Cool Jeep, Surf Report and Mango Season is here!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing prices Mark, things seem a little more expensive even from 2 years ago. Still very inexpensive compared to Canada! 🙂

  2. Living that retired life don’t remember what day it is haha it’s always a Friday. Lol the drinking season i like that good one 🤙🏻 looks like a chill long board day just nice to paddle out wake you up feel alive again 👍🏼. Ya I like those kind of jeeps they use all different parts to put them together and can get one cheap . That’s one of the cooler ones I seen . Ya that’s the price I paid for the salmon in Smith’s the other day . Have fun surfing 🏄 🤙🏻

  3. That jeep isn’t a jeep anymore. It’s lowered, has no ground clearance. That dude is crazy way up in the tree. I wonder how many people fall out of trees every year. I’m not afraid of heights it’s that sudden stop when you fall. 24 feet equals 24 month of recovery. Been there done that. No fun! Love the beach. When it’s hot and humid that’s where I want to be. Small waves playing in the water. So when the waves are gone it becomes drinking season? You better save up, that season could be pretty expensive. Well keep living the dream!

  4. can you do a vlog about the medical facilities in your area? What happens if something like a heart attack or shark attack happens to you? Will you live to see the next day?

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