Chinese Police Can’t Swim!

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  1. I bet this focus on pale skin has a lot to do with no swimming, nonsun, no broken bones, limited outdoor activities of any kind… Maybe even the feminization if Asian men, all if them sort of emulating an adolescent Michael Jackson…

  2. Maybe the whole “Not my problem” attitude stems from Mao. If you tried to help a person then you could be punished or killed. So today the culture remains to keep your head down to live another day.

  3. To be fair. I can swim. I’m from Australia. But to save a drowning suicidal person. I’d be more concerned about them pulling me in the water with them. If there were two competent swimmers on the other hand, that is a different story

    Funny enough you addressed this later in the video. But not everyone wants to die early to be a hero.

    There should be some sort of safety measure for this kind of situation for the emergency team in place

  4. 16 years ago in Nanning, China I saw a young woman crying, standing up to her neck in the lake of a park. She was trying to get up the courage to drown herself. My Chinese wife wanted me to walk on, but I waited to see if I needed to rescue her. A crowd gathered, and eventually the police came and talked her into coming out of the water. I guarantee that if she had gone under I would have been the only one to jump into the water that day. It is better to risk your life saving someone than to live with the knowledge that you could have helped but did nothing.

  5. I can teach someone how to keep their head above water and float in less than 20 minutes. After another 30 minutes, they should be paddling around happily like a dog. It really is that simple.

  6. Access to swimming pools or safe swimming areas that children, (or adults) can be taught in are a prerequisite for having a society that swims. Believe me I know about this, in my very poor hometown before I was born, a series of tragic drownings took place because of lack of swimming skills. The year I was born, 1958, the city passed a bond levy and built a municipal pool and the school district started swimming lessons that very same year. I was a beneficiary of that program and I have loved the water ever since.

  7. I respect your freedom of speech and want you to have a voice here and believe you want chinese people to swim but when you title a video (insert race)cant swim etc etc. argumentum ad hominem watch youtube take you down for racism faster than you can spit. So why is it the tech giants are cool with this for China? Ask yourself who rules us and what do they want??

  8. The whole premise of “saving face” and not taking risks are just excuses to be cowards. China actually promotes cowardice as their ideal. This is beyond sad and pathetic.

  9. (I’m a Boomer, and my Mother got her college degree in 1947: you count not graduate from her Texas university until you have successfully completed a high dive off the University’s swimming pool. The emphasis there was to be capable of saving yourself, if you ever were in a physical situation where nerves were required, you have already faced it once before you set out in life…

    Not a bad idea)

  10. When my Taiwanese friends went to Philippine for vacation, they saw a boy were drowning in the deep side of a hotel swimming pool, 2 of the Taiwanese members and a South African all jumped in to save that boy while the Chinese mainlanders were taking videos of the incident.

  11. In the U.S. Army back in the late 80’s they required everyone to go through “Drown Proofing”. Basicly how to turn a uniform/clothing into improvised flotation devices which help a weak swimmer to stay afloat longer and a strong swimmer to possibly rescue themselves.

    So the #1 indicator of an imminent invasion of Taiwan by the PLA is the disappearance of all swim flotation rings? Will officers get the special yellow rubber ducky ones? 🤣😎😁😏🙄

  12. Hong Kong has a strong surf culture! I know surfers from Hong Kong who used to travel all over the word to surf! I don’t know about now though since China destroyed Hong Kong!

  13. California used to be famous for surfing, we were a surfing capital of the world, blonde surfer dudes were everywhere along the coast, even kids were at least bodyboarding, I never saw any inflatable rings unless the child was under 5, but that was a different time, different era, different pop.

    Cultural differences between Westerners and Chinese.

  14. My uncle here in Scotland,drowned trying to rescue my cousin’s kid who’d fell into a loch with known strong under currents.Tragic,but I know he couldn’t have lived with himself if he’d just stood by.

  15. My wife was raised in China and she panicked when she went down a small water slide and almost drowned in 2 feet of water. I had to tell her to just stand up.

  16. My school district had swimming one mile as a requirement for graduation from high school.
    Edited to add: Two meters. That’s six inches more than my arm span. The cops couldn’t figure out how to take off a jacket and use it as a life line to hold while grabbing the girl by her hair and hauling her back.
    Fuck those guys.

  17. Westerners make fun of Chinese people for not being good swimmers, meanwhile Chinese people scratch their heads when Westerners need to use a calculator to work out how to split a bill.

  18. In the UK there is a charity called the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) that is largely staffed by 5,600 volunteers who crew purpose built lifeboats of various sizes and types all round the British coast and go out in all weathers helping those in distress risking their own lives in the process.
    They have been doing this since 1824 in rowboats.
    It might be a bit off topic but i thought they deserve more recognition.

  19. I feel ashamed of this tragedy, we Chinese people should put the face away in this issue, and think hard how to provent this.
    But no, that´s not the way it goes in China, at least not for now. Nobody wants to admit the error what so ever. Nobody accepts the fact that we are doing something WRONG.
    There is a famous Chinese proverb “有则改之,无则加勉”, “Change if you are wrong, be alert and think twice if someone think you are wrong”, not working in a society with a never-wants-to-lose-power party. Admitting error means weak in China, the party or the authority doesn´t want people to realize that they are weak.

  20. It’s called SELFISHNESS ! Self absorbed people have no problem taking from others, kidnapping children, putting people in concentration camps or invading other countries. Nurture selfishness and you end up with a country that cares only about itself and has no problem destroying anyone in their path. Like Rome.

  21. I am a Chinese Canadian in my 50’s. Most of that generation of my Chinese friends and relatives cannot swim. They were never taught its is a cultural thing. Lots of lakes in Canada, and news story’s of Chinese family drowning on overcrowded boats because that had no life jackets and cant swim.

  22. Funnily enough, I’ve thought swimming lessons to all age groups for about 3 years or so, have probably had about 3,000 students and a solid 1/3 are Chinese American (First Generation), of course this is anecdotal but It seems like parents are actually aware that it is an important skill, even if they themselves don’t know how to swim, but of course, you have to be a certain type of Chinese person to move to America in the first place so perhaps this doesn’t apply to the general population

  23. When I was young, I was a Certified Water Safety Instructor and taught 1100+ people to swim..Everything from “Tiny Tots” to Adults…my mother also taught swimming and started me at 3 years old..I was a Life Guard for many years and saved 7 people who were drowning and hundreds who “got in too deep” This led to a decade of medium wave surfing all over and a lifetime love of the sea..I did Comercial Fishing for years and was always amazed at how many fishermen can’t swim at all…Personally I belive every child should be taught how to swim..There are way to many drownings every year and NOBODY seem to care???🗽🇺🇸

  24. As a Brit, born and bred on a small island, I’m continually astonished when I meet people who can’t swim! I’ve dragged a couple of people to safety over the years. One was a friend who could swim but got cramp in both legs and almost drowned in 4 feet of water. It can happen all to easily.

    Just wondering, does China have a lack of public pools?

  25. That is really odd to me. Im not terribly athletic, my best sport is reading in a comfy chair with a cup of tea. But i was taught to swim as soon as i could walk. Ive also broken several bones in various ill planned activities.
    So is this aversion to helping cultural or a ccp thing?

  26. One way for a government to control the population is to make them/ keep them dependent. Swimming can be considered a skill; the fewer people that have the skill, the greater their dependence.

  27. Me and my sister have that problem if we see somebody hurt or in an accident we get involved why others are videotaping and doing nothing thank you and God bless you love your channel🙏🏼

  28. There are only so many ways for you to mild a cow. You chose to leave China for good. Whatever happens there is no longer your business. Give it a rest.

  29. Swimming pools are expensive in China comparative to average pay & all the local lakes etc. are not safe for swimming. A lot of the ordinary folk don’t have any alternative.

  30. Pollution dude… Thats why they don’t wanna swim anymore. Many places in CA have shut down public pools because someone was dumping toxic chemicals into them. Causing burns on the kids. So they just shut them down.

  31. 2:50 i never had a broken bone, too.
    and i did most things you’ve said, i loved climbing trees as a child ( but i cant do it anymore, 191cm / 110kg is too much ).
    i love to drive with inliners, im able to drift with my motobike ( drove already more then 50.000km ) ..
    guess im just lucky 😀

  32. Yes, most Chinese don’t have chance to learn swimming when they are young, because China is still a developing country. Instead of blaming, critizing or laughing at this matter, you should donate or create program to help training Chinese polices, just to show how much you care or you do have moral values. Otherwise shut up.
    Here is another point for you to talk if you are interested and fair: California wildfire killed some residents and firefighters can’t save their lives? They are trained professionals and in the most advanced country.

