Tourists, expats, students, and businessmen have many options and opportunities to travel to many foreign nations. Countries compete for the tourist and foreign dollar. Where will you travel to? Why will you travel? The cost of living, resorts, beauty, beaches, cultures, and good food experiences are some of the reasons to travel.


  1. The USA is made for the top 20 percent, especially if you are over 60. I also feel safer outside the USA. I do miss Central Florida

  2. Cant live in Hawaii with the amount of Social Security…rent is to high, food is expensive, utilitues are expensive…where as the exchange rate philippines was my best option…and still have money in savings.

  3. I have lived in Southeast Asia for 15 years. When I have been asked why I left the USA, I could give the honest answer, which is snatch, but I just say, “adventure.” It usually shuts them right up.

  4. Living in Asia a lot more interesting for older gentleman. We feel alive here and not on the side track to death…. Also my pension goes a lot further. Hate nanny state too. I guess Vietnam or Thailand may open to tourist before PH.

  5. I’d stay here in the Philippines, but I’d get a 13a visa next time. Shoulda done it before. Now I have to leave, and then fly back. If my wife can fly soon I may try to meet her in Taiwan so we can fly into RP together. It sucks, but it is what it is.

  6. One place I’m looking at is Uruguay. I’ve been to Peru and Ecuador, and I like both those countries, too. My plan, now, however, unless things change, is to move to the Philippines, where my brother and his wife live. I’m in Thailand now but will have to leave because of the new retirement financial requirements.

  7. My word would be divided. Was hoping to be back in October but not looking promising. I don’t think I could manage to be locked home in my place as long as you have been. I need English so Philippine is all I want. Was lucky to get out in March but can’t wait to get back without fear of lockdown.

  8. Would soon be a good time to go to the Philippines and get a good lease on a cheap apartment? I would think the economy would be low, sadly, and that they would have more competitive prices for a while. Maybe a 6 month lease? Have you seen the prices drop? I don’t want to take advantage as much as help restart the economy at a fair value and promote that it is OK to go to the Philippines.

  9. We currently are in a “wait & see” mode Rod. Airfare seems a bit high and some limited choice not to mention the mask thing. Next year the Philippines is on our radar depending on ever changing world events! November MAY clear things up a bit. Thumbs up!

  10. I live in the Netherlands , winter = winter depression too much rain short days lack of sunshine. Want to compare Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia to the Philippines before I make my decision to say farewell to the Netherlands.

  11. Hey Rod,for me it is cost of living, but also I’ve been out of the US and in China and Ukraine most of the last 9 years so when I go back, I feel a little out of place. Also everytime I go back there are more and more obese women with tattoo’s, it seems almost everyone has a tattoo, very strange, plus all my close family have passed on.

  12. LOL Rod it took me a couple minutes to realize you said condom shortage. I thought you said condo and I thought wow that’s surprising. But even the condom shortage is surprising

  13. The Adventure !!! im in the Uk i cannot be doing with the idea of going off to work at 8am until 5pm 5/6 days a week done that took early retirement devorced now so have always liked travelling on my own have been all over Asia but next time ill be staying for 6 months where? who knows who cares lol

  14. Hi Rod I’m from Australia , but I now live in Thailand and visit the Philippines as often as I can. The word that came to mind when I thought of OZ was “over-regulated” Like the US, there seems to be a rule regulating everything in the land down-under I enjoy your videos , so stay productive and stay safe !!

  15. My options well single guy now prob Philippines travelling all over different islands, 2nd Thailand been many times but maybe the outer islands, 3rd Vietnam, 4th Cambodia.

  16. For me, its the Philippines, cannot find anywhere else as good. I bought some land in Bulgaria 15 years ago, never been, its an option, but dont fancy it. You asked for one word descriptions of your native country, I would describe Britain as Thieves, politicaly and people in general. But for my home county of Yorkshire as Beautiful, it really is Gods own country. Rod, did you ever get your Dill growing in the Phils? All your vlogs are interesting and raise good points. I think you will agree that the Phils are special because of the people.

