Chinese Toilets are WILD!

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  1. Wouldn’t you think that since China is a one party government, they could just say “Hey errrrrrrybody, pick up your trash now or I’ll boot you square in the plums.” and the littering problem would be 40% fixed overnight?

  2. My wife is Chinese: according to her is that no one wants to clean up others literal crap. And since it’s like that already you don’t have to pick up after yourself, because if you do then your are picking up someone’s else’s. Those that do clean the toilet rooms, are considered low in status or low educated or have some mental issue and they still need a job to be productive.

    I have been in China for a collective time of 5 months to visit the in-laws and to visit the country. Every time I had to go number 2, I would wait till we are in a more… “western friendly” (cleaner and has a sit stall) area to use the toilet. I literally cannot squat and crap… Believe me, I have tried several times.

  3. Spent 3 months in china (working in a medical research lab), the bathrooms where one of the hardest thing about living in china, probably the only cultural difference that I struggled with. That said, China is an amazing place to discover.

  4. China: A pit with little to no care for hygiene
    Japan: The 9000X toilet fully equipped with heating, auto-flushing, deodorizing functions, night lights, and more.

  5. There is an old saying, if you want to know the level or state of one’s family just visit its toilet and you’ll see. As you mentioned it’s not about how they look, it’s
    about how it is maintained.

  6. I have used a outdoor pit toilet surrounded by a straw wall privy in rural/bush areas of Zambia, and been camping, with a shovel, so squatting isn’t a problem, and I have used facilities in Honduras, so I am aware of not being able to flush toilet paper in certain areas, but I couldn’t use some of the facilities depicted here… of course, I am very picky, and there are even some bathrooms in the USA i wouldn’t want to use. But, I cant imagine living somewhere and not having access to a private toilet, or combing the kitchen and the toilet… and literally shit where you eat, or prepare food, that is unreal.

  7. I’ve had my share of disgusting public toilets in China. The outside of the toilet facade is absolutely no indication of its cleanliness. There is never free toilet paper, and there is no expectation that toilet paper will be there. Sometimes you have no choice but to hold your breath and bear it. And don’t ever lose your balance! It will take many generations for China’s toilets to clean up their act. Within people’s houses toilets are clean.

  8. I remember landing at the airport after a 7 hours flight to china and going to the bathroom to take a shit… Quite the experience for someone who is used to sitting and with privacy… Basically the stall walls let everyone see my junk hanging when i took a shit. But the room was so busy that I didnt really care anyways.

  9. Where i work we have mobile toilets(dont know how you call them in english)at our construction sites. Around 30 guys use them every day but they are a joke compared to this stuff.

  10. Peru doesn’t have toilet paper, either. You have to REMEMBER to take your own. Plus, when you’re in the Andes where the water pressure is affected by the altitude, you must remember NOT to flush the toilet paper, but rather place it in the bin next to the toilet. However, they DO have western style flush toilets. Regarding China’s toilets, let’s be direct – a hole in the floor toilet DOESN’T CUT IT, because if it did, there wouldn’t be shite all over the place. The Chinese have to get it together regarding their bathroom facilities. PS: I presume the women’s toilets are equally nasty.

  11. I remember as Xi Jin Ping announced they would be fixing the public toilet issue in China, many foreigners rejoiced. Not long before I left China they built lots of public toilets around Guangzhou and the area I lived in. It was funny because they were the same type of toilets you show at 1:49 basically, just squat right next to each other with no privacy LOL. I was like WTF? It was hilarious how they made it sound like they were going to make a large improvement, only to only go like 20% of the way.

  12. it is wow for the report. HOHOHO, the toilet BOWLS are the same room !!!
    I have been to Vietnam many times, some places are worse but not like the one showing here.

  13. man even the worst truck stop/ rest area toilets here in the US are clean compared to this. They can be grimy and gross, and covered in graffiti, but it is still evident someone at least comes around every once in a while and gives them a wipe down and re-stocks all the paper. Europe is really the only place I have been where public toilets were at all better than in the US but to be fair I never have traveled by road in Europe only on planes but even then the toilets in the airport were better than the ones here in the US. Not much better in all practicality but say your bathroom at home is 10/10 US public restrooms are anywhere from a 5-8/10. European ones were like a 8-9.5/10 most of these ones in China are a 0/10 with the exception of the one in that small rural restaurant which seemed a solid 8-9/10 if the scores are based on cleanliness and privacy.

  14. I encountered that style of toilet in South America. I had no idea they existed until I was expected to use one. I didn’t know what it was.

  15. “You can tell a Lot about a Society by the toilets . . . ” Yep! I agree. Some are pretty “crappy”!! I was raised by, “You may be poor, but you don’t have to be dirty.”

  16. 1:45 😂😂😂😂
    A normal conversation on the phone:
    A: Hey where are you?
    B: I am in the toilet down the road, sorry I have constipation, come over and we can have a chat while I am depositing the stone out of me!!
    A: what is that noise??
    B: I think the guy next to has got diarrhea 😝

  17. I’ve shat in much worse Chinese toilets than the one in this video, and still none compare to a petrol station toilet I went to in southern France.

  18. Bullseye. When I needed to go, I first went into a closeby restaurant to grab some napkins before venturing into one of these disgusting areas. I avoided public restrooms like the plague in Hong Kong and Macau. In Hong Kong it’s customary to carry a small 10-pack of Kleenex with you at all times. At Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui, HK…public toilets there are an absolute nightmare. It’s not that Chinese are nasty people. It’s that they just don’t care about this specifically.

  19. Not quite as bad, but my buddy’s parents old places had a toilet installed between 3 bedrooms in a hallway. No privacy walls for the toilet.

    We got drunk often and that toilet got lots of use.

  20. Lots of Chinese workers complain about their shared bathroom in their boarding factory dorms too. Same with most college dorms in China I heard. And the way PRC is with shared spaces, no one willing to put out extra work else they think they get jibbed.

    I am an honest person… so saying that about China, I can also give two cents about another first class city crowded Singapore too.
    I love my hawker center foods more than Singapore fabulous restaurants scene because restaurants scene is not my childhood memories… but saying that, I find that the last time going back to SG, I cannot tolerate eating my childhood haunts hawkers when my nose is so sensitive to that rotting sewage smell of open drains in hot climate of crowed spaces that is not cleared off in time.

    I live out in the countryside in US surrounded my cows ok… and I looove eating outdoors al fresco style. Nothing beats fresh air even if that fresh air may get wif of cow manure spread on crop land that few times a year.
    But that air, you can tell… is clean and fresh as can be.

  21. Do not eat while you enjoy beijing 2022 ! they grow vegetable ( closed to these toilets ) and cook dishes on your meal at the nearest restaurants in china !

  22. My plan for the gas station toilet is to cover everything in chlorine and use a pressure washer, cover everything with more chlorine and scrub like hell before using the pressure washer again. Repeat process 6 more times.

  23. The culture is really good at ignoring problems within it, wish I had the ability to be at peace with such things but to add India has a public toilet problem too as I am aware.

  24. The toilets at 4:15 reminds me of when I was studying in Beijing a few years back. Was out drinking and we couldn’t use the toilet at the restaurant so had to go find a public one. I’ll never forget the stench, shit and flies everywhere, thought I was gonna get sick. Funny thing is that I was out with a North Korean and he couldn’t stand it either. That’s telling how bad China’s toilets are, worse than North Korea, and this was in the capital haha!

