(Classic) My Two Rules For Surviving The Philippines

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  2. Crazy that a person goes to the Phil for marriage?? Lol! Just go there tour, relax, and enjoy. Lots of beautiful woman over there, to many to be married!

  3. 3:22 minutes OMG So good.
    Thank you , great video topic.
    I can really feel the Blessings,
    In your gifts 🎁
    Thank God for all reasons and straightforward thinking you are giving.
    Michel Dillions, from Amsterdam , the Netherlands 🇳🇱♥

  4. Let a g/f, maid into your place some will throw the heavy anchor down quick & not ever leave. Often the cousin /family member may just happen to come into town in need of a place to stay for the night/or 2. You may get groomed if u leave the door wide open/don’t ask questions/ lay down any rules . With $ if you give (lend) once w/good hearted intentions it’s often the green light & it will happen again sooner than u think. Overall the people r great but 3 words I found do not exist here, “free, borrow & refund” ….

  5. Absolutely important show ! One of my main reasons to consider moving to the PL was getting an affordable maid because I hate house work, this show helped a lot. Plus, I really dislike dramas , tropical hot/humid weather , bugs and fried rice, lol. Guess I better stay away . Thanks man ! 🙂

  6. This old video seems to be from your 2th place in a Bohol village…Watched your videos since Basak Lapu-Lapu. Thanks for sharing, time flies …

  7. Hey Reekay, I have been in a LDR with a pinay for about 3yrs now and we have not met yet, but she wants me to stay at her house.She never asked me for money at all. Do you think I should stay at her house or stay in a hotel?I vakue your opinion.

  8. Great points. After awhile it gets tiresome. And, I’ve never found it easy to find quality ladies. It’s all about what’s in my wallet or a green card. So, I don’t stay long, just vacation, and have zero delusions of love (because it’s not real love). I know some men talk a lot about marriage in order to get a girl in bed. And, the thirsty men will bend a knee. They won’t listen to this advice and will make all sorts of rationalizations in order to be a servant to a lady and her family. They must get married at any cost themselves. Peace.

  9. Oh I guess this is an old video because you’re still in California right now. Do you think our government will supply vaccines to the Philippines despite Duterte’s hostile attitude towards America?

  10. At Christian Filipina , one month is about 5000 pesos but without live chat only messages. If you want to include live chat that would be around 9000 pesos a month.
    A year’s subscription would cost about 30,000 pesos. For every thousand pictures I see, there’s probably only 1 face I find that is sort of “pretty” or “cute.” I wonder if the payment would be worth it if I decide to subscribe?

  11. Regarding relationships… usually issues surface when guys think with the wrong head and rush into things …..I almost fell into that “trap”.

  12. This kind of story is not ONLY happening in PI it is also happening in any country…sometimes the Foreigner find a woman for pleasure only once the woman got pregnant they flew in other country….The people are the SAME wherever you go there is GOOD and BAD in everyone…..Like what the other expat bloggers mentioned about the American Woman they looking at you from head to toe…It’s like saying how can you able to sustain my luxurious in Life….😁

  13. Loving the Peter Gabriel style intro song 🤠🤠🤠💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺👯👯👯🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻🌻🌼🌼🌼

  14. Very good information right on topic. It would have help me years ago when I lived in Angeles while in the military there. However over 30 plus years traveling back and forth I’ve come to learn quite a bit about the 🇵🇭. It’s always good listening about others experience and advice. Thank you very much for sharing✌🏾.

  15. Wtf do you mean, you don’t get your deposit back? If it’s in the contract, you should get it back. If not, that landlord will vanish along with that money.

  16. Yes, DO NOT get involved in any type of long term anything during the first year or two. A fool and his money are soon parted and people will help part you with it quickly if you aren’t careful, alert and aware at all times.

  17. I have no idea why I watch your videos, because I’m not interested in finding a Filipina- I am one! You give amazing advice…. you truly know life/people in/of the Philippines! I am however planning on having a home in the near future there, so maybe that’s why.

