the sadistic and dictatorial CCP regime is unfair or in any way racist. I grew up with communism, and it was bad, it doesn’t work. It was why USSR fell apart all those years ago.

  51. Long live to the CCP !
    GDP per capita went from 100 $ in 1985 to more than 9000$ a few years ago in China !

    They have lifted from poverty millions of peoples ! Life get better and better over there !
    Meanwhile in the US the life is getting worse year after year.
    But of course you deserve it after what you have done in the middle East.

  52. I moved to Canada since I was 6. Being 22 this year means that I have lived here for a majority of my life. When I was 9, I naturalized and became a Canadian citizen. Since then, I’ve formally renounced my Chinese citizenship and never been more proud of our country and as a Canadian. I very well understand that we should not stereotype and discriminate against the racial group. Especially, I know Chinese people that came to Canada for the very reason of escaping the grasp of the CCP. But, undeniably, particularly in the GTA, there are large groups of nationalistic Chinese permanent residents (NOT Canadian Citizens) that try to spread the communist party rhetoric and propaganda. News such as COVID-19 was brought into China by the US or Australia is to blame for breaking ties with them after the feds there found out that their parliament had a heavy reliance and influenced by people associated with the communist party. Therefore, it is inevitable to stereotype against them as a precautionary measure to protect our country’s democracy. To be honest, I had been guilty of the school situation. When I was younger and in school, I had to lie about where I was from. For instance, instead of saying I’m from mainland China, I would say I’m from Hong Kong instead. A place where most would see it differently compared to the mainland. A city of democracy and civility rather than the dumpster place that I was from. Albeit, Hong Kong has recently gone to shit as well.

  53. I am a Canadian. I moved to China because I thought that I could help Chinese people flourish in multinational companies. I worked very hard and knew from the first that I wasn’t going to get rich doing it. I loved the very kind, industrious, fun Chinese people that I met. There is no way that a Canadian born Chinese wrote this unless he/she was paid to do it.

  54. And the new US pres bought into the CCP’s bait hook line and sinker. They must be so glad they’re off the hook for this whole Caronavirus mishap. Because apparently blaming them is racist.

  55. You should see the comment section on any BBC report criticising the CCP. It’s all BBC is fake news , you have never been to China so you don’t know, You are just racist and bringing up any bad history that the west has been involved with. You can spot the 50 cent army a mile away.

  56. The C.C.P. is the most racist Government in the World today not the Chinese people look at the facts … As of 2019, it was estimated that Chinese authorities may have detained one and a half million people, mostly Uyghurs but also including Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other ethnic Turkic Muslims, Christians as well as some foreign citizens such as Kazakhstanis, who are being held in these secretive internment camps which are located throughout the region, this is as bad as Hitler’s Facism ideology, wake up people!!!!!

  57. @serpentza: Yes, Chinese people and the government is not the same. One is the commander and another is the source of obedient soldiers who actually implement crazy ideas and do oppression. Government is responsibility of citizens. Who do you think is responsible for changing Chinese government? Canadian citizens or aliens from the outer space? Citizens, not the leaders are the ones who execute immoral orders i.e., drive tanks into other countries, kill others, beat their own, falsify elections and commit other atrocities. Sect followers, who commit immoral acts, are as guilty as their leaders.

    Imagine WW2, trenches, soldier sees horde of Germans advancing towards him while slaying everything on their path. How do you think your argument, that government and the people are not the same, will hold? 🙂 Bad government is the symptom of morally sick and corrupt citizens. You never know true face of someone unless you see how they treat their enemy (or you become one).

  58. You are flighting more for the Chinese people than Chinese people themselves. (B/c of propaganda they endure their entire life, generations upon generations) As a China Chinese Canadian, thank you.

  59. How to deal with defamatory labels as “racist” when racists themselves blame others for their sins? Even in the US Congress, such labels are heard from the lips of senators and representatives.

  60. You never shit were you eat, aren’t you? I agree with you (regarding China), but (you), sitting in LA, have never found a critical word against Trupm and his fascism. You’re an opportunist. You are increasingly losing my respect. I guess being “polemic” (having lived in China, I totally agree with you), has to outweigh propper content?

  61. You always state the difference between the CCP and the Chinese people. Anyone who doesn’t see it is willfully ignorant. Your videos are always truthful and insightful. The CCP is always a crybaby or a bully.

  62. The problem is the western world sees regular Chinese citizens as CCP members or oppressed people without their own thought so whose trick/propaganda is this? Whenever there’s a YT video featuring a Chinese person, there would be at least one ‘Free HK’ or ‘Free Xinjiang’ comment as if that random Chinese individual is responsible for CCP’s actions.

  63. All of the Chinese people I know from China (not ABCs) they all say no choice constantly! They have hopelessness! Its all because of the CCP! My in laws are from China and would NEVER go back to even visit! They hate the CCP! They killed my husbands moms sisters in front of her and killed and ate her dog! The CCP are worse than animals with rabies!

  64. The “Canadian guy” does not support or understood democracy. And is 50cent baby. I am Canadian with family from Hong Kong.

    But Canada does have many little pink CCP supporters who know nothing but the lies they have been feed in their CCP doublespeak education. This CCP doublespeak education lies is what Hong Kong fears the most.

    I have met many little at protest supporting Hong Kong democracy. The police know who these are. But the CCP has been very successful with use of volunteer campaign managers electing federal MPs and provincial MPPs. It is through this the CCP influences Canadian politics.

  65. Serpentza in 2018: A channel about life in China, travel, food and culture.
    Serpentza in 2021: A channel about politics, dissidents and the CCP.

    Boy do I miss the good old times.

  66. Australians feel that China is racist towards Australia for asking for an inquiry to the CCP virus.We have been financially crippled and punished for asking the question how did the virus start in Wuhan seafood market, and how could have the Chinese government done things better?

  67. Hi Winston, I’ve been a fan of yours for a couple of years now. I love Taiwan, and I’m no fan of the CCP. I’m also Eurasian (half Chinese), like your daughter. I agree with everything you’re saying in this video, but because you used pushback against Trump’s characterization of Covid as the “Chinese Virus” or “Kung Flu” as your prime example, a casual viewer might get the impression that you agree with Trump. Actually, Trump was making the same mistake that you complain about in your opening — equating the CCP’s initial lies and misinformation about the virus with the attitude of Chinese people at large. Trump caused tremendous suffering for minorities during his presidency. I guess I need a clarification: do you believe that pushback by Asian Americans to Trump’s characterization of Covid as the “Chinese Virus” is justified, or political correctness run amok?

  68. Censorship and racism against whites is increasing extremely in the western world, and in a certain sense I understand the chinese because you get repression in Europe and the USA if you criticize the government. and no foreigners in the government i even advocate. and i have to say i have only had good experiences in China

  69. *CCP shill pretends to be Canadian.* If I was ignorant and slightly more stupid about their tactics I would probably fall for that rhetoric. I’m not easily duped.
    _Thanks for all your hard work and nuanced positions, Winston. You’re a beacon of reason and sensible ideas in this landscape of lies and deception._

  70. Nice video, I hope the same thing won’t happen eventually here in the US… I somehow feel the right to freedom of speech is slowly eroding away, and right to elect might be slowly been manipulated… oh well. Did you watch that documentation Grinding America Down yet? Perhaps the battle front has shifted to right here in US homeland already.