  25. You didn’t mention anything about those pay toilets with a worker in the front collecting money / selling toilet paper. I remember paying 5 yuan once to use the washroom at a tourist area… most expensive pee I ever took lol

  26. I believe squat/pit toilets are also how you’re supposed to do your business as a bipedal mammal. It provides the most optimal angle for defecation.

  27. A went into a posh tea house in Kunming some 18 years ago, and I was so happy to find a very clean ‘Dump’ toilet with a DOOR and toilet paper! Very rare indeed.
    But for some reason the whole cubical was one big mirror wall, so no matter which direction I looked I could see my ass. It is quite difficult to squat on an Asian toilet and keep ones eyes closed for the duration.

  28. East abd South East Asia was recently thrown from the middle ages into the future: obviously the culture needs time to adaptat to the new state of things.
    The public toilets are a striking example of this contrast but in general they are a shameful matter even for non asian countries.

  29. Not my type of place! I only squad down once when I was a little girl. Think South Africa also have a couple of ‘lost generation’ where the toilet paper magically disappears. I only use public toilets when travelling on the high-ways and most malls.

  30. I ended up bound up a few times there, walking in while Men were shitting and no cubicles, paper or concealed drainage, shit everywhere, one Bus stop and the beach in Ching Quan Dao had worse toilets than you showed. Nha Trang Viet Nam they shit on street at night or on rocks at the beach, one guy shit on a pile of rubbish in front of everyone Saturday Lunchtime right in the centre of town, Money for guns, tanks but not toilets, hepatitus is rampant, all the tourists they swam got ear infections, me included, never swam again in Nam.

  31. Interesting …I taught at a school that was owned by a narcissist and had to move hell to get the septic tank cleaned ..the toilets were backing up ! In the end i got a contractor myself ( and such a lovely family they were ) the trustees couldn’t even talk about shit ! Narcs live in an ungrounded fantasy where ” their shit doesn’t stink ” ..I’d love to see Xi s face when he has to go to one

  32. But WHY are they not maintained ? It would be nothing to get a garden hose to wash that all away every day then throw down some soap or cleaner then another shot of spray of water maybe a squeegee .It takes 5 minuter everyday ,then it would be 2 minutes a day to give your customers some respect ,and they might reciprocate by leaving a clean area behind for the next person. But this confirms your other videos that say chinese people dont care about anyone else save for them selfs. Its a disgusting example but there it is for all to see how they just dont care about their fellow man.

  33. Sorry I’m not a regular here, but where is your accent from? And don’t anyone just say Britain, I mean more specifically. He sounds exactly like Graham Hanckock.

  34. This is why AIDS never spread in China… no toilet seats!

    I kid, I kid. But for a short time in the 80s people actually thought AIDS could spread that way, back when it was first hitting mainstream media.

  35. Bro this is fucking crazy… I don’t see how you can make an argument that sqwating over a fucking hole and just explosive diarrhea comes out where only 20% of the shot makes it into the hole and the rest splatters around on the ground so you can step in….they are saying this is more efficient and better cleaner than the modern plumbing wonder we call western toilets. This is pure stubbornness of the ccp because they don’t want to adopt something from the west so the shit holes are made to be better than western toilets

  36. I agree. You can tell a great deal about a culture from their toilets and toilet habits. I would add another to the list: Driving culture/habits and adherence to general everyday safety practices.

  37. Squatty types of toilets are actually better than western toilets ‘scientifically’. You can find them in Japan, India and other Asian countries.

  38. Damn, I spend like 10-15 minutes on the toilet every morning. I could never squat like that so long with 5 other people to the left and right of me

  39. I was on a tour of China in 2010, and witnessed everything you talked about (even the little baby peeing beside me in Lhasa). But what shocked me were the airports. They were new and modern, except for the toilets. I always tried to not use any of the public facilities, but had to in the Kuming Airport. Even there, there were squat toilets in the bathroom. I injured my knees many years ago, and doubted if I could squat. But this situation was critical. A little old main (who took care of the toilets) walked in and I gestured that I could not use those toilets. He very quietly took me to a storeroom in the main concourse, opened it up and there was a western toilet! I will always remember that..

  40. I spent two years in Thailand and they had toilets like those you showed in China and the ones I saw there was the swatting style except in hotels which had Western style toilets and I enjoyed that. The traditional types was clean there in Thailand though and not like those in China which was terrible.

  41. The most disgusting toilets I have ever seen was indeed in China. The worst was one in Yunnan, there were some unknown species of worms crawling around, which mad me sick. And I heard that lot of toilets are dirty because women tend to step on it an duck on the top of it. Yes, in the part where you would sit on in the West

  42. DUDE! I was eating and for some reason decided now is a good time to watch this video.
    I just listened to this video for 90% of the runtime

  43. Thank you for your video Winston. Awareness about public hygene is important and all people should have it. Public toilets and sanitation is a huge issue in all developing countries and not just China.

    I would also like to know your opinions on public toilets in South Africa and how they compare with Chinese toilets?

  44. I recall using the public toilet at Tanggu train station. That was 24 years ago, I still haven’t quite recvoverd from that experience! I was told that nobody cleans the piblic toilets in Chiina as it’s seen as demneanng work. I’ve no idea if that’s true or not though.

  45. The worst toilet I ever encountered was at the Norbu Linka in Lhasa. It was basically just a large room full of turds -no holes or anything, just choose a spot in the room and leave one of your own.

  46. You forgot to add that when you are at a train station, they have those group urinal troughs where there are no dividers. Everyone gets to stare at the foreigner’s junk!

  47. Very timely response Winston, some angry troll responded to my comments about your courage and dismissed your last upload as outdated information…so 2019 Beijing toilet is a good slap ….

  48. No wonder the PEDO’s love CCP run china. The CCP (cult culture of Face) has not allowed those poor people to grow in the flow of things.

  49. In 2004 on my first trip to China I spent a week being wined and dined by a Chinese billionaire. The first night we went to an Uber fancy restaurant where the chopstick holders and table plates were gold plated, I picked one up to judge the weight. I went to a public restroom for the first time, outside of my hotel and trade show centre where I had my booth, and was both shocked and appalled. Shabby, dirty and disgusting, and no toilet paper. The juxtaposition between the dining table and washroom was dramatic. On another trip I had to make an unscheduled trip between cities during Chinese New Year and the only transportation available was a bus. The bus itself was quite nice but had no toilet. At a stop I went to use the ‘facilities’ and was presented with a long open trench in a large crowded room with the ‘waste’ just lying in the trench. Point is he’s not making this sh.t up. lol

  50. Covid didn’t come from bats or a lab. It came from a Chinese truck driver who didn’t wash his hands after taking a number two at the local toilet room

  51. How easy would it be just to hose out the toilet block at the new gas station?? Once a week would be enough? Wouldn’t that be part of someone’s job? Domestic blindness in the extreme. 🤮

  52. It’s so bad it’s actually sad…
    In Japan some public bathrooms in stations, used by tens of thousands of people daily, are impecably clean

  53. Yes, definitely remember the first time I tried to poop whilst squatting. No a great experience. Easier if you eat the street food first, if you follow me!

  54. That cute little girl at the end 8:10 was simply adorable and probably the highlight of this video. tough to watch but yes it is important to get word out about the importance of hygiene to make a better china and better world.

  55. Winston, I am so glad that you bring this topic up. Toileting issues had been my nightmare in the early part of my life. Looking at your video brings back my memories and make me want to puke. Yup, my people can claim how great how smart they are and how advanced they are right now, but toileting is still an huge issue in a lot of area in China. You expose this to the world, if the leader feel shameful, they might change it over night. They have the money the resources, but not the mind to change it only they were made shameful.

