(Classic) Why Do Filipinas Get So Jealous? – Philippines

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    In this video I discuss, “(Classic) Why Do Filipinas Get So Jealous? – Philippines”

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  2. I agree with much of what you say. I learned while dating and now married to a Filipina, that reasonable positive reinforcement is very important. She needs to know that she is the only woman in your life. For everything she has to offer, we as men owe that much to our women, if not much more.

  3. Having lived in TX for 21 years, I can tell you a lot the Mexican born single males act like a Filipinas, they always have arm around them keep them close, when they are married with kids you see much less of that

  4. Your so right my girlfriend will say “oh you want her?” Just because you looked at a pretty girl. However she was cheated on before I met her she got pregnant from a Filipino and he cheated on her while she was pregnant and she lost the baby. So I give her so slack..

  5. Agree with you. I will add, don’t ever make a Filipina jealous, even if just kidding. They might throw a “tampo” before they forgive you, but they will never forget!

  6. The stereotype for ex-pats is they are old fat bald men. I guess you are right I see a lot of them, that couldn’t get a date with a young girl in the west, it so must be correct. Stereotypes don’t just go for Filipinas. Expats see more jealousy because they date kids. Young immature kids in the US tend to be jealous too. Expats seem to ignore the age factor & blame it all on culture.

  7. Yea, this topic is interesting as I never really tolerated jealousy throughout most of my life. So true though in the West it’s more insecurity based but w/Filipina it IS more woven with love. My g/f definitely guilty of this, it has been a tolerance/learning thing for me but it’s all worked out well. If u move here do prepare yourself for cultural differences & lots of attention.

  8. hello Reekay i am happy i got to see one of your oldies but a goodies classics…oh no this is one of those touchy subjects…i hope no filipinas see it or read our comments…lol my opinion is that your a rare commodity in the p.i. i shouldnt even use this word sounding like your like a merchandise or something….i apologize for the description. your one of the original warriors on youtube ofcourse there were many others before you but most hanged around in angeles city in the 80s and 90s i dont know if youtube was around back then….i can name so many of them but they are all dead now…but when i opened up youtube back in the day i saw you and shook my head and said no way this cat from Cali wont last….he will be eaten up….he will have his heart broken and go back home because he will begin to hate all pinoys and pinays…shoot i was hella wrong. you perservered and found love. Filipinas are not heartless but give too much in heart…ofcourse filipinas from back in the days when me and you were in our 20’s they were even more so giving their heart was even more so beautiful, but that was old skool generation….they were krazy jealous even back then…..that curve bell you talked about, not all but a lot…..i was hoping you will stay single til you were in your late 60s……but i guess it will be a matter of time when you get hitched….i pray to God that your health remains strong. Your Relationship remains intacted and filled with love and maybe even with a bambino or 2 ur still young enuf……

    its a small world….im sure we will share a beer or 2…your only a couple states below me….drive on up…..emerald city….
    you can crash here anytime….

  9. In there nature jealous if the girl loves u . But the guy shouldn’t make them jealous. The old Philippines is gone 80s 90s the internet has spoiled them now a good filipina will stick to 1 guy many men get carried away with the attention of too many filipina smiles etc there girl friends see this and automatically get mad jealous happened to me many times im walking along the street or mall in Philippines with my girl and getting many looks smiles so I smile back then suddenly my gf gets jealous they don’t like even smiling at other girls even if it’s just being courteous then sum pinoys will talk Tagalog or bisayan my gf will hear it and get upset cause there saying something she didn’t like its too common with a foreign man and a filipina especially if the guy is a good looking guy

  10. Very accurate video. You were just as articulate and we’ll researched then as now. Can you do a Video on Duterte’s latest comments or is that too touchy of a Subject? He just threatened jail for those who don’t Vaccinate. He said exact opposite back in February. Said it’s your choice

  11. I remember when you and Travis Craft were about the only ones I watched back in 2016. Got to say you were a big influence on me so flash forward to 2021 and now I’m married to one of those jealous filipina ‘s and you are like a crystal ball listening to your gospel.

  12. Some like mine wont let you out of her site and if u are its what are you doing now ? They know the amount of choice we have there and want to defend there love from others cant blame them we would act the same .

  13. I started watching these videos from the beginning. I was still active duty Navy then.. retired 2014 and yes, I traveled the Philippines for 2 year, 1 year in Thailand.
    I met Henry/Reekay in Vietnam 2019 for lunch. A sincere, genuine southern California dude!

  14. So if married women are discouraged from cheating, who are the men cheating with? I got a similar story from latinas in SA who say men are cheaters but the women are faithful. That begs the question: who are the men cheating with? It’s like a mass cultural delusion latinas tell themselves. Sounds like Filipinas may be the same.

  15. I am married to a Filipina and can tell you that everything said in this video about Filipinas is absolutely true, however here’s what wasn’t said. The Philippines is almost entirely Catholic. As a practical matter, what that means is that the women are brainwashed from birth with church dogma. What that means is that pre-marital and recreational sex is almost non-existent. Of course there are prostitutes if that’s your thing but for the most part, the kind of women you’ll want to spend time with believe that sex is strictly for procreational purposes ONLY!! And finally, divorce is illegal. If you share these beliefs then Filipinas are for you.

  16. A true stsory – Fred Murphy was a 65 year old widower from Sacramento who had been corresponding with a young lady in Manila. He arrives on holiday for a few weeks and then meets his friend for a drink. Somehow after drinking at the bar, Fred falls into a coma and 2 days later wakes up groggy and achy in a bathtub filled with ice. His hand is bandaged up as well and two fingers on his left hand are missing. He shakes his head and looks at the notet addressed to him from his girlfriends’ Auntie Tita “Thank you Fred, for donating your kidney that I could sell – now I can buy a house in the provinces. There’s a plate of sisig at the food of the bathtub with remains of Freds fingers in the dish courtesy of his girlfriend’s cousin Boom Boom

  17. Due to large number of beautiful Filipinas, I’d say they are protective more than jealous because of competition. They worry you will dump them in the future for a younger lady.

    For this reason, they need continual positive reinforcement. My beautiful 50 yr old Dentist & TV Celebrity wife still needs this regularly, even though she’s already at top of the moutain.

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