1. Part of the issue is the PC media and groups like BLM etc trying to define Asians as white. The reason for this is Asians in the USA are far more successful than any other ethnic group. This then destroys the far lefts argument that the USA is inherently racist.

  2. Chinese government the same government sinking our boats inside south china sea and preventing our fishermen from fishing inside our own territory. And they dare say stop asian hate lol.. Im from ASEAN and people here are getting mad at CPC

  3. God gave us internet and human being his typical evil starts to use it for propaganda.
    what to say…….
    I don’t even wanna fight. This whole internet bullshit tires me.
    And to give you straight fact does not do any good to life because it has nothing to do with life’s reality in the first place.

  4. I like your videos and watch them to stay in touch with some of the stuff that is happening in China but i feel like you are overpushing it a bit too hard wether it is by the catchy titles like this one, the way you structure each of your videos like every issue revolving around the CCP is a matter of general security (i’m not saying it’s not important, just the way it is presented is overdramatic almost as if wanting people to fear and ressent the CCP in everyday life). You also said that the CCP will be the biggest challenge in the coming years in your last podcast which i think in my honest opinion is wrong. Climat change, unemployement rate, lack of fuel and gas, growing strains on natural ressources to me are above that. It might be just me and i might be wrong but i felt like sharing

  5. Unfortunately, Asians are lumped in with White groups because they are very “privileged.” IOW American Asians strive from the time they are born to excel in school and business. Most importantly, Asian children are more likely to have two parents nurture and guide them. This is very baaad according to the Woke Dictionary. In general, without such parentage, children are more inclined to be underprivileged, and more likely to become acqainted with drugs and crime. The infamous Communist Mao encouraged black unrest in the 60’s NOT because he sympathized with blacks, because the Chinese historically do not esteem black people. Mao, like today’s Chinese leaders, simply enjoyed any societal unrest, hate, and rebellion that could foment in America. The Chinese desire the destruction of America at least as much as today’s American Left.

  6. Have given a little thought to your video and I think what is happening is that the
    Chinese are being cornered by almost all western nations and Aussie’s as well. I
    think they know this wolf warrior stuff has back fired and just drawn more attention
    to what they are doing. So they are trying to silence the critics and you are one of the
    bigger ones .

  7. Thank you for this Winston. It’s a relief to hear common sense and facts after having mainstream media flooding the airwaves with their biases. We appreciate all that you do.

  8. The spa shooter said he wanted to take away HIS , bad behavior. America is made up of all types of people, I believe most of the Asian people where in the wrong place, wrong time.

  9. The truth about the origin of Covid19 being revealed to the American public is scaring the CCP, therefore, this anti-Asian campaign is to scare people away from speaking the truth, questioning and criticizing the CCP.

  10. I hear ya Serpent “One Leg After Car Repairs on Worthless Whips” Zed A. The CCP is abusing the narrative in the USA right now regarding Asian Americans and it’s not right. The only thing we can do is point out that it’s manipulative and hope that people will come to realize it’s not the angle the CCP wants us to think it is. As for everyone here reading and watching what we can do is support our local communities regardless of race because what we interact with in our reach is the most important thing to our own efforts to a betterment of society. Only together can we show the world we are one.

  11. When you filter the truth through the mass media, it is no longer the truth! The ccp is just another dishonest left wing crowd that uses lies as propaganda, and our mass media is for sale to such trash in return for the ccp’s money

  12. Then say, “My beef is not with Asian people, but with the Chinese Communist Party, and I fight not because they’re Asian, but because they’re wrong.”

  13. Even the term “Asians” feels non-sensical. I mean, technically “Asia” includes East Asia like Japan, SE Asia like Philippine and Indonesia, South Asia like India, Central Asia like Kazakhstan, and even Middle East is Asia. Putting people from all those areas into a single category seems just pointless and that in itself seems to be a form of bias in a way.
    If they really want to present themselves as racially conscious or woke or whatever, I’d think they should stop using the term “Asians” for a start.

  14. You are right… it seems that there is an intentional campaign to create the illusion that asians are not accepted in western democracies. Strange that.

  15. And you are right about the narrative thing, there is racism every which way but only the White vs Others is shown when there’s so much more than that.

  16. Also noticed after a few attacks in NYC, suddenly in the Netherlands there is also talk in a major dutch newspaper about the blind spot if anti Asian discrimination. Like build back better, it seems like a world wide orchestrated narrative.

  17. Agree that it is a clever technique of the CCP. Making every sick murderer a CCP critic with some fake post, probably drives the herd into their mental cages.

  18. I think the CCP has an enormous boatload of money and the west is basically endebted, lazy, fat and broke. So they can buy all media. They can even buy WHO and most of those organisations.

  19. I have been censored 8 times trying to post a coment. Let me put it simply, YOU are the enemy, YOU will get destroyed alongside “them”. Stand by them, die by them.

  20. I suspect the stop asian hate movement was Chinese propaganda to begin with… Asian Americans are tremendously successful in the US. It’s a non-problem.

  21. Regarding the Atlanta shooter: hate crime charges would have resulted in a harsher sentence, almost certainly guaranteeing the death penalty. He could just be avoiding the death penalty.

  22. the ccp is also hijacking the greater chinese diaspora as both a source of their legitimacy and a security shield, brainwashing them to set up a fake dichotomy of west against the east when the actual fight is universal humanity against fascism dictatorships

  23. I know too many fellow chinese who are not trained to tell statement of fact and statement of opinion apart but are trained to defend any party propaganda as long as it’s “outsider” who challenges it. it’s truly depressing. Chinese themselves are victims of this vile mafia rule. But most victims’ knee jerk reaction is to blame other victims for poking gang master in the eye I mean “disturbing social harmony”. It’s a country and people I find hard to love.

  24. China has been using cancel culture for tue last 70 years. The Red Guard of the Chinese Cultural Revolution was the woke mob of China 60 years ago.

  25. “Subversion can be only successful when the initiator, the actor or the the agent of subversion, has a responsive target.” Yuri Bezmenov

  26. Cancel culture has NOT just become a weapon by Chinese communist party. It’s happening NOW in U.S by far left Democrats as well. During the summer Black live matter BLM movement was burning down our cities and taking down historical statue monuments in our parks, schools… It was a hate movement instigated by far left Democrats possibly linked to Chinese CCP as well. It is a very dangerous movement. By the way that’s how Lenin came to power by spreading false information… Man, love your channel and Lawwhy86… We should get together for a beer 🙂

  27. after 911, china wanted UN to classify 4 xinjiang groups as trerrorists, the UN only did 1 of them, and the comments on the other 3 was they were seperatist groups but not terrorist … you would think 1 out of 4 means china was not totally wrong, but of course, no one would make oneself look bad by having all proposals rejected… you want to up the chance of the fake pearls passing as real pearls, mix in some real pearls, the presence of real pearls rather is evidence that conflation is deliberate

  28. Communism is collectivist and if you criticize/attack one person of their group, you are considered attacking all. That is why the CCP says you attack all Chinese if you criticize them.

  29. You and Laowhy are fearless!☝️ And im lov’ n it!🙏 You two are the reason i have wet dreams at nights🤣🤣🤣. Greetings from Europe.👋

  30. You know there’s always “foreigner/white/black” racial verbal things said yelled or hyper attacks in mainland China and even it seems Asia is a culture fairly racially based culture (doesn’t make it racist but easily moves too it)

  31. The CCP and their sycophants HAVE to lie about you. It’s the only way they can control the lives of their own people. Their rule is based on force and lies.

  32. The problem is a bit deeper than you are trying to show.

    The thing is CCP sees how many useful idiots there are in the West, how many “woked” people are there, sees that leftists took over the media and definitely CCP and other authoritarian regimes know how to use it and of course will use it. The core of the problem is even not CCP itself but the fact that the media in the United States are not media anymore in traditional sense of the term but the propaganda machine for promoting the certain (leftist) political narrative, but the cancel culture which already destroyed a lot of careers and even lives of those ones who had different political views or even of those ones who said something which was inconsistent with “liberal” agenda.
    Doesn’t it remind you the reality of the country where you spent 14 years?
    Criticizing Maoism in Mainland China you probably didn’t pay attention on how ideologically similar movement appeared, increased and became powerful nearby you and started to act just like red guards in 1960s and 1970s.

    You say “don’t let the CCP use our freedom against us” – but in fact they don’t use the freedom against their
    opponents but grown in the West Neo Maoism and its particular case – cancel culture.

    The more unprofessional biased (e.g. pushing racism on white people) and “woked” media in the USA is the more CCP will use it.

    Stay awesome.

  33. The point is. Never *ever* trust anything that comes from a dictatorship or an ideology. The westerns are for the most part to naive to understand this. Anything that comes out of the mouth of the CCP or Islam and similar ideologies, needs to be fact checked, because it’s 99,9% sure to be a lie and/or propaganda.

