Expat Reveals First Year Experience Living in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks June 27 2020

Expat Reveals First Year Experience Living in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks June 27 2020

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  1. I lived there for 2 years and he’s right the place is terrible for garbage and the smell everywhere you went I was glad to get out in the end

  2. Just an FYI….except for small villages there really isn’t a great language barrier in Vietnam these days. Especially true when dealing with the younger generations.

  3. AJ should give Thailand a try. The cost of living is about the same, the infrastructure is far better, the medical care is superior. There is a language barrier, but many Thais can understand English, especially in business establishments.

  4. Since my plan and AJ’s are similar, would like to ask if during his travels he found place(s) that would be suitable to call home. In that, they had housing and infrastructure close to Cubu City or Dumagete.

  5. PAUL …I’ve watched many of your videos. GREAT information Paul !! Many Thanks !!!!!! I’m a retired professional from the states. I’ve live on various islands and different places in Thailand for the past 15 yrs doing volunteer work. I don’t spend my time in bars nor chasing skirts, I rarely drink. I love a quiet, peaceful life. After 15 yrs here in Thailand, time to move. My research, I believe is best for me to land in Dumaguete. Are you wiling to communicate by email? Many thanks for your considerations.

  6. Hey there AJ & Paul! Good interview guys. AJ looks suspiciously like some New York character seen hanging around the dodgy β€œWHY NOT?” nightclub and Siquijor Island, which apparently is the home to some scary ghosts. πŸ‘»

  7. In the advertisement they said they had a pool they didn’t say anything about any water..hehe.. thanks for the video and I am on my way as soon as this pandemic is over with, if it ever gets over.. I am watching you and this guy and it seems like I am looking in the mirror and see myself and my humdrum existence in the USA..πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΊπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  8. Great interview I could relate to a lot your guest said. JetLag and culture shock form Hell. My story is a lot different I came here a year and a half ago for one reason and her name is neneng. She met me at the airport and we have been together ever since. I would go anywhere without her.

  9. Paul… another interesting conversation….My budget in U.S. last month was 5G…Just retired in February and can’t wait to get rid of stuff, after my Filipina wife retires soon….yes…much better to be able to afford to retire there….

  10. Good interview Paul! You kinda remind me of Larry King. I believe I enjoy your interviews more. Mainly, you look like a guy I could sit down and drink a beer with, wouldn’t want to do that with Larry. Keep the videos coming, you’re a favorite of my Filipina Wife’s and I! Take care!

  11. I went to Cebu back in the early 2000’s with my wife who was from there. It was a shock to see the contrast between the haves and have-nots. People living in ramshackle shacks or alongside the road in boxes. But what struck me was how resourceful the homeless were there. They would put together old scraps of tin and wood and sell cigarettes or trinkets, just hustling to keep themselves fed and sheltered.

  12. As part of your interviews with expats I’m curious to hear from those ‘interviewed’ what they miss most from where they came from and what they’re glad to get away from. I wouldn’t consider it a loaded question but one that others may want to ask themselves before making the decision to live or retire overseas.

  13. Go Philippines to find a new start? i went there for a Filipina i met on facebook i not sure i want to live Philippines love the place but many negatives let face it OMG last trip 4 months many earthquakes fall of 2019 ha ha

  14. Thanks Paul and thank you A.J. Really appreciate your story. We all have a story and it helps to know others battles. Good or bad hehe.

  15. i don’t care which country a person goes to when you step off the plane in your destination forget why you left your home country. forget trying to do things your way. this is very true in asian countries bcuz they live totally opposite than westerners. show up with a smile and start learning their ways.

  16. Another great interview Paul I hope some of my friends that are waffling on the fence about finding a new life in the Philippines listen to this interview and take action with their life. I hope your friend found a nice island girl to keep him company look forward to your next interview😁

  17. your guest seems to have adjusted very well and quickly. i like the northern phils as well and it surprises me not many people go north of manila.

  18. i will say this and shut up. i rarely hangout or communicate with expats. always a mutual admiration society whether positive of negative. people ask me why you wont speak with other americans here. my response is always the same. i know the best of the best of americans in america. i did not come here to continue our faulty ideas about life and living.

  19. Hi, nice. I think the reasons why Pinoys can survive the pandemia are 1) copper-rich soil & water, copper has anti-microbial properties 2) Banana diet – rich in potassium that is a component of the lungs to ward off aces 2 where the virus clings to, 3) Coconut rich diet – coconut is healthy with anti-microbial properties 4) Balut – a vitamin/miberal rich stem cell food.

  20. yeah good video you never touched on the women :(( did he pick up any along the way lol, anyhow Hail the Chicken !!!stay safe all god bless from the UK, will be over soon, stock your fridge up lol

  21. Most Americans don’t know this but are city’s have pollution problems Im a commercial truck driver I go large city’s in the us every week Detroit for example it looks like a war zone when u get out to the suburban areas

  22. Paul, I love it when you interrupt your guests and asked those great questions. Nice interview with Ajay and hearing about his first year in the PI. Looks like he’s having fun and adapting just fine. Thanks for sharing. Just so you know – my favorite expat interview you’ve done so far was with Frank (video: My Filipina GF was a psycho!) Frank was hilarious and had some funny live-in Filipina GF stories. Haha.

  23. so $2500 a month for island hopping lifestyle…i take it that’s for a single person…how about for a couple? I hope you can give us a rough figure as well…thanks x

  24. This was a very informative and entertaining interview. Good questions asked and good insights offered. Thanks very much for sharing it!

  25. I’m the old dog you really can’t teach a new trick to. I know that if I see a brand name I’m familiar with on a hotel I am going to like it. I was able to find that in Manila. When I went to Leyte I think I paid about the same rate for pretty nice places to stay. $65 goes a lot farther in the Philippines than it does in the US. I also had my fiance with me. People should be prepared because some things you will not like as well as the US and some things you will like more. For me the good outweighs the bad. My wife is in Manila. Part of my heart is in Ormoc. Nice video guys.

  26. Paul a very accurate opinion of the conditions presently in Philippines for a expat to know before making the jump this side of the world.

  27. Hey Paul and AJ! Honest interview and thanks for bringing AJ back to square one and guiding him along because I love a story but my Type A needs that chronology. LOL That was also nice of you Paul to respect his privacy around finances. Every time I hear a moving to the Philippines story it lowers the anxiety level of what is yet to come. God Bless

  28. Very nice….good questions too-enjoyed it -If you love people…there…it seems to work and it seems that those who have an engaging personality-extroverts is essential. Good stuff to hear/learn. I was there for only about 3 weeks…(For me…nature lover but love peace…I mean peace and some quiet…it was all overwhelming) I accept that…and you never know.

  29. It took me about 5 yrs to figure out my relationship with a scammer phoney health storys never going to immigration lies lies. These gals are known for it and they get the house also foreiners are not allowed to own a house there. I don’t think that place is near what it might have been decades ago.

  30. I had a similar experience when I arrived in Bombay, India. The poverty was shocking making the Philippines poor look rich. I was overwhelmed and got out of the city asap. it took a couple of months being there to settle in. I wish you both well. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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