  33. My woman is Algerian. Many Muslim women can’t swim. I tried teaching her… After 1 hour I still couldn’t teach her to float…. I thought floating would take 10 minutes. We have a lot of practice ahead of us.

  34. Back when I was in Junior College in Singapore, my school conducted swimming for PE lessons. Students would report to the public pool for the lessons and then walked back to school. In some prestigious Secondary schools with their own swimming pools, they would cater swimming classes for PE.

    During my National Service, we are supposed to have swimming lessons but due to outbreak of chicken pox, lessons were frequently cancelled during my time

  35. My wife who is Chinese is 30 years old and can’t swim to save her life she fell into a lake one time while tubing and acted like she was drowning but the life jacket she was wearing held her up it’s like she didn’t expect it to work.

  36. I was just imagining a scenario of me in China and witnessing a drowning case and was getting ready to jump in. I wonder if I place my handphone on the ground next to my shoes, would it be stolen.

  37. You could forward those articles to a national fireman’s or police organization. Explain the mindset and if they have a magazine show what China is like, with departments full of non-swimmers. Like the National Fireman’s Journal and Police Magazine.

  38. TBF police departments in the US have won many lawsuits arguing that they had no duty to help any particular individual.

    Never count on the government to help. We all have to take necessary steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Teach your kids how to swim.

  39. That’s ridiculous! I’m in MN and had taken a couple yrs of swimming lessons and loved to swim. My best friend had a pool but didn’t know how to swim at all (this occurrence took place at her 6th birthday party) and she went beyond the floating markers where the pool dropped off and I looked over to her bobbing and flailing and I literally went out and grabbed her and swam into the shallow part (she pulled me down and I wasn’t trained to save someone drowning at the age of 6, so I had to struggle under water, but dang it- even at SIX my natural instinct was to save her regardless my skill level, she was my best friend and I didn’t think twice, panic- until I was pulled under, but decided I needed to muscle it out and by the hand of God saved her and survived myself) China doesn’t value human life, that’s the issue. Watching someone drown is disgusting to think about making me believe they see the person drowning as nothing more than entertainment sadly

  40. Most mainland Chinese can’t swim…

    Maybe the lack of this skill trace can be traced to the Cultural Revolution aka “Cultural Devolution” – anything from the ancient glorious past was considered “counterrevolutionary”

    Most interesting revelation, Winston

    Thanks for sharing with us real China

  41. 1) Its an absolute shame that the police can’t swim

    2) The police did the right thing. Even if you know know how to swim, you shouldn’t try to save a drowning person (unless you’re a very skilled swimmer). When a person drowns, he will panic and will clamp onto the person trying to save him and drown him as well. This type of death is very common in India

  42. As a retired lifeguard, I can tell you that saving a drowning person could be your last rescue BUT it is something you do without want of award or reward because a human life is something that is to be preserved at any cost. Life is more important that any material object you can buy.

    At 2 meters, that girl should not have drowned. Even with the water being at shoulder height, she should not have drowned. It is the police’s fault that she drowned. It shows that they are chicken shit assholes out for their own glory. They need to lose face in this. Period.

    Keep preaching it Winston! Love you for it.

  43. So what you’re saying is, if the Chinese Communist Party leadership ever does attack Taiwan using boats all we have to do is get them in the water and they will stop attacking! Nice to know they can’t swim.

  44. Do many foreigners really willing to jump into river to save someone they don’t know? I find it’s really hard for me to believe that, I’m Chinese living in Canada for years and now I’m OK to hold doors open for people and say thank you all the time which I hardly do back in China, but when it comes to that situation I still can’t believe people will take a risk to save a stranger, I mean maybe it’s real but the motivation is so hard for me to even imagine based on my mindset.

  45. I actually recall inside the golden lake pool i was rescued by a Guangzhou lifeguard that ill forever remember, but that happened late 1990s. I lived in a foreign bubble but all the workers were Cantonese and awesome to talk to as a kid.

  46. You are keeping posting all topics against china, do you work for CIA? this is just one of the unfortunate story, responsible policemen already being reported and officials have dealt with the situation and took action to avoid similar situation. You are just talking about one side of story.

  47. I was in Hong kong in the early 90s, I saved a young boy from Drowning in a hotel pool. Everyone just sat there and watched him drowned. It makes sense now. Even if I couldn’t swim I would find a way to rescue him. Alot of people are a waste of space I think. That kid wouldn’t leave me alone for the whole time I was there. Lol cute kid. I hope he has had a full life.

  48. Can believe so many people just simply believe these lies! Whatever! Lies can’t stop Chinese police from being No.1 police in the world! I CAN’T BREATH!SHUT UP, MAN!

  49. I can not speak for other countries, but in America you will never see the best in Humans more (and occasionally the worst, unfortunately is what media will always show), when there is a tragic event, when almost everyone will step in at some level and try to help out. Google Jet crash into D.C.’s Potomac river wintertime.

  50. Mom signed my little brother & myself up for swimming lessons at the city park pool. I was 9 years old at the time. I never became an Olympic champion but at least I learned some basics to enjoy swimming and to hopefully save myself from drowning.

  51. Maybe not all police in South Africa know how to swim. Once I was in Fraserburg in the Karoo, I would swim in the dam on the farm. Across from the house was a police station and I would invite the black police men to have a cooling off swim in the dam. They came but could not swim and not even float. They told me that during Apartheid blacks were not allowed to be at the beaches so they did not learn to swim.

  52. Made me laugh when you said police should be fit. You should see the state of them here in the UK they’re a disgrace. Every other copper is overweight or a 4ft nothing woman. Yeah tell me again how you’re going to stop a gang stabbing.

  53. What a smuck. Blabbering long tales again with not a shred of evidence.

    There are 3000 deaths a day in the US due to Covid 19. If he cares he’ll be out in the streets helping in whatever way he can. Or at least reporting on the dire situation.
    But we all know he’s just pretending that he cares.

  54. I can see random people not going to save a drowning person, it is actually tricky. You need to come up on them from behind and immobilize their arms, or they’ll grab you and drag you under. You have to be ready and willing to kick them away or knock them out if they struggle too much.
    But this should be something all cops know how to do.

  55. something interesting to compare to is poor countries of South Asia and Africa. For example , Bangladesh where I have spent a lot of time.

    There are no public or even private pools in those countries. No clean outdoor water either. There is no phenomena of swimming education or competition. In addition many of these places are Islamic, meaning it is an extreme taboo for disrobed men and women to be visible to each other. Yet, everyone in a place like Bangladesh can swim.

    Bangladesh, like China. Is full of rivers, ones that frequently flood.
    Poor people also create ponds to bathe in and wash clothes.
    These are the only things pushing Bangladeshis to learn swimming, no one is telling them to and they will receive no pat on the back for having done so. But they all learn as children.

    So it is utterly baffling that Chinese people can’t swim. They also have a rice growing nation, meaning land that gets flooded.
    I do expected that in more developed regions / people would choose to swim for leisure in indoor pools.

  56. another interesting thing is that communism was supposed to be all about forgoing the idea of individualism in favour of communal identity of a nation. Where all work and efforts are done for the nation as a whole not for oneself.

    So it seems, very ironically, that perhaps the hardships of 20th century, erased any concept of helping your neighbour.

  57. I just asked my Chinese gf if she knows any Chinese who have broken a bone and she couldn’t think of any. That is quite shocking.

    And she can’t swim

  58. I guess that my wife is usual. Her father insisted that she and her siblings learn how to swim, which they did in a small river in the Guangzhou area. This was back in the mid 1970’s. She has said that her neighbors thought her father was crazy, which I’m glad about because she now lives on a small island in the Caribbean and is as comfortable in the water as anyone that grew up here.

  59. When I lived over there, I never saw anyone go out into deeper water. We’d even go to the beach and almost everyone was afraid to go into the water. I went out into the South China Sea near Guangdong up to my knees and they said I might drown. Hmmmm, really? And using that incident of the man drowning by helping the girl is abominable! A clear, stay a coward, tactic. And yes, the CCP military might drown before reaching the shore in Taiwan.

  60. I feel Chinese society is Hardcore Business minded, they evaluate circumstances with what’s good for them and what’s not, rather then doing the right thing.

  61. This is a sign that China as a society persists in a post-traumatic state. Destructive revolutions and suppressive regimes destroy human solidarity. What remains is the logic of fear and indifference.

  62. The ccp does not encourage a caring society. It’s safer for the party when everyone is divided up and ignoring the suffering of others. Divide and conquer, another sad thing…

  63. I don’t know how it is in other countries but wherr I’m from (Germany) you have to help when there is for example a traffic accident by law. If you refuse you’ll be penalized for negligence.