  71. Winston, being living in the States now, if you haven’t noticed yet, the Democrats – who would you know it think the same as CCP.
    They have no justificianproof and they blurt out the key words – racist, sexist, etc. Strong arm government think the same.

  72. Unfortunately that sounds exactly like a Canadian arts student that has been brainwashed into identity politics. These talking points: racism, emotional manipulation, anxiety/mental health, cancelling, privilege, and “undertones/microaggressions” are all extremely commonly used by the Liberals, NDP, or Democrats… the ideology is taking over my generation and it’s quite weak.

  73. When the recent british variant of the CCP virus struck fear into people, I made a post on my facebook page, urging people to be mindfull that they are not being distracted or upset with the british. Basically i reminded people that the people at fault is the CCP and not the british. Despite receiving appreciation from most of my relatives, there where still some acusing me of being hypocritical and indirectly racist for just switching the blame game from one nationality to another. I tried very hard to explain that a political party cannot be a naitonality and that the CCP does not represent the chinese people. I totaly agree with you informing people about these thing, is literally a fight against a combination of ignorance and political correctness.

  74. Winston, I hope you’re NOT too angry about your detractors. After all, ignore baby and baby goes to sleep.

    EDIT: If you told the guy to jump into a lake with his BS, that guy would be polluting the lake! 😀

  75. “OoOohhh yOuR cRiTiZING a TyRaNiCaL GoV. ITs GiVINg mE AnXIeTy aNd MeNtAl PrObLeMs yOuR MeAN!” I mean mass genocide of Muslims that’s not a big deal at all but you criticizing we need a pool over there that’s terrible… What a freak

  76. Serpentza is a master in verbal/written Kung Fu. I hope one day to be 1/10 as skilled as him, in defending my beliefs. He is 100% articulate, and 100% no nonsense. Gotta respect the Serpent.

  77. Love your point of view. I am an English man who has many Chinese friends, i have followed you for a few years . Thanks for what you are doing and as always SAY ALSOME.

  78. Also, sorry dude but you really shouldn’t engage in flame wars. No good can come of it, and you’re only wasting your time and energy. Focus on your mission of raising awareness and IGNORE these wumao

  79. Your new videos dont pop up when im a subscriber… i hope you back up all your content mate because i can see your channel going down the way alex jones did. But i would like to think not i love the truth you speak

  80. Aaaaauugh!! You click-baiting click-baiter, you click-baited me! I hate that. But keep up the good work, otherwise. Don’t let the things idiots say get you down. You have to use their weapon as your weapon. By saying that what you say about the CCP is racism, they are giving one thing away. They lack a better argument, so they manipulate the way what you said sounded in an appeal to another, easier to understand sensibility. If you think about it, to imply that what you’re saying about a political parties corrupt practices is racist assumes that people are very stupid. They’re not. They know what’s wrong. But people are lazy. They just want their own little corner to look tidy and don’t want to know about what’s happening over the hill or across the river.

  81. The global financial sector creates more and more money out of thin air with each passing day, and the CCP conjures up racism in pretty much the same manner. Between our fake dollars and their fake racism cards, perhaps a new financial system could be created?

  82. Every time someone calls you a racist, or anything else to try and portray you negatively, I *know* how much truth you speak.
    I am not okay with the political correctness that is being shoved down our throats, meanwhile ignoring massive issues like the CCP itself. Why does everybody talk about the health of our world, without ever considering how much china does to hurt it, and call them out on it? People are blinded, indoctrinated and lead by money, which china is a great partner for.

    I’ve seen basically every video of yours by now, you are never unreasonable, you are honest and on point. I don’t care how many people want to hate on you and everybody supporting your views, I have seen enough, I have seen every argument brought from chinese people themselves to try and have a “gotcha”, talking about how the CCP is great in comparison to the US for example-

    Truth is, these people just don’t like the idea of freedom, or at least something more free than the CCP. I feel sorry for every mainland chinese person who does not support the CCP and has to see these blinded robots talk so well of their country, I’m guessing they just really want to be the good behaving government puppets.

    And for everyone else who does not live in china, yet still spews the same words the CCP puts in their mouths, shame on you. Have some integrity, this includes companies that profit off of china who come out in their support. Traitors, that is all I can say.

  83. Thanks Winston. If you have the time; maybe, you can do a video on the CCP stealing/weaponizing other countries water by building dams upstream. Primarily, the Mekong (Jinghong Dam) that affects Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia downstream. Also; the Tsangpo River dam on the Tibetan Plateau which becomes the Brahmaputra River in India and Bangladesh. The CCP is weaponizing water; a human can not live more than three days without water. I am sure that this will be a future friction point for the affected areas.

  84. you’re such a “real” human serpentza, you have a soul, and it’s beautiful. South Africa might not have been the most easy upbringing, but somehow you came out both impervious to bullshit and sensitive to people who genuinely deserve empathy. Keep being you.

  85. It’s because the CCP know of “white guilt” and SJW’s and that calling someone a racist is often a useful and effective way of character assassination in the west regardless of the truth of the matter. Even the Israeli government has used the same tactic on on occasion in dissuading criticism by trying to make the Jewish people, the religion and the state inseparable, thus making all criticism of the state antisemitism.

  86. This is a classic bit rhetorical technique and goes back to at least to the Roman orators: ‘To be against me is to be against Rome itself!’

    The Democrats-American-Left use the same technique daily, where to oppose their agenda shows you’re a racist/white supremacist/misogynist/homophobe/other nasty invective.

    It’s harder and harder to tell apart the people running the US government from those running the Chinese government, except the CCP seems to be a lot more competent and intelligent than the Democrat/Republicans.

  87. CCP the most racist organisation in the World and then hides behind Racism to deflect the Worlds biggest catastrophe that is the “China Virus”. Chinese Citizens rise up against the Regime, removing your “Most racist country in the World” title and then once topped open up-to all faiths and religious backgrounds in your beautiful country. PC from the rest of the world is shameful and taking Chinese $$.

  88. What is the chinese word for half assed, as in what you and C-Milk talk about all the time when refering to doing the minimum work necessary to just make it look like the correct thing has been done. I have looked all over the internet and I can’t find the chinese characters for it or the anglicized version of it. When you say it it sounds to me like “chobadoa”, but I know that is wrong.

    Please help me out.

  89. I just got a similar wu mao comment on one of my comments on one of laowhy86’s videos. So annoying. I don’t know if it’s better to reply or just to ignore them. I went with the angry reply as well lol

  90. As a Taiwanese-Canadian, this is just a wumao possibly living in Canada, and he’s the one that’s exploiting everything in Canada including fucking up the housing market. So none of other ethnicity can afford it

  91. All my friends from China know the CCP is evil. They may not say it in public because they have family in China.
    BTW, the two bit party is worth 25 cents, if at all. A bit is 12.5 cents. Do the math, or not.

  92. As a Chinese-born pansexual transgender Nigerian-Canadian and strong independent black woman who is definitely not shilling for the CCP, we find this so disgusting and racist. We in the Chinese-born pansexual transgender Nigerian-Canadian and strong independent black women who are definitely not shilling for the CCP community are very upset with you.

  93. 6:54 A very good question. If the favour were returned, they would attack it as an infringement on the rights of ethnic Chinese, and perhaps they’d be right; this would amount to an acknowledgement that the CCP is infringing on the rights of non-Chinese. Good ol’ rules for thee and not for me.

  94. I’ve yet to find a Canadian who started their sentence with “As a Canadian” in any topic except hockey. Real Canadian probably started their sentence with “I’m sorry, but…”. They’re charming people.