    As for the hygiene in China, i have to admit that it has been changing and improving. Every time I went back to China, the public toilets were much improved. 10 years ago I went home, the streets of my hometown were still full of garbage, now they are much cleaner and have garbage bin all over. Even in the village, they collected garbage and burned it . The public bathroom in 5 star hotel were so beautiful and clean. But in the restaurant, everyone splash 💦 n the hole toilet and make the bathroom smell horrible and no dry spot to step.

    Chinese people are very clean by themselves. They don’t want to touch any things in the public toilets. They think the public toilets in the west are full of AIDS and other gems, even highly educated people like my friends think so. So when they go travel in the west, they won’t sit on the toilets, instead they just bend over the toilets or step on the toilet seat, they won’t clean up the toilets seat after they made the mess. Quite a few time I sat on someone’s urine before I noticed it, then I learned. I hate that.

    In the city, people use western toilets now, but they won’t clean it by themselves, they hire people to clean it once or twice a month. They are too decent to clean the toilets by themselves. Maybe only those who really can’t offer to hire people would clean it themselves. But they never treat it like western, toilets is a enjoyable place.

  56. With personal experience of a quintessential public toilet in China, I can testify that cleaning products have never set foot in the plague ridden orrifice.

  57. I liked some of the signage in the bathrooms there. Got some pictures to show folks here. I’ve been in some nasty ones in the US too, but China’s……. there is a reason to pee outside.

  58. Not to mention, you need to carry your own toilet paper because many places don’t have it. Oh, you washing your hands is also somewhat hard to do as well.

  59. Oh man, this is so true. My Chinese wife and I have travelled around China and the toilet situation is like a travelogue in itself. I mean some of them could even be an aromatic and dystopian toilet tourist attraction in themselves. Some of the experiences I’ve had made me realise that although I thought dogshit smelt bad, collective human shit is armageddon. From a tourist respective its the main thing that China really needs to address but I know culturally it’s not something that has warranted attention since human sanitation is thought of as waste and therefore invaluable. Although having said that, take a tourist bus and at the stop-overs, you’ll still be charged money to pee or poo into a hole in the concrete floor while covering your face from the stench of the stalagmite pile of human excrement collected a few feet below. Having said that, I remember visiting European cities as a child in the 70’s and for sure there were the same pit toilets everywhere and they weren’t a happy experience either. I think it is something that will slowly happen and in the main tourist cities, the toilets are fine.

  60. I’ve seen some horrendous toilets in South Korea and Japan, located in businesses or business buildings; nothing, however, to compare to some of those you showed.

  61. Bad toilets in China? Just wait until you take your road trip in India. How about no toilets. Unless you consider a drainage ditch or behind a bush a proper toilet.

  62. The “worst” toilet i ever saw in the states was a public toilet back on the side of a street in nowhere in the early 90’s. It was a sit down toilet but you do not flush. It is on top of a flowing sewer.
    Thinking back, that is NOTHING compared to china’s outhouse.

  63. i appreciate japan for their prioritization of a nice bathroom and toilet/bidet. ill never ever take a nice bathroom for granted ever again.

  64. At the panda 🐼 zoo the toilets were bad way better than what you have shown but bad no toilet paper.
    Japan what a difference. Relaxing music playing in a public toilet. We were all very impressed.

  65. I was in shocked when I visited China first time. I went to toilet and saw a row of toilets. Basically when people pee or poo everything goes into central canal and washed with water. The most disgusting thing is that when you sit, you see all these poo 💩 of all other people, next person to you will see your poo 💩. It was most disgusting thing I saw in China. 🤢🤮

  66. I spent four years in Cambodia and none of the toilets were as deplorable as in this video and that used to be a 3rd world country that went through the genocide and civil war. Thanks for the pleasant ending but I still need to sanitize my eyes with another video.

  67. The first time I encountered Chinese people urinating in public was when I lived in Dublin and had to go to the Chinese Embassy for a visa.

    As I was waited in the outdoor courtyard area to be called to present my visa paperwork, I saw several parents walk their children up to a wall to pee. The toilets were only about 15 feet away.

    It’s still unnerving to be walking the streets of a major city in China and see how many people blow fluids from about every orifice onto the streets.

  68. I speak Chinese, lived in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. And yes, China is absolutely like that. I remember when 2008 happened and Beijing installed some of those toilets and some trash receptacles. I remember how they looked in 2012. God, it really was a disaster. My favorite were people in a hospital, squatting, having a shit while smoking. When I finished using the restroom, no soap. I just couldn’t believe that a hospital did not have soap, toilet people but did have people smoking. Lol, good times.

  69. Some things you have to see to believe. Not many people talk about this matter because the go into a shocked state. However, India has these pit toilets next to the beach too.

  70. Chinese NEVER invest in improving their businesses, i went to a chinese restaurant when i was like 4 or 5 and i went back when i was like 25 and it was the same EXACTLY the same!

  71. You NEVER disappoint! I’ve noticed you, Laowhy86 and ADVChina are getting more adverts – I’ve NEVER been soooo HAPPY to see adverts – and knowing what you’ve been up against makes me watch them – CHINA IS NOT TEN FEET TALL article has lessened my anxiety – thank you CMilk for the recommendation – thank you both for all you do : )

  72. Where does the poop go? Does it stay at the bottom of a pit? And fill up with poop and paper? Is it washed away? Does someone shovel it out? Even then, is it taken to a dump?

  73. You made a good call by including the non-toilet footage at the end. It’s a needed contrast. I’ve always referred to this kind of contrast as the “Cathedral Effect”, even though the exact meaning of that term is slightly different.

  74. It occurs to me that the quality of public restrooms of a specific society reflects the degrees of care and of the sense of belonging its members have for their communities. Why? Because the general messiness of public restrooms are the result of people having the mindset of “I have no concern whether I’m causing trouble for other members who might come later, even if we are living in the same community together.” It has nothing to do w/ how forward-looking or high-techy a society appears to be…

  75. This baffles me. I have done the “squat”, or “hover” as I like to call it when I was in the army. It’s not a pleasant experience at all and my question is what do the elderly and physically handicapped people do ? sh*t in their pants?? This is horrible and needs to be addressed.

  76. On top of the toilets themselves, the drainage systems built in China apartments, hotels, whatever buildings are all awful. There’s no/ very poor filter or any contraption/ design for the smell. So it always smell bad in there. This has been my experience staying at the hotels and friend’s places.

  77. At a work place in Melbourne Aus years ago there was always foot prints on toilet seat 💺
    We asked certain person why squatting on toilet 🚽?

    He said it’s better for his spine and grew up squatting that’s all he knew.

    Also there was an Asian couple maybe in their 60s the other day in an Australian Melbourne suburb public park. The female decided to clear her nasal passage next to a children’s play area. Ironically she could have walked 50 metres to the clean public contactless automated public bathroom in the park and did her nasty business inside there.

    Another was in a back street in Melbourne Aus suburb. I presume it was the grandmother walking with her toddler grandson. She dropped his dacks and he did wee in road side curb. Could have walked to their house around the corner. I presume it was their home i saw them walk in.

    Anyway happy Labor Day to the socialist State of Victoria March 8 😎🤓
    Thankfully we have clean public amenities 🚽 We’re not oppressed. Everything is fine down here 😎

  78. my first trip to china was 30 years ago. i will NEVER go visit china again bec their toilets are disgusting. i was traumatized then and seeing your video today reaffirms my decision to NEVER go there.