    There are so many laws I take for granted that don’t exist in PR China (e.g. age ratings for films and video games) and I don’t understand why they don’t change it :/

  64. As a certified lifeguard in my teens, we were taught to ALWAYS attempt to rescue someone in need no matter how hard they’re flailing and how erratic they’re acting….with a caveat – that is, if the person is attempting to climb on top of you and desperately use you as a means to get above water, or if they’re latched onto you and struggling so hard that there is a certainty that they will take you down with them, you’re instructed (as brutal as it sounds) to strike the person in an attempt to incapacitate them for long enough for you to escape their grasp, or, (again, sounds brutal, but it can be necessary in rare situations) to try and knock them unconscious so that they can be easily brought to shore and resuscitated. There’s a point to be made in suggesting that attempting to save a drowning person can be extremely dangerous and even deadly, but that doesn’t mean that you just sit back and watch them die.

  65. I agree with his sentiment in general, but there should be some common sense. Human life is valuable and you should always be realistic when trying to save someone. For example if the person drowning is much, much heavier and larger than what you’re, in that case a common sense should kick in. There’s a likelihood regarding what you can, and what you can’t save.

  66. She is not a girl . she is “Chives” in PRC [ 韭菜 chives ] the police men need to pay money to the ccp for a job to earning money. so dangerous things that they do not do ! a life? It’s a number~~ Im from tw . Why people still go to school watching movies ktv pop in my country . Cuz We just banned PRC people when the flu is beginning . We know what happen a unknow flu is killing people. And we tell to WHO but they said we are a part of PRC they don’t care what we tell to them. So the flu is like a demon killing people in earth ! until now we just have 7 people died from flu . WEAR YOUR Mask stay home to play ps5 or xbox x.

  67. .
    saving someone from drowning is a lot more risky than saving them from something else.
    jumping in should be the last resort because a drowning persons strength should not be underestimated. Anything but jumping in, unless you are willing to die for them.
    But help them of course with a pole etc.
    Even really strong swimmers have been drowned by trying to save someone.
    everyone must learn not only how to swim but also how to save a drowning person which requires a very different set of skills.

  68. I really get Winston’s heart is in the right place, but to me, logically, it doesnt make any sense. If you cant swim, and you try to go out in the water to help that girl, you’re just going to drown too. Shame them for pretty much anything else they do, but I dont see a point in saying “because you didnt jump in to die too, you should be shamed”

  69. The police in China isn’t here to save or to protect the citizens but to do the CCP’s dirty work (and some work they won’t do they delegate to the chengguan) and they don’t need to know how to swim to do that… unless they are trying to chase a dissident across a river, which won’t happen because the dissident probably can’t swim either LMAO.

  70. Professional life guards will tell you that you need to be trained to save drowning people or you will be pulled down and drowned by the very person you are trying to save if you don’t know what you are doing. When a person is drowning, the natural instinct is to latch onto whatever is available. If that thing happens to be a rescuer, this will cause the rescuer to be pulled down and drown too. To keep this from happening, sometimes the rescuer is forced to knock out the drowning person in order to carry out the rescue successfully. If you have never been trained, the best thing to do is throw in a rope or long object for the person to hold onto. The problem here is lack of training. However, if you know that you are not trained, then the only thing you can do is throw in a rope or long object and hope that it reaches. Those officers did the right thing by not jumping in. The fault goes to the police department for not requiring that type of training. The officers themselves did the right thing.

  71. this is horrible. i learned as an adult. it was a goal i set for myself but wanted to know how to do since there were children in my life. swimming needs to be something every adult knows how to do.

  72. that’s kind of stereotypes Winson, all my Chinese friends I know are great swimmers, but I didn’t know about the police could not.
    HAHAHAHA nice joke about China and Taiwan

  73. In the western world we call the fire department for almost everything. I wonder how capable are the Chinese fire department squad. Will they even risk their lives, can they swim? Interesting video

  74. It’s so weird as a Canadian when I think of that situation, I do everything in my power to save a person even risk mylife without even thinking of it.

  75. Or they should swim with a floating device and give it to the person drowning? At least that’s what I was thought so as to avoid drowning my self

  76. There is a world wide sickness not just in China as proved by not not standing up to these tyrant world leaders who are making 10s of millions of people lose there jobs because of these lockdowns

  77. Most people also in the Philippines cannot swim and they live in areas where Tsunami is a high risk. I taught a little girl who was a niece of someone I knew because it is so very important for people to gain confidence in water as a preparation for any emergency situations which arise in future.

  78. I learned to swim by falling into the pool at my older sister’s swim class. The class instructor held my mother back, an told her, “he will start swimming and be OK, or he’ll sink and I’ll go get him”. I started swimming. The instructors explanation, “If you jump in immediately, he will always fear the water. If he swims, he will never fear it”. Well I don’t know if it was right (today’s society would consider this cruel, and sue), but I grew up swimming and still have no fear of diving in any body of water (except when I can see barracuda and sharks).

  79. I think it has to do with history in general in the USA alot of black people dont know how to swim and its cause we were keep from swimming due to race and society stature aka money. Most people that knew how to swim had money and it could be the same in China. It’s a different reason now black people cant swim but that was part for the reason. It always has to do with money and a good bit of China is not that wealthy

  80. A couple of decades of political and social indoctrination that places the collective above the individual will result in a society that refuses to save a single human life in need.

  81. The Chinese wanna act like they are collective and community but if another person is in danger any way they only think about themselves and let others suffer that’s so much worse than the selfishness they think we Americans have. Yes when it comes to owning things and finances we are selfish but you put anyone in danger especially a child we will always risk ourselves for them (and I mean someone American not all)

  82. Can Hong Kong police swim? Or are they all from the mainland now ? when I was in Hong Kong I surfed and presume most HongKongers are good swimmers like the good people of Taiwan.

  83. Ok, that’s kind of hypocritical.

    American officers don’t require swimming aptitude tests either.

    If you want to be objective, you have to realize that this isn’t an everyday thing.

    Just like you can’t criticize all American cops for messing up
    You can’t do so with all Chinese officers either.

  84. American police do not handle pressure well, and aren’t in shape. Not all but many officers and sheriff deputies in my county are exactly as I described. I’d say 3 out of 4 should do something else.

  85. its all about china and china this…you are so obsessed with china..time for you to live in Australia and most livable nation on Earth ..australia australia australia …GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA

  86. They look funny as hell with a kiddies blow up ring, cause they can’t swim. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂poor people, they have a fucking horrible life.

  87. Thanks for clarifying this Serpentza. This isn’t about knowing how to swim or not at all. It’s definitely has to do with the social structure of CCP that turned people lacking trust and empathy. I’m pretty sure even if the police officer knows how to swim, he will not take the risk. The biggest problem the people living in mainalnd China doesn’t aren’t giving the room to reflect on human quality

  88. I won’t swim at the gym right now because of the heavy breathing aeration of Covid risk.
    Swimming is like flying like an airplane: You lay flat with a straight back and use your arms mainly to move forward and add a little bit of lift to stay at the top of the water.
    Treading water is like flying like a helicopter: You stay upright and use your legs in a repetitive motion (figure eight with a wide stomp) to stay above water.
    The problem with new/non swimmers is they panic and try to stay upright but don’t know the difficult to master technique of treading water.
    Once you learn to float on your back either by keeping some air in your lungs or by benefit of having more adipose tissue, you can swim using only your wrists. Swimming with wrists only is difficult but doable; it teaches how little effort is actually needed to swim.

  89. its a bit like indonesian fishermen where there huts where they live with family are actually living on the water and yet none of them know how to swim ..yes its sounds bizzare and makes no sense to me …if you going to live and work near or on top of water , then why is it so hard to learn how to swim should be easy to learn over time

  90. Yes china needs to be changed but the sad thing is china will never change because china is a country that likes to blame others if something goes wrong

  91. They have an old talking of 欺山莫欺水, roughly translate into bully the mountain but not the water.
    To show how much they fear the water.
    I can bet with my figure collection that the 6 years old me back then can swim better than 90% of the Chinese now.

  92. I am a tour bus driver. A few days ago my bus broke down. The engine caught on fire and the bus filled with smoke. I quickly got all of the passengers and myself outside. I really wanted to get my license out of the bus so that I could return to work the next day. One of the passengers went with me up to the burning bus to help me. I couldn’t believe his kindness, caring, selflessness, and courage. Neither of us knew if the bus would just explode. I am an older lady, if it makes a difference. The man was around 35. As a Christian, I would be honored to lose my life while saving someone else. Americans want to be heros. I’ve seen it many times. There is a song by Nadia called Life of a Stranger. It always makes me cry. It’s the theme of a Transporter movie, starring your twin. Lol

  93. Yesss! Kudos for you! Excellent video content very well done! I had never seen your videos before, now you got a new subscriber! I like your honesty and the way you explain things, I agree with you about the Chinese swimming issue, cheers!