  95. Sadly I’ve personally encountered a few individuals that have studied abroad in USA whom had their ccp bs reinforced just because of how the mainstream media works there, they had this selective sight, where he only paid attention to things that he sought to reaffirm about ”the west”.

  96. When a question basically goes “Why should we allow a chinese-born person in our government?” and your reply starts with “Good question.” then I understand someone would say it sounds like you (and the person asking the original question) agree that chinese-born people should NOT be treated equal to other poeple in south-Africa.

  97. Imagine saying such dumb shit to Winston while his family and friends are being targeted every day in South Africa… and he can not even talk about it because mentioning anything in that context is social/financial suicide in the west!

  98. Hey as a nobody with no influence. Can i tell you that i fully agree with you. and if somehow anyone has heard my criticism on china its the same as my criticism of many nations. the Governments

  99. Canada’s people are very soft, the socialist movement is quite strong here. More than 1/2 of the working population ran to the government for a cheque when this Covid psyop hit the streets last year.

  100. CCP may have pioneered that CCP and ethnic Chinese are the same. But… it’s the North American and British white “liberals” that are uplifting and perpetuating this stereotype, Winston. Thez-re are also the same people who are SUPPORTING CCP and doing the PURGES within USA’s armed and policing sector (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and yes, even police, FBI, and even Economic sector…)
    The Feds: Do you love your country being patriotic, private? Also, are you a communism by any chance?
    Private: Yes. I do love my country. Yes, I’m also patriotic. No. I do not support communism, sir.
    The Feds: You, “White-Supremacist(TM)”, Neo-Nazi, racist POS! Your country has no use for you!. Dishonorable discharge!!!
    The Feds: Next!

    CCP is playing the long game, Mr. Sterzel. And already, they’re winning!

  101. Man I don’t know if anyone has noticed lately but now that 230was removed I see all your videos, China uncensored, and prozzie etc. This is great! I get notifications etc. Maybe China and Youtube had a fallout. You should look in to it 😂

  102. As a white guy born in LA, whose best friend over 50 years is Mexican and married a Filipina, I always get a good laugh when some fool calls me a racist. My reply is, “Obviously you don’t know me”

  103. I know some Chinese people, who are very nice. Totally agree, Chinese does not equal CCP.
    Just as German does not equal Nazi. The majority of people just want to live their lives and don’t care about politics.

  104. That’s just how society works in general.

    Don’t like someone? Don’t like what someone has to say? Just call them a racist. It’s much easier than facing the uncomfortable truths of the world.

    I don’t think there has ever been a moment in all of history that was full with more willfully ignorant ppl than rn

  105. what is the name of the extension that shows the videos like/dislike as a % in green at 1:18? also what is the extension that shows the subscribers too? thank you

  106. The governments of the world’s states are not the people of the world’s nations. Nowhere around the world. They are a global ruling caste or sect if you will. It is the ruling caste against the peoples of the world. That is the structure people need to realize. It isnt government A against government B and not people A against people B. It is government A & government B against people A and people B.

  107. I think the CCP wouldn’t let their own leadership rule as anything other than they want them to be … But that doesn’t mean they won’t change for the good or evil as it all falls into sorrows only one way can save them from their own greedy ways and also this goes for everyone and every other Nation and country out there and even here …. Only peaceable ways can be built on but yet any other ways of hate must be stumped down and washed away as the dust of the field as is the sands in the deserts where very little would even grow nor none will live there in ….. But yet again hate begets more hate and evil begets more evil as is the wasted lands where no one will live in … Please don’t think to hard about my comment here and I was only feeling a little upset with all the world acting like they all must do something when the only way forward is peaceable ….. Be free of any ill content that’ll work your minds into being upset but always be ready for anything ..

  108. If the CC0 hate racism so much, Why are they racist towards minorities (Uyghurs, Mongols, Hakkas, Tibetans, Indians, Vietnamese, Cantonese ect.)?

  109. the CCP isn’t racist, as long as you’re Han. chinese people themselves are not racist, they are mainly curious as we can see in your videos. the CCP is a han pseudo-supremacist movement (pseudo-supremacist because I don’t think supremacists are typically crybabies and rather see themselves as above complaint, they just take and don’t care about empathy (so, yeah: supremacists are dangerous dicks anyway, but not crybabies).

  110. SA politician. A bit like the pot calling the kettle black. They both want complete control. SA because it’s a bottom feeder commie country. And CCP because they have this insecurity that Western society is better and so seek to dominate it to prove it isn’t. Innovation and creativity have been bred out. The very characteristics necessary to ensure domination. They’ve already lost. Both are pondscum.

  111. Wow so many retarded people…
    I’m italian, i don’t like my politicians, does that make me racist against myself? Lol

    Btw i’ve been following Serpentza and ADV China for more than a year now, the comment at 2:08 is 100% bullshit, not one thing he said is true.
    Sounds like someone who WAS TOLD to write that stuff.

  112. Hello Winston! I really do wish you were eligible to run for US President. I know that I’d vote for you! Do you have any plans to enter local politics in California?? *Winston Sterzel for governor of California!*

  113. I’m Canadian and I’m certainly not made of stone. In fact, I’m very sensitive and mentally unstable, though not tribalistic. Just because I’ve had a tough childhood, doesn’t mean that I grew up to be a tough person. That doesn’t mean that I agree with the CCP in any way, nor do I think it’s racist to criticize the party.

  114. Pls don’t respond to these paid babies. This channel and ADV China provide important truth about the CCP. I binged your channels after stumbling onto these and it’s been enlightening. The world needs more.

  115. As a Chinese-born Canadian, I can attest that I felt ZERO racist anti-Chinese sentiment in any of Serpentza’s videos and comments. On the contrary, that comment itself suffered from a bunch of retarded racial stereotypes like “white people are lazy, they party all day, they just come to China taking advantage of us because they are so entitled”. That comment was not “Canadian” at all 😂, ironically, it sounds like what a typically pro CCP 50center would say.

    Serpentza, keep fighting the good fight! You and Laowhy have much more love for the world (AND CHINA) than these so-called “Chinese patriots” anyway 🙂

  116. • 3:19 – I couldn’t agree more; one of my best friends was a Canadian-born Chinese person but never spoke like that, they were just another North American person. That’s the thing, people tend to have a personality that matches the culture of where they grow up; their home environment (ethnic culture of their family) has a real, but lesser impact. Few are militant like that.
    • 5:13 – China really benefited from the current über-woke SJW mentality which is afraid of huwting anyone’s feweeings. 🤦
    • 5:52 – Yup, you and Matt have made it overly (too? 🤔) clear every time that your problems are with the government and political structure of China, not the people. That makes you guys pretty big targets. 😕 Let’s hope Xit Xit the Poo doesn’t see you as a threat. (Also, you can’t blame the government for crap like their pollution, treatment of animals, TCM, terrible hygiene etc. which are not only each bad in their own rights, but combined to create the SARS pandemic, then again, Covid-19.)
    • 6:32 – I’m not surprised. China and India overpopulated their countries, then started exporting countless people to other countries over the past decade, now they’re overpopulating other countries and getting high-level jobs like this.
    • 7:27 – That’s the problem. Our instincts, as decent, proper, considerate, honest people is to try to treat people well and fairly even if they don’t do the same, we feel a compulsion to not lower ourselves to their level and try to raise them instead. The problem is that some people simply cannot be reasoned with. They’re just spreading out and bringing their bad stuff with them. Being nice isn’t going to end well. 😕 Sometimes you do need to be strong and put your foot down. The US is so obsessed with Mexico, they’re missing the silent invasion from south and east Asia. 🤦 The worst part about this is that it almost makes want to side with Trump. Ugh. 🤢 Whenever I see stuff that makes me angry at any place or group, I try to quell it by thinking about people I know and friends I’ve had from those places/groups.

