Expat shopping for a new car in the Philippines. Mitsubishi Dealership visit in San Juan La Union

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  1. Also checkout BDO for repos. I bought mine still under warranty and saved a lot of money. A lot of people are losing their vehicles due to covid..

  2. I was wondering about that for San Juan, the traffic. Some vloggers are so scared of driving in their parts of the Philippines, and rightly so. I was wondering if the traffic we see in your videos is “normal” for San Juan or is that Covid level traffic? And Do you feel ok with it? Or is it like, “I’m going to get bread, my last will and testament is on the table.” LOL

  3. I know this sounds kinda paranoid but it’s not something most people typically think of, When the weather is great. I think you mentioned you live next to the beach. Just a thought, Make sure that you have a place you can easily park your new vehicle on higher ground available. Cause in the rainy season its possible to have some flooding in San Juan. Preferably close to your place. One story high or a least 5 or 6 feet above sea level. If there was a weather event like a typhoon with some storm surge it could totally wreck your new vehicle. Congratulations on your new car !

  4. Tomorow is 1april you can tell Zel that they call you from the States and you have to go immiadatly help you make your bagage 😀😀😀😀

  5. Go and have a look at Foton i san fernando. Its a god prices on a 3 year old car. Maybe half of the price of a new one. Maybe because they are not so popular.

  6. if i have a choice between mitsubishi and bajah tuk tuk? tuk tuk wins hands down and better gas milige and save some money. if i want a car? it will be honda or toyota brand. i wouldn’t leave kia and hyundai as alternate. mitsubishi has bad reviews in the USA. good luck in the process of getting a car.

  7. Honda in Dagupan wasted an entire day looking at a fit. Yeah, it is strange there unlike here in US. Im interested in the Hyundai Starex van.

  8. I have no doubt you’ll be inundated with advice as to what to buy. My advice Mark if you will allow me, is buy whatever makes you happy.

  9. Mitsubishi has been around since 1870 which back then built ships. I have never been a fan of Mitsubishi cars but to each their own. I use to favor Toyotas, but lately I am favoring the Hyundai and Kia. When I was looking to buy a new Toyota I got to talking to my Toyota Mechanic friend who recommend I look at Kia and Hyundai. So I did and I bought a Hyundai Elantra which I loved. Had it 10 months and then while in Colorado I hit a buck at 70 mph. It through it 200 feet in front of the car. It totaled the car. I didn’t feel a thing as 5 airbags went off. So after I got back home I went to the Hyundai dealer and bought a new Sonata. I love it. Gets good mpg and drives so smooth and quiet. But I know this is rather long, but just wanted you to look at the Hyundai cars. Here in America you get more bang for your buck.

  10. Not necessarily cheap to be a new car owner here in the Philippines.
    Can they order the model you’re looking for?
    That difficult to find jumper cables? I wouldn’t have guessed that.
    I walked by the Forrest Park cemetery when I walked thru San Juan🤣
    She looks happy now that’s she’s eating coconut pie!
    See ya again….

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