  79. As an Indian I used think, why do we use this kind toilet but didn’t know even Chinese people use the same style. To be honest, I grew up using the same style toilet. It might be hygienic but who cares, sitting there and stand up after finishing your job is really toughest job on the planet. This is difficult more for the old people.

  80. Oh god – this place with the “nice shiny plaque”.
    Can’t they just grab a hose every few hours?
    Mei banfa probably.

    “I of course have more of these toilet videos …..” – oh no, please! I will unsubscribe!

  81. Trying to say pit toilets are more hygienic is like saying eating dogs isn’t wrong. Its just false. Those foot spots are covered in pass and they usually are just holes in the ground, no water or septic tank. Of course modern Crapper toilets are better.

  82. I was munching a bag of onion cheese crisps — left video at 4 min 31– had seen enough– than they scrape and spit — all normal– wow–

  83. Perfection condition for new bacteria and virus to spreed the rest of the world. A fly sits on the shit and then flies to the food. I bet this is never showed in China. Thats why free speech and press is important.
    And some people wounder why so many desises came from china.

  84. You know what?I saw the same kind of public toilet on the seashore in Australia in 2019. It was very very discusting. May be Xi had heard your voeice from your heart and stared a movement called “the toilet revolution” in china years ago. LOL

  85. In my travels around the world, I’ve used two criteria to gauge the level to which a Culture has risen to. One is their bathrooms, and two is there health as it relates to smoking. Yes, you guessed it, China gets a failing grade on both, so their Culture level is very, very low. Now let me explain the bathroom gauge: I randomly visited washrooms in Canada, America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Peru, Argentina, New Zealand but to name a few. China is off the chart for many reasons. These include extremely smelly, dirty, unhealthy bathrooms. And I am not alone in my findings. Emperor Xi has made numerous comments about the deplorable conditions in Chinese bathrooms and has demanded China start cleaning them up. Here’s the BIG problem. It starts with the uneducated plumbers who put in the various systems such as urinals, toilets, and sinks. They ALL failed their Science of Plumbing test. The water trap or “S” shaped pipe is to retain water in it so that the “swamp gasses” don’t escape back up the pipe into the bathroom from the main sewer line. This has been totally by-passed in China. The pipe that leads into the main sewer line MUST be a sealed unit so any gases coming up into the bathroom are trapped by the water in the “S” pipe. This system works flawlessly in all areas where there is plumbing in the house or building. A vent to the roof is also required to allow gas buildup to escape OUTSIDE THE HOUSE OR BUILDING. As Chinese plumbers simply run the drain into the main sewer line and don’t seal it, the gasses simply come back into the bathroom or kitchen creating a very unpleasant odour. It’s pervasive in China yet in very few other countries. I was amazed to visit bathrooms in Korea, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong to find absolutely immaculate, pleasant smelling washrooms where there were even real orchids being grown. On a note to lead me into my next criteria for indicating an advanced Culture, there were no other washrooms that I visited other than in China, where the smell of cigarettes is so pervasive.

  86. yes I really did not like the washrooms here when I went and that was in the bigger cities. Something else I was surprised with is how cold the inside of nice buildings were in the winter. I will never forget we stayed at a nice hotel but in the lobby you could see your breath it was so cold I felt bad for the people working there checking in guests all day. Also we went to a nice mall and in the Adidas store you could see your breath as well it was freezing. Definitely if you go take baby wipes, gloves, ziplock bags to dispose of things, Kleenex, hand sanitizer etc. everywhere with you! even the nicer washrooms had dirty footprints all over the toilet seats so you would have to clean it first. And some of the things I saw stuck to the walls in the women’s washroom….🤮🤮 I really spoiled myself by making Japan the first place I visited in Asia. Even in the park washrooms I went into there they were spotless and the toilets play music so the person next to you doesn’t hear you 😄

  87. I schooled in Shenyang, so I’ve lived in China for 4 years. I know of a woman who went to China as tourist and contacted infection from toilet. When it comes to hygiene, China is the worst.

  88. My rich traveling relatives who went to China raved about it but they obviously never used the pit toilets. They never went to where the ordinary Chinese people lived. They met only the very rich in China. They never really learned about the culture nor anything about the real China from the people they met. I have more learn about China from you two guys from your vidoes and from the people I met and became friends with on Tencent QQ than my relatives who travel around the world. My QQ friends learn about America and the English language from me. I have made music videos for them with the lyrics in both English and Chinese. I used Google’s translator for that. I hope the translations were OK. You can check them out on Youtube and let me know if I did a decent job with the translation. Thanks for your videos. I really appreciate them and always give them a thumbs up.

  89. I remember one toilet I saw in Chongqing, central China. It was so bad, the toilet itself (the actual room) was the toilet. Guys stood at the door and peed inside, literally. There were broken slabs on the floor to walk on because the floor was covered with an inch of pee and excrement. Of course, all of the urinals were smashed and hanging off the wall.
    Oh yeh, and this toilet was inside a restaurant 🙂

  90. I am Chinese myself, and I want to thank you for telling world the truth of ugly side of China. And I hope you do more like this kind of good work.

  91. I think it’s a matter of economy, education and conciousness, most prominent issue is that wealthy just not even. At the current stage, goverment can do a lot.

  92. What’s wrong with these people, I’ve seen cleaner public bathrooms while backpacking in remote parts of much poorer Southeast Asian countries, and of course other East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea have spotless clean public bathrooms.

  93. Why don’t tell Chinese people there if you love them? Tell your wife let her tell them. You are here just for making money from this. You were taking the worst one. There are good ones and fancy toilets in China too.

  94. What about India? Just a little shack on the edge of the river with a hole cut out in the floor. Not even a dispenser for toilet paper, let alone toilet paper.

  95. I see what you’re trying to do here 😉 ccp hates you so much they’ll change all their toilets within a year, then the “Xills” will be making videos about how awesome toilets there are.

  96. Good make videos about this, the next big chain of restaurants in America might be the “Eat & Shit” fast food chain. This would be popular with really busy people. Killing two birds with one stone.

  97. Are you freaking shitting me? No pun intended…and they call my country, Romania, a third world country. Not even our worst, side of the road toilet would ever look like this, jesus. And having the toilet in the kitchen? No freaking way. China is high af looking down on India and other Eastern countries…

  98. The best of what you’ve shown in China is equal to the best of what I’ve seen in the US, but I just don’t know what to say about the rest.

  99. I will bet my money on the fact that the womans bathroom is a million times cleaner. I remember my 5 year old self begging my mother to take me to the womens bathroom when we stopped in Ukraine. The mens toilet had sh1t and cigarette buds all over the floor

  100. Dystopian advanced culture..Romans used the same type of advanced public toilet and sheared Stick with a cloth on it..disease spread fast in public bathrooms, even faster if they r not used or kept up ..disease is also spread by public deification and urination that is not managed dew to ppl not using public restrooms..from the research if done on North Korea..ppl use human faeces to fertilize their crops, from my understanding has produced Heath problems resulting in worms developing in the human intestinal track..they’re a reason y western societies use waste management to aulter or deter disease..good vid.

  101. I’m surprised you’ve never done a video about this before. I always thought you guys didn’t think anything was wrong with these conditions lol!

  102. Europeans had public sanitation in the classical era (rome/greece). Country’s where people shit in the street are beneath our dignity. If that was my country I would criticize it and not blindly defend it.