  34. Here is the logic behind those attacks:

    1. Donald Trump said the virus of Covid-19 was originated from Wuhan (China)
    2. Pandemic caused trouble in the US economy. Most affected people will be Latinos and Blacks because they are most vulnerable.
    3. Consequently, Blacks and Latinos attacked Chinese and Asians people.

    Conclusion: Donald Trump is racist and causing racist attacks to Chinese and Asians. Donald Trump is also a liar and slanderer because the virus was most probably from Fort Detrick Bioweapon Lab !

  35. We all know you’re a hero mate. And it would be awesome to catch some of the pedophiles in Cina. Now the US and Europe have been finding much of these low-life scum that is trafficking humans. It’s disgusting. I bet many of these CCP members are predators!

  36. Having grown up in Manila, Divisoria/Tondo/Philippines Mr. Serpentza do not get me wrong but I think you are long overdue! My scenarios have way long gone international and epidemic and pandemic. My scenarios were in the 60s and there was no youtube yet. Like why are there tsaynis in my neighborhood and they are my childhood friends? I do not know if they are from taywan or meynland but they are in my neighborhood. They are my friends though and we envy them for their clear and white skin.

  37. If you will ask me if they welcome Filipinos in their fold, is another story. When it comes to other race or color, they have this innate superiority complex especially with color that their blood should not be mixed with darker colors. It has been embedded in my childhood brain from tsaynis/pilipino movies that white should not be mixed with darker colors. But there are tsaynis who marry for filipino citizenship but still have a tsaynis family who visit Phils every now and then. So the Filipino wife will be like a mistress.

  38. The way I see it America is responsible for the situation, it has repelled Saudi & Iran towards china and Russia has already partnered with china, go n search “countries signed belt and road”. Biden admin has made it even worse by hastening the pace of shift, when you see the map you see very few nations apart from QUAD nations (i.e. USA, India, Japan, Australia) which have not signed on the document.
    China was never a problem but in recent years its powers have grown exponentially, which brings us to the point who is responsible for that. I see it’s been too late to challenge CCP now and those who have done that have axed their own toe ( N!ke & #&M)

  39. I do not know for sure but I think you will pass their standards because your skin is light! Should I say for the Phils then that, Been there, Done that. Too late for the Phils then???

  40. I am glad you’re in the U.S. I hope I stumble across you one of these days so I can congratulate you on the good job you do with your videos. I am glad you’re here, and I hope you get to stabilize your residency because we have a dire shortage of righteous and rational people. Added: I just read in your description that you were demonetized. I don’t understand why. Has YouTube been infiltrated by the CCP??

  41. commies always use the same boring tactics. i just wish more people had brains so that this didn’t have to be explained in detail (and for people to still somehow deny it)

  42. you are literally one of my only role models. i look up to you and C-Milk so much dude but moreso you. thank you for doing what you do. i dont fully understand what happened in south africa but i fear a similar fate for USA and greatly value your perspective

  43. As an Asian who has been to China on numerous occasions due to work, I can vouch for the fake facade the ccp is trying to sell the world. There’s a Chinese idiom that goes something like this;
    Don’t do it if you do not want people to find out.
    No matter how hard the ccp is trying to coverup the stench, there will always be leakage. Ten shit holes with only nine covers. Of course there’re plenty of the ‘little pinks’ nationalists around who’ll go to all lengths to defend any comments against the ccp resorting to extreme rudeness, arrogance and even vulgarity. Pay no attention to them. I always just ignore these scumbags. Silence speaks the loudest. Truths cannot be altered no matter how anyone attempts to try. The tyranny of the ccp is common knowledge internationally.
    The ccp’s egregious violation of human rights and freedom is now being glared at with looks of disdain in many parts of the world. 🙄

  44. The problem is that in the West, people have been conditioned to believe that “racism” is the argument to end all arguments and will once invoked stop any discussion. The Chinese regime notices this and uses it for their own purposes, and get away with it because the fear of being called racist is more important than anything else. We allow this because we’re preoccupied with nonsense instead of noticing that our civilization is falling apart.

  45. it has been 5 years that I watch your video and you always says a lot of time that criticizing CCP doesn’t equal to criticizing chinese people which i completely agree because i use this same logic for criticizing in both good and bad ways to My Country, America, China, Eu, every countries in the world so that blaming you is nonsense.

  46. it is you who makes these videos that keeps ME going. anyone can watch videos, thank you for making the sacrifice that comes with the choice to speak the truth.

  47. Today I learned this word: malarkey

    Word usage: “Why does the CCP appropriate the plight of the whole Asian Americans? Its statements are total malarkey!”

  48. It’s also a fact that the Anti CCP protests in the US were funded by the CIA backed NED and far right fanatic Steve Bannon’s New Federal State of China minions. You should already know this.

  49. I believe that the governments of both Russia and China are doing their best to create as much hate via social media as possible. Their techniques differ, but their end goal is the same- destruction.

  50. Well said , CCP hijacks the Anti Asian hate movement terribly , try to represent all Asians in favor of their narratives. Turns everything into “brave big bro China fights evil west ”

  51. These were exactly my thoughts when I saw that stop asian hate movement, I knew the CCP was going to take over it and use it for anti-west propoganda.

  52. funny how china claimed that the anti asian sentiment comes from ‘hate against CCP’ when they talk a lot of shit about other asian countries lol, so it’s okay when they do the anti-asian sentiment?

  53. when he said of like 20 arrested only 2 were white
    and when you see articles they still go with white supremacy ,white man bad
    I still have no idea why are they still focusing only on that

  54. The timing of this video is fantastic. Look at the Capitol attack today. It didn’t fit the mainstream media narrative so they’re distracting from it as much as possible. CNN doesn’t even mention the guy or his ideology until the fifth paragraph! We all know what they would do if he was a white Christian. The media is beyond corrupt. *CNN and many others have direct connections with the CCP. They LOVE this anti-white/anti-West propaganda.

  55. I have noticed everytime I criticize the CCP online, people come at me with whataboutisms about America like “well America does propaganda too” or “America has human rights issues too” or they even just say “American moment” to invalidate and mock my argument. I’m not even American or particularly pro-America, nor did I say anything about America. I just find it really weird. They can’t even defend the CCP. They just hate America. And now people are saying American politicians came up with the situation in Xinjiang? When? Individuals have been talking about this for years. Anti-China protests have been going on Xinjiang since 1955 when Xinjiang became an autonomous region of China. Politics only very recently got involved. How did American politics make this up out of thin air? I always felt like they got involved too late!

  56. I was all the thinking why one of a sudden black peoples are doing this to asian peoples? There must be more behind that! That controlled it!

  57. Omg the fact that the security guard is trying to cover the sign makes the sign even more readable , luckily the ccp is full of morons who think they are smart ..

  58. Most bike mirrors on amazon are from china, but Venzo bike mirrors are made in Taiwan.
    They have a nice anti glare coating so you can ride without the sun out of your eyes.
    They can swivel any direction. Its also the best looking design i’ve seen. Nice!

  59. 13:50 “The Chinese government is not the Chinese people”
    Chinese CCP, not the Chinese people…

    Chinese PLA, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese ultra-nationalists, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese biological weapons researchers, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese scientists, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese media like CCTV, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese spies, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese hackers, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese state-run businesses, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese Confucius classrooms, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese ultra-nationalistic diaspora, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese ultra-nationalistic international students, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese ultra-nationalistic dual citizens, not the Chinese people…
    Chinese loyal and nationalistic enclaves, not the Chinese people…
    Remember racists… CHINESE wearing blindfolds in Italy need hugs and handshakes… That worked out well Lombardy didn’t it?
    Concentration camps, mass genocide, organ harvesting, FunTea fight clubs, and now weapons of mass destruction… Not looking good for a proud Chinese…

  60. They call in national guard for capital but not southwest Chicago or Detroit! Its crazy! They can’t deliver mail in Chicago because of gang war!

  61. The leftist woke mob in the West are easy targets for the CCP because they are effectively ideological drones – they don’t think for themselves.

  62. Wouldn’t it be nice if more people would increasingly show up at anti-asian hate demonstrations like that guy in the video with anti-ccp slogans? They can’t shut all of them down. Guerilla tactic against the CCP.

  63. China constantly sow domestic hate against Japan….the old arch enemy. Yet Japan is home to over a Million Chinese. But yeah… Stop Asian hate…

  64. They want us separated.
    The more one has, the more he/she fears losing it, and it is ‘they’ who have almost all of it. Almost all the copyrights, almost all the land, almost all the companies are owned by a few smaller companies, almost all the media, almost all the say. ‘They’ own almost everything & that means they have almost ALL the fear. What do the fearful do?

