Enjoying the Beauty of the Province – Dauis, Philippines

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    1. Yah, the 3 months of life in California and plenty of Mexican food took it’s toll.  ha!  But I’m back to eating smaller portions here in the PH and starting to do a bit more walking already.  🙂

  1. Henry that is a beautiful place ,my wife and I will be coming to the Philippines around the first of May.My wife is Filipina,,and we will be staying in Cebu for about 2 or 3 days then take a ship to Dipolog,then catch a van to Sindangan,Been to Bohol 1 time,like to go again maybe catch you there.We are planning on staying about 2 and a half months,can’t wait to be there I really love the Philippines and the people .My name is Scott

    1. stay in touch, i can be reached on facebook, just search me under ‘Reekay’.  i’ll be bouncing around the islands a bit but if we can it’d be nice to meet up for lunch sometime.

  2. We will be moving there soon I hope,don’t worry not to Bohol haha,we will build our house in Leon Postigo in the province up on a mountain side.It is so beautiful there.love your videos,enjoy watching them very much .

  3. Hi Henry, I also enjoy the province life. I am up in the mtns. of northern cebu, up by where your pigs are being raised. I am on a mtn. top surrounded by my gf’s family. Little kids everywhere, even a view of the ocean. I love it there. Thanks for the video.  

    1. I’ve been to the province areas of Bogo but not the main town very much, just one night to do some karaoke.  I love the province areas best.

    2. There’s nothing like the province to me.  I can handle the big city, but you just can’t beat all the greenery and tranquility out here.  Last evening I sat out under a patio as the rain came down for 30 minutes.. the sound of the rain on the banana leaves is so soothing.  🙂

  4. Hi Henry, glad you are back in Bohol !  I am so jealous, its been 4 years since I have been back, really miss Ahlona beach on Panglao island and sitting at my favorite watering hole in San Miguel drinking a San Miguel……. OF COURSE !! LOL

    1. I can understand.  I was just at Alona two days ago with a buddy of mine who was visiting in from Mexico.. had lunch out on the beach.  Grilled seafood and bbq chicken.. so relaxing.  🙂

  5. I’ve had my eye on Dauis for quite a few months now. Not too far from the beach, and not too far from downtown Tagbilaran, makes it just about right, except that the wifee really wants to retire Luzon. (I’ll have to work on that one.)  But now I have a small scouting report from you. Henry, you just made my day. Glad to see you back and videoing a portion of your life.  Keep up the good work.

    1. Another awesome place to check out with similar benefits is Baclayon, at the southern tip of Bohol just south of Tagbilaran.  Beautiful countryside and only 15 minutes from Tag.  I plan to shoot video there as well when I can.

  6. Jeff D.. this is not the same place I was living at on Bohol.  This is a friend’s house I was visiting right after I arrived back on Bohol, over in the province of Dauis on Panglao which is just south of Bohol but still part of Bohol.  🙂

  7. Hey Henry you can even do a video or even just let us know how you are booking the trips out to the other islands.  Do you get packages?  Which is the best price wise?  What is your experience?  Andres and I want to do a bunch of traveling alone without the many family members.  I am unsure how to even start booking..  Thanks !!

  8. Hey Henry, I’m vacationing in the Philippines from April till end of June and I was hoping I could meet up with you! I’ve been planning my trip to the Philippines since December (right after I found out I got into medical school in Florida) and used your videos and articles as a reference for what I should expect when I get there. My experience may be different from everyone else’s because i’m actually a Filipino born and raised in Houston. If it’s ok with you, please let me know how to get in contact with you; i thought it would be cool to meet the guy who’s videos i’ve watched a lot. – Richie

  9. Hi Henry.
    Mabuhai. No more beef stakes then. So you are in Dauis then. I am in Dauis too Purok 1. I will be here until May then I go to Greece for 4 months and come back here in October. New to this area and trying hard to adjust to the way of driving here and the frequent water and powet cuts. I think if I spend 7 months of the year here and 5 months in Greece I would be happy and fine. I always follow your videos with great interest even though I think that sometimes you put a bit of a positive spin on things. Grateful for sharing your experience and thoughts

    1. really been enjoying your videos,spent a month on negros island.Bulwagan a little town south of San Carlos City,it was the time of my life .The people so genuinely friendly

    2. I am in Dauis only for today and then I leave for Cebu and Moalboal, after that most likely Dumaguete.  But hoping to hear from you at least online here at the channel until I return to Bohol.

  10. hennry i tried to go to your face book account you left on a different post and could not find your fb.  i would like to get a hold of you because I’m in bogo 5 months a year.  this is what i believe you left –    henry.valez’.

  11. Lots of greens, lots of fresh air, lots of birds chirpin, less air pollution, no noise pollution, lots of trees, chickens, goats, stray dogs, and yes, of course, lots of poisonous snakes……YIKES???  hehehe

    1. Good thing. I hate those snakes. Especially when I have my little baby daughter. I don’t want to see them near my family. Good for you but still be careful and aware they are out there and those jungle areas are the natural habitat for those snakes.

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