  17. Rod I would love to check out the Philippines. I have been to Jamaica for a very short. And I loved it. There are a lot of countries that I would like to check out. But I think the first on my list now would be the Philippines. My main reason to check out any country would be because the excitement of being in other countries. Not the same old shit that I do here in the states. I guess to escape the boredom

  18. I love my life in the Philippines. Now I’m concerned about the visa run that’s coming up soon. No place to go and can I get back in the Philippines on a tourist visa. Stressful situation

  19. Rod, my 3 year visa run was due April 26th.. I had a round trip flight booked for Taipei.. It was cancelled by the airline coz the Corona virus.. It will probably be touch, and go from here on out.. When Bi announces that the quarantine is over, and they are back in business, I will have to see what countries are accepting foreigners, and will I be able to return to Cebu without all of the stipulations for arrivals.. I can see, and have a plan if necessary to go back to the states where I have a place to stay with a friend for as long as I need to, in order to return to the Philippines.. It will be just as cheap to go that route, as opposed to staying in a country, and having to pay for 14 days quarantine in a hotel, and then try to return.. It is a sticky situation at the least.. Thanks for the video.. This is Bruce Boggan…

  20. Rod, condom makers have stiffened up production to meet hard demands, but can they keep it up ? Expecting a baby boom to happen soon.

  21. I felt like I was dying inside in the US- like my life was over. Here, I’m alive again- I have a great wife and I wake up smiling every morning.

  22. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his own soul? I think that this is what some people are discovering. They want to get their soul back….

  23. i got to get there for my soon to be wife haha and my son there is no other option for me besides staying here in california but your right the laws and goverment here are way to dam strict and cops are getting trigger happy not good now. so i hope by july i can get there haha to live plus its cheaper then america

  24. America is prime for civil war I believe.
    I am waiting to be debt free before I travel overseas and that will be in 9 years. Then I plan to start in Korea, Phillipines, Thailand, Veitnam, Australia, and New Zealand.
    Next trip will be Europe. England, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Egypt. Then get an RV and drive around the US for a year or two.

  25. Good video Rod. I think you nailed it. Traveling out of Manila, I saw much poverty and squalor but it was alive. Not sterile. I’m one of those people who think food untouched by human hands couldn’t be the best.

  26. I like living in the Philippines during the winter and traveling in S. E. Asia, love traveling in the states and Europe during the summer. I hate cold weather.

  27. It’s sometimes a good thing when your “usual brand” isn’t available. If the Philippines isn’t available to visit, it will encourage me to try Northern Vietnam, maybe Laos, and different areas of Cambodia from my last visit. I must endeavour still to visit Western Canada before it’s too late. South America is also interesting. Good topic Rod.

  28. I’ve spent the last twenty or so years thoroughly traveling United States.. During that time I spent five years working for a cruise line as a medical officer traveling the world. Growing up in in the southeastern United States, I learned from a very early age to love this country. Recently, I have objectively observed many things changing for the worse. We are politically polarized, the cost of living is going up dramatically, and a malaise accented by an arrogant hostility seems to prevail. Although I know the Philippines has its drawbacks as wellness as its major pluses but I made the major decision to expatriate there. Just as I was preparing to leave, the worldwide cootie outbreak stymied my efforts. Sooon Philippines soon! The Philippine president can’t be any worse then the idiot president in the United States.

  29. Why leave “home”? 1) Because I’ve already lived in 9 countries in my adult life (including Philippines) so home is already a bit of ‘everywhere’, 2) Paperwork at home (i.e. Regulations – yes, you are so right), 3) I don’t like winter weather.

    Where would I go? In no particular order – and not a complete list: Philippines, Panama, Georgia (the country), Morocco, France, Estonia, Turkey, Kenya, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia.

    Plan: to have a small apartment/condo in about 5 or 6 of the above and retire by spending 2 -3 months in each place and rotating to the next.

  30. I also do not like the nanny state feel in the US. As to where I would move, the Philippines is on the list because of the ease of Visa, language, cost of living. Since I am not allowed to obtain a Visa or travel there right now it will be a wait and see game. As you have said, there will be places that will gain more tourism and others that will loose as a result of their openness or lack there of.

  31. Like many other comments here, In the U.S. retired I feel like I am trapped in a nanny state waiting to die, where it is only acceptable for a man my age to go out with old ladies who are fat and bitchy and carry a lot of baggage. I love Asian women but not americanized Asian. The Philippines seems like the place to go and be a bachelor with benefits.

  32. I am a American looking at retirement in the Philippines. I believe the cost of living there is good am healthy enough to be there but my most favorite is life and family is true.
    I hope yo be able to retire in Lapu Lapu as I have family there as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

  33. Hello Rod. Well my bride is a Filipina for one thing. That’s why we go to the Philippine regularly well we did. We were planning to go to Japan this year and maybe Australia from Cebu. Now who knows when we will return to Cebu. I find the Filipinos friendlier than a lot of Americans. They are poor but they are happy. Best wishes Bob.