    Seems that folks don’t really know the underlying issues plaguing us, which is the system to which we are ALL dependent & using & living with, & blame people themselves citing race & other spurious, or shallow reasons.
    Rather it’s large economic cliques, or companies, NGO’s, or governments themselves, that push this continuing narrative creating a schismatic clever. They want us separated.

  65. A guy living in a communist country make money by criticizing communist party and government. It shows how open China is. And why youtube keep sending this channel to me?

  66. We tend to connect racism to haters and violent offenders, as a false pretext. The truth is, most of them have no cause or couldn’t care less about anything, they are simply, mentally ill.

  67. The west will never do anything about china, they’re all bark no bite. China has them by the balls with trade, so the west will never do anything. What a conflict of interest!

  68. Perhaps the CCP will crumble from within, just like the USSR ever did. One cannot change the course of history by one’s self, it happens because young people unite and overthrow tyrants, bullies, thieves and psychos. Hong Kongers keep the flame of freedom alive, you will help free China’s great peoples!.

  69. How about the attacks on foreigners in China, because of the CCP’s propaganda that foreigners carry the virus and brought the virus to China? The CCP validates the prejudice by having businesses, hotels, grocery stores, and other establishments close their doors to foreigners.

  70. Thanks to you i see now What china realy is. A shiiiit hole with discousting people in it who worship the emperor Winnie pooh. The normal Good chinese People fleed that shiit show Long time ago. Ccp hates Even its own people, Well anything that is free basically Thanks for the Great work.

  71. I cant believe the whole video you have been creating all of them are propaganda lol, how disgusting. God will punnish you in the right time🙏💖

  72. You always dismiss Tibet when you speak about those oppressed by Chinese. At present most oppressed next to Uighur is not Hong Konger or Taiwanese Vietnamese BUT Tibetans.
    The present attacks against Asian were primarily fueled by Wuhan virus Pandemic. It is also true that all attackers are not just White but mostly Non-Whites.

  73. I live in UK, I havent even heard of asian hate..even when i lived in London?? Dont believe every country has asian hate..Goddamn it KPOP is wild here?

  74. 3:27 – I’m glad you spoke about that very important statistic….really very brave!…..unfortunately the CCP seems to be everywhere right now……..seeing the flag of mainland China in those protests is a huge turnoff for many people

  75. But its the same. Some people politicized the stop asian hate movement to attack other government. Everyone is biased nowadays. No absolute truth. You cannot completely trust any source of information. Athough you should admit western media dont always have the credibility to be trustworthy. We live in different world now. Too many fabricated misinformation on both sides

  76. Wonder who they learnt this tactic from 🤔🤔. Hint: Zionist Israelis, according to whom: “anti-zionism IS anti-semitism”. Just Google/ youtube the sentence in quotes to see the amount of material released on that. It’s a disgusting, under-handed smear tactic, used by the lowest of human scum who not only oppress but are proud of the oppression they do and have absolutely 0 guilt about using any tatic, including smearing their victims in order to continue perpetrating their crimes.

  77. Hhhmm it’s funny how they show black people arrassing Asian in America 🥴🥴 last time I checked it was the proud boy now is black where I live without black people they will not be a Asian market only black buy chinese food

  78. Once I saw that trending on Twitter I knew the CCP is going to hijack that… And kudos of being pretty much the only source I’ve seen calling out the disparaty between the actual facts and the media narrative, literally everyone else is scared to speak out against bullshit when theres some new PC campaign being pushed online

  79. Identity Politics is definitely being used as a government tool for their own power. When are we going to realize the government is to blame for our oppression, not a race of people!

  80. Great video!! Your keen insight about how the CCP are using various methods to manipulate the anti-Asian movement to further their own agenda is absolutely amazing!!! As usual, keep up the great work, and above all, continue to stay awesome for Asian American viewers like myself.

  81. The guy in Walmart in El Paso tx kill many people going for Mexicans but obviously it’s impossible just to kill one specific race in a mass area so obviously white people will get shot to but it doesn’t mean that it was going for them they were just on the way 🤦🏻🤦🏻this guy it’s just defending his white skin
    He don’t know the history of white america

  82. Strong video Winston. Much needed at this time. Thank god you and Cmilk help to highlight this. There is an awful lot of mainly children and young people pleading and crying on TikTok for the hate to stop. Some have relatives that are attacked. It sickens me these lovely people are a target and I am not hearing a single thing from the USA police . I am in the U.K., and not heard a thing from the police about this. Are they stood around playing with their balls and eating donuts all day ? Also as you say surely the CCP , Chinese embassy, Chinese consulate would step up and challenge the USA government to do something to stop this, and bring these evil wankers to justice. But…. no , not a thing. I have put this out a lot on tik tok and Christ did I get some abuse! The Chinese defend the CCP to the hilt. I am always polite to the Chinese that attack me on there because I know the main reason is their fear. I will not add to that. I feel badly for them . Sadly I think we need vigilantes in the USA . We also need old man Biden to put a rocket up his ass and confront CCP head on . Sat here I write this with tears and anger, and even though my heart is for these lovely people my mind tells me the suffering will carry on, because no one in authority has the balls to sort it out . Take care Winston and Cmilk 👍🏻😎😎🙏🥰. Spread the love

  83. Thank you Winston for being part of the solution. “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” -Samuel Adams

  84. It’s ironic China’s doing this. A country like the CCP that’s responsible for genocide, mass incarceration, and mass murderer, Of different ethnic groups.

  85. Fuuuuuuck of, in your time their was no Xenophobia in South Africa. Only happened when cANCer allowed millions of illegal foreigners in.

  86. ‘Communist China’ in the title, you could replace with ‘Liberals’, but then your video wouldn’t survive a minute on You Tube.

  87. I asked my professor here in Denmark.

    Why should we trust the CCP?
    They lie about basic knowledge, such as economy, demographics, intents, plans, and normal interaction between countries.

    Then of course we have them breaking their international obligations to the WHO, WTO, WIPO, the UN, international agreements, international organizations that they have created.
    They were lying about their withholding of water in the Mekong River.
    They lied about building and militarizing their illegal islands in the South East Asian sea.(called the south China sea)
    They are lying about their GDP. Even their official statistics does not match.
    As an example, if we compare the EU and China’s data.
    According to Chinese data they exported 499,748,650,000. USD worth of goods to the EU.
    While according to the EU they imported 362 billion Euro worth of goods.
    If we go with the Chinese numbers and converts them to Euro based on the time of the European data publication time. Then it would mounts to 461,767,752,600. Euros.
    Almost 100 billion euros off.
    Or around 23% difference. That is not within the margin of error. I mean almost 100 billion euros in difference. That is a lot of money.

    Okay so let me use my technic on the EU American trade.
    To compare my method.

    The US export goods worth 267.6 billion USD
    EU imported goods worth 232 billion Euro.

    Using the conversion of 0.84 back when the American report was made in 21 August 2020.
    we get 224.784 billion Euros. 8 billion off.

    But if convert using the time of the EU report 23 April 2020.
    At 0.92 then for each dollar to Euro. We get 246.192.
    14 billion off.

    If we take the biggest difference between them 14. Then we get around 5-6%
    And that is fine for an estimation of 2 data set.
    I am not sure if my calculations are correct in terms of the conversion against each other, or something like that. Maybe I should just have taken a roughy average of the yearly conversion of 2019. That would be 0.8931

    That gives us 238.99356.
    6.99365 billion off.
    Around 3% off.

    Just a side note. According to the Chinese national bureau of statistics.(2020) for the year 2019.
    22.8% of there GDP are from “other” sectors that are not finance, real estate, construction, industry, whole sale and retail sales, agriculture, hotel and catering or transport, storage and post.
    Yeah 22.8% of their so called GDP. (2019)
    It is not even internally consistent, with energy imports down more than 10% but iron and copper imports up by more than 20% on a year on year. But with a reduced secondary industry of almost 1% point.
    It does not make sense.

    So China might be washing their money clean in Europe.

    My data from China are based on” the national bureau of statistics of China.”
    11-5 international trade in goods by country(region) of origin/destination 2019.

    Category Europe Exports (USD10,000)
    Converted into real numbers by putting 4 0 behind their number.

    When I compare my own country, Denmark with the Danish and the Chinese Data. They match up pretty well.

    Okay my bad, just showed my ignorance on the subject.
    It is called “bilateral asymmetries” it is commonly known, because different people count differently. My own national statistics says, “this statistic is not comparable to other nations statistics unless they are following the exact same method”

  88. Winston, please, please do not call it the news. In the United States we lost any type of real news about 10 years ago what we currently have is media. The kind that is just like a national Inquirer, it works to set people off and continue any type of hatred towards each other. So please when referencing anything regarding the US Programming on a national media it is only media we no longer have news

  89. It’s not only “not fitting the narrative”.
    In universities it is actively being taught that “minorites can’t be racist”.
    That’s total BS. But the problems is, universities are infested with marxists.
    Marxism does not believe in God, and as such it also does not believe in absolute good and bad, right and wrong. And as such, it does not believe in objective morality and ethics. That means intrinsic human value does no longer exist. In other words, you are no longer human, you are being dehumanized.