  94. In China one life doesn’t matter they have no moral code its all about the collective take all thoughts for the nation no single person is important the belief is that you can lose millions and still have billions left to take the place life has very little meaning unless it effects everyone for the end goal of what? This is why only way to free China is to start from scratch the blame is on the ccp and until they are all disbanded and thrown into the fire China will never be free embarrassment is an understatement its pure evil…

  95. There was an interview with one of Dooley’s Raiders after they bombed Japan and went into China. Most of the planes crashed but when the planes ran out of gas the crew bailed. The survivor was coming down on a rice paddy and saw the farmer still looking down on the ground despite the noise. The survivor found out that in some rural Chinese societies that if you help someone, you’re indebted to him for life. This was something the Chinese diaspora in Taiwan got over with.

  96. I have a cousin in the USA that literally does gymnastics and hard core diving and stuff before she went to college. While I know how to swim (I’m HK chinese), my skills are embarrassing compared to my US family members.

  97. I (German) learned swimming in my early primary school age from my parents with assistance of the pool supervisor of the local public swimming bath. There were no swimming lessons in my entire school career, because somehow it was expected that everyone could swim. Our classes even visited public swimming baths for fun. Being able to swim is such a basic human skill like riding a bicycle or being able to eat with fork and knife. I can’t understand how somebody who is not mentally or physically disabled can’t swim.

  98. hi Serpentza

    Thanks for your video.

    If you dont know how to swim you should not jump into water to help a drowning person
    Even if you know how to swim you should not try to help the drowning person if you dont know how.

    any lifeguard will tell that a person who is drowning is 10x stronger than when they are not drowning
    They cant control their movement – they will drag you down with them
    All lifeguards go through training on how to help a drowning person – how to approach them; how to grab them and how to pull them

    You should only help a drowning person if you know how to swim AND if you know how to help them
    Never jump into water with them if you dont know what you are doing. Throw a lifebuoy, a stick or a rope.
    Even the fittest swimmers can die attempting to save a drowning person.

  99. Wow Chinese just have all their morals upside down.
    I taught a Chinese lady to swim from zeeo ability to swim but over a few weeks she was doing length after length of an olympic swimming pool. Yes just a few weeks you Chinese can learn to swim to save both yours and a fellow human beings life.

  100. At the very least, being policemen and all, they didn’t mock the suicidal girl and dare her to do it like some adolescent hoodlum, but try to calm her and think positively…


  101. They dont or cant swim because they avoid the sun tan?? Its a question, because i believe i hear suntan is unpopular like low class… Or i am extrapolating too much??

  102. Great video Winston. Strong message It seems that with all the control in China the very basic boundaries are all to shit I see so many videos on TikTok of the host stepping in to safe abduction, beggars, theft, violence, yet as we all know it is all just fantasy.. it is a shame such a lovely people and culture

  103. when i was in china at Hainan island OMG, they put on the black rubber wet suits with snorkel and they only go out about knee high water, it was so epic strange,

  104. Okay, white man can’t jump and Chinese police can’t swim. I’m sure the CCP will get the real friendly truth, get the message, and get it back on the country. Keep Dreaming, Sir.

  105. I think there’s some traditional factor as well. My Chinese girlfriend, her mother, and I went to Thailand. Before meeting me, my girlfriend had never swum in her life, her mother forbade it because something about elements and Yi Ching and fortune-telling, I’m still not really clear on it. The beach in Thailand was absolutely flat – 30 feet out from shore it was 2.5 feet deep, and only when you got around 60 feet out did it finally come up to your neck. It took more than a day of convincing to get her to let my gf come in the ocean. Eventually, they both went in the water and hung out in the 2-3 foot area, but the whole time both of them had to have life jackets to calm Auntie’s mind. Auntie is the sweetest woman on the planet, but boy, fear of water and the inability to swim is real.

  106. The police did the right thing and honored the girls wishes. And if somebody falls in by accident… Helps the gene pool weed out the weak. America needs to learn from china.

  107. The C.C.P. starved millions why would they be bothered about people drowning it helps the Political cause of letting more people die to further their control of the rest of the population by force and spying on them, actually there were two Chinese women divers won gold medals, Ruolin Chen and her partner Huixia Liu , did your memory slip there?

  108. Sorry mate, I agree that police should be able to swim, but you can’t expect people who can’t swim to save someone from drowning. That’s just a suicide mission. Even for decent swimmers, saving someone from drowning, alone and without any kind of swimming aid, is very dangerous. People underestimate how difficult it is to save someone from drowning, especially when the person starts panicking.

  109. I hope that even with your wife’s concern about swimming that you get your daughter in the water ASAP! Great video, Winston. Always an enjoyable learning experience.

  110. Many Asians cannot swim ,it’s not part of their culture .Many Indonesians are terrified of the water . I also know many Irish and English who cannot swim ,just saying

  111. In the USA, we had local lakes and rivers to learn
    In marine boot camp about 80 percent knew had to swim
    We were taught drown proofing .
    5 step tee.
    Amazingly simple

  112. Well even if you don’t believe in Jesus, the principle is that he sacrificed his own life so everyone else could have eternal life should they choose. So interesting that communist agendas are the exact opposite of This teaching of selfishness.
    Jesus taught that we are supposed to treat your neighbor as yourself.

  113. Sometimes there’s laws that state you must help. For example, in Australia (and I’m sure in many other countries), not stopping to help during a car accident is illegal.

  114. Lamento, mas não concordo consigo ainda que compreenda perfeitamente a sua consternação, irritação, perplexidade, tristeza, tudo o que sente. Mas pondere. Eu aprendi a nadar vendo como os outros faziam. Ninguém me ensinou. Eu tinha oito anos, algo assim. Uma vez quase me afoguei mas foi porque o mar estava muito forte e bravo. Ganhei respeito. E, ao longo de toda a minha vida, vi nas notícias pessoas que saltaram para rios, lagos ou mares para salvarem pessoas que se estavam a afogar. Alguma morreram. E sabiam nadar na esmagadora maioria dos casos. Se me tivesse deparado com uma situação dessas, talvez as minhas filhas seriam orfãs hoje, de tenra idade. E isto apesar de achar que consigo aguentar-me bem a nadar.
    Agora quanto ao governo chinês – que só quer ser idolatrado – deveria incluir a aprendizagem da natação como uma obrigação para todos, em especial os policias … e (agora vou alinhar na sua brincadeira) também os militares … neste último caso, por misericódia, para poderem regressar a nado à China depois de uma tentativa mal sucedida de invasão de Taiwan … eh eh eh

  115. It’s true that Chinese people steer very clear of getting involved in other citizens situation/ predicament because of the risk of negative consequences

  116. I usually agree with Winston and I know he has a big heart but I have to disagree with him in this instance about blindingly jumping in the water to save a drowning person because you most likely won’t be able to save the person unless you know what you are doing. Even if you think you qre a strong swimmer, it is very difficult to pull a non swimmer adult to the shore. In the process you may drown yourself. Don’t believe me, try it out in a swimming pool.

  117. This is absolutely disgusting. It seems people’s sense of duty is extremely lacking these days, in my estimation. I’m Canadian, but I have run into a couple incidents of this here as well. When I was in university and living in dorms, they have no formal evacuation plan for disabled students. I lodged a human rights complaint but nothing was ever really done. For context, I have cerebral palsy and cannot walk unaided and there were some in my dorm who couldn’t walk at all. Their plan was for us to wait in our rooms to be rescued and one of the RAs (kind of like your floor manager for lack of a better explanation) had the audacity to ask me what I was going to do in a fire because otherwise “the firefighters would have to risk their lives to try and rescue you”. Um, that’s literally their job. I suggested the university move all wheelchair accommodation to ground floors and was treated like a crazy person. Please know that schools at all levels (elementary, high school etc) seldom have plans in place, if you have a disabled child, be in a pain in their school’s ass.

  118. I’m American as they come and hav and will step in to help. It is hard to save a drowning person. They fight and take you down with them. I would save her and knock her out if I had to but I would do it safely. There is nothing noble about putting yourself at risk of death, leaving a family that depends upon you because you were pressured for nobility’s sake. Shaming isn’t the answer, but swimming classes are. I see that you see this as the greater Chinese problem because they don’t help when they should. I just don’t think that putting your life at risk for someone who is choosing to die is in the same boat. And understand I come from a family that puts it’s neck out. I asked my father if I could have a person from college stay because she said she was being abused. He said, “Sure, just know she may steal you blind.” There are risks when you help and only you can decide if they are worth it. Death is a no brainer to me.