  103. Toilets and how the hygiene is tells you a lot about a place and its people. It doesn’t make them bad people just they are lacking the teaching of doing better because its better for them.

  104. It’s simply because its all about the image on the outside, no matter what the truth is behind the facade, as long as the face looks good the reality doesn’t matter. Truth be told the reality in China is that they’re still behind in so many ways from the west, they have this facade that they’re the fastest growing economy and that they’re fast becoming a first world nation, but that’s just the face they want the world to see, the reality is that they’re still very behind in so many ways and hide it very well. The government have become experts of saving face on a global scale, but you can only do that for so long until the truth starts to come out.

  105. taboo. Pretending the subject does not exist. Don’t want to see it, don’t want to talk about it, it is what it is, cannot change it, won’t discuss it, don’t want to hear about it. Will attack you with any excuse to redirect away from the problem, or even the topic.

  106. Poor is just a symptom, slave mind are deeply carved in our blood. Far East is the junk station of the human culture, anyone no matter what skin color you are, chose to stay closer with here, opening a doom gate for your offsprings.

  107. When all western force, factories and technical leave the China, they soon will step back to the states 10times worse than dark age. Man eater, again and again. History repeat.

  108. hahahaha The only culture shock i got in Mexico was a shitter that looked exactly like that. That is the EXACT definition of a shitter. Not a RESTROOM, but a shitter. Just squat and let it ride, and hope you dont get butthole herpes.

  109. would you say: China, you have the potential, the possibility and capability to make really great toilets and culture. You have the money, you have the tech, you have the power over the way your culture develops. Make best toilets and SHOW the world you are great. Walk the talk. ?

  110. In Australia large communities are Chinese.. A suburb called campsie is littered with rubbish alot of dumped rubbish.. Chinese don’t care for or respect the environment.

  111. Don’t call this medieval. Even medieval society knew about hygiene. This is simply *_ignorance,_* which is commonplace in communist nations.

  112. I have also seen some bad toilets in China. Saw the nicest toilet ever in a restaurant very surprisingly a pit toilet.
    But the most disgusting toilet me and my Chinese girlfriend visit was in Louvren Paris. Yes, it had toilet paper, problem was it was mostly on the floor with pee and shit on it. More surprising in the same building as the Mona Lisa then in a gas station in China.
    I have the theory pit toilets is why Chinese girls have such great legs. Lots of exercise!

  113. About 3 years ago when I was in Sydney airport a Chinese lady took a large steaming s*** right in the middle of the floor in front of the bathroom.
    Then she proceeded to go into the bathroom change her clothes then walk out as if nothing had happened.

  114. kkk, this topic seems too embarrassing for wumaos to flock in and brag about the greatness of China as I do not see any angry wumao comments. So Winston, if you wish to keep wumaos away, maybe attaching the toilet photos to your videos might do the trick as it will gross them out before they open their mouth! Haha, I’ve been a real jack’ss here, but I can’t help because I love wumaos so much!

  115. Try Malaysia as well – disgusting. No toilet paper and no soap. Some of the malls’ toilets are not too bad. Its next door neighbour, Singapore, is pristine. I wonder if the malls in China have good toilets. But I guess you’re highlighting how the average person lives …

  116. This video is late. Xi called out the bathroom revolution several years ago. Check the news on that.

    I just just drove 6000km to the north for CNY.
    There are huuuuuuge improvements!
    Not once did I step into a discusting bathroom at a petrol station for at least 4 years.
    The fertilizer mountains below you I haven’t seen for years.
    This is from Tier1 city to tier 3.
    Rural areas in Guangdong also made huge improvements.
    Again, check news on China’s bathroom revolution.

  117. 二、三十年前更恐怖好嗎? 當時台灣的電視台會去中國做觀光的影集,廁所九成是矛坑,就是一個大坑,然後大小便直接拉在裡面。然後中國廁所最有名的是,廁所沒有門,跟宋楚瑜的老家一樣。

  118. That’s why all the Chinese students keep their toilets looking nasty here at the university where I work
    How can you guys drink that fake beer
    I tried that beer in chengdu and Ningbo
    Thai toilets are way cleaner
    Thai women take a shower every day..Chinese woman once a week

  119. While I was in Xi’an in 2018, I had the bad idea of eating some kind of chicken burger which was apparently in bad state. 30 mins later while I was walking around trying to get to the city walls, I started felling so bad, I needed to go the toliet asap, but the only option I had was a public toilet. It was the worst experience I had in my whole stay in China, disgusting place, luckily I had paper on me and tbh it looked better than the ones you showed in the video.

  120. 基本上,中國廁所就是中國人民整體水平的體現。台灣在一百年前的日本時代,廁所都比現代的中國好。我小時候還見過幾個日本時代留下來的舊廁所,都沒有中國現在的廁所這麼噁心。

  121. No wonder bugs, viruses, bacterias, and all kinds of disgusting pandemic causing crap comes out of MANY provinces of this pseudo high-tech country🤢🤮

  122. 欢迎老外提意见,好的意见我们可以接纳,不过这种垃圾特意为黑而黑的话,可以上黑名单,禁止入境,不知道哪里可以举报!

  123. Back in the 70s and 80s, American gas station bathrooms were infamously terrible. The thing that changed that, was the rise of gas-station-linked convenience stores, in the late eighties and early nineties. Previously, gas stations only ever had one employee on the grounds at a time, and they had to stay available in case a customer came up to pay for their gas, so they didn’t have time to go off in the back and clean the bathrooms. When gas stations added convenience stores, they had to add more employees, so now they can leave one person covering the counter during slow times and send the other employees around to restock and clean and stuff — the employee at the register can call them back to help if needed. Gas station convenience stores became very successful, because everyone has to stop for gas anyway, so if they’re going to buy coffee and donuts or whatever, they might as well do it all in one stop. So then as gas stations competed to get more customers so they can sell more coffee and donuts and chips and pop and cigarettes and lottery tickets, the profit margin on the gas itself dwindled to almost nothing, and gas stations with no convenience store started dropping like flies. By the end of the twentieth century, virtually all gas stations in North America had either added a convenience store, or gone out of business. A few holdouts survive, either by being in a very good location, or by some other unique circumstance, but for the most part, those old gas-only gas stations with no convenience store and the terrible smelly bathroom that never ever got cleaned, are a thing of the past here. I’m not sure if there’s any way to harness this model to clean up gas station bathrooms in the rest of the world, but it worked here.

  124. Well, I was eating some stuff… had to stop. LOL

    But been there in the early 80’s… I can confirm these… they haven’t change, looks like.

  125. For the record, squat pots are all over southern Europe, particularly Italy. Maybe one-third of the restaurants in Italy have squat pots.

  126. Growing up in the US during the 70s and 80s you would come across a lot of nasty public toilets, especially in fast food restaurants and gas stations. That really started to change in the late 80s, and I can’t remember that last time I’ve seen a public toilet that wasn’t immaculately clean.

  127. Bathrooms like this can also be found on the backside of any horse racetrack in North America, where the horseman both live and work. It’s awful.

  128. U fellas visit any toilets in USA gas stations, McDonald’s, burgers kings in any big cities etc.? Doesn’t look that pleasant either huh?

  129. China knows no limits for their disgustingness. Think of the most vile, repulsive, stomach-turning thing you can imagine, and odds are people do it (or eat it) in China.