  117. You’re right but i’m also wondering if your political course in the YT videos is also due to the lack of other content. You are not in china anymore and will not be able to contribute more live footage or real life insights, so the whole political thing has a taste of necessarity, not only belief. will there be any other content?

  118. Another good and informative video. I made it one of my life’s goals to show these Wu Mao types on YouTube and on your Instagram for who they really are: toxic, bigoted mouthpieces of the CCP. Yes, I agree it is easy to catch them out and to recognise them for who they are. Most are so spineless that they try and adopt a western sounding name. They never want to reveal their true names for fear of retribution. I had a debate with one of them on a YouTube channel. His nom de plume was M.More. He was a very bigoted little scumbag full of arrogance as well as suffering from an inferiority complex. I consider myself to be a bit of a Wu Mao ace destroyer now. It took me about 10 replies before I gave up never to be heard of again. Some of the tactics which I have found to be effective are:
    1) pointing out their inadequacies in English I’m correcting them. 2) historical context the devil is in the date in and they do not like that. 3) I don’t use bad language or derogatory words even when they do. 4) taking the piss as also a good option especially if they do not fully understand the English sense of humour. For example I told the aforementioned Wu Mao to adopt another name so that it would appear ‘more authentic’. The name I suggested was Robert Sole, but I told him he could simply abbreviate his first name to an initial.. R.Sole! I don’t know whether I took this suggestion up but it would raise a laugh if he used it!

  119. Im canadian and none of what that 50cent dude said is true. We have huge Asian communities and very little racism. U spoke well for us thank u. Except a few snowflakes and idiots, we dont get offended easily and are very big on forgive n move on. Some mistake that kindness for weakness…i assure u its not a weakness… keep up the vids. Many here are exposing the ccp and trudeau connections

  120. I can see you are not the apple of the CCP, eye . Well done . Your good friend Cyrus Janssen is continuing with his love affair with the CCP. does he really believe the lies he perpetuates .

  121. *Lets play devil advocate here for a minute.. If this guy is canadian, he sure is a weak piece of shit*

    Uhh Serpentza, i think i got some news for you bud..

  122. that rileyhun guy’s mind is really messed up, if this kind of video makes him feel discrimated, he probably never experienced real racism in his life.

  123. Omg I’ve been calling this channel and you Sir-Pen-Za and wondering where that name came from but of course, Serpent ZA makes soooooooo much sense. I don’t know why serpent but ZA(South Africa’s TLD) 😂

  124. As a American born in Canada, raised in Japan, studied in Germany, studied Feminism, Humanity, Racism, Unity, and Love in China, HOW DARE YOU! This is extremely racist and Xenophobic! My feelings are hurt. BLM will not stand for this! Anyways, have you guys heard of the “Jinnytty Detective” video? I have. It’s pretty funny.

  125. Winston, that “Riley” character said of himself as “Canadian Born Chinese” without thinking is also symptomatic of the Chinese psyche, even if he was indeed genuine: one could well be Canadian for five generations but having been “Born” of “Chinese” race is more important than being “Canadian”. Having one’s race as the defining characteristic of one’s identity is particularly common in the east (think “jus sanguinis”) and that is what the CCP can use effectively to exploit that Party = Regime = Country = People fallacy.

  126. This tactic is just copied from calling critics of the Israeli Goverments actions anti-semites, its a smokescreen that usually covers many Governmental atrocities.

  127. Well said, also why is this person in canada. If they love how china is run go back. How can they use racism when they are the most racism country in the world. No foriegners can ever have any rights and black people are targeted.

  128. democratic China means scattered China like scattered Sovyet.
    So they sustain Totalitarianism in order to keep united.
    Besides, totalitarianism and dictatorship can help Winston and Mathew make money by being Youtubers….

  129. I’ve followed for approximately 6 years and your videos initially struck accord with me while I was staying in China on numerous occasions. However I only watch the occasional video these days as I grew tired of the cynacism in every video. If you think the country you choose to live in now is any better politically than the the one you left then you try to oppose the USA government, you won’t get far. What I am trying to say is work within the rules of where you live and you will do ok. The Chinese have always copied well and now claims of interference by the Chinese in government matters abroad only highlights this talent yet again. Western governments should not have taught them this way. Most of the misery of the second half of the 20th century and the start of this one has been caused by democracy evangelists. If you think a 2 party system morally superior to a 1 party system or any less corrupt then I am wasting my breath here.

  130. “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.” Charles J. Chaput
    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”—Charles Baudelaire

    “The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he is the good guy”
    Charles Baudelaire
    “If Satan ever laughs, it must be at hypocrites; they are the greatest dupes he has; they serve him better than any others, and receive no wages.” Charles Caleb Colton
    “The Marxist maxim is ‘agitate, agitate, agitate’, and that is precisely what today’s reds are doing with race.” (And any other demographic that can be used to divide your country.)
    Paul Kengor, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism
    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” ― Plato
    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free,” said Jefferson, “it expects what never was and never will be. . .. The people cannot be safe without information. Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe.” Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
    Division can’t bring peace and security, only assimilation can.”
    Abhijit Naskar, Fabric of Humanity
    We may be in different boats, but we are all in the same storm!
    Will, 1 of 75M+ Stay Strong! We have real living people behind our numbers, and the 2021, 2022 elections are coming!

  131. Winston, if you’re prejudice against Asian Orientals then I am too despite the many friends I have who are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

    Keep preaching it and wave that flag of Hate… Hate against those who sling trash and lies who promote the CCP and their mantra of true racism and bigotry.

  132. The Chinese Communist Party has learned the art of playing a victim and calling others racists or a bully and silencing its critics permanently depending on the situation from the master of this art, Islam.

  133. Remember, Winston, this guy is CANADIAN and maybe he has Chinese parents(maybe not) but Canada with it’s menstruating prime minister is one of, if not THE hotbed of empty headed woke culture. You and Cmilk’s channels and vids have accomplished a revolution in average Westerner’s understanding and perception of China, it’s people and the CCP. Before finding your channels and vids, if it came to a shooting war with China,(hope that never happens) I’d not have cared too much if we ended up wiping the country off the face of the map. Too bad, so sad but China has been VERY aggressive and very brutal and evil everywhere it goes, the world will be a better place without them. Thanks to you and Cmilk’s vids, I understand that it’s largely the CCP system and minorly aspects of the Chinese culture that are responsible/exploited for the brutality, human rights violations and aggression that we see in China.

  134. I kinda miss your old content man …. it’s a beautiful day out and your on your moped going to get a tea egg talking about your day etc ….This channel has gotten way way way to political. I don’t like it like I used to it used to be fun and more upbeat .

  135. So many Chinese ” experts” leaving comments. But they’ve never been to China, don’t have any Chinese family or friends living in China, and probably don’t even know any Chinese people.

  136. its a shame that i only can give you 1 tumbs up, ceep it up serpentza theres a lot more ppls in the background suporting you n laowhy86 that dont necessary coments on you`r video`s

  137. As someone who isn’t anti-zionist, this is the Judaism = religion = race = country problem. The oversensitivity of that has transfered over from the muslims and chinese are pulling that out.