  119. (Some) Chinese tourists strand themselves in the water at the beach and then call to be rescued by life guard’s. I don’t know if they can’t swim, but they always seem to have a partner ready to take a photo of the rescue

  120. Couple of reasons: per head of population there are very few pools in China. Secondly, they are expensive. 40+rmb a go -that’s as much as England, but when you factor in the average Chinese wage it’s much more than the English cost. I used to swim in a pool situated between a police station and a brothel. The police got to use the showers for free (they would urinate whilst showering -sometimes if I was stood close enough I’d cop some ricochet) but they never swam. The life guard would be doing one of two things: smoking or sleeping. If you were drowning you’d have to wake the f**ker up first before he could save you.

  121. i said the exact same to my friend two days ago. guaranteed someone would have drumped in within senconds in australia. and those police call themselves men? not to memtioned the police badge they are wearing. Shame on them. Shame on the society!

  122. I talked to people who can’t swim. They have big fear about water. Like vertigo fear of heights.
    Should you be police without swimming and first aid training? No, never!

  123. Wow, this incident is deeply disturbing on so many levels. Astonishing that the CCP has so successfully cultivated a social environment where police negligence leading to the death of a child is acceptable, even defensible. It’s even more devastating knowing that the duration of a suicidal crisis tends to last 5 minutes or less (Harvard) and that even elementary swimming ability on the part of the police would have saved her life.

  124. This behavior is a consequence of ceding personal responsibility to an authoritative state. You see similar behavior in bureaucracies. People in those situations know that if they do nothing except what they are expressly commanded to do, then they cannot get into trouble. But if they do anything else, then they will not be rewarded (no matter how good the outcome) and will probably be punished in some way.

  125. This is extremely bad that’s for sure, for the Police to let that girl drown is just downright cowardly! It’s all about trial and error when growing up, of course there are things we should never attempt and our parents should keep us away from but this is the basics. My dad would literally leave me in the middle of pool at 4 years old and only help me out if I was starting to sink underwater for longer than 10 seconds or so. Once I knew I had no help staying afloat I learnt how to swim and have since never been afraid of getting into water. There are countless incidents of broken bones too of course but it’s all just a learning process, by the time I hit my teens I knew what could and cound’t be done yet also learnt the essential basic skills I needed ( ie, be a good swimmer, understanding of others, mannerisms and fighting and defending others wherever and whenever it was necessary ).

  126. I remember how I learned to ‘stay afloat’ when my older sibling threw me in the pool at just 5. I remember peacefully sinking to the bottom, eyes open, seeing tiny bubbles rise to the top through the crystal blue water. Then I just kind of floated to the surface and paddled to stay above. I don’t condone this method, but it has me wondering: do some people have this ‘instinct’ in their genes/DNA?

  127. Chinese have a completely messed up way of looking at things: people think that policemen are “friendly uncles”, not trained professionals whose JOB is to protect the citizens AT THE RISK OF THEIR OWN LIVES. Instead of having clear, accountable standards they view society as a set of “family” like relations. As a result no one dares to hold anyone accountable because the it would be “cruel” to upset all these “uncles”.

  128. It is an excuse for not helping other people, I am a Chinese and I had stroke 3 three years ago, when I went back to China, I asked a taxi, as soon as the driver saw me walking slowly, he just drove away in front of me!!

  129. I taught a Chinese chick how to swim when I was an exchange student in Japan. She was so impressed that I could swim that she insisted on me showing her. Much obliged cute Chinese girl!

    Japanese people are the same though, they mostly can’t swim. They have less of an excuse because they live on a fucking island! It seems like if you don’t belong to a swimming club at school you don’t deserve to be taught this basic human survival skill. Weird…I’m from Australia and it would definitely be uncommon to find an adult who can’t swim at least at a basic level

  130. I have training as a first responder, while one of the things that we are taught is to not become a victim yourself there really isn’t an excuse for those policemen not even going in to calf deep water. At first I didn’t blame them but I was only listening to the audio and didn’t see the video and was under the impression it was an accidental drowning in deeper water not a suicide (hence why this comment is edited, I was originally defending the police) There is no excuse for those cops to not even walk into literally calf deep water. China should implement programs for officers and rescue personnel to get them training on how to swim if they cant do so. Its important to have trained and qualified first responders.

  131. I am Canadian one of the first things we tell immigrants to our great country is to learn how to swim, right away cause so many new people to the country drowned every year it’s sad.
    We learn to swim in junior high cause our country is covered in lakes, ponds, and rivers everywhere. If you cant swim in Canada there’s a really good chance it may cost you your life.
    good words grow up china your not children anymore

  132. An an ESL teacher in a well known port city, I always also the class how many can swim. Hardly any primary school students can (the ones who can are Koreans in China). The lack of basic skills here is shocking. Yes, I can swim and have broken bones. The children here are incredibly sheltered.

  133. China used to have beautiful culture, but in last 40 years, CCP successfully turned Chinese people to selfish, cold, ruthless, money-oriental being. Everything in China comes to money – birthday, wedding, school, hospital, nursery,, finding a job, having good relationship with colleagues, you name it., money talks, and only money talks. Talking about moral, Chinese people will laugh at you – don’t be a fool! Chinese people believe that money can drive a ghost.

  134. Swimming is just a basic thing as riding a bicycle in the Netherlands. Everyone can do it, and you will be learned how to do it.
    But this is just kinda weird.

    Another reason not to go there.

  135. As someone that has had lifeguard training, I can tell you that there ARE proper methods to rescue people drowning without getting pulled down yourself. The fact that these methods are unknown to the Chinese populace in general is the culture’s fault, and to some extent their own. Unfortunately.

  136. Oh, they can’t swim? Well hey, just send them over to Canada and our CAF will train them how to swim, just like we taught them our Winter Warfare tactics under the watchful gaze of their bff Justin Trudeau… 😃

  137. It is extremely hard to rescue someone that is fully clothed and unwilling to cooperate in sweet water. The only things helping the situation is the sweet water not flowing and also that the suicidal individual is a woman, so the resistance is not that big. But I do think that no police force in the world is ‘obliged’ by any law to actually protect – read this as protect or face charges. It is just nice to have police that wants to protect, but they are not obliged.

  138. That bit about the elderly man rescuing the young woman comes straight from the old movie “The time machine”.
    The CCP is the ultimate dystopian nightmare.
    The only thing they don’t have yet is terminators.

  139. Sadly, the city folk in Canada, are getting that way. In the country, in winter, it can be someone’s life.
    When I stop to help a Chinese person. I tell them, I was born here, and this is what we do. Pass it on, be a good neighbour.

  140. I asked a Chinese friend about why they can not swim. Her answer was it is a useless skill and why would you need it. Other skills are more important.

  141. A year ago I was in Vietnam with my family. I grew up in the ocean like most Australians and am very confident even in rough seas. On the day after xmas we were at the beach and the waves were very small, about 2-3ft and gentle. Anyway my wife came running up the beach and a young Chinese man had been found floating. Likely he had slipped off his body board in just over head water and drowned. I started CPR with another foreigner but sadly he died. Meanwhile 50 people stood around watching, no help came and it was farcical trying to get an ambulance or anything. His friend was there pleading for people to help save his friend. Some people had their phones out filming.

    I’ll add that I’m a paramedic and I’ve seen some crazy things but this one rocked me hard. If I had equipment I know that he would have been saved but slowly watched the life drain out of this young guy. In the end someone told us no ambulance would come so they put him in a taxi and drove him to hospital by this stage I knew he was dead and the 20 min drive to hospital would ensure he had 0% chance.

    Sadly it’s becoming a frequent thing in Australia where foreigners drown because they don’t know the dangers and can’t swim. I always see it in the news during summer and sadly it’s often Asians. There really needs to be better swim training and education about the dangers around water.

  142. Yea Asian thinking … if you stay away from water then you won’t drown, if you don’t claim a tree then you won’t fall so of course you will never break a bone … moral of the story is stay away from danger then you be fine

    Oh but it’s a life skill that serpentza was talking about! Yes totally, and I personally agree … point is the true life skill of Asian is study hard get in good school so could have a good job for income to buy a house, get marry, having kid, again as long as you stay away from danger then you don’t need to wastes any time to learn those skills!!!

  143. Growing up California swimming is something most of us learned we spent summers going to the beach or the local pool, which was at our High School, my older Sister took me when I was little.

  144. I learned to swim at 5 years old. Learned to water ski at 8 years old. Certified scuba diver at 15. I am now 59. I have never met anybody who could not swim. I’m sure they are out there, I just have not met them.