  130. Oh and they call themselves a first world nation. I don’t think so. I’m never going to China. I’ll go to Chinatown in nyc if I want to mingle with our Chinese friends. They’d be better off using an outhouse

  131. Grew up in Hong Kong, during the 1980s, I was 6-8 year old at the time, my grandparents just told me to poo outside their shop, on the pavement. People passed by simply did not care :).

  132. These restrooms look as if they should be easier to keep clean. With the toilets inset in the floor, a good hose and squeegee would pretty much serfice. Somehow add a bidet feature, and your golden.

  133. Don’t they ever clean their restrooms? Never seen anything as disgusting as those images at that gas station in my entire life in the West..

  134. The mainland still lacks basic notions of scientific process. The general population cannot see germs or viruses so that cannot be convinced that what they cannot is is ever a problem. They are all convinced that drinking hot water is good for health because that is how their Chinese bodies work

  135. The fact you asked that old bat if it was ok to pee there and she answered with such confidence just shows the kind of people we are dealing with.

  136. @serpentza I have to see my step father familly, over there i need to poop, and it was outside of the city 1h30 driving out to be honest, and they have toilet ! but those toilet was woods and back at 1960’s and then the pork eat it because we are on the level 1 and the pork was on ground 0 no joke i was confuse (from france) keep this on my head

  137. I saw someone mentioned “food safety” in a lower comment. Maybe you could make a video about the A, B, C restaurant ratings. I have been in China for awhile and almost every restaurant is a “C”, which is the lowest rating. Despite this, they are still allowed to be open. I don’t think I have ever seen an A before, and only a couple times have I seen a B. I would like to know what else you guys know about it.

  138. also my wife have her half familly near to quingdao and there are so good over there! more friendly people, than the south but! man they also have a big company! but the toilet was like horrible ! the same on your video at 3.29 and i see a lots of rats over there

  139. Had a friend who turned down a fantastic job offer in China (2nd tier city) because, after visiting the place, she firmly concluded that she couldn’t live with the bathroom situation.

  140. 6:23 – China is an advanced futuristic technological country… who still thinks that torturing animals makes them taste better and grinding up endangered animals into powder and snorting it will cure everything and make their wieners hard. ¬_¬ A very modern and primitively superstitious country.

  141. I used to be in a business that serviced hundreds of Chinese restaurants both authentic and Americanized in the New York City metro area.
    The authentic places that were patronized mostly by Chinese were incredibly filthy. That didn’t stop me from eating there because growing up in New York you learn that the cleanliness of a restaurant in the quality of the food don’t seem to have a correlation.
    But the level of Filth especially in the bathrooms was beyond disgusting.

  142. On March 5 at 7:10 PM CST I saw 2 commercials before the video started. At that time the video had 3.2k likes and 62 dislikes. At 7:18 I saw 2 more commercials. Finally at 7:25 I saw 2 more commercials after the video ended.

  143. Used many of these pit toilets the 7 times I’ve been to China. Went to a McDonald’s in Beijing and they even had a pit toilet at least it was clean. Definitely have to carry your own toilet paper with you.

  144. so they need more time to have better condition in the whole area. in another words, they have struggled hard yet still need more.

  145. Isnt it the same with the UK? all them lords and sires, all fancy on the outside, but running with moldy bathrooms and hot and cold water from separate taps….

  146. Haven’t they ever heard the saying you don’t shit where you eat??? The most disgusting toilets I have ever seen were on the road in Tibet. Far worse than anything I’ve ever seen in Nepal and India.

  147. I did a road trip in southern China years ago at night and encountered a gas station toilet that wasn’t that filthy but had the STRONGEST stench of urine that I’d ever encountered in my life! The cubicles were actually coin operated but you would’ve had to pay someone to use that facility. (BTW, that holiday in China was a blast, back in the pre Xi times [2010]).
    I saw a couple of dirty toilets but nothing like the ones shown here. That kitchen/toilet combo would be an exception and I never got sick in China. I visited countryside places that had the most excellent food and generous people; self sufficient farming that grew the freshest produce and surprising pristine water supply from the local river. Like Winston, I miss the “old” China.

  148. I spent about two years in Egypt, while I only ever saw squat toilets a few times (and thank god never had to use one), I did quickly learn that aside from my passport (or a copy thereof), I always had to carry around a couple packs of tissue paper and usually hand sanitizer. As even in malls or western businesses (McDonalds for example) actually finding tissue in the roller was a rarity, and any dingy place likely wouldn’t have a sink. All in all tho it was infinitely more hygienic than what I’m seeing here (baring a couple heinous places) …

  149. Oh man, I can relate! While in the city of Kunming my host had indoor toilet plumbing so no problem but when walking the streets of the city you could smell a public restroom a block away and I’m not kidding! I never used a public restroom except to urinate while holding my breath. Otherwise, I kept a “tight pucker” until we returned to my host’s residence. Perhaps not the best remedy for my digestive system but for hygienic purposes a reasonable alternative! Hahaha! Just another memory of my time in China.

  150. In san Francisco people
    just crap on the sidewalks. Much easier than needing a bathroom.

    Also if it doesn’t kill you then it makes you stronger. Lol

  151. Traveled to China in late 1980s, stopped at train station to travel to Guangzhou. Had on sandal, headed to use restroom. Ugh I gagged, think I got my toe wet. I walked out. Whole floor flooded with who know what 😳. To this day, I get chill thinking abouts it.

  152. That truck stop was horrific! For one you’re not supposed to crap in the urinal, and I’d like to know how someone managed to crap up the wall!

  153. at 2:56 quote: “…because public toilets are the great equalizer.” This reminds me of a tile in the toilet of my grandparents. On it was written: “On this throne everybody is equal,” with a depiction of a stereotype king with crown and sceptre sitting on a toilet.
    At 4:30 one gallon of bleach please!

  154. Egypt public toilets can rival China’s.

    Can you make a video about sport in china. From what I’ve known:

    1) Athlete need to handover up to 50% of their income (to coaches, sports bureau, etc). And this income include salary, prize oney and advertising money. Even Yao Ming need to handover part of his income albeit lesser amount after negotiation by his team and the CCP Sports Bureau.

    2) Sports association leadership is all held by politician. I’ve heard a football association scandal around 2010 where many corruption exposed among them is the position for national team player has a fixed price. You paid you get a position.

    3) There’s a lot of matchfixing and bribery in all level of competition.

    4) Sport is for the rich. You need to pay a lot of money to get into youth sport school. Then you need to pay another amount to get into the lineup for matches. And there’s a lot of fees that just can’t be paid by the average commoner.

  155. I have seen some nasty restrooms in China, and I had the fore sight to supply my own toilet paper. And I encountered a lot of acceptable toilets, albeit they were squat toilets but they were in a stall and fairly clean. But here in the US, I have encountered public restrooms that were every bit as bad as the ones you were showing in China. The restrooms in the rural US are usually fairly clean and stocked with toilet paper. The worst toilets are typically in the run down urban areas but I have been in high end malls in affluent neighborhoods that were pretty bad. But anyway, the nasty toilet situation can be found all over the world. The children urinating in the street is just a different culture. Go to the old section of any Middle Eastern city and you will find out why both the men and women commonly wear robes there. It is all cultural. You are a visitor in their country, not born and raised there. And if you don’t like their cultural norms, there is usually nothing keeping you from leaving, unless you find yourself incarcerated.