  138. China is a sheep culture. Not being offensive. Throughout Chinese history Chinese people’s role is to do what they’re told. Additionally throughout history Chinese people have focused only on their family, the village and their county-region. “The mountains are high and the Emperor is far away.” And hope the officials stay away. Why would Chinese people in China in 2021 be any different. They’re not. Obedience and indifference is the Chinese way. For the CCP emperors make sure the people are fed, amused, made to feel good to be Chinese and brutally crush any opposition, and life will be all good. THAT’S how you run a China. In my educated opinion, this is just the truth. End of. Keep up the good work, Mr. Serpenza.


  140. Canadians are made of sterner stuff, thanks Winston. But I am still upset about the Vancouver
    police training the Chinese police in Vancouver….What the hell are they thinking !!

  141. All tyrants pass away within 120 years. That gives many Chinese hope, hope of freedom only found in truly democratic countries. One day people will praise the truly free Chinese parliament.

  142. Winston there is one thing you can say for sure: You have benefited financially from China greatly and continue to do so. You understand the value of capitalism and embrace it. That’s good. But your criticism of the CCP is getting old though. Move onto the USA since your here. There’s plenty to unearth here

    Or how about discussions for example cities near Shenzhen that have affordable housing and easy access to Shenzhen, etc.

    China has become the scapegoat for many USA problems that are clearly not their fault.

  143. I appreciate that you explain about chinas Issues and wrong doings. I know that your interested in helping the chinese people with ur content.
    I can understand why your pissed of by the Chinese government.

    I think that your channel has been more about “whats life like in China”.
    I really loved the aspect of “whats life like in a foreign country”.
    I know that you are allready doing that with ADVChina.
    And that it is kinda difficult now with covid.

    But could you do that again on your channel?
    Just on top 🙂

  144. Why is it that china taking over the world I think its wrong stand up to your gouverment and fix your problem you are alot of you that u can take down the cpp other countries have enought of there problems stop taking our canadien country we dont ho taking over your china country well live it alone

  145. Black Lives Matter is pulling the exact same tactic. If you criticize their organization for their killings, arson, and other crimes, you;re called a racist and punished thusly.

  146. The Wumao have attacked me coming from Canada, since I had Telecom resources to track this trash I found out where he was through his VPN firewall.

  147. Why is XJP even allowed to live? He and CCP should be held accountable for the cause of 2,306,800 deaths right now (and increasing daily) by silencing doctors and other health employees who tried to warn the world of an impending pandemic which could have possibly been prevented.

  148. Next time, when you receive a offensive message from the fifty cent army, just ban them at once and they cannot even get their fifty cents salary. They did it for money and just ban them and they could not get paid their salary for that message. This is the trick . Trust me.

  149. Jauffe Jauffreson⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    The UK finally kicked out the CGTV spies.

  150. As a Zionist I can whole heartedly say they stole this tactic from Israel and in particular the far right Zionists that equate every criticism of Israel with Jews (people certainly can be antisemitic in their criticisms but the connections aren’t inherent)

  151. 5:00
    That chinese soldier is wearing tennis shoes. Unprofessional as fuck. When I was in the US Army National Guard tennis shoes were only allowed if the soldier had a temporary foot injury and a profile for it.

  152. Keep going Winston, I don’t know if things will ever change there, but it’s sure as hell inspiring to see you doing your thing and trying to change things for the better!

  153. As a Canadian I must say that we celebrate multiculturalism as one of our greatest national strengths. This is part of the British tradition of welcoming people from all over the world. Anyone who cherishes freedom ,equality and the rule of just law is our brother. Those who do not defend these values we Stand on Guard for thee. While I respect your right to choose your own form of government, even communism which I detest, anything which diminishes individual freedom, equality or the rule of just law can not be tolerated. I mourn the brave people of Hong Kong and the Chinese people now enslaved by communism. They have little choice in the matter. The CCP seeks to spread their poison worldwide, and that is a world I do not want to live in.

  154. Winston, don’t let these CCP toe suckers/Mao worshipers take u down. You’re not alone, CCP are in the wrong no matter how powerful they are and its not racism its the truth. I criticise the CCP, especially the Uighur camps and lack of human rights in China. China openly lying about camps and the excuses behind them is dishonourable and disgusting. Keep it up

  155. Anti-Asian sentiments? Now I know he isn’t being serious. Most Asian ethnic groups hate the CCP and constantly battle with Chinese nationalist. There is no love for the CCP from the rest of us Asians and I’m Hmong, that’s a Chinese ethnic minority, many found in rural China. You bet your ass I would like nothing more than to see the CCP collapse.

  156. I was looking through your video list and hoping you had some insights on the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese events in Nanjing back in the late 30’s early 40’s. Is this a thing the chinese people or government still want payback for, that kind of thing.

  157. May I ask if you’re familiar with Thomas Sowell?
    If not, I would strongly recommend you to look him up on youtube and listen to him speak about race, culture and communism. He’s one of the greatest and most rigorous intellectuals of our time and I think you would appreciate what he has to say.

  158. For real though, there’s some truth in coming to China exploiting your privilege for personal gain by stacking money teaching toddlers and fuckin around downtown 😆

  159. Winston ,,, let’s have a joke war … the country with the best humour WINS… Oops .. human rights abusers are instant LOSERS .. CCP is a dour & sour bunch .. no fun ,, Communist party ?> boring party … the WES%T has a lot of tremendously good stuff… culture music art , comedy free will .. YAY for FREEDOM

  160. holy crap, so if i call Biden president dementia, does that mean i’m anti-white? but i was also told by MSM that you cannot be racist against white, i’m confused.

  161. Anti-Asian sentiments?! I don’t think so, nobody is having issues with Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Chinese are just that self-centered that they don’t see Asia beyond China. China is anti-Japanese, does it mean China is anti-Asian? Also, there is hardly a more racist culture than China.

  162. Sepentza, I can see where you are coming from with this video. My only issue is why do you not put CCP in the video title… are you suggesting the CCP is China, or the word are interchangeable…. ? From what you appear to say in your video it is just the Government of China. If you really believe what you are saying then why not Put CCP in all your video tiltes when you talk about them and not just CHINA… XYZ.

  163. Brother, I am Chinese. You’ve made a great video.’ Thank you for making a voice for Chinese people, who have lived under the suppression of CCP for 70 years. Thank you !!

  164. God bless you and your friend Cmilk for standing up to all the bullying. You’re absolutely right: we Canadians are made of much sterner stuff than these crybabies.

  165. Anyone that follows you understands you are not anti Chinese. We know you love China and hate the Chinese Communist Party, So do I . I hope that one day the Chinese people will stand up to the Chinese Communist Party. The world needs to stand against the corrupt and brutal CCP.

  166. I always feel that Winston respects Asia (or other countries for that matter), and I am Asian. He does not make negative comments on China only, in fact sounds a lot bitter on his own country, and I feel sorry for that. Respect to you, Winston.

  167. Winston, your reply is awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ grow a pair to that moron. China government is only supremacy. The people of China deserves better ⭐

  168. Chinese government educate kids that government is like their parents. Parents provided child with food, health care, everything. They may not be perfect, but they are doing their best to protect you. So criticize the government is like criticizing their parents. With the great firewall, they are used to hearing all the propaganda by the government, so they can’t bear to hear different opinions GCD is the single largest cult organization with xijinping as the leader, and It’s extremely difficult to deprogramm a cult member.
    It’s very courageous of you to stand up against this cult organization, please be careful. This guy is just a pawn to disturb your life. The best strategy is to ignore him! Keep up the good work!