  145. I dont know..sounds like national security issues have just been leaked to the ccp.I can hear the
    ccp intelligence machinery in a quandry over this.Anyone want to bring this to XI attention..No sir
    we all have money overseas.

  146. Not surprising, even in the West large scale swimming knowledge didn’t pickup till pool infrastructure was built with rising incomes. You probably don’t want to swim in many polluted rivers and beaches.

  147. Very cowardly . They should be embarrassed . Humans can naturally swim quite well . I wasnt taught by anyone I figured it out quickly . I consider myself to be a strong swimmer . I can keep myself afloat on my back with minimal effort to the point we’re I can fall asleep if I wanted 2 . These are the little things that add up about the ccp that make Americans ZERO afraid of getting into conflict with China

  148. I am a Navy Veteran do you know we had guys join the Navy unable to swim. Of course they where set back to learn to swim. I use to spread a lot of time in the bay until it dawned on me that there was big ass fish that could eat me 🦈🦈 🦈 so in 1976 I started staying closer to shore….

  149. My girlfriend is vietnamese, 24 and can’t swim for her life. We went to an indoor pool and I literally had to hold her as she was afraid to drown. I don’t get it why they don’t wanna learn how to swim.

  150. Winston, I’d love to hear your take on other common pastimes in China: charter fishing, flyfishing a river, camping, hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, taking a sailboat out for the day… things we take for granted as just normal.

    People don’t seem to realise that those kinds of activities are not normal in China. You assume someone is doing it somewhere, but no.

  151. I live on the island of Mallorca, a tiny 70 mile long island in the Mediterranean. Here, everyone learns to swim around the age of 2 or 3, when they either get taken to the kiddy pool, or, fall in to the deep end of the adult pool as they stumble around licking their ice cream, and learn to swim.

    Me, I was pushed. About age 4. An older kid asked me if I knew how to swim, when I said no he laughed and pushed me in, and walked off leaving me to it. My brother, he was one of the ones that fell.

    There is something about being really young and in deep water that just triggers you to swim, no lessons needed. I think if you leave it until after the todler stage, or longer, then you need lessons.

    Babies naturally hold their breath when you put them in water. There is something instinctive about being really young and swimming.

  152. As much as we are interested in other cultures don’t you think that you are going to start a trend where others will join you and start abusing and criticising our culture. Imagine that.

  153. I’m not a fan of the CCP or Chinese communism… But why this hate of China? This chanel used to be rather positive, but now it’s just hate of China? It’s of course not a ideal country or way of governance… But I miss the rather positive view you had earlier… Anyway, Winston, keep up the great work! 🙂

  154. Isn’t there a thing where they get social credit and demerit points? Can’t earn credit for helping someone? Or would doing that embarrass the officials who’s job it is to fail at it?

  155. I live in Canada near a beach where people drown every year because they do not know how to swim and become overwhelmed by the water.
    What really shocks me is every time I visit the Caribbean and discover how many of the people living on the islands do not know how to swim.

  156. If you can’t swim or are a very weak swimmer, then you shouldn’t jump in deep water to save a drowning person. You will probably drown as well. Even strong swimmers can be pushed down under water by a drowning person and be used as a buoy and die. How is it that the police force can’t swim or just stands there not thinking of alternative ways to save her? I don’t know, inexcusable. But I don’t blame people who can’t swim for not jumping into deep water to save a drowning person.

  157. It’s good to know china’s water doesn’t look much better than the US east coast. It’s greener, the US east coast is more of a brown color, but it’s still murky AF. I know the US stopped dumping trash is 1988 and China never stopped so I’m kinda curious why theirs is green. The brown is supposedly just “mud sediment” but the bahamas doesn’t have that. China obviously doesn’t either.

  158. I keep writing and then deleting my comment… that’s because Winston said it all! Nothing to add!
    Except one small point… 60 is not elderly, as I trust you’ll agree in due course.

  159. The thing about children getting less hurt because they experience less probably also has to do with the one child policy. If you can only have one child you are probably less inclined to let them take risks. Which then carries on into adulthood. This seems to me like a deep rooted societal issue that isn’t gonna be easy to solve and will take generations.

  160. That is sad and pathetic! When you look at the video of the girl two meters away from the police, the water was below her knees for heaven’s sake. Grown ass “men” too scared to walk into water that’s below their knees is beyond cowardly and disgraceful. Shame on the Chinese netizens who justified and even applauded such basal and pathetic cowardice.

  161. I have saved 2 people from drowning, I don’t swin particularly fast but I’m a strong swimmer,,, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t go after someone trying to commit suicide, it’s too risky, there is no point 2 of you drowning

  162. That man who drowned trying to save that woman is a cautionary tale. But, yes, it should have been used as public information campaign: one to teach people *how to rescue people in water* properly.

    As for this incident: you’d fucking expect the police to know to rescue someone in water safely. Hell, they should even have basic tools with them for it.

  163. I am, of course, in favor of saving a drowning person. But, jumping in and grabbing them often leads to both deaths as the frightened person has super human strength as they are fearing for their life. The will jump on top of their potential rescuer and drown them. It happened to me and I almost died trying to save someone. There are rules taught to life guards in such situations. Perhaps someone else can explain them.

  164. @serpentza Your other channel worthless whips is awesome! When did you learn to fix cars? Be cool to see a video where you talk about your past in fixing cars! Thanks 😊

  165. Two things I can’t stand: 1) Lack of consideration. 2) An inability to help oneself at the expense of others. These two are intertwined because one deals with looking out for your fellow human but also paying attention to how your actions contribute. The other is not being willfully helpless, taking personal responsibility for your actions and not appealing to fear or stupidity.

  166. With all their fear of injury, it’s seems very self-centered that the Chinese are so bad about helping each other. It seems like it’s everyone for themselves. Probably it’s leftover trauma, like in your ‘grab hag’ video, that would make sense. Still, it’s so weird that they seem to love the water, but don’t swim?

  167. The CCP doesn’t like to see Chinese citizens helping each other because that will strengthen the social ties and make them able to unify and speak against the regime.

  168. I think ‘Learn how to swim’ is maybe the wrong way to put it. It’s more just ‘Learn how to not drown’. By that I mean you don’t really need to learn how to swim’ the freestyle or breast stroke, because you’re not trying to swim from A to B as fast as possible, you’re just trying not to drown. You can’t expect people to have the type of cardiovascular fitness on hand to actually swim themselves out of danger using conventional strokes. So I think telling people ‘Learn how to swim’ gives them the wrong idea of what they need to actually learn.

  169. Hey Winston, your encouraging the Chinese to learn to swim may increase their likelihood to attack Taiwan! (Just kidding; this is a great video with an important lesson for everyone.)

  170. I personally think if the police can swim then they should help if they can’t swim don’t risk there lives but as a police officer they should 100% know how to swim and it should be something required to be a police officer.

  171. I think it’s really about the condition, basically the living condition doesnt really need the swimming skills, no matter what you think its basic skill or not…Since I was young, school dont teach us to swim, this excluded from sport activities…unless your parents teach you during the holiday…

  172. So why did the girl want to commit suicide anyway?
    Let me guess, she didn’t want to live in a tyrannical government Communist regime.
    She wanted to be free, so it was either liberty or death.

  173. I saw this video. I found it to be totally bizarro. Look…this girl was standing…yes standing…in water NOT EVEN up to her knees. These guys could have easily grabbed her then, but they didn’t. She then turns and more or less just flops-down in the water. She didn’t run (it is not easy to run in water as most people know) into deeper water…she just flops-down. Unless there is a HUGE drop-off (and I doubt there is)…then just how deep is it where she “laid-out” in the water. Point is…these cops didn’t even have to know how to swim…just walk-out there and grab her???? Unbelievable….smh

  174. to be fair i dont think its mandatory for usa police to know to swim…. but we would def jump in to save them.. someone would know how to swim.. they dont teach it at our public school either its more up to parents…

  175. Yes, this video makes a very good point. This is totally China’s largest societal problem, the lack of willingness to take a risk to help a neighbor. The swimming part, eh, not so much, because China simply has less resources for that still.

  176. If the national leadership is a bunch of criminals, they will only care about keeping power, and stealing what ever they can! Public safety is some one elses problem, and the ccp will see no profit in teaching people to swim!

  177. It seems like they just don’t have a culture of physical self improvement. Like, they just go through life thinking they’ll never have to haul ass other than going to and from their jobs or aspire to age with grace.

  178. I’d say if you’re not trained on how to properly do a water rescue don’t try unless there’s no one else there who can. Even a great swimmer can drown when trying to save someone else from drowning.