    The only thing it believes in is power.
    And as such, definitions like racism are no longer defined by what’s good or bad, right or wrong. It’s defined by power dynamics.
    I.e. majority vs minority.
    Successful vs not successful.

    At least that is on the “intellectual level”.
    On the street level, many minorites (especially the black community, sorry but I have to call them out here) just wanna be racist towards white and asian people, because they are supposedly more successful than other people. They wanna be racist towards other people without being labeled racist.

  90. I’m not sure if anyone else picked up on the irony at 7:22 of a protester spreading their pro CCP and anti-China hate messages on the back of cardboard with Japanese katakana.

  91. Winston, you should file a law suit against the guy doxxing and defaming/libeling you and cmilk. If he is in the USA, you will easily win this case.

  92. Hi ! Amazing video, I think you summed up the entire video in one of the first sentences. This is ABHORRENT ! It is beyond me that people can be so blind. I am sorry that you & C~Milk got thrown under the bus, but like you said, the CCP is so fearful of TRUTH, and that’s what you & C~Milk provide us, the unmistakable, ugly, uncensored truth.
    Thank you. Stay just the way you are, Awesome! 😎💕

  93. The guy said why he did it. It was something to do with him and his addiction to porn. It was nothing to do with race. Like you said he would of said if otherwise. I’ve never seen or heard of people hating Asians, the CCP yes definitely but Asians that aren’t the CCP are the ones we’re trying to speak up for and definetly the uyghurs, Fallon Gong practioners and the people of Hong Kong & now Taiwan. (Do the people not want us to stick up for them?) I’m so glad the world is wakening up to their treatment of certain minorities such as using them for slave labour and Organ harvesting. God bless folks look after yourselves and each other. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹

  94. Laina Jane Fine Lngerie store on the Upper West Side just got robbed a week ago on Saturday.
    At least he just wanted money but he treated the beautiful 18 year old girl of Asian descent horribly.

    There was a robbery of the Upper West Side Chase bank too., oh Tuesday. He got away with 1000 dollars. Nobody got hurt.

  95. This stuff is so mind numbingly stupid and depressing, I am so sick and tired of this cancel culture, mindless woke bullshit. I am angry that I even have to pay attention to this kind of nonsense because it doesn’t make any sense, it’s absurd and ridiculous to the extreme.

    People need to just leave each other alone and be nice, or at the very least ignore each other and not go out of their way to screw with people’s lives, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

    Thanks serp, I find your content fascinating and your perspective very interesting. Keep it up!

  96. Thx so much for these insightful and informative videos. Keep up the good work and continue to tirelessly state the facts. You are indeed awesome.

  97. Thank you for this information. Though the same could be said about USA and Russia cynically using problems in other countries to push their goals and interests. And I know that in a shadow of every protest there is a puppet-master – foreign or domestic or both. Welcome to the 21 century.

  98. They also do it abroad, obviously.I got banned from the official FB page of china’s embassy because I was posting about all the humanitarian, financial, enviromental crimes the CCP and their government commits.And got in lot of flaming discussions, and insulted, not only with chinese people but unfortunately also by some Italians like me(but I guess they all had a chinese girlfriend or wife or they used to get “massage” 😉 by chinese girls :-)) ) pls keep telling the truth about ccp and chinese government.

  99. America is at war with China but It is not a war fought with bombs and guns but fought with ideals. Share this video if you still want to have your freedom in next 10 years.


  101. The public has a real hard time with nuance. They just want to mob up and jump on this wagon or that one. They want others to do the thinking for them.

    Assault is a assault. A hate crime is a hate crime. Anyone who breaks the law should be put in jail. Anyone who’s purely a menace to society should get a harder punishment. White v Black, Black v Asian or whatever.

    One person cannot speak for nor be punished for their entire race or their government.

  102. The big red flag that your channel taught me to watch for, is that the CCP and their hounds refuse to separate the CCP govt from Chinese identity when discussing any problems with China.

  103. I agree with you for the most part I think it’s still a bit disheartening that you still have a moment of doubt that the shoot in atlanta isn’t racially motivated. But anyways at least you were critical of were critical of the government.

  104. If you are BLM, I challenge you to write, everything you’ve learned about Africa, on your hand
    since the movement started. Most of you won’t be able to.

  105. You made a perfect point that ccp is not presenting China nor chinese people. History will mark this ccp era being the darkest in chinese History in modern history.

  106. If you are a cancel culture activist, promoting BLM, if you are canceling people who sponsor
    the RNC, shouldn’t you filter that, thru a panel of cultural activists who are African, to verify that the
    cancellation strategy, is in the best interest of real African’s, and not, imposters acting
    behalf of the CCP?

  107. Spot on Winston, the issue in the past few years is that the left wing agenda has been to push racism against everyone by white people when in fact the stats say the complete opposite. As a white person myself i’ve never looked at someone due to the colour of their skin but always their character. Issue is now anyone from other ethnic backgrounds, even when wrong, if told off or caught out they scream racism without even contemplating the reality of the situation. The disgusting thing is that mainstream media pushes this narrative, which is madness…

  108. Right you are SerpenZA – the CCP(P) Chinese communist party (Prop) – tobe stopped – and all western Countries to re-view their connections to that criminal regime.

  109. Outside of an Ice Cube song back in 1991, Ive never heard a Black person even say anything negative about Asians, much less attack them. Bizarre…

  110. 7:20 “Stop demonizing china, and chinese people.”
    I like how Chinese people are an aside here, and the main idea is to stop going against the government.
    Anyone else catch that? After all there are multiple of them that are exactly the same, meaning they were likely handed out to protestors.

  111. You say the Aaron Long post is fake so I looked it up and found only news outlets that aren’t really mainstream or credible share your view. Can you post a credible source?

  112. Can you make a video about the ccp made up western correspondent Laurène Beaumond? She doesn’t exist and is a made up news author spreading positive propaganda for Xinjiang.

  113. • 0:00 – The CCP is playing the race card as a get-out-of-jail-free card? Color me shocked. ¬_¬
    • 1:18 – It’s because they’re tired of the world and people’s lives falling apart because of China’s doing (again) and they’re frustrated and lashing out at random people on the streets of the US, not caring that it’s an absurd and pointless action.
    • 1:54 – The Atlanta shooter made his motivations clear. It was about sex-workers (which just happens to be an East-Asian monopoly), but people are hijacking that and focusing on East-Asians instead because I guess details don’t matter. ¬_¬ It’s like how the King Sooper attack focuses on the cop who blindly ran and got shot instead of mentioning the other victims. 🤦 BLM had 2020, East-Asians are taking 2021, maybe sex-worker abuse will get some attention by the end of the century.
    • 5:10 – … Indians are Asian, Russians are Asian, Persians are Asian… ¬_¬ (Political-correctness is hypocritical and absurd. If “oriental” is offensive, then “middle-eastern” is offensive for all the same reasons. If “middle-eastern” is okay, then “oriental” is.)
    • 5:28 – Because in the UK, you use words properly and don’t worry as much about political-correctness nonsense as the US. Unfortunately, the US is such a loud-mouth, they spread their nonsense to the rest of the world.
    • 6:39 – Yup, there are a lot of Chinese people in Australia and New Zealand, and not just from the regular exporting (secret invasion? 🤔) they’re doing to the West, but even more so since it’s closer.
    • 9:20 – That’s hardly new; the CCP has been trying to wriggle out of blame for the pandemic by abusing political-correctness.
    • 9:42 – LOL! The CCP is taking a page from the book of Scientology, setting up hate-sites for critics. 😂
    • 9:49 – To be fair, Winston, you _do_ have blood on your hands because someone else did something that’s barely tangentially related to something you did in the past. That’s just how it works in the mind of people like those in the CCP. 🤷 (Isn’t there’s a stereotype about Chinese people being smart? With this kind of “logic”, is the CCP actually Chinese? 🤦)
    • 9:57 – Assuming that post is even real, the worst part is that it’s not wrong. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but if it were discovered that the pandemic really was a move by the CCP as part of their plan to take over the world, I wouldn’t be surprised at all (Xi is desperately trying to grow a toothbrush mustache to get in character for his plans…) Of course, how attacking random people on the streets of the US is going to have any affect on the CCP, that’s beyond me. 🤷
    • 12:49 – You guys are more than just anti-wumaos; you get more than 50¢ from your backers for your work. 👍

  114. No normal person takes anything pro-Chinese government seriously.

    No one hates asians more than the CCP. Find me one organisation or institution that killed more asians than them.

