Dealerships, Department Stores, and Determination.

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  1. Timing belt for less than 200 USD! It is a steal. It would cost 1500 here. It makes sense to buy a second hand and I understand why second hand cars keep their value in Thailand.

  2. Why don’t any of the trucks have rear bumpers? I’ve also never seen one with a trailer hitch in Thailand, only the bed packed sky high with anything you can imagine.

  3. Hey chuck and paige. Nice videk again. Hey chuck i saw you like wiskey. But when im comming to thailand im bringing some real dutch liquer. Maybe we drink it together whit paige and my girlfriend.

  4. That’s a great price! Here my neighborhood mechanic will charge $350 -$500 for a timing belt for a Honda Civic. And when you’re picking up the car they will tell you 10 other things might need to change as well.

  5. That’s crazy cheap for a belt replacement, labor is so cheap over there for most things. Good luck with the diet, I wouldn’t stand a chance around all of that delicious food. Thanks for sharing another day in the life of Chuckee and Paige 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

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  7. I still can’t believe the price to replace the timing belt. I know when I replaced my tundra timing belt in Texas about 7 years ago (have a Highlander SUV now for dogs and wife vacations), it was close to $700 and I was depending upon a small shop I trusted to do the work. That is just unbelievable price, but glad it is true for you Chuck and Paige. I helped a guy do his own Tundra personally and we had all three of us huffing and puffing and worried we did it right for materials alone (probably still above your price). We did, but it was not that easy.

  8. Hi Chuck, watch every video and enjoy. What town is that where you got Toyota fixed.?
    Not a fan of tattoos but each to there own. Take care
    Geoff the kiwi in Chanthaburi

  9. Good morning Chuck and Paige. Me being an Aussie, your reaction to receiving that Vegemite pack cracked me up. I work 5 mins drive from where Vegemite is made in Melbourne. Have a great day both of you.

  10. I actually worked in sales at a Toyota dealership in Seattle/Bellevue & that would’ve cost you over $1,500 without the service writer trying to write you up for other fixes b/c they work on commission. Toyota tries very hard to catch cheating dealerships by sending in “Mystery shoppers” on a regular basis. I love Thailand…

  11. $200 from the Main dealer! That’s amazing! I recently had my head gasket blow ,which caused over heating and the head to warp. The garage had the head resurfaced, all new gaskets etc, and with the labour it came to 6000 baht. It would have cost me 4 or 5 times that in the UK and the guy insisted I bring if back if there were any problems. Took a while to find a repair shop that I’m happy with but I’ve finally hit the Jackpot. A friendlier set of guys would be hard to find! I love Thailand! Thanks Paige and Chuck, and hope you have a great Chtistmas.

  12. That went from a timing chain to a workout video with an 80s music montage. Well done, sir. Seriously, do you guys have a bet going on who can lose the most?

  13. Man I just got my email that I was approved for the Thai Elite Visa and now need to wire the million baht. It’s tough when I see I could almost buy a new Camry with that money!!!

  14. If you think walking around that department store seeing all the different things try being locked down wanting to there. That’s an adventure your living

  15. Merry Christmas you magnificent sarcastic bas–ard! This navy vet salutes a fellow vet who is having fun. And yes, you can do a small 6 inch pizza in some air fryers. haha… great video chuck, don’t change a way you do things.. Love watching them.

  16. There’s some nice trucks at Toyota for great price, keep up the great video looks like your getting a good workout, have a great day Chuck and Paige

  17. If you have a convection oven, and I think you said your oven was convection, then you don’t need an air fryer … they are the same thing 👌🏽

  18. Hallo Chuck, I almost fell dnow from my chair when I hear you said to replace the timing belt for less than $200. ( and got done from the dealer ). No wonder you alway said you love Thailand. Cheers ! 🍻

  19. Great video Chuck & Paige. The wrap on that truck looked awesome. But liked your workout and music. You just might give Joe a run for his money. I was sweating sitting here watching you 🤣. Keep it going 👍

  20. I like the way page laughs a silly comments. You do realize that you still instinctively open the left door as if still in the US where the drives side is on the left.