  179. Swimming is something people in the country or on the coast do, or middle class people who can afford a pool can do. Poor people in the city don’t learn to swim if they don’t have access to a swimming pool. This may be part of the problem in China.

  180. Maybe not necessarily diving in yourself to help them (because they can end up getting you killed too when in a panic). You would expect China to have no shortage of lifebuoys on hand for these probably likely events.

  181. But you don’t understand, the Chinese society has decided en masse that any person’s loss is another’s gain. Especially if a person loses life, the rest of society is glad there’s one less mouth to feed, and more food for everybody else. That is again a consequence of the “great leap backwards” and the mass starvation it brought. It takes 3 generations to leave that behind, more if it’s systemic and not just a transient thing. In any normal society, any loss of life is a loss for society in general; after all, “society” is a software construct running on human brains, and any network is enriched by the multitude of discrete connections within. Just as the “world population reduction” a-holes think having the world be reduced to half-a-billion from the current will be the best thing ever, the chinese think that reducing their numbers would be just great. In time they will all learn that there is no substitute for numbers, and a multitude of brains with a multitude of perspectives are better than a singularity of anything.

  182. 🐨Oh wow! didn’t think their was a place left in the world that didn’t ensure their kids could swim.
    What’s the bet if one needs to lose the Law in china, all one needs to get away is a body water.. 😂

  183. It’s all fun & games until you get set up by roadside pirates or worse, at high seas by legit scoundrels, then you get used as an example. Help when you can? Absolutlety. Have tucked arms many a Frenchman under the chin who couldn’t swim or got leg cramps or winded from smoking. Lmfao. Eh, rescue anyone we can. In the end we win and save ourselves. Save ’em. Peace.

  184. So there is reticence re helping people in need. Probably the CCP propaganda over decades has achieved that. Now how does their military undo that mindset when it come to an army in combat. Where relying on your brother soldier and putting your life on the line is the basis of military unity. The CCP might find heroes are thin on the ground and their beautiful parades of tin soldiers found wanting.

  185. Two possible reasons: 1 bodies of water in China are too polluted to swim in, 2. No leisure, everybody scrambling, spending all their time either working or studying.

  186. When I was doing university in Japan, I don’t think I met a single person that couldn’t swim. Come to think about it, my buddies (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish and a few students from HK) and I would always go to the university pool and swim. Except, the students from mainland China would never go into the water with us. They would come to the pool, but wouldn’t get in the water. I never knew why, and found it kind of strange. This video kind of made a light bulb go off over my head lol.

  187. I was in the Surf Life Saving in Australia for 2 years but never actually had the chance to save someone until in the 1990s, two people, years later. All that ocean experience, recreational skindiving etc, comes in handy.

  188. Not being able to swim is definitely a thing in China, but you could just as easily find a police officer in America that can’t swim either. Of course more people can swim in America than China, but how is this simple fact worthy of it’s own video? More people in China can play a musical instrument than those in America. So what? Are you going to make a video about that? All countries have areas where they’re generally weaker or stronger than other countries. Why only pick on China?

    As for breaking bones, another example that is purely about you and your experience and not a general truth. I played hard, fell out of trees, did martial arts, rode skateboards and never broke a bone. Where I’ve seen several students at my primary school, and one teachers, with broken arms and legs.

    You have many fans that hang on your every word and take everything you say as gospel because they hate China and have never been here. While you don’t say anything, to my knowledge, that is an outright lie, much of what you say, either intentionally or not, distortes and misrepresents the truth.

    You’ve lived in China, you are allowed to have your negative opinions, I have so many of my own bad experiences, but all you do with your videos now is make people that have never been to China hate China. Racists and people full of hate can point to your videos and use it as proof that China is terrible. So many Asians in America, and not just Chinese people, are getting hate and are victims of hate crimes, and your videos just help and support and spread the hate of uninformed racists.

    Everything you said the police should be able to do, such as be fit, doesn’t apply to the police in America or most other countries. You’re taking one fact that is true, but only selectively applying it to suit the narrative of your video.

    And then you say most people from China are too scared to insert themselves into a dangerous situation. Well that’s true of everyone and every place. Think about it. Why do we call those people that endanger their own lives for the sake of others a hero? It’s because they are few and far between. That’s why we praise them. If it were the norm, then everyone would be a hero, and thus no one would be a hero.

    It’s not like only in China there’s a crowd around when there is an emergency and maybe only one person helps, it happens everywhere. There’s a difference between helping when there is no danger and helping when there is danger.

    This is a weak and lazy topic to make a video on. Most of what you said could be applied to other countries, or is just misrepentative.

    Even worse, think about the racists that may use your videos as reason and support for their uninformed hate. All you do is report on the negatives of China, clearly because you’re angry and you want to get back at the CCP. These angry videos you make do nothing except give racists one more reason to hate China and you make it more difficult for all Asians in America, including your own wife and any children you may have.

    Why not make some conductive videos to help build understanding about cultural differences that may cause conflict.

    If you can’t be unbiased, then say nothing instead of producing more reasons for people to hate.

  189. I was only 13 when I was not taught to swim, I knew that when I was a little kid, but how to save someone in the water. Imagine how much more advanced we are. China is at best primitive.

  190. OMG what a terrible toxic anti-Chinese Youtuber I have ever come across! Viewing all these kinds of malicious biased nonsense just makes me want to throw up… Of course the Chinese government has merits and shortages however what you are doing is apparently just not providing the genuine information but only trying to vociferously mislead ill-informed outsiders and perpetuate those stereotypically received propagandas from the “democratic” Western media who with Orientalist prejudice and questionable political ends ironically found hard to embrace what sound to them as a “bizarre” and “rival” Communist ideology. So shameful for you being a pathetic naff hired hack sustaining yourself like this and feel sad seeing the comments as a stronghold of ignorant souls. (Also kind of curious how you Known your Chinese wife in the first place though.) Just wish there could be more scrutinies but fewer balmy nuts on this earth.

  191. My boyfriend even said that the fact it was a foreigner jumping in and saving that girl made him loose face so I’m sure many Chinese people feel embarrassed that someone from a different country did a kind act of humanity.

  192. While I agree that they should teach cops how to swim. It’s also your responsibility to know how to swim to save your family or others. Hell I even used to take my mom swimming until she learned. We went every weekend for one summer.

  193. Generally I agree with you. I have lived in China 13 years and you’re pretty much on your own. That being said, saving someone who is drowning is quite dangerous and people should be trained before they attempt it. I went through rescue training and the risk to the saver is high – in training they teach you to mitigate the risk though. You’re right, police in US standards should be trained for this

  194. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CCP actively discourages people helping each other because they want people to look to the CCP only as their source of aid and assistance in times of crisis. If the people ever realized they could help each other they might realize one day they don’t need the CCP!!

  195. Easiest job in China: Police Officer

    Hardest job in the West: Police Officer

    I’m here to tell you that Chinese cops do NOTHING all day. The same goes for any govt employee there. They contract out the actual work to others. If you make the cops there stop their game of cards, you’d better run!

  196. That’s why Bondi Beach Life Savers hate Chinese tourists…just watch any episode of Bondi Rescue and you will see every second episode that people being rescued are Chinese. Not being racist, like you, just stating that most Chinese cannot swim!

  197. Interesting, that the CCP would react by posting that news of someone helping and dying…
    Just yesterday I learned about Lei Feng, and how the Mail regime used it as propaganda of an ideal. I wonder where did that go off!

    BTW have you guys done a video about Lei Feng?

  198. I taught my kids to swim when they were 1 year old. they were shocked when they got older to find out not ever one can swim. they thought it was just natural.

  199. We always find excuses for our cowardice and immorality. Always it’s the right thing to do to not help strangers if it might inconvenient yourself. What a disgrace of a nation we are.

  200. I’m Canadian born, and I learned how to swim in grade school. My school didn’t have a pool, we had to walk 5 blocks away to another school to use theirs so I’m not sure what the deal was struck to use it but I’m so grateful for it. My wife is from Hong Kong and she never learned. My maternal grandmother learned at a local community center after retiring. I’m hoping to get our kids into swimming lessons but they fill up so quickly here.

    But yes, it very much is rooted in this whole “don’t get involved for the sake of your own safety” mentality. My wife gets antsy even when I honk at moron drivers, and questions why I toot my horn. I stopped to help this woman who fell off her e-bike when I was walking my wife to her OB doctor for her pregnancy checkup. She didn’t want me to get involved because there were other people tending to her, but I still stayed to at least call 911 and check for injuries because thats what I learned from my health and safety training…and her OB doctor was only 5min walk away from where it happened, I mean come on woman you’re only 6 months in. I have some degree of risk assessment, I won’t jump in between 2 people I see are about to go into an all out fist fight without some clue as to if one of them was armed but I will (and have) jump a fence to tend to a car accident. For so many Chinese people, their risk assessment is dialed all the way to level 20 on a 10 max volume control.