  115. Canada, you Chinada, Trudeau and Canada is the worst enemy against freedom and democracy in the World, Canada is nice and all but the government is corrupted as hell. Canada serves China! Canadian government only does something when they get caught, especially with the join military exercise with China on Canadian soil, why do you have a communist military on a free country soil? That’s so wrong

  116. The definition of “Racism” in the dictionary should mention the CCP, it is the greatest example of hatred against not only certain ethics but the whole of humanity. I’m Asian and I support your message, thank you for speaking the truth with facts!

  117. When double twist CCP thinks all western people are stupid and they are on top of the game because that’s what they got confirmed.
    CCP should keep bragging about their name and censorship a bit mo, as in winnie the pooh. One day they will know what’s up again!🦷

  118. Thanks for fighting the good fight Winston for exposing the despicable actions of the CCP! I really hope that one day their time will come. Keep fighting the good fight!

  119. you are probably going to get slammed for this topic being done by a white guy. id suggest your’s and matt’s wife do this topic together and repeat it word for word what you said, being asian, they will be left alone about this topic. and probably not demonetized either.

  120. I have been pointing all this out for a while. I appreciate that there are places I can point to like your vids that tell what is really going on.

  121. Thank you for this video. Excellent and informed as it is. CCP used Cancel Culture in the PRC for decades. Now, they are using the Black Lives Matter and the Anti-Asian Hate Movements as a front for mass recruitment of activists. Then they will mass conversion to transform them into full-fledged Marxists-Leninists for the goal of “Marxist Pan-African and Pan-Asian Movements”. Their mission with the CCP? World Dominion for Communism. Let that sink in. Don’t let the CCP to hijack the universal message of racial equity for their own political agenda. The BLM and the AAH Movement groups must be exposed promptly with their connections with the CCP. Otherwise, AAH will follow the BLM in popularity and spreading the hate behind the racial equality issues.

  122. Guy danced around calling me racist for 3 hours when I said the CCP should apologize for destroying Chinese culture. When I didn’t say whatever he wanted me to say he just resorted to ending with “Okay racist.” After he ran out of things to say.

  123. The way I undermine the CCP tactic, is to bring up an evil of the CCP whenever some Wumao try to sneak in a post conflating CCP criticism with racism.

  124. Racism unfortunately exists and it won’t disappear unless everyone is educated.
    That is ultimately the problem. Not everyone is educated or at the very least educated in a way where they understand that skin color is just part of the covering like a book cover that hides the story inside. How many people don’t read the book because the cover isn’t appealing to them?
    Racism exists in China too. People from one province will often hate people from other provinces or Asian countries.
    I work in an Asian supermarket and I see it all the time. Asian people attacking other Asian people based entirely on where the grew up.
    Of course the CCP will not use this or maybe they do if it is against some race they want to attack or eliminate.
    Anytime a government begins to advertise their own race as being #1 they are automatically calling all other races inferior and that is Racism.
    I’m Canadian and I have lived in the shadow of the USA all my life. “America is #1” is highly insulting to anyone who does not live in the USA.
    Racism is always going to exist. This is not human nature. It is a learned behavior for the less educated. Usually taught to us by our governments.
    This is done so that when Governments choose to go to war with another nation, the citizens serving for their countries can look at the people within the “enemy” country as being inferior and thus have no problem killing them. Wars are not fought anymore for noble causes. They are fought to gain their government money and/or resources. In the meantime the racism machine is in full production mode.
    Right now China, the USA and Russia are gearing up for a war (possibly global) to gain the Arctic resources.

  125. The world and the media want to thi k and say that only white people are racist. Such a ridiculous argument. Every race is racist, just depends where you live

  126. The Propaganda play that’s being used to bring America, Australia, and Canada into the Communist Chinese Party Totalitarian style of governance/surveillance..is insane.
    Probably just a coincidence that Obama made the use of Propaganda legal again.
    Both make my stomach sick.

  127. Hate Crimes are Thought crimes and Thought crimes are too 1984 for me. So lets call a crime a crime based on ones actions, not thought.

  128. where are the people who stand against gender and lgbt discrimination , black people discrimination or who stand for women rights? will you watch and accept discrimination happening anywhere else? how do you deserve acceptence then? u cant demand tolerance if u act picky and only demand fair treatment for those who you can relate with. thats not how civilization works. wake up. every life is worth equally. everybody deserves a chance. we can’t just sit and watch people doing forced labor. did we learn nothing from the past?

  129. Please KEEP GOING!
    The World Needs The Truth!
    You know what we are after!
    Sincerely! We are ……..

  130. The CCP doesn’t want Asians in Western countries to feel belonging here. It instigates a lot of the anti-Asian emotions with its soft-power propaganda and aggressiveness.

  131. There are horrible displays in every country. I was attacked (verbally) by a drunk man on a bus in China who didn’t think I could understand him.. when I confronted him in his tongue, he made accusations that I was a spy for the US. I feel empathy for him and I feel empathy for all my Chinese brothers and sisters. This is a delicate issue and a very unstable time. I hope that China has a prosperous future , with or without the CCP. Harmony first. 我爱中国

  132. Lmao, Winston/C-Milk constantly wax lyrical about free the west is. Their (western/youtube-hosted) channels have been censored for years and they’re forced over to Bitcoin, with the right-wingers.

  133. Let’s call that Atlanta shooting FEMICIDE. It IS a hate crime — against women. Nearly 2,000 women were murdered by men in the US in 2018 and the most common weapon used was a gun, according to the most recent edition of the annual Violence Policy Center (VPC)

  134. You’re bias precedes your judgment Winston. If the organisers of the Canadian protest didn’t want anti CCP interlopers on a neutral anti racist protest then they have that right to be a little annoyed at it. They wouldn’t necessarily want anti Myanmar Military protesters at it either even if they had underlying sympathies.
    Also no one said the chinese contingent at the anti asian hate in Auckland weren’t invited or allowed to march with A FLAG, NOT DIRECTLY CCP SUPPORTING!
    Yes the CCP are interfering and horrible, but your bias verges on paranoia…
    But remember the CIA have a longer and more terrible overseas history…

  135. This guy literally killed a bunch of innocent Asian massage therapists. He is racist. Actions speak louder than words. He doesn’t need to say he hates Asians.💯

  136. So no one talking about those rap videos telling people how to rob asian people because they have a lot of “cash”? Where all the “celebrities” driving this anti-asian hate campaign? Why don’t they talk about that?

  137. its called post truth when someone prefers their subjective ideas over facts, meaning emotions and points of view become more relevant.

  138. FYI..they didn’t HIJACK it. They invented it. The “Anti-Asian” BS propaganda is part of the left wing woke BS. And any recent attacks are from blacks, not white people. This “movement” is just to demonize white as “white supremacists”. There isn’t a white supremacist Anti Asian hate going on. It’s all black. but the leftist media won’t tell you that because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    It’s also funny that leftists would be on board with this anti-Asian white supremacist thing while being racist about Asians taking too many spots in universities because they usually score higher than other races. Instead of basing it on merit, they want quotas to fill universities with black/brown because Asians and whites score high for schools like Harvard. But ya..it’s us whities who are out there attacking Asians! Absurd demented thinking. And of course the CCP is jumping on this for their own propaganda too. But the American left got their ideas from the CCP.

  139. It has been noted by many gov/mil over the years that subversion is a large part of Russia/China agencys spending but sadly ether nothing has been done or nothing can be done at least with a soft touch, well that we know about.

  140. Hi Winston from Australia…The Chinese have opened a consulate in a quiet suburb of Adelaide here and it’s a bad joke for residents
    Cctv on 3 Meter high fences and satellite discs on roof etc. Check it out re.protests at Chinese consulate in Adelaide .

  141. Thank you for having the integrity to be honest. Too many people feel lying somehow makes the world a better place. And that’s a very selfish way of thinking.

  142. Totally agree. CCP certainly takes advantage of this. They love to stir up hatred within US. Unfortunately the Left plays right into their hands.

  143. I saw the video clip where one woman was attacked outside of one business in NYC, and said to myself that if I had been there I could not do nothing while this person was attacked and do nothing. The people inside the store didn’t attempt to help her and she was an elderly lady and I was not raised that way and try not to hate other people just because they are different. I spent two years in Thailand and spent plenty of time in Japan, The Philippines, and South Korea and never had anyone attack me because I was Black except for one incident in Thailand and that was with two American White guys in the military who used the “N” word to me and they was caught at the local base and disciplined. As for the locals in all those areas they was always so nice to me.

  144. Can u clarify why you would point out that there were other races attacking asians in NY? Are you suggesting that Blacks and Latinos are not part of the west? I’m really curious? The CCP sees all foreigners as their enemy…right?