  156. I lived in a hutong in Beijing for a year, 2012-2013. In a concrete block maybe 2.5×2.5m overlooking the local market. During the winter we’d lie under 3 blankets and on an electric blanket, and in the morning we’d heat water, put it in a bucket and warm our feet before going outside. The sensation that we got when stepping outside was fantastic. The smell of the food, the different sounds, the busy people. I now live in Indonesia and I get more looks than I did in China. Fantastic experience that I’ll cherish forever. But.. the toilets.. there were two shared toilet blocks covered in urine and feces.. It barely mattered if you pissed in the hole or not.. There was a guy who cleaned it every morning, but it stayed clean for maybe an hour. I ended up just walking 10 minutes to a different area to go to the bathroom. This was when visa-hopping from HK was still easy.

  157. i live in the ancient part of a small city and all my neighbours are local people with old houses and they just built brand new bathrooms with hot water so every night all the local people go to the public toilet to take a shower. with absolutely no shame at all. so now the government have cut off the hot water to that toilet haha

  158. I was educated about and trained how to use a squat toilet before going to Japan. Thing is, the only one I actually saw there was in a public bathroom next to the peace dome in Hiroshima. They should have trained me what all the implements in the fancy bathroom at the airport had. I still have no idea what some of the implements were. I did buy a top of the line Toto bidet toilet seat there at Labno by Shinjuku station and shipped it back home as I found them to be more sanitary that what we typically have here. I still have that one too, it has held up. Quite a few years later I went to China, and found the squat toilets to be very common, hotels in big cities where foreigners were allowed to stay had western style toilets, rural areas and residences I went to most often had squat toilets. I had people there tell me the squat toilets were ‘healthier’ because of the bodies positioning. Even the high speed rail had squat toilets – they were actually clean, they also did have western style toilets though. The messed up public toilets are not unique to China though. I saw a really messed up one outside a school in Fiji, and I think the free public toilet Termini station in Rome takes the cake. If you go there, use the pay toilet, for the free public toilet there were no toilet seats on any of the toilets, let alone toilet paper, and it looked like monkeys had been flinging poo around in the place, otherwise the condition was much like the gas station bathroom in this video. That was ten years ago or so though, so I hope it is better now.

  159. I did a trip to a modern semiconductor manujfacturer in Shenzhen and couldn’t stand the stench of the toilets! Thank heaven my hotel had a western style bathroom.

  160. I visited Changchun China about 4 years ago and we found this real nice restaurant a little upper class.
    Well I was shocked to see a mother holding her baby over a planter that was only feet away from our table. I’m not sure if the kid was pooing or peeing . Shortly after we left we were already done with our meal.

    My wife is from this town and I asked her was this normal and she shrugged and said yes. After I witnessed this I seen it several more times in multiple cities in China. I stayed a full month.

  161. Also, this is such an old stereotype.

    Have you been to india or rural australia?

    Also some petrol station toilets in New Zealand are really bad as well.

  162. Absolutely nothing this disgusting in Taiwan. I lived there for ten years and I thought some of the bathrooms were gross but now I’m rethinking that evaluation.

  163. more for facade and once out of the a city’s CBD zone, the standard goes down quite terribly – i have been to some food restaurant toilets in non CBD areas of Haikou (provincial capital of Hainan) in around 2010. it is quite dirty . once inside CBD of haikou. most food establishment’s toilets are quite acceptable. this is how diverse in standards of china’s toilets….once outside top tier city , even their non CBD areas of top cities, the toilets can go quite horribly bad.

  164. 2:56 I can only imagine the bacteria count in that room with the piles of poo / urine just piled under the floor. Just imagine taking a dump and the flies coming up and flying onto your butt, your face etc.
    I’m curious if that area under there ever gets scooped away or if it just gets bigger and bigger until there is no space left. There appears to be no treatment to get rid of the smell .
    Even old thunderboxes (around in rural areas in the 70’s ) used to get covered by sawdust after you had used them and got emptied at least weekly

  165. as a lark should collect a few vids what American toilets are like to show the difference, and to see if there is plenty of toilet paper available.

  166. This video is helping me with my diet. I lost all appetite lol
    Edit: man, I’ve been in trucker’s stop bathrooms in the middle of nowhere up in some of the northern areas of Canada and I always found toilet paper and decently clean toilets.

  167. I always thought our system was one step away from the way that the caveman went to the bathroom. But this literally IS how the caveman did it. Just different wall and floor material.

  168. any toilets is the Wuhan Lab Bio Warfare Virus Center? All cell phone and other data completely erased from August 2019 when the virus escaped the lab…bastards

  169. “I do of course have more of these toilet videos. It’s not like it was a hobby of mine or anything.” I can’t wait to see them. LOL

  170. There’s no challenge in fixing this. They have time to put up their CCP propaganda posters then they have time to put up posters that encourage good hygiene. China is famous for cheap labour there’s no reason the government cant pay someone to look after the facilities at least in the built up city areas. The only reason none of this is happening is because of the fucking CCP. There’s an expression that goes like you can tell a lot about someone based on how clean their bathroom/toilet is in their house. The same expression applies here.

  171. Is that toilet culture thing again CCP’s fault? You have told earlier, that you have nothing against Chinese people, except the CCP and nationalists. But you still complain even about how Chinese people should dump a shit! What’s wrong with you? I don’t care at all how somebody does that in his/her own country.

  172. Yepp have to agree 100%, one of my longest-lasting memories of my visit to China was how awful the toilets were, even in the bigger cities, even in their Mcdonalds. Vietnam could teach them a thing or two but then again I have witnessed some truly unbearable truckstop toilets in Vietnam also but overall ,Vietnamese toilets are much better.

  173. Good luck trying to find a public toilet in Germany – there are simply none! You have to rely on the kindness of the people and beg to go inside a restaurant. Even at the famous Autobahn stations you need to pay to go to the toilet.

  174. I think it might also be because no one wants to clean bathrooms because they may believe it’s below them. I truly believe that’s also why things are so dirty in India as well.

  175. This is not to different from china town toilets in Australia.

    Despite saying this. We can agree it makes a good talking point afterwards

  176. I’d say the bathrooms are just an extension of China’s public space issues. Playing music without headphones producing endless noise pollution, clipping toenails on the subway, and of course, letting the kids piss or shit anywhere and regularly leaving it for the street cleaners. I found a lot of great things in China but this issue regularly present.

  177. Where does all the crap go, into area streams, creeks? Does it get processed by sanitary waste water treatment plants anywhere? What’s it like aboard ships, tramways, fishing boats??? Large city’s, where does it go in metro city’s? Disgusting, I wonder how it goes aboard military vessels? Have you seen any? I want to see more, what about used motor oils in backwoods and metro?

  178. I mean… not saying that those are not disgusting, but there are good ones, and there are ones in Canada(Not saying what about) where drug users inject drugs and they had to put a syringe disposer so children won’t play with them. Countries all have issues, let’s be more understanding.

  179. China seems to try to look nice on the outside but you have to look underneath to see the truth; so very sad for the Chinese people 😥

  180. if you need to know the state of civilization of each country, always visit a public toilet.

    China, though…. No wonder almost all pandemic comes from there!

  181. Yet these same idiots from china are the same ones who laugh and point fingers at India’s toilet issues.
    Talk of pot calling kettle black 😑

  182. If you are in the cities in China, you can generally find western toilets and toilet paper(though I always carry some with me, just in case), so don’t worry about it. The squat toilets are difficult for foreigners to use, we don’t have the leg power to use them, and it’s just really awkward if you are not used to it. Apartments will have a Western style toilet. But certainly, there are times, when you say to yourself, …..”Maybe I’ll just hold on.”