  169. I love you Winston! You made me fall in love with China. And the Chinese people. But the CCP can try its best! We support you serpent!!!! And we support the Chinese people! I’m in LBC. Would love to meet y’all someday

  170. Winston I don’t think you’re racist or feel entitled. But like so many Westerners, I think you’re going to have difficulty with a far more powerful China in the coming decades. 2040, etc. I’ve known guys like you before.

    You’re relatively young, and you won’t be that old in 2040. Except maybe you might have a little snow on the roof.

    And you’re going to look back at China in the 2000s with fondness. Even if china becomes a democracy by 2040. You’re going to want the China of the 2000s even with the CCP. I guarantee it. Because it’s not about the CCP, it’s really more about you and how are you see the world.

    Simply because like so many Westerners, you feel more comfortable with a more paternal view of the Chinese. Maybe even of non-Westerners.

  171. I live in a heavily Chinese-American community and they are some of the most anti-CCP out there. It’s always real rich when white people defend the CCP using the racism card

  172. I love how labels are used every time someone wants to demonize a subject. When I was just a kid, it was communism or being called a Russkie.
    Later it was changed to “hook sympathizer” during the Vietnam War.
    Then when hostilities flared up in the Middle East, people were being called ISIS.
    Each generation sees new words being used.
    “White privilege” is today’s term being thrown around. If you’re Caucasian then you have no right to protect your humanity. You’re guilty just because you’re white.
    Racism has always existed. I really don’t see any possibility that the human race will ever get rid of racism.
    Being accused of “white privilege” today is no different that calling a black man the N-word.
    It’s just another form of racism.
    Any time you make a remark about someone else’s colour, it is racism.
    People using the term “white privilege” are in fact racist.
    It is right there in the name. Using the colour to attack a specific group of people.
    I work at a Asian grocery store in Canada.
    I have only been here for a little more than a year and I can tell you that Asians of all nationalities are racist, not just to Caucasian people but also other Asians from different countries or provinces.
    I was called “mayo” while working here by a girl who didn’t thing that the slang word was even bad.
    “Mayo” is slang for being white.
    I have heard Chinese say that Japanese are dirty. I have seen Filipino women say all sorts of racist things against other ethnic groups.
    It’s disgusting but it is also expected.
    People judge others by appearances and that is inherently evil because it brings out the racist side of them.

  173. This is spot on . The things you talk about hit home so very much . I get the Same reaction when ever commenting or pointing out the faults of this regime / dictatorship. I just find it amusing now considering my ex was Chinese HK national and my current wife is Indo/Japanese with whom I have a beautiful daughter with . The only thing that annoys me is that they brand it as racism against Asians like their the only Asian culture in the world . Tbh every time I’ve mistaken a Korean or Japanese national ect for Chinese they get really offended by this . Also they say it’s offensive and racist to call it Chinese virus but use terms like uk strain or Brazilian strain themselves. If by this thinking how are these not racist either . It is getting a lot easier to spot the bot and payed comments now but after seeing the same rhetoric so often in said comments. Plus they always assume I’m American (which I’m not) I find that offensive:/ lol . Keep up the good work and videos .

  174. thank u Winston for explaining that people of china and the ccp are not the same . Some dummies need a daily reminder 🤦‍♂️lol
    another great video as always 🙌

  175. Let me get this straight.
    Are these the very same people who go to Africa where they set up an eatery.
    And they have the arrogant nerve to tell the citizens in these countries that they cannot eat in a Chinese restaurant.
    Are these the very same people who lock up African employees in the basement of their businesses for days on end for being a few minutes late for work.
    As far as i am concerned, when it comes to racism, the CCP and its citizens are two sides of the same coin.

  176. One thing the 50 cent army critics are unable to do is to quote you. Anything anywhere anytime you’ve written or spoken any things racist. Because it can’t be done. Their allegations are rather vague while so lacking in evidence.

  177. 0:31 They actually did choose the CCP (over the KMT) back in 1912-1949, they voted w/ their rifles. But, as what you’re really saying, they’ve not been able to choose again since.

  178. “I hate China , they kicked me out of China just because I am the so called unqualified English teacher” lol but hey congrats at least you have found a new way to make some money

  179. wu mao comments are all the same. They start off sounding quite knowledgeable, then they just lash out with insults which only result in proving just how racist THEY are!

  180. February 5 7:19 PM I saw the video and there was no commercials before, during, nor after. Currently this video has 5k likes and 102 dislikes.

  181. We just watched PBS Nightline’s excellent documentary on “China’s Covid Secret’s” this afternoon, so I’m not inclined to write too highly of “the Party”, but I think SerpentZA gets a little too wrapped up in the idea that the Chinese people are good and the Communist Party is bad. You can find a lot of a Chinese who are bad news and have never been anywhere near Party Headquarters. Similarly, I wouldn’t want to say that everyone who is a Party member is an evil being. I know a couple who are…well…ok. Just keep that in mind – life isn’t so uncomplicated as our “doctor trainer” here might have you believe.

  182. Oooooohhhhhh…. ooooooohhhhhhh the thineeelycuteybashablemonster poo in his crib… oooohhhhhh!
    Let’s watch him again… 04:15 … Ooooooohhhhhh… Oooooohhhhh!

  183. Very insightful but the CCP created this allusion to link itself with chinese people in order to shut dissent from people in Western countries because the ccp knows that western people are sensitive to racism and they can exploit those feelings while the ccp persecutes chinese ppl and ethnic groups there. ccp and recently msm blur distinctions between racist comments about chinese ppl and culture and legit criticism of govt policy there. Also it is ridiculous to label ccp critics and dissidents (mostly chinese) as racists when they are actually criticizing ccp

  184. This same thinking has infected USA political thinking…its why the dems want to crucify Trump.
    if you want proof look at Hillaryi`s Mao outfit when she ran for pres.None of this is for the faint of
    heart.The USA republic is being torn down by maoists bit by bit.While we are still a republic,
    Draw your own conclusions…We aint out of the woods yet..Cheers.!

  185. My Australian born Chinese friend has the same sentiment held by that ‘Canadian’ born Chinese and it’s kind of scary. If tensions broke out with the mainland I don’t think I could trust him. Even in light of the provocations China has made towards our country he still supports the CCP. I don’t think he understands one major reason we are Australian is because of our families’ discontent for the CCP.

    My grandparents from my mum’s side fled China in the 50s because what had happened to them was so horrible they tried to erase their connection to China. Sounds extreme but before they fled the mainland they had a rule that their sons and daughters were only allowed to marry other Chinese. After they left they deemed that my mum and her brothers and sisters were not allowed to marry other Chinese. My family and extended family have Chinese blood but now we’re becoming anything but Chinese. I’m half Chinese but my parents, especially my mum warn me to not marry a Chinese woman. Although Chinese person does not equate to CCP it’s kind of concerning for me to see how many people from my generation support it. I guess communism seems like a good idea until you experience it like our parents and their parents did.

  186. The Chinese ccp kidnap and hold foreigners has hostages whenever there interests are threatened some who happen to be Canadian,a tactic used by Iran also and increasingly Russia too . Shameless autocrats who claim to represent the people

  187. This so called Canadian born Chinese is what Stalin ( their hero) called them useful idiots. If he is a fifty-cent army does that not tell you where Black Lives Matters get their marching orders from? Actually, they get their marching orders from the CCP agents in the United States government!

