1. ☆☆☆

    “Chronolgy of a Viral Vision”
    ☆ By Who, for What Goal? ☆

    Watch and Listen Carefully:

    “Gain of Function”

    ☆ One Potential Outcome?

    Come One – Come All to the
    Pitch Forks & Clubs PARTY
    at Doctor Frankenstein Castle.



    and, if all that was not ENOUGH, here’s the
    Frosting & Decorations on the PARTY CAKE:



    Come Properly Dressed for the Occasion
    Bring your Pitch Forks & CLUBS for the
    highlight of the Party: The Monster MASH


    It’s going to be ONE HELL OF A PARTY!!!

    One like No Other.
    ‘One’ for the History Books!


  2. Note: The portion with bad-audio is removed. The sound is now working.
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  3. Reekay, Davao City has some good hospitals, remember where D30 family goes if they are ill. Did you figure out why you were having problems earlier? It certainly wasn’t because of lack of internet speed,

  4. In reference to the poor audio despite the high download speed…it may be due to jitter and disturbance on the router cutting in and out. The routing function on ISP Modem/Routers tend to be lousy…If you are using the modem/router provided by your ISP, consider using a Netgear router and disabling the routing function on your AT&T/Comcast modem router if symptoms persist.

  5. Butuan city has a good hospital, I have used it 3 times. They are building another new hospital here.

  6. Reekay , this is alex , i would love to do a follow up interview with you sometime, we did the interview about the online marriage if you recall

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