Expat’s Experience Buying a new Car in the Philippines – Suzuki S-Presso Review

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  1. That’s nice they let you take a test drive unlike the other dealer. That’s so awesome you got a new car congrats 🍾🎉🎊 road trip time 👍🏼🤙🏻 $10,500 not bad at all for a new car. Ya roof racks is a must for ur boards smart with the cameras . Does the car have a warranty? That jimmy looks awesome all tricked out. Did you sell sandy ?

  2. Fantastic!!! Lovely little car that will suit your needs. It looks great and I look forward to you and Cel going on some lovely road trips once the restrictions ease up. Have a good evening over there 👍

  3. Great job Kuya Michael! That is what we called excellent extended customer service, before and after-sales. Being knowledgeable is really a great help but beyond that is what customers are after. They don’t mind what famous agents will comment or how they make their salestalk bountiful, rather, exceeded customer satisfaction will make the final decision. With that, hand salute to you Kuya and to all the Suzuki La Union team! 👏🙌

  4. Congratulations on your new car guys, I am sure you will have many miles of fun with it. Thank you for sharing your car buying experience with us. Take care.

  5. Jimmy’s look like the suzuki samurai, ive built a few of those , they are pretty strong little suv’s, im thinking of making a YT channel of lifting and modifying the diesel 4×4 multicabs ,including installing small turbos then doing custom paint on them like a candy apple paints

  6. Oh now I see your name is Mark. I am Frank in Woodstock, Georgia (about 40 miles northwest of Atlanta). Raw power of a 3 cylinder! 😂 If I lived in your area I’d probably be more interested in a nice boat. And some serious fishing gear. But that’s just me, I was raised a countryboy.

  7. Congratulations on the new car Mark, that’s a great choice. The APV is nice too but as you say, perhaps too much space for the two of you. Four seats are enough for two plus friends.

  8. Nice Car Mark. It’s just you and Cel so that’s a perfect car. It will serve you well. Did you trade in your Sandy? For you it will be nice to rely on a new car for your needs. You won’t have to worry if it will start or have any problems driving to far providence to sight see or to surf. Keep living the dream!

  9. Lol turbo V8 😂 Mini car but very good brand and service I think.. Congratulations Mark and Cel.. good car for plenty of vlogging fun.. good for everyday use 👏👏 Later you can get tinted windows 👍. Get a tire plug kit and air compressor you can plug in socket 😂 nice rack on back of that 4×4.. they try to copy Jeep with air intake for deep water Crossing. You got the window defroster delete package? 😂 Put some 19″ spinner wheels on that thing 😁 You get free coffee and donuts if you get in early for service 😂 oh cute thumbnail girl Maika

  10. Congratulations on your new addition to the family.. I like the way everyone in the dealership was friendly and Respectful. Calling you Sir. Too bad people aren’t like that in the US.

  11. Thank you for your genuine interest and confidence in our brand. We’re what we are today because of your patronage. Thank you for choosing Suzuki product!

  12. Jus watched more of video, GTG. Looks like you are ready for a surf safari trip along the north coast to find out of the way waves🏄🏻🏝🍻🤙🏽Can you order a roof rack there? Let me know if you need one from Japan🤙🏽

  13. Very nice car bro. Congratulation on your new car. I think it’s the right decision. Allot of plus specially the mileage per gallon/liter. Great decision on the cameras too. Take care bro and always buckel up.

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