  34. Great video. Most people in the US think leaving the country is like going to the moon. They can’t fathom going somewhere outside the US. They think the USA “is” the world. I was in a facebook conversation with someone and I suggested he travel His response was; “Why should I go there when I can google it?” I have been to about 10+ countries. I have been to Colombia several times. I would recommend it. Peru a couple times. Panama. In Panama they will readily accept US dollar. I saw the canal and the canal tours. I was in Oslo Norway in 2014. The only place I have been where everyone thought I was a local until I spoke. They realized I didn’t speak English quite like they did. Everyone speaks English there but,
    Norwegian is their primary language. Recently October 2019 I went to Singapore and Malaysia. Second time for Malaysia, first time for Singapore. I made some videos of the tourist places. Looking back, I should have done some videos with the Singaporeans. They Singaporeans have an interesting outlook. As Rick Steves says; “Until next time, keep on travelin”

  35. I think for most people it comes down to Quality of life. The house that I rent for Approx $225.00 USD is gated with Security at both gates and roving security. The same house in U S would cost $15 to 2000. per month. My internet is $20.00 per month, in U S it was 80.00. My phone is approx. $10.00USD per month, in U S it was $65.00. Needless to say my Pension goes much further. I am actually abel to put money in my savings and send my kids money each month for College expenses. One thing that I noticed is that Filipinos are very polite and respectful . I dont like the Food and the Very hot weather, but when I left Alaska to come here it was 18 below zero. I dont really like that either. All in all I like Philippines People have always been friendly and for the most part they like Foreigners as long as you treat people with kindness and respect. People are a lot less friendly in U S.

  36. Chicago = fast pace, rude people and expensive and dirty
    Philippines = Relaxed, nicest people, cheap living and beautiful atmosphere

  37. Don’t have summer year round lol. Don’t have ladies that will treat you like your worth something, have deep sea fishing , don’t have the ability to travel cheaply to another country, for so cheaply, how many more reasons do you want?

  38. Let’s be honest, most older guys come to the Philippines because of the women, they can say adventure, more interesting, or something else but it’s the younger women that are available and very willing to be with a older expat….the weather is nice, the cost of living helps alot and english speaking and friendly people are a definite plus but without the younger available and very willing ladies I bet more than 80 % of older expats wouldn’t be there….I know I’m right because I’ve experienced it, from the US and been to Philippines a dozen times in the last 5 yrs….I’m 60, my Philippine gf is 22….try doing that ( dating ) in the US or any western country….you’d be laughed at or in jail, Lol ……

  39. I love to travel to a different country every year to see the world. With a financial freedom after my early retirement, I can live any where if I wan to. Asia is one of my favorite places to visit and stay. You’ll never be alone when you travel. Be safe and happy travels from Minnescolda!

  40. Thank you Rod for engaging also our wishes and dreams of travels and eventually a home. Personally, I feel a lifetime is not enough to see and be in places of your dreams for travel. Given a degree of financial freedom, it’s worthwhile though to give it a try. Philippines is one of my first choices geographically one can be in many places in the PI. Either for the magnificent nature, challenging and interesting culture, favorable climate (cool but no winter in the mountains, eternal summer, one just have time for adjustments, lots of hideouts from the maddening crowd). When one is a law-abiding citizen you can have your peace. No tax terror hounding you if you also properly turn in your dues. For culture and education, I prefer few choices in Western Europe

  41. The only reason to continue to go to Asian countries is if a person has a particular fetish/preference with them. The standard of living is so much lower in Asia than almost any Latin American country (other than Venezuela) means it’s probably time to think more Latin American opportunities. Those countries actually appreciate American dollars far more than countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc and tend to treat you better. More people in those countries speak English as well and US expats will have a far more easier time because even if you’ve never studied a word of Spanish, it’s spoken so much in the US that you would have picked up much of it by accident. Try that with Thai or Tagalog lol. The food is much better than Asian food imo overall as well. Even a country like Portugal would make more sense than most Asian countries or even Eastern European/Baltic ones. Too many Asian countries are getting deeply in bed with China as well, so as an American I don’t like that either.

  42. Met a beautiful Filipina online 2 years ago. Got engaged on my last trip there several months ago. The divisiveness and disregard for the rule of law have ruined the USA. Younger people think everything should be handed to them whether they’ve earned it or not. The US is dying and I’m outta here as soon as things are eased due to the virus. I figure I’ll do just fine with 2 retirement incomes and the money from my home and estate sale. Not to mention my investments. Screw the US.

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