  145. I am watching your videos for quite a while and I support you 100% , I got your point, I can see they don’t like you are telling the truth right in their face and that’s hurts them (the CCP). I bet you that it you try to return to China, they might put you in jail, like Putin does with his political opponents

  146. We have a Chinese saying called ‘以子之矛,攻子之盾’, this is what CCP has been using, using your weapon to attack your own shield. Use your freedom of expression to manipulate and divide the US. Because you guys (meaning your culture and system) are out in the open, and the CCP is in dark/shadow, whatever evil acts they’ve done they’ve found ways to cover up and not let it leak, so rarely ppl know about their evil acts until they dig deep enough. While in China, everything is heavily censored so you can’t use the same strategy against the CCP (media). Strategy wise they have had some good moves coz the CCP has managed to shield itself from foreign media. Hopefully, the west manages to unite and finds the weaknesses of CCP.

  147. I’ve been preaching this for a couple months. It was so easy to connect the dots between anyone into cancel culture and the CCP. They both speak as if they were mirror images.

  148. Imagine that, we have an Asian VP and a President sold out to China now suddenly all the news wants to make Asians look like victims. They have to. Kamala can’t claim to be black and get away with it like Obama did. She calls herself “brown.” But she still needs those poor, persecuted minority votes if she’sgonna run for President, doesn’t she? So rather than convince you she is black, they would rather convince everyone in America that brown Asians are suddenly persecuted victims, too. Its soooooo obvious whats going on. It’s all White House propaganda.

  149. I am from New Zealand and my house is 10 minutes from the Auckland City Center and JESUS CHRIST there was so many CCP Nationalists it pissed me off because they were diverting the protest. I said “Fuck Chairman Mao” and I got attacked by an angry mob but luckily the police helped me out of the situation.

  150. The CCP is an enemy to humanity. It really is as simple as that. Those who assault folks are in their own way, inhuman. It is not the right, it is not the left. They disgust anyone in the middle, and once they are done using their cancel culture stick we will put them where trash belongs. Where they belong. I do not hate the right. I don’t hate the left. I hate the trash that causes disorder. I hope the police get to the point where they just put this trash where it belongs, in the refuse receptacle.

    They need to step up and stop allowing violence within those who are merely protesting.

  151. It’s so weird to watch your & Laowai’s channel transition from funky Chinese cultural quirks (scams, dating, social, etc.) to heavily political stuff. I get it, you don’t really have much of a choice because of the CCP, but I really miss the old stuff… 🙁

  152. An explanation video on Soviet based counter intelligence and misinformation through western culture would be interesting…The parallels of behaviour within communist nations are clearly evident. The more it’s practices are exposed then more people will stand up for doing what is right instead of feeling they are doing something wrong.

  153. Speaking out against the true enemies of freedom is every democracy loving persons duty. Stand united for freedom or see the freedom you love be swept away in a tide of tyranny.

  154. On April 4 at 6:44 AM CDT I saw the 2 commercials before the video started. At that time the video had 6:3k likes and 181 dislikes. At 6:44 and 6:57 I saw 2 commercials each making a total of 6 commercials watched. I didn’t see any commercials after the video ended.

  155. Don’t give them an inch. They will take a mile. Hate crimes and hate speech are being weaponized and should even exist in lace in the first place.

  156. A wise man once said When people lose everything they lose it. These attacks I suspect are an after effect of the damage caused by Covid. If you lost a loved one. Or lost your job. Or your business due to Covid. And you know the virus came from China. And that the CCP is not taking responsibility and pretending they did nothing wrong. You will snap. And I suspect a lot of these people snapped. And they targeted Asian people out of pent up rage.

  157. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global  is in the hands of the perpetrators.”  – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  158. My friend, I think you should just take a small step back and put things in context and perspective. America for example is involved in all underhand tactics that China utilise. If you disagree do some research.

  159. I know what line of biz u r in my friend. U can fool only those who are prepared to be fooled no matter what u say. I see ur spirit in darkness and I see it’s irreversible UNLESS. words and deeds have consequences, i.e. karma. u r literally becoming an demon. I know u r not proud of it. I know u loath yourself and it’d not be wrong. what u don’t know is u have a choice. U HAVE A CHOICE.

  160. This was a title of the SCMP article that made it to near the top of reddit r/all before eventually being removed for being submitted to an inappropriate subreddit (emphasis mine):

    “Chinese grandmother who fought off *white attacker* plans to give nearly US$1 million in donations to fight racism against Asian-Americans”

    Thankfully dozens of people in the comments were able to recognize what unnecessary race baiting this was, but unfortunately there were also still plenty of “progressive” anti-white racists in the comments who took more issue with the people complaining about the title than with the title itself.

  161. Truth seekers will examine your content and see for themselves that you are not against Asians or Asia; rather your personal experience and observations throughout China provide global citizens with valuable insight, same for your partner Cmilk (Spelling?). Let them milk cancel culture, it will turn around and eat them for occupying 5 other nations through colonial conquest- encourage them to embrace and tag team with cancel culture- it will hasten their demise and the creation of a China free from the CCP again!

  162. Criticism of any government, (the CCP or any other government) is not criticism of the people. The CCP or any government that attempts to coflate the two is, by definition, lying.

  163. I don’t know why people dislike China. All they did was unleash a deadly virus on the world, put people in concentration camps and crush democracy.

  164. Don’t debate whether it is or isn’t racial, if a white person does a thing then it is when they’re not white it’s clearly not motivated by racism.

    It’s old it’s boring it’s tiresome. Enjoy the melting pot.

  165. You are doing EXACTLY what you were meant to do all along, Winston. I’ve been watching you (and C-Milk) for years waiting for you to take the lead and we are ALL awake and behind you..Keep it up!!

  166. Being anti CCP is not racist towards asian. Nor being racist towards chineses people. I am an anticommunist but being anticommunist is not racist because communism nor the CCP is a race. Communism is a horrible ideia and the CCP is a horrible political organisation.

  167. “The Chinses Government is NOT the Chinese People.” Uh-huh…. So a government made up OF CHINESE, that rules over THE CHINESE PEOPLE, and that these people have not violently revolted against. IS somehow NOT CHINESE.
    You gave up your honor when you decided to wed one of those Chinese. Now you just try to distract people from the real problem with that region.

  168. Great video but Cancel culture is how antifa has always worked for socialism/communism. Cancel culture is not something from “the west”

  169. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.
    Robert A. Heinlein

  170. You are propagating hatred against asian people. Coming from apartheid country you systematically attack asian and black people. Your truth is lies.

  171. I live inu Vancouver, I date an asian woman. I admire asian culture and work ethic. i complimented a work mate on their work habits and said something along the lines of “i admire how hard Asian people work and that you put so much effort into your projects” i just got a talking to about inclusive workplaces because of this, WTF!!!!!

  172. It’s getting harder and harder to tell which is propaganda nowadays serpentza. If you look at twitter, the 50 cent army are doing great to show the atrocities of the West and their propaganda department (which the west allow) show Xinjiang as a utopian dream with no atrocities. Sometimes I find myself being almost convinced by them and it sure is changing minds to favor China in a better light. China is winning this propaganda war since they keep their stuff tightly censored and controlled so as to control the minds of their plebian class. Now we got so much violence within the US where it’s straining the diversity aspect into each race group turning tribal and violent towards one another (the left ain’t helping that either). In the West you can attack your opponent, not so much in China since they prefer stability so any form of dissent is quickly quelled. Maybe they do have a point in this since we can already see the events playing out where they’re using race issues to harden the hate among racial groups. Also, why hide the Pro-CCP guy’s name? Out him already.

  173. I saw an ad against anti-Asian bigotry on Youtube a few weeks back and was immediately like ” Oh hello China, nice try!”
    Asians are probably the least discriminated-against minority anywhere in the West by a huge margin, and most of the anger and the mistrust against them is actually Chinas doing.

    Either their propaganda is getting more obvious recently or I’m slowly becoming an expert at spotting their BS.

  174. as an asian in america considering spending a lot of time in china, i watched a few of your videos to get an expat perspective. while you may mean what you say about being vehemently against anti-asian hate, the fact of the matter is that a frightening percentage of people are too stupid or irrational to differentiate between anti-ccp vs. anti-asian. some racists are simply looking for raw meat. sure, there is freedom of speech, and there is journalistic integrity. however, the bottom line is that there is a lot of anti-asian hate in the country. as an asian in america, it changes what i do, what i plan, what my friends do, what my friends plan to do, etc. sure, you are not clamoring for people to go beat up or kill asians. frankly, after the last 4 years and the recent hate crimes, my friends and i basically consider ourselves second class citizens. of course, you can get on the high horse about how you are condemning hate etc. however, there are consequences. as someone who has quite a bit of influence on the web, i urge you to consider the consequences and not just your intent. perhaps consider talking in a balanced % about what good things asians contribute in the same videos you trash the ccp.

  175. I’m korean living in Australia, I do oppose racism towards any asian backgrounds. But Chinese Communist Party doesn’t deserve to give lecture towards those who discriminate asians and asian countries. Why?? Because CCP is way more worse than any other countries. They discriminate Tibetian and Uyghurs just for the fact that they are not Han Chinese. Is China really a multicultural country as CCP claims??