  201. Just proves how much the CCP has molested the ideals of communism they are built on. How can a goverment built upon the ideals of equality, egalitarianism and unity amongst all its people stand by and allow its people to not help each other?!?

  202. Once i’d learned to run, my father took me to the pool, dangled me over the water, blew his breath in my face (caused me to hold my breath), and dropped me into three foot of water.
    Today, im 53, an ex-soldier and an open water scuba diver.
    Cheers Dad.

  203. 5:14 “They did the right thing!”
    If you ever put yourself in her family’s shoes, you wouldn’t make such an unbelievable comment.
    Obviously, the police officers don’t have any rescue equipment, but they should at least try anything available, such as ropes , plastic bags or bottles, even though they couldn’t swim.

  204. I’m sorry but I disagree. What sense is it for someone to jump into water who is afraid and doesn’t know how to swim. Now you have two people needing saving. I definitely agree that people in China need to learn how to swim so they can help each other in the future.

  205. Xinnie’ the pooh can’t swim.
    So, I wonder what Chinese soldiers do in a battle situation. If there fellow soldiers need reinforcements do they cower and hide like little girls?
    Wimpy the Pooh!! Ahahahaha!!!!

  206. Most 8 year old American kids can swim somewhat. Some are experts, others not as strong.Adults that go to a beach and are afraid to go in above there legs without a child’s flotation device around there soft looking bodies is beyond embarrassing.
    It’s cringy.

  207. You’re not just a former English teacher, now you are a current events and history teacher for us on YouTube. Thanks so much for your view and feelings on China, that’s something a great majority of us will never know.

    Also, PLEASE do some American motovlogs. I’d love to see what you think of this country vs what you’ve experienced in SA and China.

    Much peace and love ✌️❤️

  208. I live in Europe and I’ve only met a few people who didn’t know anything about how to swim. The fun thing is that one of them came from a family of fishermen. For as long as he knew his family had been fishing for a living and he didn’t know anyone in his family who could keep their head out of the water for even a minute if they went over board. I’ve spent all in all probably a week trying to teach him to take a few strokes or even just relax and float. That last thing is huge. We were unable to teach him to float! Think about that. People float. A human who relaxes will float if they are not weighted down. He sank like a stone. A panicked, wildly flailing sputtering and screaming stone…

    Well at least he was so convinced that he would sink that he tensed up stiff as a board and managed to always get his head under water. So we put a lifejacket on him, one of the old ugly and bulky ones that turn you on your back and has a huge stiff collar that keeps your head up. He managed to tip over, get all of his head under water and almost drowned…

    As a kid I hated those lifejackets as they make it so hard to swim as they keep trying to turn you on your back and that collar keeps your head high so your face is out of the water, and he somehow manages to get his head under water with one on?

    Thing is he was so convinced that it was impossible for him to swim that no matter what we tried he just panicked whenever his feet left the bottom. The moment his toes couldn’t feel the bottom he panicked and either locked up or started to flail about without any reason as his mind went blank. Growing up he’d been told that there was no way he could learn to swim. After all no one else in the family could so why would he be able to learn? They also had an interesting take on lifejackets as they simply didn’t believe they did any good. Now they were fishing in the ocean, and in waters that often was just barely above freezing so one of their arguments was that if you were to end up in the water it didn’t really matter if you could swim or if you had a lifejacket on as any flotation device just meant you might suffer a little longer before freezing to death rather than drowning. So rather than dreaming about swimming you better concentrate on staying inside the boat and out of the water…

    But he came from an older generation and some time in the 60’s they started teaching swimming in school, with some rescue training and such. In time it became the norm and most parents made sure their kids got to learn how to swim before they started school. Eventually swim instruction in the schools was considered redundant and in the early 2000 they cut that from the required curricular and most schools were just to happy to save some money by dropping it. Turns out that was a bad move as years later it became apparent that there were actually quite a lot of kids whose parents didn’t think it was important enough to take the time to get their kids to learn how to swim and we now have a lot of people in their twenties that can’t swim. They are numerous enough to show in the drowning statistics.

    My point is that what we learn as kids is very important and can make it hard, bordering on impossible to learn to swim as an adult. Having kids learn to swim in school might not be the most efficient or best way to teach kids but it at least helps making people aware that it is a skill that almost anyone can learn at least to the degree that they can keep from drowning immediately or panicking when they get water in their face. And if the schools test the kids knowledge of swimming it motivates parents to make sure their kids know how to do it.

  209. Just in case anyone has to get into the water to save someone.
    Please be careful of the area in front of an active victim, you don’t want to be grabbed by a panicking victim.
    Anyway, I think it’s better for people who can swim take lifeguard training.

  210. @serpentza:
    *Historical fact:* During the Korean War: the Red-Chinese threw so many of themselves into the fire of the American Troops, they began to divert the Yalu River!

  211. It’s not if they can swim or not, it’s their outlook on life and values. I think you said the ones who drown were females, if they were males they would’ve saved them.

  212. For Chinese under the anti-human ruling of CCP,
    rescuing others is a stupid thing, everyone tries to protect themselves only.
    And more, they would sit along and watch amusingly others’ tragic happening,
    it makes them feel safe and lucky, …not me this time !

  213. There is a fine line between being smart and being cowardly sometimes. The Chinese people will say they are being smart but that’s just to disguise their cowardice.

  214. When a person is drowning they are crazy they grab anything including you, dig their nails into you and claw you down, it is actually risky, you need training.


  216. I am a Chinese from the south . I learned swimming in a little muddy pond when I was a kid in a small village. We had a big deep reservoir at the back of the village, but never dared to swim in it because I could swim very well yet at that time, and I didn’t see many people swam in it either. When I went to high school, I swam in a big spring water lake every day, even it was very deep. Lucky, it was just a few steps away from our dorm room.We had a standard swimming pool in university as well and I swam often and won a lot of the gold metals in school competition. But , I never been trained in saving life. A lot of people try to save other and get drowned themselves. And I have been thinking, if I run into this kind of situation, can I save a life? And I think, if you don’t have the skill and dont have the confidence, should you risk your own life? I am not sure

    Yes, it’s true that a lot of Chinese don’t know how to swim. Because, generally, the school, the city don’t have a swimming pool. We had a swimming pool in my company after a few years working there. For the single child generation, family are too afraid to lose their child from drowning, but playing dangerous sports. They don’t like their kids to be adventurous. The kids are the god of the family.

  217. When I was a teenager, I was on a school trip visiting Greece. While at the hotel, one of the students from another school accidentally fell off a balcony. I immediately vaulted the balcony, holding onto the rail with one hand, I pulled him up with the other. Another time my two-year-old daughter fell headfirst into a swimming pool. I latched onto her leg and pulled her straight up out of the water before she could become submerged. These are not to blow my own horn, but to demonstrate that some people will react without thinking when it comes to saving others. It isn’t something genetic but an awareness of a danger to others. What lesson does communism teach that causes people to lose the “instinct” in favour of self-preservation.

  218. Sorry, I couple of typos in my previous posting. I meant I couldn’t swim well enough to swim in the big deep reservoir or lake. By playing dangerous sports,

  219. I love your channel, and what you do. Please create an alternative
    channel on RUMBLE. Youtube can no longer be trusted due to their biased

  220. I learnt to swim when I was 4. Then we had lessons at school from year 1 to year 10. I went to the beach every chance I could get. I’m a qualified lifesaver. Swimming should be taught at school like reading and writing. It’s essential.

  221. To be fair, as someone who spent his childhood climbing trees, cliffs, swimming in lakes, building tree houses etc. I never broke a bone. Lots of bruises, cuts, bleeding but never broke a bone.

    Maybe you just had too little calcium in your diet, if your bones kept snapping. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  222. Saying you can’t swim is on par with saying you are mentally ill. Earth is 71% water. Who in their right mind would grow up to become an adult and not have learned to swim!

  223. Some people dont care about a life or are so helpless due to their blind nurture
    This should serve as a reminder why not to remove after school programs and school trips
    I learned how to swim thanks to my school principal for 37$ a year…

  224. When the borders open, you guys should come to Vancouver Canada; well Richmond Canada at least. Mainlanders don’t swim much but the swim centers i go to are filled with asian familes that swim very, very well.

  225. Yes ,the police who are there to protect people should be knowing how to save people. The people should also learn how to swim. This is a basic thing like cycling.

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