Coconut Harvest 11/12/20

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  1. 600 pesos for a harvest of coconuts? Costs of fertilizer and labor to harvest would make that not worth harvesting…yeah, I think you are better off with fish…coconuts and other commodity produce is produced large scale elsewhere and shipped, including pork, to some degree…
    tough price competition there…

    your best return might be fish, especially tilapia…selling fresh fish offers less competition from commodity producers shipping from afar…fresh fish in an undeveloped nation is a local product

    and the tilapia can be grown and harvested right on your farm, where you can oversee every aspect of it…if you can grow feed for them in the form of duckweed or azolla, you might want to considering clearing most of your land and concentrating on that, but keep the chickens and some of your easiest to grow crops

  2. Hi Brian I just wanna say something to you about your fish cage .. make sure you have complete papers.. don’t trust people around you.. even salt looks like sugar…

  3. U also get to eat n drink from them I love Coconut so I would be happy with just having a few!! Now if only I could find a hibred that grows in Nebraska 😅

  4. In the “man made forest” going to chocolate Hills, fresh coconut sells around P30 a pice – for tourist’s
    Local coconuts are superior to Indians in size and quality

  5. Poor returns or bankruptcy which ever comes first.
    Lemincito I can see but coconut beyond personal use and “decorative landscaping” nope. You would need a lot of land that could be put to more practical use anyway.

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