  176. Hate cancel culture and CCP shills. Plenty of these individuals on LinkedIn too. Spinning their fake US is full of anti-asians narrative. Like you said: Cowardly sycophants that are simply anti-American haters.

  177. CCP even use fake accounts on youtube to spread communist propaganda in the comment section . Don’t be surprise if you see them show up in this comment section.

  178. These Stop Asian Hate movement are all hijacked by CCP. Supposedly supporting Tibetan and Hong Konger are forms of supporting Asians. But if you do that during the Stop Asian Hate protests, expecting CCP agents to kick you out lol.

  179. The inner city friction is not new. The misinformation just gave license to for another level of lowlifes. In addition it gives the CCP BS to appeal to all Asians.

  180. Yet another great video! It is extremely sad that CCP influence and biased narrative has poisoned the minds of most Malaysians Chinese. Fortunately most Malays don’t buy into that.

  181. When Chinese govt doesn’t involve in, it will be criticized for being cold and careless about the oversea fellows. When Chinese govt involved in, it was criticized for politicalizing. This is what it is

  182. As someone from South Africa, what is your opinion on the biases against caucasians in American media and govt policy? What is your outlook for the future of this 60% of Americans?

  183. That was the wrong photo for the Atlanta shooter. It WAS about race: He drove 237 miles, out of his way, to an area where spas had only Asian-American employees and went to 3 of these such spas. He could’ve gone to any spas closer. He announced he was going to “kill all Asians” which was witness testimony survivors gave to The Korea Times Atlanta.

  184. I think people just want to hurt others and somethings give them a reason to do it or media makes up a motivation where there was not one or they could be Infuenced by media or government to act out ,but in one interview of one serial killer he said he killed people because if the availability of opportunity and the beauty of his victims who were white, Asian and largely black he was white American.I believe there is only one human race one Messiah one way of salvation by faith in Jesus .were either acting like the devil’s children or like our father in heaven ,it’s more about which kingdom we give our aligence to who is ruling in our hearts ,but ultimately Jesus died for the sins of the whole world ,every tribe nation .It could be pretty dangerous for you.may Jesus face shine on you and your family.

  185. The same people doing this also target Jews in similar attacks..
    They are usually done in Blue Areas were Asians/Jews have created businesses for the community..
    It’s racism but not the type they are talking about, but according to the left only white people can be racist so of course they will lie about this..

  186. Canadian Politicians like Joyce Murray. Member of the Canada China Business Council.
    Are working hard to claim there is racism against Asians, to protect their China interests.

    People carrying a Anti-CPP signs are removed from the Anti-Chinese racism rally in Vancouver.

    There is significant conflict between some members of the Chinese community supporting the CCP and the reset of the Asian community.

    At the many protest I attended supporting Hong Kong democracy, we were harassed by members of the Chinese community supporting the CCP.

  187. People need to wake up. Thankyou for fighting to do that Winston. The CCP have made no secret of their plans. An inevitable invasion of Taiwan is just the beggining. They have also stolen most western companies intellectual property. They make no secret of it. There are videos of chinese officials laughing about it and discussing how the west undermined their own economies and handed their technology and processes to China. It should be a crime to do business with the country which is likely to cause world war 3. It would never have become this dangerous if western countries had not capitulated. In particular the US under clinton and now, under Beijing Biden, despite token rhetoric. Western countries must move fast if they want to contain the threat and change this terrible trajectory. Anti asian hate? How many Asians did mao kill? How many executions and now genocide in china?

  188. You can protest about stop Asian hate in the US, but when you try to protest on CCP during stop Asian hate protest, there were some people come to you and try to silent you in the US.

  189. CCP didn’t highjack anything. The whole thing is orchestrated by Democrats in order to get back in bed with China. What better excuse is there than ‘fight against imaginary racism’? Joe Biden is a compromised senile man and he’ll do anything and everything to repay his ‘bosses’.

  190. so funny, you think the CCP are the only Criminal Organization in this chaos?
    there is a bigger picture in this plandemic and it involves RELIGION.

  191. In the western world we the people can not be openly racists anymore. Now we have cancel culture instead. And borders closed, that every foreign citizen is “bad people”. Cancel culture is a racist invention. We must look in the mirror ourselves, and not blame China. They are not worse than us.

  192. CCP are the ones who are incredibly racist, sepentza actualy talks about it in other videos and he is totaly right. CCP are the ones actualy writing laws against anyone who is not ethnicly chinese, from banning you to walk into a restaurant(thats like america 100 years ago toward african-americans), to banning you from taking any part in political proces(and im not even goin to talk about the genocide against uigurs, who actualy are their own chinese citizens, or CCPs behavior against mongolians)…. CCP should really shut the f up about racism!

  193. I’m a black man and it’s clear as day that the Asian hate is overwhelmingly coming from black people, that contradicts the narrative.

  194. YES ! I had the same thinking as you right at the start of this so-called “anti-Asian Hate” campaign in Canada and USA !! I do think that it is promoted by those pro-CCP Chinese (race) people in Canada and USA. Look ! This kind of hatred only started right after the China-US talk in Alaska, during which the Chinese ambassadors were so arrogant, and they said “Now it is time for you Americans to listen to China” ! Also, look at the case of an “old” woman (who is so strong) being attacked by someone in San Francisco. San Francisco has a lot of pro-CCP Chinese Americans, and there is this CCP propaganda radio station called “singtaotv” (also on youtube) in San Francisco ! The same things happen in Canada. US and Canadian governments should do something about this !
    I am a Chinese (race) Canadian (nationality) ! I am loyal to Canada !

  195. Since you are doing some research on nonwhite attacks on Asians and some history around it, you should look up what happened in 1992 during the LA riots over the death of Rodney King. The police intentionally pushed the riots into the LA Koreantown, which caused a devastating clash. Something worth reading about while you look into the matter. Great video. It is terrifying how dystopian cancel culture is making us. I do think de-platforming can be called for in some really extreme and horrible instances, but it has gotten so outta of freaking hand. Silicon Valley has really messed us up.

  196. When was the last time you made anything positive about China? Watching your videos, I feel like China is an empire of evil, and it may very well be, especially with the country’s tyrannical Social Credit System. I’ve heard that more positive videos of China were made in the past, but is there nothing more to say?

  197. During the March 2021 Alaska summit, Yang Jiechi issued a stark rebuke of US-styled democracy:

    “…It is not just up to the American people, but also the people of the world, to evaluate how the United-States has done in advancing its own democracy. In China’s case, after decades of reform and opening-up, we have come a long way in various fields. In particular, we have made tireless efforts to contribute to the peace and the development of the world, and to upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The wars in this world are launched by some other countries, which have resulted in massive casualties. But for China, what we have asked for, for other countries, is to follow a path of peaceful development, and this is the purpose of our foreign policy. We do not believe in invading through the use of force, or to topple other regimes through various means, or to massacre the people of other countries, because all of those would only cause turmoil and instability in this world, and, in the end of the day, all of those would not serve the United-States well. So, we believe that it is important for the United-States to change its own image, and to stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world.”

  198. I feel great pity for the richest and highest educated racial group in the USA. Wealth and upward mobility must be a great burden.

  199. Serpentza knows what he is talking about. After all, he was canceled from China and now has to eke out a living in the US, while wearing a cheap suit and driving a broken-down sports car. My, my, how far have we dropped?

  200. You are exactly right. I wonder that too. Why does the American media never say the obvious ? Almost all of these perpetrators are black. They never mention it.

  201. If you want to talk about facts the fact is hyperbolizing to fit talking points is nothing new. It is no surprise in the media arena China would follow suit. The fact is you chose this issue to speak about instead of all the other hyperbolic propaganda. This makes it obvious that you like China have some kind of an ax to grind.

  202. You’re welcome, please keep safe with your dynamically information gathering, and in teaching those who want to learn. Thank you, and be well.

  203. United Nations call this the beginning of a Genocide check it out on their website. Hate speech, cultural upheaval and civil unrest is the start.

  204. those guys. can twitter rape and murder nothing happens we can call someone he/or she and they dont like it and we get banned. this is litterally 4th 5th generational warfare.

  205. I’m so happy you noticed this too. A lot black ppl are split on these issues. A lot 1st generational Africans an living here in the states ppl are pro China bc of economic growth Africa is getting but they don’t really know what is going on behind the red curtain. The African American community already have a messy history with the Asian community that has always been pushed into the media spotlight. I have to tell my friend split the Chinese ppl from the CCP and pro CCP followers and empathize with the Asian American community and how they were able to get a bill into capital to protect Asia Americas. I’m pretty much agree with you when comes to these protest. Non profits now a days are just fronts to funnel money to support an political agenda instead of a social ones a lot of the times. Funding sites make so much money when incidents happen like this.