  183. I read some of the negative comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I know you guys are honest as hell! You both have the only videos on China I watch. Always interesting! Stay exactly as you are 😁

  184. Was in Shanghai for one of their coldest winters a few years back. Can’t begin to describe what the squat toilets at a public university were like when the temperature was below freezing for over a week. absolutely horrific 💩

  185. That one seemingly disguised gas station WC was absolutely revolting..but first tier & second tier cities are mostly exempt. My biggest fear when using these was I’m not used to squatting like that and I lose balance so I’m so scared that I might lose balance and tip backwards which during mid dump could result in a spinchter squishing landing..

  186. 3:02 the wood floor looks old. What if people fall ? I am a Chinese and this really remind me the smell. I’m not gonna eat in 2 hrs. Literally the most disgusting video on YouTube !

  187. A Pakistani friend of mine once summed up his country as having open sewers but they have the bomb (nuclear weapons). Seems like there’s a pattern with these wannabe countries.

  188. Absolutely amazing, the same as many public toilets along the Hume highway between Melbourne and Sydney, and even worse is they are western type to sit, which often covered in shit. Public toilets may be well kept or very filthy in all countries, not unique to China.

  189. “Don’t have a crap attack.”
    -Tina Belcher

    …unless you’re in mainland China. Then just get some open-crotch pants and have one wherever the heck you want.

  190. If there is anything I’ve learned from SerpentZA and Cmilk that is…..Love the Chinese, and hate the CCP. It’s not the PEOPLE it’s their GOVERNMENT.

  191. haha I wish I took a photo a public toilet in Kaifeng, Henan Province, holy crap, toilets were in a circle , and as those aunties were taking a dump or diarrhea (laduzi in mandarin) they were having a nice chat while squatting , I just always imagined as they were having nice dialogue, they were commenting on each other’s fat shits lol ” Oh nice, that’s a fat one” why thank you, “yours look thick as well”

  192. Although Winston has found something that most of the educated Chinese people today know is bad, and are willing to make a substantial change to the Chinese toilets by a revolution to restructure this culture, the result will be gradually apparent. This is exactly how China push the agenda of change by mass education. So, in a way, despite this dagger to the hearts, China will be greatly improved in the toilet culture, a blessing in disguise. Instead of not seeing the problem, the Chinese people, not in minority, will make a change, with the necessary effectiveness.

    The future is more important than what is now, to the country

  193. Yeah, very nice, travel half way around the world to see something you could see a block or two away. And even when it’s not there, the cars, tarmac and concrete will be. Especially in countries that very recently were untouched it is just heartbreaking to see. Temples making place for factories, woman doing road construction with children on their back. And when you’re going somewhere “nice” you’re like sheep being pushed through a funnel to see what is left. The rest is all like an amusement park. There are american people in Amsterdam asking how late the place closes down. Even on mount Everest you can’t do social distancing anymore. And then there is the Matterhorn, with the big tunnel inside. Never been there but I know when you don’t have the money to book a private guide you for a while, you will just be scattered around the mountain. Then there is home, and then there are the neighbors. As a kid I actually always visited the toilets to steal the soap like a Chinese dude for my collection. I don’t know where that went. Maybe I should just become a toilet tourist again and take a deep breath when I can travel again. Whenever that might be with the new normal.

  194. Its the smell of ammonia that hits you when you use some of public toilets in china. One time i went to Huashan near Xi’an and i needed to do a number 2 and the only public toilet they had at the entrance was an outhouse style squatting toilet with little privacy and you could see the excrement pit below. I didn’t use it since it wasnt too urgent but then i started feeling unwell during my hike up the mountain. I started to get the chills and suspected i ate something bad at the muslim market. Then i started to feel the urge to go but there was no toilet to use atop the mountain. I literally had to hold it in while going back down and catching the very last bus back into the city and rushing back to my hotel to use the toilet. It was the greatest relief in my life! LOL

  195. as a chinese diaspora in singapore, this is not surprising. to get to the root of this issue we got to look at the culture. and it is the old traditional authoritarian chinese culture we need to look at. and no, it is not destroyed by ccp, it is simply reappropriating the worst authoritarian aspects of it, the very patriarchal very hierarchical very sycophantic, ethno-supremacist, mafia-like society inter-relations, hostile and persecutive. this is the main reason why when people simply refuses to see another human as human and worse, when they don’t even see themselves as humans, but cogs/pawns in that very corrupted authoritarian structured society and social dynamics, that they will have no self-respect for themselves for any other human, they would never place much worth/ invest care into looking after basic sacrosanctity, honor and wellbeing of any human.

  196. Squat toilets are ok, IMHO, as long as they’re clean and have toilet paper. It just seems more natural to squat to go number 2, and I’m someone who grew up using only sit down toilets.

  197. You can find some pretty iffy gas station bathrooms around the US too… The shiny plaque place was crazy though… Looked like it had flooded, but considering the plumbing system, it would have had to have been regional flood, which would have been gone quite along time prior to their visit…

  198. Now you know why shoes aren’t worn into a home and members of the CCP have the gall the talk crap about America, Australia and other countries. Toilets in South East Asia also should rate a mention.

  199. OMG… I literally spit out the choco-chip cookie I was eating! How were you able to open your mouth to talk while you were in that horrid toilet?

  200. Man I can’t imagine having to squat down like that every time I have to use the bathroom. I’m fairly young (40) and in shape and don’t even think I could do it lol. Think my damn knees would go out. How do those older people squat down like that? Serious question, do a lot of them develop knee issues? Btw I’m from Phoenix, AZ and the desert is some of the most scenic and beautiful places in the US!

  201. In fairness, South Korea still has toiletpaper on the outside and some sit down and some squat toilets. Though each type of toilet is inside a seperate booth like western bathrooms. Also in the booth with a squat tiolet there was a hook for you to hang up your pants and the tile floor around it was regularly cleaned. I used it and it was decently okay. Folks use to use the bathroom outside more 15 to 20 years ago. Some restaurants you use to have walk down this long hallway outside to use a bathroom that really wasnt all that clean. Recent years bathrooms have become clean there. So, China is still developing in that area. They will get cleaner I am sure. Having toilet paper inside the booth also resulted in some older folks taking it home. So they kept it outside as well. Also older folks use to pile their trash everywhere. Less so nowadays. Japan has been a developed country for decades. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Also some western bathrooms public ones use to be pretty disgusting in decades past. Though in Korea, some bathrooms still use shared bar soap and some have no soap for washing hands. It is slowly changing.

  202. Just little cultural differences. When the aunts, and uncle’s come for dinner. I cant stand all the throat clearing, coughing, snorting, belching, slurping. Drives me crazy. (especially the ones, that want you to pay for everything, and to be driven around, even though they are living on rent, from their properties)

  203. Seriously china needs to clean up or they will keep unleashing more viruses from zoonotic sources. This is ridiculous for real. If not, a travel ban on china is necessary

  204. It’s so disappointing, all they need is a bucket of warm water or a hose, maybe some soap, or some vinegar if they can’t get it anywhere.

    It’s judt absolute basic maintenance, why don’t they just keep it clean?

  205. can you imagine?
    over a billion people in china take a dump twice a day, include the rest of the world with their numbers and you have some pretty toxic fish out there in our oceans, i’ll stick to my river fish thank you very much.
    bottom feeder’s or the ocean cleaners you can keep.

  206. As a Chinese who grew up in Canada my dad used to stick his hand down the western-style toilets in our apartment and tried to make me do the same to retrieve coins my sister dropped. Disgusting.

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