  188. Then the over 1 billion should stand up and take a stand and stop being sheep. STOP BEING SHEEP! China’s secret weapon, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Then go back to CHINA!!

  189. i so very much enjoy yours & laowhy’s videos. thank you for persevering & continuing to unmask the tyranny & human rights abuses of the CCP & doing so in a way that shows a true love for the people of china & the country as a whole. i don’t see racism at all when i watch your videos, but i am also white, so i suppose that’s not for me to say. all i see is a man that saw wrong being done, nothing being done about it, & decided to use his voice to try & bring those wrongs to light. 🤷🏻‍♀️ that goes for both you & laowhy, really. i’ve never been to china, nor have any ties to china, but i always watch your guys’ videos & find them informative & entertaining. ✨ keep up the good work!

  190. The Chinese government and the people are 2 totally different entities the exact same as in North Korea. The Chinese people will end the same way, unable to move, unable to speak, and unable to be free

  191. As a Chinese born Chinese. You are doing perfect job! Criticizing a party that depress and silenced their own people is not racist. They are just starting to treat the foreigners the way they deal with us Chinese, luckily not everyone is buying that.

  192. Amazing, that so called Canadian chinese used all the woke intersectionalist trigger words…. The CCP is not the spokesperson for the chinese…. Im sure the chinese in Hong Kong and other ex-pat chinese dont think critisism of the CCP is racist….

  193. Just watched this episode, I don’t know where to begin with but I just want to say that, i don’t see how Winston is racist since he really isn’t targeting Chinese people at all, or if he is talking about the people, he explains that their mindset is because of the influence of the state or the places they live in and not everyone is the same, which I have to be thankful with

  194. Xi Jinping the new Emperor of China will close off China to become the next big North Korea ! Tick tock ! Tick tock ! 2 more years to go ! 2023 !

  195. Winston, I agree with you and I love your videos. However, the world IS full of stupid people who cannot separate the CCP from Chinese people, and even worse almost any east Asian person. When COVID-19 first hit the USA in early 2020, many people of east Asian (i.e. my Korean friends) would be sneered at, coughed at, etc. mostly because of ignorance by clueless people. This sad reality also extends to other races or ethnicities… if I don’t support the government actions or policy of country A, then I am accused as racist against all people of ethnicity A.

  196. I’ve seen some people who clearly wrote as *all Chinese people* which is racist but I don’t see Winston or anyone talking about China the state is racist at all, and many of them understand that there are a lot of good Chinese people too

  197. I think the work you do is commendable. We need people to show how the CCP controls china. Unfortunately this is all Chinese people know. Sorta like in America some people don’t believe the virus is real. They donknow anyone who has gotten it and if they do nothing bad has happened. So some Chinese have had nothing bad happened to them. They dont get to see how bad it is because the government hides it from them. The younger people are smarting up someone. So you get attacked because they don’t know a better life and are convinced your racist because to them your attacking not helping. Anyway keep up the good work and stay safe.

  198. I for one have NEVER thought of you as racist, you make it clear every time that it’s the government you’re criticising, not the people. Calling you a racist is just an easy way to make onlookers ignore you. It’s used to make you instantly look like a bad guy without having to think of what you’re saying.

  199. If you need a second this guy gal can not ever have been here for any length of time.and for sure can not be a citizen did he imply born think not or no for sure they are at best a transplant and a young person. Winston I ask you to chill and not trouble us or yourself by saying things like , “he a baby so on, as any one even the slower less bright can see clearly the nature of this beast. Play it as you see it. .. as if, this works for these developing folks I do not claim to know all well some times i do …Cuz I cannot see it does not, mean. That: that kind of standing up has no place.

  200. yesterday at the grocery store I recommended your channel (and Laowhy86’s) to a stranger who turned out was already a subscriber!! YES!! The world is waking up!! You and your supporters who truly know what’s at stake have handed me back my hope with a ribbon on top : ) Thank you for taking the punches – although to be honest you slip them like Ip Man!!

  201. I’ve been watching SerpentZA for quite a while. Anyone who calls this man anti-Chinese WANTS to see this man as anti-Chinese. He has never said or done anything anti-Chinese. On the contrary, he has long portrayed China and the people of China in a favorable light and generally promoted the country. I don’t get to watch as much as I used to but I used to regularly binge on his videos thinking that China would be quite a fascinating country to one day visit. In other words, the man naturally generated mass interest among outsiders. The distinction – which should be an obvious one, if one is being intellectually honest – is with the Chinese Communist Party. Not to be falsely conflated with the Chinese people.

    For myself, I grew up surrounded by Asians. Mostly Filipinos, though not only. My best friend growing up was Filipino. Our families were very close. His father always joked that I was his surrogate son. (I am white btw. German/Italian- American mix.) I myself have a very clear and unwavering view of the CCP. That does not make me anti-China. Nor anti-Asian. Just as I’ve very critical opinions of the US government, but I am not anti-American.

    China is one of many nations in Asia by the way (spoiler alert) so what do such words have to do with the REST of Asia? Nothing! We are talking specifically about China vs. the CCP. We are not talking about other Asian nations. Again, these two should not be falsely conflated. For example, if anyone has critical views of the CCP, that is no reflection on the Chinese people. Neither is it a reflection on any random Asian person – whether Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Bangladeshi etc. Enough of the lies meant for fools.

    All leaders of the free world need to work together to curb the growing reach and influence of the Chinese Communist Party. Contrary to their constant assertion, they absolutely do not mean peace; they mean conquest and total subjugation. By coercion or brute force if necessary. They’ve no qualms and no hesitation whatsoever in furthering their long-term agenda for global hegemony. It is their so-called “hundred-year marathon.” And, unlike the West, they do not feel guilt, do not apologize, and are totally unaccountable. They’ve zero humanity. They are completely unified in their vision for themselves. And all of this with the people of China under their thumb.

  202. The CCP and the pro-CCP Chinese people always try to broadcast to the world that “anti-CCP is equivalent to anti-Chinese people”, so that they can always refute anti-CCP commentaries as racial discrimination. This is totally bull shit ! It is the same as the pro-CCP Hong Kong people (i.e. “blue ribbons”) always say that only they are the people who “love China love Hong Kong”, not the democrats (“yellow ribbons”). Again this is totally bull shit !

  203. you’re very subjective. You’re not racist in any way, you just don’t turn a blind eye to the bullshit, when you spent most of your YouTube career until now expressing overwhelming positivity regarding China.

  204. FUCKIN DESTROYED. More people should respond like that especially when theyre those big movements to cancel movie celebs like if chris pratt could come out and say something like this rn too duuude we could turn the tide of thr culture war

  205. Winston! good job at putting that “canadian” in her/his place. I live in Canada and I have seen younger Chinese residents of Canada claim how “only CCP can rule China, they are getting it right” to only get people around look at them in disdain. For some weird reason, there are some people with that mentality; but I would only attribute it to lack of brains, because they can’t separate the progress that China has made from CCP.
    They do not understand that China has progressed because Chinese made it progress with their hard working culture. Any system made up of a large population that dedicated, will eventually will be powerful.