  18. I paused the video at 1 minute so I could offer my ideas of what two things would be important. I would say patience and respect. I’m interested to see if I even got close to what was on your mind

  19. Excellent Advice !!! Got screwed big time……a bar girl in Sabang, Puerto G. Don’t become friends with them…..you will be in for some big time DRAMA…….money, money, money and lies, lies, lies……then her
    “foreigner boy friend” tries to muscle money out of you…….corrupt criminal types……be careful.

  20. Just now subscribed. Two good points to help guide myself and others. Had both my Maderna vaccs… Just waiting for things to open up in the Philippines. Im retired and grew up in North Hollywood, Ca. My father worked in the motion picture industry! Went thru Cal State Univ Long Beach back in the early 70s also resided in the Huntington Beach are for a short time. Understand your from the Southern Cal area? What part if you don’t mind if I ask? At any rate..understand you went back to Cal and are planning to get back to the Philippines when things reopen? Are you from the L.A. area or further south? Just curious if your from around my old stomping grounds. Had two careers….criminal justice and finish up in real estate! Hope to hear back from you sometime soon Reekay. You can trust me… ha!ha! 😉 William Hill at: [email protected]

  21. Glad I watched this video I got a funny feeling that people here in America who are wealthy and well-off experience the same thing. The only difference with us is we aren’t experienced as they are. I’m retired and I have no choice but to go over there because a small house in the outskirts of Cebu is better than a rat hole here in America. The fact of the matter is it’s always going to be something. I did construction and dug ditches drove trucks and wash dishes and my social security check is precious to me. And even if someone did ask me for the money. I would say hey can you cut my yard and I’ll pay you if you need the money that bad. If they’re physically able to do something for me and they need help they can get that money the same way I got it. But after this video it sure isn’t going to be Maids work.

  22. NYC
    I like your knowledge about Philippines. Who are you advising to anyway? I can’t see any young guy living there permanently because most of them can’t afford.
    Why People over 50, 60 who have already been married, have children back home will again get into marriage situation.

  23. I watched this video years ago before I moved to the Philippines almost two years ago. You are spot on. I was prepared for this and have seen things like this numerous times.
    “Hey Joe, my friend.” 🤣

  24. the Philippines is more cash based society but I’ve heard that in the Philippines to pay rent sometimes the landlord wants post-dated checks as a foreigner you’re probably not going to be opening a bank account as soon as you get over there or if at all, have you ever had problems with you paying your landlord rent and then they saying you didn’t pay me and demanding more money?

  25. I have lived on a boat quite a long time and I always tell anybody moving onto a boat not buy anything for six months. Otherwise the place is full of rubbish that you don’t need. I regard all services as a screw over even in the UK I am living 50 50 in the Philippines and Portugal. If I pay money I want a thing so if the object I buy is worth it then fine. Regarding people just observe over time who is looking after you who has your back. I have a nephew who would take a bullet for me these are the people to cultivate. I also learned Tagalog which totally unsettles them.

  26. If the girl refuses to leave. Especially a place that there is a security guard. Let him drag the girl out. And tell the guard not to let that specific person in. This happened to one of the expat vloggers. Broke up with the girl in the Phil and the girl refuses to leave. This was in a condo unit so security was there.

  27. I have been going to Thailand send my late twenties and I’m 62 right now all these stories that you tell are really good advice especially for Thailand and the Philippines, do you know what I mean my friend…..ha ha. Good Stuff as always Rekay

  28. I agree with pretty much everything Reekay is saying,.,Been coming and going in the Philippines for the past 30 years, I’ve experience just about everything here.,., I know this video is kind old, So one thing i disagree on is about bring a girl that you’re dating to your place, i’m living in a Condo and we have a secured perimeter with security guards everywhere, Specially at the front desk for check in and out. So not any ex Gf can come to my place without my permission.

  29. Thanks Reekay, good topic and most of all great advice. It’s much needed because it’s really strange being in a new country far away from home. How about some California content………Looking forward. Have a great day.

  30. I will get a fat old granny to batch cook and clean for me Mon Wed and Fridays. I don’t keep belongings when I travel. You get a maid through referrals, not because “you want to help a girl.”

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