  206. Glad to see a video about this, about a week-and-a-half ago I saw a local protest was organized called, “Stop Anti-Asian Violence, Stop China-Bashing!” I thought, “yes, absolutely” to the first part, but the second part of that title set off alarms in my head. Then I read the description and couldn’t believe what I was reading:

    “The ANSWER Coalition stands in solidarity with the Asian community in the midst of the horrific, racist and misogynist massacre that took place in Atlanta on March 16th. Six Asian women were among the eight shot to death at point blank range.
    The alarming rise in hate crimes over the past year correlates to an increasingly hostile U.S. foreign policy towards China. The opportunistic scapegoating of China during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the intensity by which China is deemed the enemy and adversary of the United States, has driven a widespread Sinophobic sentiment nationally. The Asian American community suffers the brunt of the hatred fomented as a weapon of war. To date, there have been 3,800 self-reported hate crimes against Asian Americans.
    The mainstream media’s failure to label the Atlanta shooting as a hate crime demonstrates the gross disregard and injustice that our communities are facing. Racism is a sick symptom of a system that profits from war and violence. And to put insult to injury, the cop handling the case was found to be promoting anti-China paraphernalia.
    Join us on March 27th for a national day of action demanding an end to anti-Asian racist violence, an end to violence against women and and end to white supremacy now!”

    It was surreal to read that and imagine that the CCP was essentially backing a rally occurring so near me. I almost wish I had been able to attend just to see what was going on there and to ask people if they, too, thought the second part of the title was rather weird.

  207. Well, the Capitol cop killer was a self-proclaimed black supremacist and a devout muslim. I think he made his reasoning pretty clear. One can just imagine what a massive media circus would still be going on if the guy was a white Trump supporter, let alone a hwhyte supremacist!

  208. Hey man something super strange happened I’ve been subbed to you for about 2-3 years and cmilks channel about a year I hadn’t seen you upload for about 2 months and looked you up to see my YouTube had unsubbed itself from both of your channels and not any others ..

  209. This channel use to be fun, silly and entertaining. While the CCP is looney, doing an interview like what was done a few months ago with a an outlet that gets money from Falun Gong another looney organization is just hypocritical. It went from being fun to politics.

    The Nathan Riches of the world go on about you and their BS and you go on about them with your BS. Your all nuts!

    What makes this channel and one the connected with it even more hypocritical is. If you had been saying the same while you were in China. It would have been more credible. So how can anyone not say this as hypocrisy.

    The CCP is crazy, Falun Gong is crazy. And now you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, with the same BS as the CCP shills.

  210. the paper dragon won’t get away with it , slowly people are realizing that the CCP is a threat to the free world. It almost seems to me that the Fallout games show the future.
    Call me paranoid, but the new cold war is getting hot.
    It is time that the western world shows that it will not go down without a fight
    we need organized demonstrations in front of the CCP embassy building worldwide
    Politicians take too long to make decisions , Free people must show that they do not tolerate slavery and other human rights violations. big companies have to stop trading with China .
    We as free people of free democratic nations of this world have the duty and responsibility to do everything so that nothing recurs from the Second World War.
    In my opinion, xi jinping is the Hitler or Stalin of our time.
    our governments are too slow and the UN is corrupt and bought by the CCP
    so only we remain to stand up against the Paper Dragon
    Nationality does not matter, skin color does not matter, race does not matter , belief doesn’t matter
    We are all Terran ! it is everyone’s birthright to have peace on our world

  211. What i gonna said, races issues in america always become political tools to against political opponent, when America society is tearing apart, the CCP or democrats would have enough opportunity to create more chaos in order to developing their crazy policy. As example, we all know biden family have some relationships with ccp .

  212. I know this is also an uncomfortable subject, but anyone who has had a porn or sex addict in their family knew what that Atlanta shooter’s motive was right away. My step dad frequented these places, and it’s more about misogyny than race. Our family therapist said many of them have the “Madonna-whore complex”. There’s also the incel community which radicalizes their members. The shooter even said that his motive was sexual in nature, but the media pushed it as a racial hate crime for days. When someone tells you who they are, and why they did something, you should believe them?

  213. Asians with brains will know trying to link you to those crimes is just total bs. Dun worry about those who support a gov that oppresses themselves. With their kind of IQ and logic, maybe it’s better they are the enemies. And to any Chinese reading this, if you love our race, help end CCP. Open your eyes!

  214. This all implies that the movement wasn’t communist from the get go- this is false. These are false flags and non stories- there is no hurt yellow man movement it is entirely made up.

  215. I haven’t seen compelling evidence that the increase on attacks on Asians is larger than the increase on attacks on everyone across the board due to widespread terrorism in the US.

  216. Don’t you have a hidden agenda, which is bashing Chinese Government?

    If you really think your videos are objective and based on fact, make a video about good things that Chinese government has done.

  217. According to the survey conducted by Harvard university from 2013 to 2016, 93% of Chinese people are satisfied with their government.

    As a Chinese myself, i think CCP is far from perfect, but it does represent Chinese people’s will and common value, which is to make the country stronger and people’s lives better.

    There are certainly problems to fix, but criticizing the Chinese government without giving constructive suggestion exposes your hidden political agenda, which is to inflame hatred and fear among people who view your videos, no matter how you sugarcoat it.

  218. When a bunch of Chinese people, speaking Chinese, remaining insular from non-Chinese, and sometimes even affiliated with or in support of the Chinese Communist Party, enter another country, and are censoring other Chinese who are critical of a foreign government (the CCP) that should have no power within their current country of residence, it starts to sound like a foreign invasion and takeover by a foreign government, doesn’t it?

  219. Well both sides, the anti-CCP’s and the CCP supporters have hijacked the stop Asian hate movement. The guy at 5:00 with the yellow sign, he has basically used the protest for his agenda.

  220. I know it’s not your style to name names, but you should make an exception for Dumbrill. The man is a dangerous propagandist affiliated with Max Blumenthal’s cadre of Tankie hucksters over at Grayzone.

  221. It’s funny that this dude is promoting hatred of China, Taiwanese when they beat you in New York remember that you are Chinese, but you can shout that you are from Taiwan, there people don’t even know where it is. Good luck to you)

  222. Please stop this, you’re making too much sense. Haha it’s so refreshing to hear someone have the balls to speak out on this, thanks a lot mate!

  223. The CCP is the very definition of institutionalised oppression against Asian people. The rest of the world loves the sh*t out of Asian people.

  224. Just a heads up my dude, they’re suppressing your channel again. Cause I had to google you to see you’ve had new videos up lately.

  225. Mouthed off by minority far leftist fascists.
    No one is allowed to have an opinion no more unlesss it is music to such dictators. It is ripe in Australia and I amongst many must feel a sense of North Korea having arrived in our western world.
    It is plain pathetic and very offensive on infrininging on other peoples right of free thought and speech.

  226. Why don’t you make videos about something other than China all the time?

    It was interesting when you still lived there but it’s getting stale now you’ve left

  227. You are not American so i will explain the anti Asian hate . American’s hate successful people and successful countries , this manifests as anti Asian hate , antisemitism . The most successful groups in the US are attacked from all sides . This inclueds successful corporations , The hero’s at Pfizer who developed a vaccine in 2 days are seen as gouging the government and the FDA regulators who took 8 months and 400,000 lives to approve the vaccine are selfless public servants who are working around the clock to “save us”. Welcome to upside down land.

  228. How can you keep saying that Robert Long didn’t have racist motivations?Just because he didn’t openly claim that?! Are you for real? So you are telling me, Mr. Statistics, that killing 8 people, 6 of which Asian women, is not a proof that he had misogynist racist motivations, just because he didn’t openly say “I hate Asians women”? Is it possible that racists are not aware of their racism, and they act following these prejudices they have in mind, especially because they are not aware of them? Those who killed Breonna Taylor or George Floyd also didn’t say they did it because they hate Black people, are we really gonna play this dumb game? Get a grip, your opinions might be interesting and valid, but the moment you say something like that you throw in the trash every word you said before. Be better.

  229. you should create a new channel on the alternative media before they chastise you. You know very well that you are not following the politics of the West.

  230. I’m Korean American and i fully agree with you! The CCP has to be held to account and shouldn’t be mixed in with the real racism which is coming from majority non-caucasian groups.

  231. In the Oakland rally April 3, there were actually a Communist booth set up there. They had flyers about “New Communism” by Bob Avakian…you are right CCP is hijacking the StopAsianHate movement…

  232. The protest mentioned in the video happened in Vancouver on March 28th. It is the protest where an anti-CCP guy was being harassed. Search for “Vancouver Island free daily stop asian hate”.

  233. This literally a fact. People need to know the difference between the govt I.e. CP and the People. CCP doesn’t represent all of Chinese people vice versa

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