  206. This reminds me that a few days ago I found a sub-Reddit about Asian people and they post news and things about Asia. The thing that I noticed the most was that some of them would post things like ” Hey this racist guy talks bs about China, STOP ANTI-ASIANISM” and many other posts of “anti-asianism/anti-china”, these guys are tripping and they are clearly in fantasy land. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were Wu Maos

  207. If China is really a great country, why do their citizens have even have to be in the Philippines for as long as I can rememeber in my sixty years of existence? They were allowed to have their own business, religion, properties, schools, hospitals while they continuosly looked down on the citizens as inferior to them. How can the CCP be against foreigners when they are ones migrating to other countries? Are they saying that Chinese people not in China are all CCP members? Should I be worried that those Chinese in the Phils. are all CCP?

  208. Once again, well done Winston. Every insult from a wumoa is a positive because shows they have nothing honest to say so they instead resort to insults.

  209. the only way to deal with china centric moron is just to ignore their replies. it just not gonna work because they will just accuse you of whatever they are doing. funny thing is they will call everyone racist even other chinese.

  210. I don’t think those who criticize SerpentZa as racist should be all dismissed as just a CCP wumao. I see there are Chinese immigrants living in Canada, Australia, US etc who are very defensive and nationalistic in favour of China, and will readily point out how the West unfairly maligns China while having human rights problems in their own backyard. While they do have a point about Western hypocrisy, but for them to be so stridently defensive of China while living in a democratic country and enjoying freedoms they cannot get before, also reeks of irony and hypocrisy. It is attitudes like this which partly explains why Chinese immigrants get questioned about their loyalty in their adopted country.

  211. This is not really something you’ll probably appreciate, but I’m out. 中國人 and the government are basically the same to me. I asked someone who I considered a friend if they liked what happened to Hong Kong, and then answered that Taiwan will be next + 「我愿意去前线,甚至付出生命」。Nice videos though, and I can appreciate what you’re trying to do.

  212. The wumao’s are out of control on comment boards lately. I am Canadian and some of the wumao’s who come up against me use English names, female picture but gender listed as male on FB profile, say they are Canadian but profile lists them as living in India (and Indians aren’t exactly pro-China) etc – OBVIOUSLY wumao. We need to clean up the Internet – invented by the USA – by getting rid of wumao’s. They are stinking up the joint!

  213. You make money only from Youtube or do you get salary from US or India? Not that I think China is perfect but what country are? You seem to really hate them?! a

  214. I’m glad you took the kid gloves off for this one and really said how you feel. You always do a good job of trying to remain neutral and respectful when getting your point across, but sometimes the anger and frustration get to a boiling point and the people need to hear that. China has been getting away with all of this because people are too afraid to call them out for fear of exactly what you said. More people need to stand up and say something like this.

  215. The people of china are enslaved by the CCP Demons, and FREEDOM is coming. Nahum 1 is the FATE of the CCP and the Peace coming to the People of China.

  216. Most of the older Chinese folks I know from Canada are expats from Hong Kong who got out at the hand-over. Their kids are Canadian and obnoxious Canucks fans.

    They’re not big fans of the CCP.

  217. No, being an ethnic Chinese, I have to sadly disagree with you. The culture itself is full of holes which could be used to bred slaves to dictators. If you remove the CCP today, the people in China will flock to the next dictator in line. The best remedy for this is to introduce outside help to govern China for at least 100 years to undo the damage CCP has done to the mind of Chinese from China.

  218. Serpentza, people are not dying in China any more due to Covid. Like in USA and Europe. Tell the world that. China has zero tolerance for corruption. Which means stealing money from the people. Tell the world that. China just announced succeeding in testing nuclear fuzion. And they will apply the results for the chinese nation. And for the rest of the world. If the rest of the world would be emancipated and embrace human race progress. Look how we, the democratic world choose to sit in line to buy Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines instead of also using chinese or russian vaccine. That is thanks to our corrupted gouverments, which are not interested in our lives, in comparison to China’s gouvernement that you keep on blaming. I am now glad that now all chinese people, even those born abroad, understood how things really work and how racist and distructive is the propaganda (like your channel) for them and for their nation. We, homo sapiens, should be all educated and cooperating, developing in a humane direction for our planet Earth, instead of harming each other.

  219. I’m not sure if the person in the thumbnail was clickbait or not (sry, just 1st time seeing this channel).

    I was thinking chinese female (or I guess chinese pretty men if you know what I mean) spies were the secret weapon from that thumbnail alone..

  220. Can you imagine Winston being able to become minister of commerce for Shenzhen?! He’s as Chinese as she is south African, given both moved to the respective countries at similar ages, both have native spouses… but Winston can never even obtain a Chinese passport, hell, even a green card, let alone a ministerial position!

  221. Winston, a bit of constructive criticism. While I enjoy your videos and find them informative and interesting I feel like they become a bit repetitive at times, with them revolving around similar subjects (ie, the CCP and bad things about China). I think it’d be more interesting if you covered a wider range of topics, for example world politics in general, life in the US a bit more, etc. Thanks.

  222. Well said: The Chinese Communist Party and the People Republic of China are CLEARLY DISTINGUISHED. The Communist Govt. dominates the People of China . The People of China did not choose the government. When the Chinese Communist threatened and pressured the world, the world turns around with this, the REVIVAL of DEMOCRACY!

  223. lol, they’re appealing to the left. Did you see that post the Chinese embassy in the US posted about how putting women in concentration camps and “deprogramming their extremism” has made women feel more “confident and independent” and no longer baby-making machines. They know there’s some on the left that agree with China, so they’re making up BS about being all about equality and opposing sexism. It’s sick.

  224. I think we weed to criticize cpp to death and point out the fact that if they had freedom of the internet they find that most people find it offensive to use cuz i am this race to get you legal trouble is the more offensive then being called a radical slur. I have to add that some times misspelled Chinese dictator name as stereotypical Chinese sound not to offend the Chinese people just the Chinese government. In sort we should start talking back to the 50 cent army.

  225. Yes China Is A Racist They Hated South East Asian To The Chinese People Call South East Asian People As dump And dirtyThey Hated Our Skin Is Becuse They Are Brown Filipino Euro Asian

  226. I don’t think you mean to be racist at all. But you’re a bit tone deaf if you don’t think it doesn’t produce resentment in some people.

  227. “Racism” is a false concept made up by communist subverters… think how ridiculous a concept it is… how can a species survive without “familyism” or “selfism”… its all the same, subverted to extinction

  228. China’s Super Secret Weapon is President Biden! However, they did see how effective it was to use the term “racist” in the US. So why not?

  229. Serpentza, you will always be attacked by the politically correct, because there will always be people in the world who are too stupid to get anything right!

  230. The most common comment I had from people in China during my years there when we would carefully discuss issues they were unhappy with was “There is nothng that can be done. Nothing will change”. These people were proud, patriotic Chinese citizens who loved their country. The comments of older people I spoke with were probably the best example of this. They have seen great improvements in life in China and speak passionately about how different and better life is in many ways than when they were younger. But they also express a sad resignation to the futility of expressing a desire for change that would empower all Chinese citizens lives. I am not talking about free speech or free elections. I am talking about things like an inlcusive health care system, a corruption free society and government programs that would adequately improve food safety.

  231. You tell them Winston! I have to disagree with you that the post by the person on Instagram is not Canadian. There are wumao in Western countries that love to post Chinese propaganda on Western social media outlets. However on the other side of the coin, there are Chinese wumao in China pretending to be someone in the West, in order to add some kind of legitimacy to their progpaganda.

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