  21. Less than $200 USD for a timing belt change that is crazy! What a great deal! How were those chili tater tots? LOL Thanks again for another great video, I love the shopping videos in the BigC, Tesco, Malls! Why are you trying to lose weight before the challenge? I would be eating so I could lose more weight after the weigh in, did this a few years ago and won but didn’t start my weight loss until after the weigh in, it worked out great for me! Cheers, Tony

  22. I’ve been watching you two for a year or so virtually every day. Love the channel. Finish my day off with a whiskey smiling at your antics. You certainly know how to spend money Chuck; adverts are wasted on you. Go on, buy that Air Fryer you know you really want it. I thought the Simpsons were a parody; it looks like you are Homers’ cousin.

  23. Compared to the US, here in the UK just about everything is more expensive. For example if an ipad is $1000 it will be £1000 despite the exchange rate being $1.35 to the £1. So in regards to the cost in Tesco Lotus of electrical goods, the washing machine, fridge, and so on, that’s like Black Friday every day of the week, 52 weeks a year. A full size Samsung fridge freezer for £270. People here in the UK would be shoving you out of the way lol.
    Granted this was back in 2012 when I was last in Phuket, but I stayed for an extended period because I wanted to get a better feel for what ex pat life would be like and had a good look around at prices. The main observation I made was that everything was significantly cheaper and the cost of living massively less than back home, with the exception of cheese and wine, all of which is imported and I suspect has additional duty on, and brands of cars not made in Thailand or SE Asia.
    On the upside, the cost of fresh fish was insanely cheap, I remember looking at red snapper fillets price per kilo, and other fish, and it was about a third or less than UK prices, but that beef was usually more expensive, fruit much cheaper.
    It is still my intention to relocate and as soon as the current situation allows, and in my mind I’d just change habits dependent on the local situation, so eat more fish and more fresh fruit (not a bad compromise after all) and less red meat, cheese and wine. A win win.

  24. Hiya Chuck, that is super cheap for a timing belt, from my limited knowledge don’t they have to take the engine out to replace the timing belt ? How long did the job take?
    Cheers Bruce.

  25. Gabagool slang for capicola. An absolutely delicious Italian meat. I have a sandwich from a local Italian market every Thursday with plenty of gabagool! Nice workout set up you get there

  26. Good morning Chuck time difference from you to Florida a little different I’ll have a couple of beers for you and paige. Have a great day. It’s cold in Florida tonight. Have a great time.

  27. Greeting from Wahoo, NE USA I have a guide when watching any free press news. ” They will always present the news in the manner which makes them the most amount of money.” Sex, violence, sensational news makes money. Of course news from dictator country is always bias to the leader’s benefits. Keep making the dragnet style shows/ videos. Just the facts …the way it is. I am very impressed with how neat the stores are kept.

  28. Never apologise for the long videos I love them, Thats a boxing kangaroo flag from when Brisbane Queensland hosted the Commonwealth games many years ago. But still very popular 🙂 The new tattoo looks awesome is it finished now?

  29. The Toyota dealerships are second to none in my opinion.
    Just bought the wife a new Yaris Ativ & the dealership, here in Roi-Et, covers 50 rai – it’s massive – puts normal dealerships to shame.

  30. Fun times and silly food flavours (prune yogurt) to keep you regular…have it the day before weigh in …working out is inspiring..almost..I think that hamburger truck is going to be your inspiration or downfall…ha ha enjoyed Paige in the pink helmet kinda special. Have a good one and be well.

  31. I am surprised. Wearing a mask like you and Paige do is not good for you and other people. Your nose must be covered. Do not forget you are examples for your viewers. If you don’t like, do not wear it.

  32. I agree with Chuck. I can not really stand Christmas Music .Ever since my Dad became terminally ill back in 1975. The only Christmas music I like are those by Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra.
    Absolutely hate the new age stuff. I won’t get started on Pop Rock & Christmas songs by M.Jackson & Gang. I hear that stuff and can only think how commercialized it has become.
    Like you not like the Political cr*p. I can’t stand it either but X- mas music also puts me in the same foul mood.

  33. Good luck with your Toyota problems. Last night my 13 month old car had a complete transmission failure. The Dealer is closed until 1st Week in January 2021.
    I will be using the Mountain bike until then… I will be losing weight just like you.
    ( only us old farts lose weight much slower) Good Luck with the toning up.

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